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Is Col. Wilkerson Defending Cheney With a Limited Hangout?
Col. Wilkerson's article yesterday at The Washington Note, Some Truths About Guantanamo Bay is troubling to me, and ...
Halcyon 03/18/2009 13 25 1 110
Recommend Avenging Angel's Diary!¡!
Avenging Angel's UBS, the IRS and Phil Gramm is a must-read diary. It describes Phil Gramm's complicity in knee-capping ...
Halcyon 02/20/2009 2 5 - -
Peak Junkies: UN: Drug Money Keeps Banks Afloat. How much longer?
The UN reported in January that drug money flowed through banks, in an effort to provide liquidity.
Halcyon 02/18/2009 12 9 1 -
I Was Exit-Polled; The Questions Were:
I took the ABC, AP, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC exit poll this morning. We voted at our rural central PA polling place, arriving at 9AM, and waited 25 minutes, ten minutes longer than 2004. We’ve ...
Halcyon 11/04/2008 31 32 2 49
The Next Surge: Chalabi Redux
General Petraeus is trotting out Ahmad Chalabi as the savior of Iraq. (What happened to Iyad/Ayad Allawi?) According to ...
Halcyon 10/28/2007 8 9 - 28
Taglichkos: Zustand der Nation
Has anyone noticed that Daily Kos has been hacked? Or is it just my browser?
Halcyon 08/15/2007 100 11 1 7
Cheney’s Investment Manager: Dick, Put on a Sweater
(Hat tip to the Carpetbagger Report )
Halcyon 02/05/2007 3 13 - 7
Santorum Concedes to Casey: "Next coupl'a months"?
Halcyon 11/07/2006 37 3 - 35
Iraq War Preparations Began in 2001: A Time Line
Halcyon 11/12/2005 2 7 3 96
Bolton Helped Pass Yellowcake Forgery to U.N.
Halcyon 05/16/2005 57 142 1 55
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