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The NSA is not for counter terrorism OR domestic spying
I have never witnessed a political debate that was more ill informed and hypocritical than this one -- and I mean on all sides. It's just appalling. The NSA's mission is secretive, but based on ...
HamdenRice 08/21/2013 83 32 3 -
Why the Fourth Amendment Sucks (And Doesn't Prevent Mass Electronic Surveillance): A Factual History
The NSA Programs Are Constitutional Because The Constitution Sucks on Electronic Surveillance and Always Has We have to face an unsettling fact: The Fourth Amendment sucks . In the light of recent ...
HamdenRice 07/16/2013 190 132 25 -
Anyone Remotely Interested in Representations of Race Needs to Watch This 3 Minute Video
African Americans and Americans who aren't often see things in fundamentally different ways as the recent diaries about certain representations of President Obama made clear. And people over a ...
HamdenRice 04/17/2013 11 18 2 -
Understanding the Legacy of Nelson Mandela
My heart sank once again this morning when I turned on the radio early in the morning to listen to the BBC and the first words over the air were "Nelson Mandela." The reason my heart sank is that ...
HamdenRice 03/29/2013 43 141 10 -
China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – The Origins of Ultra-Left Ultra-Violence (pt. 1)
Mass rally in Tiananmen Square during the Cultural Revolution with crowd waving Chairman Mao's "Little Red Book" You can't understand today’s China unless you ...
HamdenRice 03/26/2013 113 86 16 -
Why the "Styling" of Assault Weapons Matters: Think Baseball Bats
This is a very short diary and just my 2 cents on one aspect of the debate over gun rights and the assault weapons ban. Many gun enthusiasts have pointed out, correctly, that the main difference ...
HamdenRice 01/20/2013 30 12 - -
Hurricane Sandy Destruction in my Neighborhood - and How you can Help
I am very grateful that my neighborhood, in southeast Queens, mostly was spared. Hurricane Sandy seems to have been worse in terms of wind speed than last year's hurricane Irene, but the destruction ...
HamdenRice 11/02/2012 53 47 - -
Tin Foil Hat Time: Is Romney Deploying a Blogosphere Army?
This is a very short, and very paranoid diary. I have noticed over the last few months that in the comments sections of many online versions of publications, after any article critical of Mitt ...
HamdenRice 09/18/2012 31 16 - 241
Romney calls President Obama a Habitual Liar
Jed Lewison has a diary up right now about Mitt Romney's bizarre incomprehensible twisted illogic on the topic of his politicizing the attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Jed rightly ...
HamdenRice 09/14/2012 24 21 - 207
So here's my idea for a citizen crowd sourced youtube political commercial. Most people have seen the very funny youtube video by the satirist Chris Crocker about a deranged Britney Spears fan ...
HamdenRice 08/11/2012 6 6 - 64
I'm beginning to miss George W. Bush
With my jaw hanging open much of the time online reading about what Mitt Romney and the good ship Mittanic has put out each day, I'm beginning to -- and I'd never thought I'd say this -- miss George ...
HamdenRice 07/30/2012 13 12 - 140
My Prediction about Mitt's Taxes: He Paid Zero Taxes in 2009
First, let me admit this is pure speculation, but it is informed speculation. So this diary will be very short. As George Wills said, Mittens has done a cost benefit analysis, and has concluded ...
HamdenRice 07/18/2012 164 117 2 1154
Yet Another Reason to Admire Former President Jimmy Carter
This will be an extremely short diary, but I just wanted to share something amazing I read in the NY Times this morning. It was an obituary of Wesley Brown, who died recently at age 85, and was ...
HamdenRice 05/25/2012 190 473 1 1721
Good grief people; Cory Booker, a simple, non-conspiratorial, explanation of his equity fund remarks
This diary is going to be super short. I just want to point out one factor that may explain Mayor Booker's positive defense of equity funds like Bain Capital. I'm glad there's a bit of push back ...
HamdenRice 05/22/2012 40 17 - 222
For the 20th Anniversary of the Rodney King Riots (in New York)
Our Own Rodney Thing HamdenRice Manhattan and Brooklyn, May 1, 1992 “That music is a little sad for this kind of play, don’t you think?” Paul called out from the fourth row of the ...
HamdenRice 05/08/2012 18 21 3 123
How Tax Phobia Created the Ridiculous Health Care Case
This is going to be a very short diary in which I'm just going to vent/rant a bit about how idiotic the current Supreme Court case over the Affordable Care Act is. As everyone and their brother now ...
HamdenRice 03/28/2012 9 3 - 70
Trayvon Martin: A teachable moment about institutional racism and subjectivity?
It's gratifying that almost everyone at DailyKos who has written a diary about this matter or commented upon it has expressed outrage at the killing, deep empathy for the family of Trayvon Martin, ...
HamdenRice 03/21/2012 82 120 7 580
Elegy for a Murdered Small African Country (Liberia) and How Peace Activists Resurrected It
A week and a half ago, on Martin Luther King day here in the US, Liberia's 24th president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was sworn in for her second term in office . Like Dr. King, ...
HamdenRice 02/03/2012 23 20 5 108
Sah it Loud! I'm Blah and I'm Prouh
I also want to give a shou out to my progressive, liberal and Democratah Whah brothers and sisters who support peace, justice, civil rights, and economic opportunity and equalitah. Same to may Laha-...
HamdenRice 01/07/2012 152 202 3 1093
The Romney Demographic that Worries me Most? Independents who are Hostage Taker Surrender Monkeys
It seems that Mitt Romney has a very strong probability of becoming the Republican nominee. Given the choice between Romney and President Obama, I don't think that there is going to be much of a ...
HamdenRice 01/04/2012 11 7 - 107
Obama Personally Offering Free Ponies to All Americans! (For real)
Let it not be said that DK is not fair and balanced. (Sorry for the double negative.) But since there is a diary up right now about Obama personally legalizing "Horse Slaughter for Human ...
HamdenRice 11/30/2011 36 28 - 249
BREAKING: Japanese Authorities Detect Radioactive Cesium in Rice above Acceptable Limits
This won't be a very long diary, because there have only been a few reports out for a few hours. Japanese authorities have detected radioactive cesium in levels considered above acceptable levels ...
HamdenRice 11/17/2011 8 11 - 105
On Abramoff: The U.S. Congress is Actually Not Particularly Corrupt These Days
By historical standards. It certainly is corrupt by the standards of western democracies and by the standards we would like to hold our politicians to, and by the standards of the system we need to ...
HamdenRice 11/07/2011 8 8 - 87
Robert Parry, Angry Black Lady Blog on Why the Left Can't Deal with Iraq War Ending
Sometimes an article states what I've been trying to articulate and understand so well, that there's little I can add. Robert Parry has an excellent analysis up entitled, "Why the Left Won’t ...
HamdenRice 10/30/2011 55 15 1 254
Chamber of Commerce Gets it Right on Cutting Government Jobs and Spending during Recession
Unfortunately, it's the Athens, Greece Chamber of Commerce, not the US Chamber of Commerce . This is a very short diary -- really just a note. I was listening to The Takeaway on ...
HamdenRice 09/21/2011 7 5 - 83
Why I'll boycot DailyKos for a week
Before I explain this, let me say that I really, really overall like DailyKos. I had been participating in other so called progressive forums for years before I moved most of my participation to ...
HamdenRice 09/11/2011 42 117 2 953
Why a Federal Lawsuit over Mortgages "Took so Long" and Why It's Not a Slam Dunk
Laurence Lewis has a rec list diary up today about a federal lawsuit ...
HamdenRice 09/02/2011 38 43 1 192
Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did
Reposted on the anniversary of the assassination of Rev. King. MB This will be a very short diary. It will not contain any links or any scholarly references. It is about a very ...
HamdenRice 08/29/2011 1030 1686 176 3473
Holy sh*t! Just had a mild earthquake in NYC???
This will be very short. I think we just had a mild earthquake here in Queens, NYC. I've never felt anything like it. The house was shaking side to side in a very rythmic pattern and the ground ...
HamdenRice 08/23/2011 15 3 - 127
BREAKING! Republican Utah US Attorney appointed by Obama according to standard procedure!!!!
This will be a very short diary because I only want to point out what should be a well known fact among people who follow the news, but apparently isn't. US Attorneys are recommended by the US ...
HamdenRice 08/04/2011 24 23 - 184
What happens if US defaults?Your job, checking acct, ATM, SS or UI check, food, electricity go away.
A number of diaries here, and a very large number of print news, internet, radio and television reports have pondered the question: What would happen if the US were to default on its Treasury debt. ...
HamdenRice 07/15/2011 41 12 1 292
Empiricism, Pragmatism and Incrementalism as Progressive Ideology
"The fox knows many little things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing..." --Archilochus, adapted as the central metaphor of the essay by Isaiah Berlin, "The Hedgehog and the Fox"
HamdenRice 07/11/2011 183 57 7 407
A Non-Hysterical Progressive Analysis of so called Social Security Cuts on the Table
I like to read and write about economics and finance but hesitate to do so because (1) it's hard to explain anything without explaining everything, and the draft diaries just get too long until I ...
HamdenRice 07/07/2011 780 483 26 3165
How the mortgage "fraud" problem could spur recovery
Here's a quicky diary, unedited and basically a spill it on the floor and see if the cat licks it up idea. Before explaining this, I have to note that much of what you read on DK about the mortgage ...
HamdenRice 06/14/2011 26 5 - 143
Folks, Time to Put a Fork in Anthony's Weiner. It's Done.
A few hours ago, Gawker published a photo of an iPhone photo purporting to be Anthony Weiner's weiner. Breitbart has confirmed that it is a photo of the W/weiner. Politics isn't always fair. In ...
HamdenRice 06/08/2011 81 8 1 492
Straight man's reaction to Gay man's perspective on Anthony Weiner
I wrote a comment on wecandoit7's insightful diary about Anthony Weiner, entitled "A Gay Man's ...
HamdenRice 06/08/2011 65 22 1 263
BREAKING: Osama bin Laden Shocked to Find Self in Hell
Amazing story on the front page of the newspaper! JAHANNEM, OUTER DARKNESS—Osama bin Laden, who organized and financed the hijackers who carried out the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center ...
HamdenRice 05/02/2011 14 5 - 151
HEARTBREAKING Video SOS from Japanese mayor near Fukushima: Near starvation
This video is just beginning to be circulated widely, so I hope that the DK community views it and passes it on. It reflects the complexity of the problems created for emergency response workers ...
HamdenRice 04/03/2011 80 124 2 1131
Anyone know the chemistry of seawater in the nuclear core?
This is a short diary -- really just a question. The issue has come up a few times, and I was wondering if any of our nuclear engineers or chemists or physicists have an answer. What is the ...
HamdenRice 03/16/2011 7 - - 31
Why nuclear power is not "the" solultion to our energy crisis
Since the nuclear accident at Fukushima, there has been a lot of discussion about nuclear power, its safety, and practicality. Fortunately, most of it has been very level headed, and several ...
HamdenRice 03/13/2011 22 7 - 95
Bad News: Republicans can end Union bargaining without Democrats
This is a very short diary, but I just wanted to make everyone aware of this possible tactic that the Republicans can use. It occurred to me as I was reading the DK diaries about by Chris Bowers, ...
HamdenRice 03/02/2011 15 11 1 310
Another TARP/Bailout Myth: Banks got money for zero %
I have been reading the lively discussion of several diaries today about the bailouts and TARP, and the question of whether they were profitable to the taxpayer. I'll leave that discussion for ...
HamdenRice 02/04/2011 38 38 2 299
BREAKING: Nelson Mandela hospitalized; SAn Media keeping vigil
South Africa's former president, the first Black president and first post-apartheid president, has been hospitalized in Johannesburg. The government and Mandela's family are trying to calm the ...
HamdenRice 01/27/2011 16 26 - 90
Snowpocalypse: Mike Bloomberg commits political suicide
I just read the front page round up. It includes a blurb from the NY Times about the political firestorm that is erupting here because the Bloomberg administration has failed to plow the outer ...
HamdenRice 12/29/2010 855 654 11 1489
How TARP and the Fed Prevented Complete Economic Catastrophe-Pt.2
This is the second entry in my series of diaries on what actually happened in the Fall of 2008 and winter of 2009, and why the global economic system almost completely collapsed. As I said in my ...
HamdenRice 12/03/2010 45 23 8 31
Fall 2008: Complete Economic Catastrophe, Part 1
Around late September 2008, I rode out to the edge of New York City, to eastern Queens to one of the few "feed stores" in the city -- actually a pet food store that also carries some livestock feed.
HamdenRice 12/02/2010 11 3 8 115
OK, I'm now convinced: Blow up the Gulf well
Two articles in the NY Times in the last two days have given me a completely different perspective on the idea of "blowing up" the well to cap it. Before reading these articles -- one an op ed in ...
HamdenRice 06/22/2010 161 12 1 90
Remembering Katrina: Why the Gulf Oil Spill is not Obama's Katrina
The idea that the horrific environmental catastrophe in the Gulf is somehow the Obama administration's Katrina has been floated in both the mainstream media and the blogosphere for several days now.
HamdenRice 05/25/2010 72 12 1 40
Mainstream media pushing Rovian "War Crimes" meme re Guantanamo trials
Has anyone else noticed the egregious, misleading use of the term "war crimes trials," by the mainstream media in describing the Military Commission Act trials that the Bush administration is now ...
HamdenRice 07/22/2008 24 25 2 34
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