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So Kerry Broke A Leg In Switzerland
So sorry, best wishes, get well soon. But how would average injured Americans fare in Switzerland? Probably a whole lot better than they would here. Just saying'
dana anderssen 06/02/2015 5
Atheist/Secular Group Works to Secure the Safety of Humanist Activist Taslima Nasrin
Taslima Nasrin is a Humanist Activist who was facing death threats from the same Al-Qaeda-linked extremists who have claimed responsibility for the assassination of three other Bangladeshi ...
pierre9045 06/02/2015 1
The First Strike in the New World
On this day in Labor History, we are going all the way back to the year 1786. That was the day when what labor historians widely consider “America’s First Strike” occurred in Philadelphia, ...
The Rick Smith Show 06/02/2015 3
Abbreviated pundit roundup: The GOP's failed minority outreach, the economy and more
We begin today's roundup with Dana Milbank at The Washington Post, who examines the GOP's minority outreach strategy: [RNC ...
Georgia Logothetis 06/02/2015 47
Bees are getting dusted
The May 21 Nature carried a special section on bees (behind a paywall), and the heart of it was a detailed evaluation on the state of the science on the role of the insecticides known as ...
nicteis 06/02/2015 2
It's Not Complicated
We humans more times than not, make thing far more complicated than they really are...
nicolemaschke 06/02/2015 19
Let's Put on Our Listening Ears: Eliana Lopez Has Something to Say
On the topic of feminism, there are many different schools of thought, ceaseless denominations, and constant controversy: First Wave, Second Wave, sex-positive, sex-negative, just to name a few. (...
GTK 06/01/2015 2
Politics IS War!
Machiavelli on politics / war Make no mistake about it. Unlike some, who in good faith make analogies to politics being like shopping in a store and selecting a favored brand to purchase, I take a ...
Alligator Ed 06/01/2015 4
IAN: Tuesday, June 2, 2015: Penitentes or Penitentes? You Decide.
One thing leads to another. . . wasn't there a song about that? Tuesday! A day to make strange connections. . .
ejoanna 06/01/2015 12
Appeals Court Rules Keystone XL South Approval Was Legal, Lifting Cloud Over TransCanada
In a 3-0 vote, the U.S. Appeals Court for the Tenth Circuit has ruled that the southern leg of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline was permitted in a lawful manner by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Steve Horn 06/01/2015 5
I'm STILL slack-jawed.
At the nightly meeting [withheld amount of time] ago, one of our managers asked us to please bring in any spare box cutters we might have laying around so that we might have enough for the new people.
Jimmy Rustler 06/01/2015 10
End California's Judicial Corruption Now; Stop 2015-16 Illegal Budget Payments to Judges!
Unless we act, approximately thirty California counties and courts will pay “local judicial benefits” in addition to state compensation, to approximately 90% of 1,800 Superior Court judges in ...
Richard Fine 06/01/2015 2
Pew: Millennials Distrust Fox News More Than Any Other News Source
A new study by the Pew Research Center reveals some striking generational disparities between America's news consumers. The study's results cast the light of perspective on the marketing hype of Fox ...
News Corpse 06/01/2015 18
Change At The DNC Is Overdue
DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to be removed. He or she does not have to be progressive but they need to wake up every morning looking to grow the party. They need to be able to go head ...
J49proctor 06/01/2015 5
Can We Pull it Together, DKos? We Have the Contested Dem Primary We've Been Asking For
Now that the Democratic primaries now include at least three major players: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley, and likely one or two more decent candidates before we're through, ...
pierre9045 06/01/2015 23
Iowa Democrats give Obama 89% favorable rating
If by chance you happen to know me here you also know I am a stalwart Obama supporter. I also look at polls to see how the liberal community at large is thinking. President Obama is #1 in approval ...
shrike 06/01/2015 11
Action Alert: Sanders needs you now
Please "spread this message as far and wide as possible: TIME TO MOBILIZE PEOPLE. The Democratic National Committee, which oversees all of the democratic primary debates, has [politely] declined ...
hangingchad 06/01/2015 15
Is Lyme the Next Infectious Disease Disaster?
In 1995, a young woman discovered a rash that looked strangely like a bull’s eye on her stomach but she ignored it. A few years later she began having pain in her knees, irregular heart beats, ...
eclift 06/01/2015 7
Tracy Morgan gives first major interview since accident
In case you guys missed it, Tracy Morgan dropped by "Today" for his first interview since reaching a settlement with Walmart late last week to end his lawsuit over an accident last year in which a ...
Christian Dem in NC 06/01/2015 5
How to categorize myself
How to categorize myself In the past few months I’ve run into somewhat of a quandary and it has to do with what to label myself. I would simply call myself an ...
antoon 06/01/2015 8
Black Kos presents: Reading Group: Thomas Sugrue's Sweet Land of Liberty- Introduction
Welcome to the first diary of this Black Kos-hosted Reading Group series. Of course, you don't have to be a member of Black Kos to join this discussion; it's open for anybody and the more, the ...
Chitown Kev 06/01/2015 53
When Fools Flood Florida.. Head Fool in Charge
Vetwife 06/01/2015 12
Monday Murder Mystery: Jo Walton's Small Change Trilogy
Life is complicated. The older I get, the clearer that becomes. Sadly, everything else becomes less clear. Distinctions between good and bad, success and failure—they all get a little muddied. It ...
Susan Grigsby 06/01/2015 18
A call for scientific activism
We are living in a very dangerous time. The voices we hear every day are those of insane people. Yes I mean insane ! They populate our government and are in control. Scientists by their nature ...
don mikulecky 06/01/2015 11
Brown thinks Delta "pipes" will be more popular than "tunnels"
In addressing Sacramento business leaders at the 90th Annual "Sacramento Host Breakfast" on May 28, Governor Jerry Brown said that he is now going to call the Delta tunnels, "pipes," because pipes ...
Dan Bacher 06/01/2015 6
Meditation-The Tyranny Of Niceness
Sometimes I weary of all the nice people around me. This probably makes me seem like the ultimate curmudgeon, but stay with me for a bit and I’ll explain what I mean. Good evening and welcome ...
Ooooh 06/01/2015 45
Jeb Bush wrongly blames GOP Congress for Dubya’s spending and debt
Jeb Bush, the 2016 GOP White House hopeful tells us, loves his brother. But judging by his recent statements, he apparently loves the idea of being president even more. Confronted by Dubya's ...
Jon Perr 06/01/2015 9
Small Organic Business of Minority Owner Needs Your 2 Clicks
Flora's Organics is the tiny one-woman organic seedling/plant/flower/veg/fruit nursery of VERY LOW INCOME kosak Mona Twocats-Romero, a Native American in the running at the WellsFargo Works Project ...
mettle fatigue 06/01/2015 111
Street Prophets Coffee Hour: Video of the DK Veterans Hospital Quilt Delivery
This is an Open Thread / Coffee Hour and all topics of conversation are welcome. Today's suggested topic is the DK Quilt Guild: DK VA Hospital Service Project . Please enjoy this video documenting ...
linkage 06/01/2015 5
Minnesota hospitals will soon be allowed to dispense medical marijuana
Minnesota hospitals will soon have more treatment options for patients Hospitals in Minnesota will soon be allowed to dispense marijuana:
Jen Hayden 06/01/2015 8
Conservative hero Cliven Bundy is back, and still talking about black people
The hero of Fox News speaks ...
Hunter 06/01/2015 85
ACTION ALERT: Tell Arkansas prosecutors to launch criminal investigation of Duggars
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are due to talk with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday. But by all rights, they need to be answering questions under oath. It's been said several times, but it bears repeating--...
Christian Dem in NC 06/01/2015 27
Hellraisers Journal: Mother Jones to WFM: "Awaken the slumbering giant from his long dream of ages."
You ought to be out raising hell. This is the fighting age. Put on your fighting clothes. -Mother Jones ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Thursday ...
JayRaye 06/01/2015 7
Most Americans support same-sex marriage. Republicans still don't.
Most of America is ready for the Supreme Court to grant nationwide same-sex marriage ...
Hunter 06/01/2015 58
Robert Randolph
Robert Randolph and the Family Band is an American funk and soul band led by pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph. The Word is an instrumental/Sacred steel/gospel blues jam band. The supergroup ...
NCTim 06/01/2015 9
All Hands On Deck: House Fast Track Vote Could Come This Week
ALL HANDS ON DECK. This is not a drill. The vote in the House of Representatives on fast track trade authority, preapproving the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the public finds out what is ...
davej 06/01/2015 4
Call These People, and Make Them Listen
Under the First Amendment, you have the right to petition your government to redress your grievances. Now would be a good time to do that. Today. According to public reports, the 18 Democratic ...
Alan Grayson 06/01/2015 8
Meet 'Dem' John Delaney, bidding to be the next Joe Lieberman
Rep. John Delaney (D-Doofus) Holy crap this guy is a doofus.
kos 06/01/2015 141
The Guardian: In U.S., blacks killed by cops are twice as likely to have been unarmed as whites
This is a complicated piece of data , but it reveals something relatively simple. An unarmed black or brown person in America is much more likely to be killed by a police officer than an ...
Ian Reifowitz 06/01/2015 9
Who is now funding the Christian Coalition? (You may be surprised...)
The Christian Coalition was formed in 1989 by failed presidential candidate Pat Robertson. For a while it was a powerful force in US politics. Republican candidates curried its favor (and the votes ...
Nova Land 06/01/2015 64
Finding jobs while homeless (and roses)
Terrance, Aaron, Chelsie, Makala This is another entry in my series on a homeless family I've been trying to help. Fundraiser link: Previous diaries are here:
patrickz 05/31/2015 10
LGBT Literature: Stonewall
LGBT Literature is a Readers and Book Lovers series dedicated to discussing books that have made an impact on the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. From fiction to ...
Chrislove 05/31/2015 14
How Bush lost Iraq twice
With the loss of Ramadi to ISIS forces, the Republican Party has launched one of its most ambitious myth-making operations in recent memory: Barack Obama lost Iraq . "We had the conflict won,"
Jon Perr 05/31/2015 6
The Ones You Didn't Hear: The Sundered Garment and Jeroboam's Tax Revolt
(Cross-posted from The Ones You Didn't Hear in Sunday School ) King Solomon is chiefly known for two things: possessing enormous wealth, possessing deep wisdom, and possessing enough wives to fill ...
quarkstomper 05/31/2015 18
How Dennis Hastert parlayed his Position into Millions
Who knew he'd need that Inside-the-Beltway boost in Salary in order to pay out hush money in the millions over the years ... How ‘Public Servant’ Hastert Got His Riches by Ana Marie Cox, ...
jamess 05/31/2015 28
Hellraisers Journal: " uphold every act of your executives [who] employed these gunmen."
One of the most terrible parts of the Ludlow massacre was when the associated militia took the corpse of a boy, shot and burned, to his father and said, "Here, take the damn thing.” -Judge ...
JayRaye 05/31/2015 7
Obama Declares Texas A Disaster: Prelude To Martial Law?
Late Friday, in response to a request from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, President Obama signed an order declaring Texas a disaster area . The action makes federal funds available from the Federal ...
News Corpse 05/31/2015 44
How the TPP is 'Trading on' so many Environmental 'Chits'
As kids, I imagine most of us played the boardgame Monopoly. My strategy was to get Boardwalk and Park Place -- and a monopoly on the Railroads. And then just sit back and wait for the "Rents and ...
jamess 05/31/2015 5
When it comes to voting, conservatives want some people to count more than others. Sound familiar?
They won't count as part of the population when drawing electoral district lines, if right-wing activists have their way. They are creative, I'll give 'em that. ...
Ian Reifowitz 05/31/2015 144
At least 385 Americans have been shot and killed by police in the U.S. already this year
The year is not even half over : In an alley in Denver, police gunned down a 17-year-old girl joyriding in ...
Laurence Lewis 05/31/2015 33
If Bernie beats HRC in the primaries, Its unrealistic
to think Bernie loses the general election. Comparing Bernie in 2016 to McGovern in 1972, saying Bernie loses like George did is a bit of a stretch. One should remember that the 1972 Democratic ...
Roger Fox 05/31/2015 435
Ancient America: The Northeast Prior to 8000 BCE
The Northeastern Woodlands of North America is a land of heavily forested rolling hills and rounded mountains, salt marshes of waving grass, calm lakes, tumbling brooks, surf-beaten beaches, and ...
Ojibwa 05/31/2015 16
Ventura County Residents Hold Interfaith Ocean Blessing on Oily Oxnard Beach
Oxnard, CA – Dozens of residents of Oxnard and Ventura County gathered Saturday for the interfaith Blessing of the Ocean, an action uniting the voices of people representing many faiths and ...
Dan Bacher 05/31/2015 4
Book Review: Dire Predictions 2nd Edition
Dire Predictions: understanding climate change By Michael E. Mann and Lee R. Kump DK Publishing, $ 25.00 US or ...
DarkSyde 05/31/2015 54
Gospel Brunch - Reed's Temple Choir
Bon appetit.
NCTim 05/31/2015 3
Roses: Street Prophets Sunday All Day Brunch
Welcome to Sunday Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I was very happy to see that our new home has plenty of ...
michelewln 05/31/2015 4
The Inoculation Project 5/31/2015: STEM Activities & Books
Solid science education is the best inoculation against ignorance.
nomandates 05/31/2015 15
DKos Sangha - Weekly Open Thread
Good morning! Welcome to the DKos Sangha weekly open thread. This is an open thread for members of the DKos Sangha and others who are interested in discussions concerning how we integrate our ...
davehouck 05/31/2015 9
The Endangered Endangered Species Act; A Call to Action
In America, the majestic Bald Eagle is probably the first species which comes to mind when discussing the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This huge and powerful raptor graces our flag poles, our ...
cany 05/31/2015 34
Jury sees through Reefer Madness, acquits man on felony marijuana charges
AlterNet , which does an excellent job of keeping THIS ISSUE front and center, as any genuine progressive/liberal media entity would. It is essentially a medical marijuana story wherein cops, again,
xxdr zombiexx 05/31/2015 153
The white riot that burned Greenwood to the ground
Smoke billowing over Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1921 The Oklahoma "where the ...
Denise Oliver Velez 05/31/2015 241
Sunday Morning Music
Kate Tempest - ...
danps 05/31/2015 2
Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Theology and Numerology Edition
And Enkidu said unto Gilgamesh "Lo, magic bulls are one thing, but these Republicans speweth magic bullsh!t."
Mark Sumner 05/31/2015 167
A Link To Send The Biden Family Condolences & And An Excerpt From President Obama's Statement
Many of us are feeling great sadness after hearing the news, via David Nir, of Beau Biden 's passing. The ...
Leslie Salzillo 05/31/2015 19
The Christian Right’s claims of persecution by the secular state ring hollow
Religious exemptions to various laws and regulations have been much in the news in recent years, particularly in relation to the advance of LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. But the history of ...
Frederick Clarkson 05/30/2015 21
The case for a criminal investigation of the Duggars and their elders
The people who are defending Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar either don't know or don't understand that there is a name for what they did by slow-walking the reporting of Josh's actions--child ...
Christian Dem in NC 05/30/2015 26
Most of the TPP is NOT even about "Trade"
The Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is more about Corporate Empowerment, than it is about "straightening Trade" -- between Nations. Or so all these very smart economics people, are saying ... Stop ...
jamess 05/30/2015 150
Completely appropriate or tasteless?
I debated whether to post this or not. On the surface, it's completely innocent. Obviously, in light of recent news it takes on a different vibe. On the other hand, at least half of those ...
Brainwrap 05/30/2015 37
Tattooed Christian rappers for Ted Cruz is a thing
He's feelin' it. Wow, I so did not need to know that a "Christian rap group" ...
Hunter 05/30/2015 83
Anonymous source: Hastert prosecutors know of multiple victims
TPM An anonymous source familiar with the case of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) said federal prosecutors knew of "prior misdeeds" Hastert committed against potentially several alleged ...
blue aardvark 05/30/2015 117

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