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Aaron Quits too soon
Aaron too hot for Havana. Havana IL, home of the Ducks, not Havana Cuba, home of cigars. Actually, Cuba IL is close to Havana but in the 17th District. Mr. Schock would have great photo ops if he ...
Grey Panther 03/18/2015 13 3 - -
Farmers an Endangered Species
Yes farmers are an endangered species but not for the reasons most will imagine. A reflection on a real life couple as they suffer a setback in their farm careers. So here is the ...
Grey Panther 11/13/2014 10 3 - -
VP Ryan suggests Thanksgiving Address
If Paul Ryan was now the vice president, he might suggest president Romney re-issue Lincoln's first Thanksgiving proclamation given 150 years ago. With just a few minor additions and revisions to ...
Grey Panther 11/28/2013 2 3 - -
My story is about socialism?
I wrote a short story. It is titled the Death of Peter Rabbit; it has nothing much to do with the story book character. It is really about growing up. Anyway it was published on the Huffington Post, ...
Grey Panther 11/26/2013 4 1 - -
email to: Jim Messina, No Donation Requested
Dear Mr. Messina and the Obama Campaign: I would like to ask you to transform our political process. Some would say it is a lot to ask, others would claim you have already done it. I believe it is ...
Grey Panther 11/20/2012 15 5 1 -
Dramatic Transformation - Inspiration from Abe
In the rush before election day, many weren't able to look forward to the Day After. I hope today you do realize there is still a long fight. There is still a desperate need. Opportunity abounds it ...
Grey Panther 11/07/2012 2 1 - -
Time of turmoil, a visit with Abe
I have been relieved Obama is trending to a win, but rather troubled by our political climate. Even God slapping the tin foil hats off the right-wing climate deniers is not enough to allow a ...
Grey Panther 11/05/2012 3 - - -
Day After
Being old I remember 2000. in a long ago age, we had a Democratic President, budget surpluses were paying down the long term debt. "The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent in September, ...
Grey Panther 10/30/2012 20 41 2 -
Age of Dudgeon
Age of Dudgeon A proposed balm for your angst We are about to enter the long season of horse race politics. A priori presumption, anything can happen before November, other favorite clichés here.
Grey Panther 05/01/2012 3 5 - 44
Become the Hostage Takers
The Tea'ers have become influential not because they hold President Obama or our economy hostage, but because they hold the GOP hostage. If we (we, as in those of us whose ideas and interests are ...
Grey Panther 08/27/2011 4 4 - 64
Appeal to Reason: then the Response
I tried to appeal to my Facebook friends to insist on Compromise and Reason. I do not usually do anything political on Facebook. I wanted people to watch Bruce Bartlett on Hardball as featured in ...
Grey Panther 07/29/2011 1 1 - 26
14th & Constitution a bigger rally than Tea Party?
House Dems are organizing a political stage show. Trying to keep up with their GOP/Tea'er counterparts in outdoor theater. I would imagine with some promotion this event could have a far higher ...
Grey Panther 07/27/2011 6 14 - 153
Sun Tzu, Gettysburg, and Debt Ceiling
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. A. Lincoln 1863 The History Channel has ...
Grey Panther 07/25/2011 49 54 3 505
Caterpillar stop whining
Caterpillar is trying to blackmail Illinois, such a patriotic bunch. Here is a way they can make more money and help their home base. Maybe, they would prefer to move to Beijing. Rails to ...
Grey Panther 03/30/2011 4 6 - 59
NPR Challenge
Everyone on Facebook has friends who think NPR is biased. I decided to start a Facebook page to challenge people who think NPR is bias to listen for a week. Pick either Morning Edition or All ...
Grey Panther 03/18/2011 11 4 - 111
Wisconsin Recall Info and Map
I think the Wisconsin recall effort is the most important effort that we can undertake, today. I urge everyone to help in some way - Chris Bowers on Kos has laid out how. I have identified recall ...
Grey Panther 03/11/2011 2 5 1 99
Cleaning up the election crock pot
I was an election judge in the November election. It was an interesting experience. I came in at 5 AM got home about 10 PM after our trip to the courthouse. I had to bring food since no one gets ...
Grey Panther 12/12/2010 8 3 - 81
Awash in money add Rebuttal
Our dysfunctional politics has completely failed to stop money from owning the political system. The Supremes said it was all about free speech and free access to the market place of ideas. I have ...
Grey Panther 09/22/2010 7 1 - 42
Winning 2010 - Chicago Style
Obama detractors often throw in phrases, another Chicago Pol or Chicago Style politics. The famed political machine of patronage politics isn't nearly what it ...
Grey Panther 05/19/2010 15 9 2 169
Final Four of the GOP
I love the NCAA March Madness (the “March Madness” slogan belongs to Illinois by the way). I am just using the Final Four, like the dueling Zell Miller, Louis Gohmert (eat to pass it), ...
Grey Panther 04/02/2010 3 3 - 97
Fractious Nation
Examining the Tea Party Movement -- Manipulative Hate Talkers -- Where it goes from ...
Grey Panther 03/22/2010 1 1 1 14
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