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Now where'd I put that blue marble...
Oh, there it is. It can be easy to miss, from this deep in the well. It doesn't look much like a marble from down here. Sure, achieve enough altitude and its gorgeous curves can be descried, ...
Hammerhand 05/20/2015 23 51 - -
Why is reformed cannabis law good for our country? In a word: trust
How can government function without trust? How can a country's people, after discovering they've been misled by their government, continue to trust it? Agents of our government have been ...
Hammerhand 04/20/2015 45 64 1 -
Where were you today at 9:26 and 53 seconds?
Just trying to solve a circular argument. Don't mind me. Anybody want any pi? Math is ...
Hammerhand 03/14/2015 24 6 - -
Take The Ladder Rightward And Down
Just keep fighting you'll soon have it made Always be ruthless you'll surely get paid I swear you won't find any reason to frown If you take the ladder rightward and down I'm lying of course you'...
Hammerhand 02/04/2015 3 4 - -
JRR Tolkien SLAMS the Post-War World
Just recently I found a gem. They seem to pop out at me whenever I delve into the good ol' Red Book of Westmarch . But this one is different. It has a more somber tint than most. No "'chance' ...
Hammerhand 12/11/2014 80 96 2 -
The United States of America: We Are What We Are
Our past has many dark spots. It is an inescapable truth. And like the water marks on certain venerated and dilapidated pages of hemp, the stains on the pages of our history can never be washed away,
Hammerhand 10/05/2014 50 53 - -
U of Arizona Professor Gains Approval For Cannabis Research, Gets Fired... Updated w/ Her Homepage
Because of course she was. From the Daily Beast : In April 2014, University of Arizona assistant professor Dr. Sue Sisley made headlines after winning federal approval to test marijuana on ...
Hammerhand 07/10/2014 115 96 2 -
On Utterly Despicable Things: The For-Profit Prison Industry
The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons - Fyodor Dostoevsky Or by counting them. Ponder the phrase a moment. . . . For-profit prison industry. . . . Just ...
Hammerhand 07/10/2014 12 12 - -
The Strength Of Women Is The Strength Of Humanity
It's a bit like adding a pinch of carbon to a batch of molten iron, or a bit more like adding water to a cement/aggregate mixture. What will emerge from the mix will be orders of magnitude greater ...
Hammerhand 07/03/2014 1 2 - -
Losing Sucks. Relatively Speaking
I love the game, just as I love a few others. I'm loving this wacky tournament. Around my house these days oft is heard a refrain: "oo. ooo. OOO. Aww..." And of course, rarely: "AHHH GOOOOOOOOAAAL."
Hammerhand 07/01/2014 4 6 - -
A Rant: Everyday Senseless Horror
Senseless. Every goddamned day. Sun rises, sun sets, the lives of 30 people senselessly end to the sound of gunfire. Honestly, I get tired of the word "senseless" being such a fucking PERFECT ...
Hammerhand 06/28/2014 23 17 1 -
It Is Not About Making You Smile
It's not about a beautiful game It's not about telling you a story It's not about challenging you It's not about figuring anything out It's not about survival It's not about the frontier It's ...
Hammerhand 06/20/2014 25 15 - -
A basket of broken promises
A basket of broken promises Hid 'neath the terrible noise A blanket false and poisonous Conceals what remains of choice It looks like not good versus downright bad Is the puzzle that we must read ...
Hammerhand 06/18/2014 3 4 - -
Words Are Pretty Weird When You Take Them Out And Listen To Them
It's kind of a hobby of mine, plucking words up out of context and into the open air and listening to them, as they really are. The exercise is almost always amusing, but can be a little ...
Hammerhand 06/11/2014 20 6 - -
Damaged Drone Reconnaissance Craft Spotted, Probably Of Alien Origin
Well sure. I saw something weird, so I thought it best to assume aliens. Obvious. Just look at this thing. Obviously the ...
Hammerhand 06/04/2014 45 35 - -
The Earth Is Our Lifeboat, and We Are Ruining It
Tiny little thing, isn't she. She's all we have in this universe, our only home, and our only shelter. She's everything to us, and gripping her tightly we bob along together. She's our ...
Hammerhand 06/01/2014 52 19 2 -
Some Thoughts On FISA And The NSA: A Nation Of Laws, but You Can't See Them
I'll be honest. I started out thinking it was no big deal. This world holds many dangers, I reasoned, and sometimes they can be avoided or prevented. Keeping a very close watch on things can help ...
Hammerhand 05/30/2014 15 18 2 -
Newly Discovered Titanosaur, Biggest Animal To Ever Walk On Earth: "Godzilla ain't got NOTHIN on me"
That's a pretty bold statement After all "Impressive, I suppose. For an illusion. But I am the real thing ."
Hammerhand 05/18/2014 26 98 1 -
70 Billion Pink Fingernails
I found out a while back that my blood is type o-negative. I'd always thought it was just a cool name for a band. Turns out it means I am a universal donor, meaning anybody can take my blood by ...
Hammerhand 05/18/2014 48 49 - -
That Door Is Glowing Hot
That door is glowing hot A burning puzzle to our eyes Most refuse even to see it Prideful apathy its chief guise Although we have one caution Training and instinct tell us plain Touch a hot and ...
Hammerhand 05/02/2014 3 4 - -
Governor Chris Quixote Finds A Windmill: "Pot Tourism and More Head Shops! Whatever will we do?"
Chris Christie recently had something to say concerning Coloradans' historic decision to legalize cannabis. Altogether stale and impotent words . For the people who are enamored with the idea with ...
Hammerhand 04/25/2014 22 22 - -
The Grip Of Blinding Death
Jack Frost's pet wolf glares westwards, put out for all the snow on its face. Pickings are slim when its master's grip is this tight.
Hammerhand 03/01/2014 5 5 - -
Thirty-one Reasons To Bust People For Pot
A memo to all members of law enforcement Lately there have been many questions about pot. There is a lot of confusion on the subject, many people are concerned, and many are misinformed on the facts.
Hammerhand 02/26/2014 29 14 - -
I was gonna write a hundred diaries, but then I got high
Actually, contrary to long-held popular belief, a person can do both.
Hammerhand 02/22/2014 11 14 - -
There they go, marching at random up the strand. They are founded in our trust and patience, they are adorned with our attention and affection, and they are constructed of our blood, sweat and tears.
Hammerhand 02/15/2014 6 13 - -
Dear Americans: A Monster Owns The Darkness, and It Is Ravaging Us
It has gone all but unheeded, for it never strays from its shadow. Made of fear and suspicion, half-truths and lies, the shadow is at once its most powerful and its most despicable tool, its most ...
Hammerhand 02/12/2014 17 12 - -
DEA Official: "The 21st Amendment Scares Us"
On January 15, 2014 1934, speaking out against the United States' ongoing national decriminalization of cannabis recent repeal of Prohibition through ratification of the 21st amendment, as well as ...
Hammerhand 01/18/2014 28 58 1 -
In Colorado, An Untold Number Of "Criminals" Received A Pardon
Growing up I heard a lot about the evils of cannabis. The go-to warning was that of the "gateway drug." Pot is against the law, and associating with it makes you a criminal. Start down that ...
Hammerhand 01/05/2014 26 10 - -
President Mujica Defends Uruguayan Change To Reasonable Marijuana Policy
On Tuesday Uruguay legalized marijuana. On Wednesday Uruguay was admonished by its betters. Raymond Yans, President of the UN's International Narcotics Control Board, lamented the Uruguayan ...
Hammerhand 12/14/2013 11 47 2 -
A Victory Over The Reefermad Scourge: Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Trade
Wow. Good news from Montevideo. A government-sponsored bill approved by 16-13 votes in the Senate provides for regulation of the cultivation, distribution and consumption of marijuana and is aimed ...
Hammerhand 12/10/2013 10 13 - -
Pope Francis Cancels Events Friday Due To Illness
I worry about him, and more than a little bit. But I'm that way. I worry about stuff. From CBC Pope Francis cancelled his morning audiences Friday because of a cold, the first time the industrious ...
Hammerhand 11/16/2013 15 36 - -
Humanity's Sad Face, or Why I Am A Democrat
We hide our sad face behind a mask. For it is truly sad. The most mournful thing you have ever seen. It's a face no one wants to look at or think about. A face that should be supple and robust, ...
Hammerhand 10/23/2013 4 6 - -
Nice Country We Have Here, It'd Be A Shame If Something Happened To It
I can't get over what a nice place this is. Bountiful. Beautiful. But so fragile. Let's be honest with ourselves; it's as delicate as a snowflake, or an old piece of hemp. How little it would ...
Hammerhand 10/11/2013 8 9 - -
They Want Us To Shoot
Say when I think they're itching for it. Who are "they"? I dunno. Where are they? I dunno. What the hell do they really want? Who the f*ck knows. Dammit they are out there. And they're nothing ...
Hammerhand 09/09/2013 2 - - -
The Most Pitiful Sight I've Ever Seen
I have to offload this. It may seem like small potatoes in the worldwide plethora of pitiful sights, and I suppose it is, relatively speaking. But bearing witness to it really shook me up. The ...
Hammerhand 08/04/2013 20 58 - -
OH TEH HORRORZ!!@!! I Smelled Somebody Smokin That Dope At A Music Festival
This will be short, and very sparse on details I'm afraid. Some people have too much aggression on their hands. Seriously. Out in the woods somewhere, miles from anywhere else. By all rights it's ...
Hammerhand 07/27/2013 20 8 - -
My Name Is John Q Capitalist, and I Brake For No One
Nope. Not me. Not my style. I'll drive as fast as I please thankyouverymuch. I will do whatever it takes to get ahead. That's just the way I roll. Besides, who would follow those shackling ...
Hammerhand 07/24/2013 3 2 - -
Greed Is A Parasite
And worse, someone's been feeding this ghastly thing, by keeping humanity well-saturated with alluring, intoxicating lies. "Don't worry, you'll get to the top too someday. Sure you will." The ...
Hammerhand 07/07/2013 10 6 1 -
A Weed Is Growing Wild
She's little more than a foot tall. Still very young. Today her life seems pretty quiet, a bit boring, but no doubt things were more exciting while she was still in the seed. Maybe she was eaten ...
Hammerhand 06/15/2013 23 17 1 -
Republican Senator Bob Dole on Fox News Sunday: "GOP should be closed for repairs"
Remember Bob Dole? That's this guy: The Republican candidate for President in 1996. You can also find him here:
Hammerhand 05/26/2013 16 36 - -
"We can't rest easy while things are this way." Your Holiness, thank you
Good tidings from Vatican City. They are little more than pretty words, but they're words more people need to hear, and they come from one of the most influential human beings on earth. What's more, ...
Hammerhand 05/19/2013 60 99 2 -
I Saw A Man In A Black Suit Following Me
He wasn't looking at me. He snuck a few fearful glances now and then, not knowing or not caring that I was on to him. He broke off before making eye contact. It was obvious that he was thinking ...
Hammerhand 04/07/2013 13 7 - -
So you're catching a buzz and you're not getting drunk? Enjoy your cage, criminal.
Idiocy. Clean-up aisle 4. Human beings enjoy changing consciousness. That's just the way it is. It's something we've done for the full extent of our history. No society has been immune. We like ...
Hammerhand 03/23/2013 9 17 - -
The Reefer Madness Is Everywhere. If You Aren't Scared, You Should Be
You never know when you might meet a reefer. Spotting one while active has become near impossible, what with breath mints and eye-drops and the like. And I assure you, whether you realize it or not, ...
Hammerhand 03/17/2013 26 25 - -
So, I Thought You Republicans Were Ravenous For Budget Cuts. Lost Your Appetite?
Remember all your talk about how government spending is the problem? Remember how "we need to stop Obama's drunken spending spree before the .01% have to stop lining their basements with cash the ...
Hammerhand 03/02/2013 11 7 - -
Me, My Car and The Snow: That Is My Universe
Outside my windows is nothing but a broiling shroud of white. The snow is all there has ever been, and all there will ever be. Driving in white-out conditions can feel like that. And it can be ...
Hammerhand 02/07/2013 25 13 - -
Sandcastles to the Sea
We build sandcastles. They dot the coastlines of our lives. They are founded in our trust and patience, they are adorned with our attention and affection, and they are constructed of our blood, ...
Hammerhand 12/16/2012 3 2 - -
Guns Are Bad, MMMKay?
My heart is broken for the families and loved ones bereft in Newtown, Connecticut, and for their town and school, for our nation, and for all humanity. I cried. We mourn. My kids were both home ...
Hammerhand 12/15/2012 3 1 - -
Who Are You To Claim A Divine Pedigree? You Are An Ape, And You Should Be Proud
You creationists, you apes, you God-fearin, knowledge-hatin drag-chutes-on-humanity, what hubris is this? "Humans are created in God's image, and are to be like Him and superior to all else on ...
Hammerhand 12/09/2012 18 12 - -
'We had no choice'
Imagine a group of powerful people. Imagine these are particularly paranoid powerful people; and among other things they really fear losing their power. Likewise they fear the breaking and ...
Hammerhand 12/01/2012 4 1 - -
If You Can, You Should Go Outside And Look At The Moon
Jupiter on one flank, Aldeberan on the other. I stood there rooted in the cold, looking up at it. The silent and implacable beauty had me. Go have a look, if you're able, and if you can see it where ...
Hammerhand 11/28/2012 145 184 2 -
Thank you. This is an amazing place
I've always been shy. I struggle with my own social goalposts. I grew up in an extremely small and isolated town, where everybody knew everybody and, for the most part, everybody was friendly with ...
Hammerhand 11/22/2012 9 28 1 -
On Drugs
Aren't we all? I find it a sinister phrase; amorphous yet charged with fear and negativity. Also, it seems to apply to everyone. A perfect linguistic tool of oppression. Who is on drugs? Well....
Hammerhand 11/21/2012 11 8 - -
What Have They Learned? Nothing. Sen. Lindsey Graham Vows More Obstruction On State Appointment
When will this crap end? Such naked petiness. Or maybe it's some kind of stubborn idealogical Charge of the Light Brigade. "Hold your memes/guns until they are wrested from your dead hands." or ...
Hammerhand 11/11/2012 17 5 - -
FACT: Knowledge Has A Liberal Bias. President Obama Swept Ten Most Educated States
This will surprise no one here. But hey it's nice to know that smart people agree with you. For most people it's nice to feel smart. For most of us knowledge is power, but to modern Republicans it ...
Hammerhand 11/09/2012 23 16 - -
Thank you all. YOU did it.
To the phone-callers. To the pavement-pounders. To the organizers. To the organizers of the organizers. To the high-profile folks. To the unsung. To all the sleepy eyes and hands here at DailyKos, ...
Hammerhand 11/06/2012 1 1 - -
An Open Letter Of Warning: Republicans, A Monster Walks Among You
It was you. You did terrible things. Some kind of sorcery; a dimly-lit chamber, a figure shrouded in black, and a bargain; whatever it was, to our lasting horror your efforts were a success. A ...
Hammerhand 11/06/2012 4 17 - -
China Is Not Just A Name On All Our Widgets. I Don't Think Mitt Romney Gets That
It's not just the place you get to when you keep digging. It's not just one of the names Mitt throws around when he wants to rattle the saber. Does Mitt know what China really is? Meaning no ...
Hammerhand 11/04/2012 35 2 - -
Why Didn't Bi-partisan Mitt Show Up For Sandy? Remember, He Only Exists On Debate Night
Just a quick one [ undecided voter ] Mr. Romney, when you were in that debate with the President you said you'd help the poor. You gave a seeming-strong impression that you'd work to help America ...
Hammerhand 11/04/2012 6 1 - -
For The Last Time: WE BUILT THAT
We know the story. "Obama hates small business owners because 'You didn't build that'." We all know it's quack, and that responding with " We Built That" actually supported the President's point. ...
Hammerhand 11/03/2012 40 86 7 -
Romney lied about Benghazi after only 16 minutes. That lie was the first of a rampant, ugly epidemic
Check here if you don't believe me on the speed of Mitt's response. Behind that link is a fairly good chronology of the events regarding the attacks on American personnel in Benghazi, Libya on ...
Hammerhand 11/03/2012 4 3 - -
Allen West's primary opponent Bob Crowder, "embarrassed by the radical fringe", endorses Murphy
Representative West seems to have a difficult time with people; along with the majority of the GOP, officials and constituency. Mr. West's Republican challenger in the primary, Bob Crowder, has ...
Hammerhand 10/31/2012 8 37 - -
Too Little Too Late Colin, 'The Torch Has Been Passed', Republicans Are Worldly No Longer
Let the word go forth from this time ...
Hammerhand 10/28/2012 10 12 - -
"Only On The Right Are The Lunatics Running The Asylum" Epic (LTE) Takedown In The Economist
"Where was it again?" The Economist, in the letters to the editor. /Dissapoint. Sorry. But it is so good I thought its terse excellence should be related here. It was actually Jon Perr's diary ...
Hammerhand 10/27/2012 3 18 - -
File Under Cool: Pearl Jam Guitarist Mike McCready Releases Video Defending 'Obamacare'
I've been a Pearl Jam fan for most of my life. They were the start of great music for me. And as far as I'm concerned they are THE #1 best band in history, bar none. Chalk it up to a first-timer's ...
Hammerhand 10/26/2012 10 33 - -
Evisceration? Our world-standing may suffer such a fate at the hands of a President Mitt Romney
President Obama brought it out in plain sight for America to see. Whatever accolades Romney has, whatever promises he makes, he is not global Commander-in-Chief material. Even if one wrongfully ...
Hammerhand 10/22/2012 2 2 - -
50 years ago was the Cuban Missile Crisis. Whose finger do we want on the button?
I've never known that kind of fear. All my life global nuclear war has been a spooky, but distant, part of history. I came of age as the Soviet Union fell, and Iran's alleged ambitions and North ...
Hammerhand 10/20/2012 5 6 - -
Former Bain Partner: "Let’s not kid ourselves about just how cheap offshore labor really is."
It was covered by UP with Chris Hayes on August 30, but he posted it to his tumblr page this morning, and I picked it up on my twitter feed. Former Bain Capital ...
Hammerhand 10/20/2012 174 389 5 -
Nonsense "Benghazi-gate" Meme Pwned By None Other Than Fox News
I was perusing the twittersphere just now, and under the #benghazi tag I saw a disheartening amount of digital excrement flying around concerning "benghazi-gate". I won't be specific, because those ...
Hammerhand 10/19/2012 16 26 - -
Remember Mitt's Response To The Murders In Benghazi? POTUS Reminded Us, and We Should Be FURIOUS
(Re-titled, revised and reposted at my wife's request. She's a liberal who loves her country, but generally she isn't one to get fired up about politics. This ridiculous flub by Romney was one of ...
Hammerhand 10/19/2012 12 18 - 5
A Friendly Reminder From President Obama: Americans should be mad as hell at Mitt Romney
It was most welcome, Mr. President, thank you. Honestly I'd nearly forgotten. But no more, and the anger I felt then is redoubled. It happened within minutes after the news broke that our ...
Hammerhand 10/17/2012 10 16 1 -
On The Balls Of Their Feet
There was a point where I got a little nervous. I thought Romney might actually snap. I wonder if I was alone. ROMNEY: Mr. President, have you looked at your pension? OBAMA: You know, I -- I don't ...
Hammerhand 10/16/2012 6 6 - -
A Certain Piece of Bad Cuban Accent Keeps Crossing My Mind
You wanna play rough? OK! Say hello to my little friend! Blasting ...
Hammerhand 10/16/2012 1 1 - 1
Charlie Crist All In For Obama: "He wanted to do everything he could. And congress just said no."
I just stumbled across this from the Twitter feed, very very good news. Former FL Repulican Gov Charlie Crist stumps for PBO! Says PBO was imploring Congress to Help ALL People & They Said NO! ...
Hammerhand 10/15/2012 73 291 3 -
STORY? Romney Founded Bain. Bain Is Still Bain. On 11/5/12 Bain Is Selling US Jobs To China
That is the issue. That is the story. The Republican candidate for President of the United States founded a company which is profiting by American jobs going to China, the day before the election. ...
Hammerhand 10/14/2012 13 28 - -
Mitt Romney: 'We need to get those jobs back from China'
Things are looking ugly for camp Romney. This #Sensata thing is going to paint a big Red mark all over his giant stinking money-pit of a campaign. If you've not heard of it, and you have a twitter ...
Hammerhand 10/13/2012 20 28 3 -
Favorite Moment: Paul Ryan Is No Jack Kennedy, and Even He Knows It
REP. RYAN: You can cut tax rates by 20 percent and still preserve these important preferences for middle-class taxpayers -- VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Not mathematically possible. REP. RYAN: It is ...
Hammerhand 10/12/2012 6 7 - -
Evisceration of the Lesser in Danville. Demoralization of the Greater in Asheville.
Observe this man who thinks he owns it all, observe him in fear. Hear that Mitt? That's the sound of your ship sinking. Anvils ...
Hammerhand 10/11/2012 5 10 - -
Bait. Switch. Lie To 65 Million People. All In A Night's Work For Mitt Romney
It was an audacious strategy, and it might have worked in a world devoid of justice. Thankfully we still have a teaspoon or two of that substance stashed in our cupboard. Romney seems to've gained ...
Hammerhand 10/06/2012 8 4 - 84
Mitt Romney Just Said That 141 Days Ago Mitt Romney Was "Completely Wrong"
5 months. Seriously Mitt? You expect people to believe that? To believe a word you say? I don't. And not in a thousand years could I. You say that Clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not ...
Hammerhand 10/04/2012 8 3 - 72
I'm Not Making Excuses, but Only One Guy On That Stage Got Married 20 Years Ago Today
I'm just saying. I think everybody forgot about it. I don't know if it matters and I don't care. If I had to share a stage with that pig, nevermind actually having to talk to him, on the eve of my ...
Hammerhand 10/03/2012 2 4 - 64
Hey Willard, You Broken Cuckoo Clock, You Were Right. WE Built It.
By now most people who care have already heard about it ad nauseum , but the foolishly impulsive reaction to it at all levels in the GOP, I feel, cannot be stomped on enough. President Obama on a ...
Hammerhand 09/30/2012 2 3 - 79
Coincidence? Ace Up Their Sleeve? or Box-Office Messaging Fail? Atlas Shrugged II Opens October 12
Put on your tinfoil hats. The ghost of Rand is rattling her chains. I don't know what this will portend, if anything, but I just saw the preview on H2. Here's the full-length ...
Hammerhand 09/29/2012 36 10 - 330
Hey, Popular Cruel Kid, Up There In Your Imaginary Ivory Tower, You Are Empty
Kossacks, I thought you might like to see this: Town turns tables on school prank Sophomore Whitney Kropp, of Ogemaw Heights High School in West Branch, Michigan, was selected to her school's ...
Hammerhand 09/24/2012 93 281 3 1744
This Is Not The Way
I'm weary of giving this any publicity which is not negative. You simply can't do it this way. YOU CAN'T. Honestly, I'm weary of posting this at all. But I think we should know about it so we can ...
Hammerhand 09/22/2012 23 8 - 271
I Didn't Build That, We Built It (in pictures)
They called it a gaffe . . . Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you'€™ve got a business,�
Hammerhand 09/19/2012 9 8 - 181
President Obama: "Still an Eastwood fan" You can't shake this dude.
We've all seen it, or at least heard about it.
Hammerhand 09/02/2012 288 439 4 2900
Benedict, What The ****?
What the hell is the matter with that guy? Is it pride? I think so. His pride grows with his fear, as it always does. Though what he has to be prideful about I don't know. The church's name stands ...
Hammerhand 06/04/2012 44 19 1 282
SANITY: Detroit Citizens To Vote August 7 To Legalize Marijuana
Michigan Supreme Court gives Detroit a choice to legalize pot Yep, this might actually happen folks. It will still be up to the voters of Detroit, and if it passes it will still be heavily regulated,
Hammerhand 06/03/2012 15 22 - 125
Carpal Tunnel In The Invisible Hand
It is greed, and the cruelty which follows it; and sadly this affliction runs rampant among us. It causes pain, numbness and loss of coordination. It weakens us and it hampers our abilities. It's a ...
Hammerhand 06/02/2012 4 4 - 71
Wear It Loud: 'Jesus is not a homophobe'
Lambda Legal Maverick Couch, 16-year-old junior at Waynesville High School in Ohio, has had to sue in order to appear at school even as he is in that picture. In April 2011 Maverick came to ...
Hammerhand 05/29/2012 15 20 - 119
Paying the Bills, Or Why Fox News MUST Change To Survive
I find myself forgetting it every time I watch particularly good cable or network television. I'll be going along, enjoying what I'm seeing, focused on it. Then at the next commercial break the ...
Hammerhand 05/20/2012 19 5 - 271
'Obama may be off ballot?' MSN, what in the world is that about? (VIDEO)
This video has been diaried already, here and here and here , but when I opened and saw ...
Hammerhand 05/19/2012 18 8 1 351
Here's An Unpleasant Thought: Would Mitt Romney Be WORSE Than George W. Bush?
Wait a minute, that's craziness, right? We're talking about King George himself. Bush the Lesser. The guy who started an unlawful and unscrupulous war in the very heart of the Middle East, and sent ...
Hammerhand 05/14/2012 29 9 - 174
Marriage Is Between Two Consenting Adult Humans
We are, aren't we? Aren't we human? As such, are we not from time to time possessed of that peculiar reaction known as love? As such, are we not free to profess our love for whomever we choose? ...
Hammerhand 05/09/2012 19 2 - 94
Jimmy Kimmel to President Obama: 'What’s with the marijuana crackdown?' (updated)
The juicy parts are at 21:50 if you're not a Kimmel fan, or you ...
Hammerhand 04/29/2012 19 34 - 308
Somewhere In The American Woods A Weed Is Growing Wild
She's still very young, little more than a foot tall. Her life is a bit boring now, but no doubt it was more exciting while she was still in the seed. Maybe the plant who dropped her was eaten by ...
Hammerhand 04/29/2012 25 17 1 184
On Spiking Footballs and Accomplishing Missions. Hey John McCain, UMadBro? (videos)
This is where it started John was reputed to have looked ...
Hammerhand 04/28/2012 5 12 - 85
So, Former President George Walker Bush, When Are You Going To Endorse Mitt Romney?
C'mon George, your dad did. He went all in for the Mittster, and H.W. didn't have anything to say about how President Obama is the bane of the United States of America either. I like that. I'd like ...
Hammerhand 04/22/2012 17 6 - 116
Why Do I Have To See A Grinning Cop Making War On Marijuana Every Time I Turn On My TV?
I've wondered about it since I first started smoking. How can someone feel as righteous about enforcing the law on marijuana as they do about enforcing the law on, for instance, meth-amphetamine, or ...
Hammerhand 04/21/2012 34 15 - 187
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