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How To Lose an Email
We use Microsoft Outlook and Exchange at my company, and almost nothing is stored locally. Even draft emails are stored on a server that is backed up every night. That storage is also mirrored, ...
HairyTrueMan 06/17/2014 6 2 - -
Cancel My @$%ing HuffPo Account, Kos
In an effort to improve discourse amongst commenters, the self-proclaimed newspaper of the internet Huffington Post is now requiring users to link their HuffPo account to their Facebook account. The ...
HairyTrueMan 12/11/2013 215 129 - -
Leave the Tree Alone
Today the annual Christmas tree was placed in Monument Square in Portland, Maine. The tree is ...
HairyTrueMan 11/17/2011 23 4 - 97
Meanwhile, Feds Change Marijuana Policy
States Reassess Marijuana Laws After Fed Warnings Several states have started reassessing their medical marijuana ...
HairyTrueMan 05/03/2011 33 25 1 185
I have compiled a list of excuses for those inclined to defend President Obama under any circumstances. So without further ado, here they are in no particular order: Grow ...
HairyTrueMan 04/11/2011 38 9 - 156
Obama Chastises Pelosi
At a press conference in Seoul today, President Obama admonished those who are skeptical of recommendations coming from his blue ribbon, bipartisan taskforce. “Before anybody ...
HairyTrueMan 11/11/2010 102 17 - 66
Free Republic on Ted Kennedy
Here are some choice quotes from Free Republic about our beloved senator's passing. Thank God the liberal community has a -little-
HairyTrueMan 08/26/2009 88 10 1 16
Cash for Clunkers is a Good Program
Cash for Clunkers is a good program for the following reasons: 1. It is good for the environment. 2. It is good for the economy. 3. It helps people who need help most. The first two are no-brainers.
HairyTrueMan 08/04/2009 34 14 - 26
How to Survive DailyKos
I've been a member of DailKos for a while now. I've been a regular contributor and avid reader for several years. My earliest recollection of this blog was shortly after the infamous pie wars that ...
HairyTrueMan 12/02/2008 111 28 2 15
BREAKING: Obama Not Raised Christian
Our worst fears have finally been realized. It appears that our beloved Obama was not raised as a Christian . ...
HairyTrueMan 10/23/2008 59 16 1 1
Teen Pregnancy
It's no joke. There's nothing harder for a young woman to deal with... especially a girl who comes from a religious backgroud. Reality rearing its ugly head in the "perfect" family. I know this ...
HairyTrueMan 09/02/2008 29 2 - 1
Some Inconvenient Truths
1. The New Yorker bullshit is exactly that... BULLSHIT! It was a fucking JOKE for the love of God. Us liberal elites who read The New Yorker fucking get it. People who don't probably aren't voting ...
HairyTrueMan 07/14/2008 18 5 - -
My vote is not influenced...
by what some anonymous idiot on the Internet thinks. I'm not going to be ridiculous and cut off my nose because some overzealous Obama supporter really, REALLY hates a fellow Democrat. That ...
HairyTrueMan 05/27/2008 27 5 - -
Why won't she go away?
I can't figure it out. Hillary lost the nomination months ago. She hasn't had a chance to overtake Obama since shortly after Super Tuesday. Yet she is still fighting despite overwhelming (read: ...
HairyTrueMan 05/20/2008 46 2 - 1
Getting in line is not enough.
While it is important that Hillary Clinton supporters show up to vote for Obama in November, it will not be enough to heal the party divide. Therefore I propose a program of reintegration for those ...
HairyTrueMan 05/19/2008 19 4 - 23
Obama Gets It Wrong Again
Saturday, while visiting the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame with former George McGinnis, Obama made a couple of huge blunders. First and foremost, ...
HairyTrueMan 04/28/2008 73 8 - 24
Damn... This is exciting.
In my entire lifetime, I have never seen such an interesting primary. I'm sitting here watching Texas results and cannot believe it. Neck and neck... Hillary on the ropes, but fighting back. Obama's ...
HairyTrueMan 03/04/2008 18 4 - -
I'm Done Defending Hillary
I don't care what anyone says about her. It doesn't matter whether it's true or false. I don't care if it's about politics or policy. I could care less about what her husband does or says. Whether it'
HairyTrueMan 02/29/2008 142 17 1 19
Don’t Drink the Kool Aid
Kool Aid is way too sweet, is loaded with chemicals, and can make your brain turn into mush. It can cause your critical thinking skills to become warped and make you focus only on the weak-sense ...
HairyTrueMan 02/12/2008 46 4 1 9
Breaking: Hillary Leads in Wisconsin
This poll is from American Research Group (ARG). Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton among men 51% to 43% (47% of likely Democratic ...
HairyTrueMan 02/08/2008 143 39 - 7
Obama and Health Insurance
Here is something you might not have considered when looking at Barack Obama's health care program. Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums up front and investing the money. That is ...
HairyTrueMan 02/04/2008 5 2 - 7
I've Decided on Edwards
I started off this campaign season (which seems like years ago) undecided. I remember hoping that Hillary would choose not to seek the presidency because I knew it would get ugly. And more ...
HairyTrueMan 01/22/2008 218 291 3 36
Your candidate should drop out.
Don’t get me wrong. Your candidate is not a bad person and could still do a lot to help our cause. But he/she doesn’t have a chance to get the nomination at this point, and my candidate ...
HairyTrueMan 01/07/2008 58 19 - 6
Hillary Still Favored to Win
Rasmussen markets still show Hillary Clinton as the leader in the ...
HairyTrueMan 01/04/2008 174 11 1 1
Let the Hillary Defense Begin
Short diary, but I wanted to kick off the Hillary defense. So here's what you'll be hearing over the next few days. 1. She did better than expected. No one thought she'd win Iowa. 2. ...
HairyTrueMan 01/03/2008 78 2 - -
DailyKos Cliches
A link to this story provided in the open thread got me thinking about the large ...
HairyTrueMan 12/31/2007 210 46 - 16
Hillary Clinton: Baby Killer
Here's a quote from Tweety on tonight's edition of Hardball. The Clintons believe that they've got to stop Obama early. They want sudden infant crib death... it's what they want. They ...
HairyTrueMan 12/20/2007 53 10 - 24
Have you ever used cocaine?
I must admit that I've tried it a few times. Four to be exact. I first used the narcotic at a party when I was 17. A friend had acquired some from her older sister, and asked me to try it first. A ...
HairyTrueMan 12/12/2007 227 11 - -
What gives Oprah?
Why have you now chosen to get involved in politics? Where the fuck were you in 2000 and 2004? How could you just sit back and watch George W. Fuckin' Bush drive this country into a ditch? In 2000, ...
HairyTrueMan 12/11/2007 112 10 1 -
Trash Diary Template
Dear Kossacks, Due to the high volume of hit pieces on DailyKos, we are requesting that you use the attached format for any future attack diaries. This new format will make it easier for all ...
HairyTrueMan 11/19/2007 325 123 - 17
John Edwards is God
1 In the beginning John Edwards created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of John Edwards moved ...
HairyTrueMan 11/13/2007 157 11 - 27
Edwards Gets Taken to the Toolshed
From the debate: MR. WILLIAMS: Governor Richardson, though there ...
HairyTrueMan 10/31/2007 208 7 - 1
Hillary Clinton is not Howard Dean
This is not meant to be a pro-candidate or anti-candidate diary. It is a reality check for those who think that John Edwards can miraculously win in Iowa, which in turn will catapult him into the ...
HairyTrueMan 10/19/2007 98 7 - 4
DailyKos is Infested With Purity Trolls
"Purity Trolls" These are trolls from the left. Otherwise known in reallife as drama queens. No matter how pure your position is,
HairyTrueMan 10/02/2007 207 33 - 3
Hillary will win... unless...
First, let me say that I don’t have strong inclinations towards any single candidate and plan to support whoever wins the Democratic nomination in the general election. I have not ...
HairyTrueMan 09/21/2007 65 3 1 -
A Challenge for Bill O'Reilly
So, you think that the University of Florida student who was tasered by campus security is the biggest wimp in the United States of America . ...
HairyTrueMan 09/20/2007 5 2 - -
Beware the Straw Man (or Woman)
Maureen Dowd, the supposedly liberal op-ed columnist for the N.Y. Times is doing her best to take down the two leading presidential candidates from the Democratic Party. ...
HairyTrueMan 09/05/2007 32 13 - 4
Proper Bathroom Etiquette
The recent report of Senator Larry Craig's arrested and subsequent guilty plea for committing a lewd act in a public ...
HairyTrueMan 08/29/2007 51 15 1 10
Okay Kos... You got me.
I've been visiting DailyKos for a few years now, starting out as a lurker and creating a user profile almost two years ago. I never even considered paying for a subscription because: 1. If it's ...
HairyTrueMan 08/28/2007 82 17 - -
Yesterday, our dog Buddy wandered into the road and was struck by a car.
HairyTrueMan 08/27/2007 29 19 2 133
Biden's Son Headed to Iraq
That's right, Beau Biden will not be driving a campaign bus for his father. Instead, he's heading to Iraq .
HairyTrueMan 08/16/2007 38 28 - 31
Karl Rove is Not a Failure
How can you call a guy a failure when he got a spoiled, dim-witted frat boy elected to the most powerful position on the planet... twice. Rove also helped George W. Bush beat a popular governor in ...
HairyTrueMan 08/14/2007 23 12 1 4
Is Thomas Tamm the new "Deepthroat"?
For almost a year and a half, there was no progress in the Bush Administration's attempts top find the leaker of the warrantless surveillance program. I actually wrote ...
HairyTrueMan 08/06/2007 9 10 1 17
How's the Investigation Going?
Note: A paid subscription is required to read the NYT articles. Back in December 2005, we first learned about the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program from ...
HairyTrueMan 08/02/2007 4 6 - 11
My Uncle is in the 25%
My Uncle (Jeff) is part of the 25% of Americans who still supports George W. Bush, and I finally understand why. He is unquestionably an intelligent person, holding a PhD in accounting and working ...
HairyTrueMan 08/01/2007 53 18 3 1
Forget Impeachment
Removing Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, and others from office via impeachment would be a nice start. God knows that our government cannot be fixed while these people are still runnning the show. And their ...
HairyTrueMan 07/23/2007 32 6 - 1
More Republican Hypocrisy
Just when you thought that Republicans couldn't get any more hypocritical, Tucker Carlson takes it to a new level . ...
HairyTrueMan 07/11/2007 14 2 - -
Congress Votes to Deauthorize War - Bush Yawns
After weeks of tough negotiations and compromise, a coalition of congressional Democrats and Republicans voted (with a veto-proof majority) to deauthorize the Iraq War Resolution that was passed in ...
HairyTrueMan 07/09/2007 5 2 - -
The Gay Bomb (w/ poll)
I saw this unusual article while browsing through HuffPo. A Berkeley watchdog organization that tracks military ...
HairyTrueMan 06/12/2007 82 12 1 27
Saturday Night Drunkin' Ramblings (I love you man)
Saturday night... over two weeks since my girlfriend's surgery and I can finally have a couple of drinks. My choice tonight is Absolute Vodka and cran rasberry juice. I am thoroughly enjoying it, ...
HairyTrueMan 06/09/2007 53 9 - 1
Poetic Justice
The thing I hate most about the Bushies is that they question the patriotism of those who disagree with them. This ad hominem tactic has been used against us on the left for over six years now.
HairyTrueMan 06/04/2007 17 10 - -
Jerry Falwell Eulogy
Jerry Falwell was not a friend to the liberal cause, to put it lightly. But the good reverend has passed away, and it is always sad to see a human being die, regardless of what you think about the ...
HairyTrueMan 05/15/2007 28 19 1 14
Violating the No FEAR Act
By hiring employees based on their political affiliation , the Department of Justice is in violation of the so-...
HairyTrueMan 05/08/2007 8 3 - -
Drunken Ramblings
1. Cindy Sheehan is not a nut. She is a sad woman because she lost her son for no reason. For those who want to disparage her, I have two words for you: FUCK OFF!!! 2. Dick Cheney had to greet ...
HairyTrueMan 05/04/2007 71 8 1 8
Friday Night Drunken Ramblings
1. Why is Abu G still Attorney General? 2. Multi-user troll attacks suck. 3. Hillary did well in the debate. 4. Paul Begala reamed David Broder. 5. The Yankees suck! 6. Poor Bill O'Reilly is a ...
HairyTrueMan 04/27/2007 26 3 - 1
Bravo to Paul Begala
We might not like his opinions on the 2006 election or his view of Howard Dean. But he deserves props for his smackdown of David Broder on HuffPo today, aptly ...
HairyTrueMan 04/26/2007 25 19 - 15
George McGovern Rips Cheney
In an opinion piece in today's L.A. Times, former Democratic Senator from North Dakota and 1972 presidential ...
HairyTrueMan 04/24/2007 17 14 1 10
Friday Night Drunken Ramblings
1. Abu G is a pathetic loser. 2. Using curse words in a diary title or tag is bad. 3. Using the C-word is bad. 4. RealityBias has "jumped the shark". 5. "Jumping the shark" is so cliche. 6. ...
HairyTrueMan 04/20/2007 82 6 - 16
Thoughts of Murder
My parter's son has serious emotional problems. He is nine years old, and has no sense of self control. My girlfriend has taken him to therapy for several years now, with minimal success. "Billy" is ...
HairyTrueMan 04/17/2007 44 13 1 5
I dated my boss, and didn't get a $60K raise.
Alternate Title: Don't shit where you eat. I began dating my boss almost three years ago. It was an extremely uncomfortable situation, to say the least. It started at an after-hours party with a ...
HairyTrueMan 04/13/2007 50 16 - 9
Russert Doesn't Care If People Lie on MTP
I am fuming after watching the first segment on Meet The Press. Tim Russert decided that Orrin Hatch's "correction" was not worth putting on the air.
HairyTrueMan 04/08/2007 46 10 1 25
Edwards Taking Votes From Obama - Hillary Steady
The results of yesterday's Rasmussen Poll are very telling. It looks like ...
HairyTrueMan 03/27/2007 44 4 - 1
What issue is most important to you? (poll)
What is your passion? What motivates you? What issue do you feel most strongly about? After seeing yet another DailyKos Democratic primary straw poll, I decided to post my own poll that excludes ...
HairyTrueMan 03/22/2007 91 10 1 -
Executive Order Authorized Torture
The New Standard is reporting that the ACLU obtained an internal FBI email that links the White House directly to the abuse at Abu Ghraib.
HairyTrueMan 03/14/2007 31 28 1 7
Joe Biden's Sham Website (w/ poll)
Joe Biden has sunk to a new low. His new website appears to be nothing more than a scheme to get contact information for people who oppose the war in Iraq. Check it out for yourself.
HairyTrueMan 03/13/2007 7 1 - -
Rhode Island Legislators Oppose Iraq Escalation
I was proud (as a Rhode Islander) to read in today's Providence Journal that state legislators are doind what they can to fight Bush's plan to escalate the war in Iraq.
HairyTrueMan 03/08/2007 1 5 1 16
Conservative "Logic"
I recently spent some time at Conservapedia for a laugh or two. For those of you not familiar with this hillarious website, it was founded by Andrew ...
HairyTrueMan 03/06/2007 5 2 - -
John Edwards Campaign HQ Vandalized
Boy, the right wing douchebags have sunk to a new low: virtual vandalism. John Edwards Second Life Campaign HQ ...
HairyTrueMan 03/01/2007 26 7 - 8
Iran is for Peace
So says the Iranian ambassador in London Rasoul Movahedian. Today, in a letter to the Guardian Unlimited he makes the ...
HairyTrueMan 02/22/2007 5 2 - -
The Death of the Neocon Movement
The neoconservative movement was started in the 1960s by a Democrat - Henry Martin "Scoop" Jackson . Scoop Jackson served as ...
HairyTrueMan 02/21/2007 29 6 1 14
Tancredo Attacks the NFL
Tom Tancredo, hater of spanish speaking people, is angry with the National Football League because they would not air a commercial for the U.S. Border Patrol during the Super Bowl.
HairyTrueMan 02/16/2007 26 9 - -
Will you vote for Hillary in the General Election? (w/ poll)
My prediction: Hillary will win the Democratic Party nomination in '08 for the following reasons: 1. She will have more money than any other candidate. Imagine having Bill Clinton raising money ...
HairyTrueMan 02/14/2007 250 4 - 7
Clinton miles ahead of Edwards on Iraq
Bob Somerby points out that Hillary Clinton was way ahead of John Edwards in opposing the war in Iraq. The Daily Howler - February 7, ...
HairyTrueMan 02/09/2007 255 17 1 6
Remind Them of Home
Let's not forget that it's PEOPLE who are serving in Iraq, whether you agree or not. Almost every person here knows at least one person who is currently deployed in Iraq. While we should do ...
HairyTrueMan 02/05/2007 2 3 - -
Mandatory Auto Insurance - Legal Discrimination
I have a lot of experience with the inner workings of the auto insurance industry and thought I'd share some information with the DKos community. First, a disclaimer: I would never operate a motor ...
HairyTrueMan 02/02/2007 57 8 - -
Bush Interview - Prepare to Vomit
I just read Juan Williams' NPR interview of George W. Bush , and I've got to tell you, it was difficult to finish. However, ...
HairyTrueMan 01/30/2007 33 16 - 7
Bush Diplomacy on Iran
George Bush thinks that the conflict over Iran's nuclear weapons program can be ...
HairyTrueMan 01/26/2007 15 6 - -
Rumsfeld still lurking at the Defense Department
Donald Rumsfeld is still working at the Department of Defense as a non-paid consultant. Former Defense ...
HairyTrueMan 01/25/2007 25 14 - 27
Most people don't have a #@&%ing clue
It is not my intention to be insulting or to show some sort of superiority over others. I am simply pointing out that the American majority is uninformed, lacks intellectual curiosity, and in some ...
HairyTrueMan 01/24/2007 54 18 3 9
My Dream S.O.T.U.
Last night, I dreamed about this year's State of the Union Address.
HairyTrueMan 01/23/2007 13 3 - -
I didn't watch Bush's speech last night. (w/ poll)
It makes me physically ill to see his face or hear his voice, so I decided that I could not stomach watching Bush's Iraq escalation announcement. My girlfriend and I had taped an episode of House ...
HairyTrueMan 01/11/2007 16 6 - -
Executive Responsibilities
It can be fun to dig into the definitions and origins of words. For example, take the word executive . ...
HairyTrueMan 01/10/2007 2 - - -
The White House Secretly Closed Visitor Records
From the Guardian Unlimited : The White House and the Secret Service quietly signed an agreement last spring ...
HairyTrueMan 01/05/2007 29 34 - 4
2006 Person of the Year (w/ Poll)
Time Magazine must have had trouble deciding who was the most deserving individual to name "Person of the Year" because they gave the award ...
HairyTrueMan 12/28/2006 27 8 - -
Merry F%$@ing Christmas
For this year's family Christmas party, I was tasked with organizing the music. I decided to use iTunes to download songs since we do not own many Christmas CDs other than ...
HairyTrueMan 12/26/2006 44 8 1 -
Pedophiles are Responsible for "Global Warming Myth"
While browsing the Top 10 Conservative Idiots at Democratic Underground, I found this disturbing item at #7. Michael Crichton didn'...
HairyTrueMan 12/19/2006 43 13 - 7
The Obama Dilemma
My first exposure to Barack Obama was at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I was first struck by his name, which clearly resembles a certain terrorist leader who is hiding in a cave in ...
HairyTrueMan 12/18/2006 73 7 1 28
Help Me!  I Have an Itchy Troll Rating Finger
Please help me. I apparently just attained "trusted user" status after one year's time, and I am looking for something to troll rate. I must admit that until a few minutes ago when I read the ...
HairyTrueMan 12/14/2006 294 17 2 7
Another Republican Moderate Gone
Tomorrow will be a sad day for the state of Rhode Island. Radio talk show host, and former state attorney general Arelene Voilet will be on the air for the last time. Her afternoon show is being ...
HairyTrueMan 12/07/2006 11 3 - -
Farting Forces Emergency Landing
An American Airlines flight bound for Dallas was forced to land in Nashville after several passengers smelled sulfer ...
HairyTrueMan 12/06/2006 16 5 - 15
Same-Sex Marriage Gets Divorced
On November 18th 2003, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in the case of Goodridge v. Department of Public ...
HairyTrueMan 12/05/2006 12 2 - -
100 Most Influential Figures in American History (No JFK)
The Atlantic Monthly recently published a list of the top 100 most influential figures in American history. The list includes people ...
HairyTrueMan 12/04/2006 56 4 - 6
Ned Lamont's Losing Strategy
HairyTrueMan 10/12/2006 65 6 - 3
Arnold Learning from Karl Rove
HairyTrueMan 09/15/2006 22 1 - 12
Updated: Why I Want Chafee to Win RI
HairyTrueMan 09/12/2006 162 5 2 16
There's Something in the Coffee
HairyTrueMan 07/10/2006 71 6 - 41
Right Wing Talking Head Gets Bitch-Slapped
HairyTrueMan 07/03/2006 23 7 1 10
Chris Matthews Doesn't Care About Facts
HairyTrueMan 02/06/2006 8 2 - -
Why We Lost Iraq
HairyTrueMan 01/23/2006 22 2 - -
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