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Luke Becomes Katie - Transgender Article in the Tulsa World!
This weekend the Tulsa World published a two part series titled “Becoming Katie” It is a very sensitive and informative article about Luke being transformed into Katie. Katie is now ...
GrinningLibber 05/09/2011 9 21 1 115
F. A. I. R - Racism Central
While Dr. Tanton’s influence has been extraordinary, so has his evolution — from apostle of centrist restraint to ally of angry populists and a man who increasingly saw immigration ...
GrinningLibber 04/17/2011 3 1 - 37
Faux Supports North Korea
Developers from the country's General Federation of Science and Technology were responsible for creating the mobile phone games "Men in Black: Alien Assault" and "The Big Lebowski Bowling,
GrinningLibber 09/07/2010 7 - - 19
Red State Fear Mongering on Health Care
I subscribe to Red state e-mails to see what they are up to. They are equating hospice care with euthanasia - good grief... Full text ...
GrinningLibber 07/24/2009 5 2 - 16
Obama Apologizes
So when Obama makes a mistake 1) he recognizes it 2) he apologizes 3) he fixes ...
GrinningLibber 02/07/2009 18 7 - 9
W Memento!
I got an e-mail offer from the Washington times - a great new coffee table ...
GrinningLibber 01/20/2009 7 1 - 5
New Red State Orders - Target Tennessee
I am in the Red State army so you don't have to be. The latest orders seem more than a little infantile...
GrinningLibber 01/14/2009 62 9 1 17
Red State Army Marches
Apparently I am now in the Red State Army. Drafted I guess. I keep myself on Red State's e-mail list and check in once in a while to see what the evil empire is up to. Always interesting. Well ...
GrinningLibber 01/04/2009 28 5 - 2
Crow Pie for Your RePUG Friends
Chances are you will be having a watch party on November 4. Maybe you should invite a few Republicans.....
GrinningLibber 10/30/2008 12 2 - 4
GOP = Mafia
Some time ago there was a feature article in the Far Eastern Economic Review (a Hong Kong –based magazine owned by Dow Jones) which claimed that the best way to characterize the regime in ...
GrinningLibber 09/14/2008 7 2 - 3
Red State on the Ropes
Earlier this year The Red State winger blog - sometimes considered Kos's evil twin whined that their site was so poor because all the good code writers were liberals. Then they took up a ...
GrinningLibber 09/09/2008 58 22 1 20
OBAMABIDEN.ORG and 15 other similar domain names are for sale on E-Bay. FREEP ...
GrinningLibber 08/24/2008 4 - - 9
Japan says "don't drill"
In the 1970's during another energy crisis Japan - with no oil got the message according to the NYT: "According to the International Energy Agency, based in Paris, Japan consumed half ...
GrinningLibber 07/04/2008 2 3 - 2
JC Watts reconsiders Some Republican blacks are finally figuring out that the party has nothing to offer them - and in fact has used them just like the evangelical right (
GrinningLibber 06/17/2008 63 4 2 -
Neocon Rats Flee
I note with amusement that the Project for a New American Century has not paid their server bill: see also: ...
GrinningLibber 06/11/2008 8 3 - 1
Tom Delay Blog on the Ropes
Tom DeLay’s blog never was a blog – at least not after the first few hours when hundreds moved in to fill it with the trashy awful truth. After that there was a $50.00 subscription ...
GrinningLibber 01/22/2008 19 9 1 1
Science, Evolution, and Creationism
The National Academy of Sciences has today published an authoritative book on the science evolution and creationism issue.
GrinningLibber 01/04/2008 13 2 - -
Adm. Fallon told Petraeus that he's a little chickensh*t What Fallon thinks of Petreaus pretty well puts anything said down as tame.
GrinningLibber 09/12/2007 9 3 2 1
Autistic Government
I read a few days ago about Cheney's lack of social interaction even with his own family members. The symptoms reminded me of a recent description I have read of autism which in it's most profound ...
GrinningLibber 06/22/2007 10 1 - 4
An incredible summary of GOP corruption and incompetence
FRANK RICH Earth to G.O.P: The Gipper Is Dead The Iraq fiasco actually masks the magnitude of the destruction this presidency has visited both on the country in general and the Republican ...
GrinningLibber 05/13/2007 10 2 - 1
The New US Nuclear Weapons Program
There was a lot of surprise this last week at talk by Mr. Putin which appeared to be Cold War talk. And perhaps one reason was missed too...US Cold War actions. It appears to have for the most ...
GrinningLibber 02/18/2007 3 2 - -
All the Faux Fox Fax They can Flog
The other day I was Googling for some information on transfats – and came up with the expected hits from the USFDA, academics, and the American Heart Association:
GrinningLibber 01/27/2007 5 4 1 1
How to get out of Iraq NOW.
GrinningLibber 11/09/2006 26 4 - -
Fox in the Koop
GrinningLibber 06/09/2006 7 - - -
Congressmen going to Prison
GrinningLibber 04/15/2006 5 4 - -
GrinningLibber 03/30/2006 3 2 1 -
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