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Why Does Pantaleo Still Have a Job?
About a week ago, a communications director for a congresscritter made some smarmy remarks about President Obama's daughters. Social media picked up her words and slammed her hard enough to cause ...
HappyinNM 12/07/2014 36 30 1 -
Let's Talk Libido (Female)
Mike Huckabee's statement about libido: “If the Democrats want women to believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth ...
HappyinNM 01/24/2014 62 12 - -
Cruz' Ignored Outrage
When you babble on for 21 hours, with no one really listening, it's possible some of the outrageous things you say get overlooked. I couldn't listen, as I find Ted Cruz so offensive. But some on ...
HappyinNM 09/26/2013 5 29 1 -
Doña Ana Co. Clerk Being Sued For Issuing Marriage Licenses To LGBT Couples - Needs Help
New Mexico is about to become the 13th state to legalize marriage equality. There were suits pending in a few counties, and the process was slowly moving along. But when Lynn Ellins, County Clerk of ...
HappyinNM 09/08/2013 64 98 1 -
Not Enough Attention
Last Thursday I was driving along, listening to the radio. The speaker was telling of the bravery of Antoinette Tuff, the woman who kept a would-be murderer calm as he told her that he was ...
HappyinNM 08/26/2013 2 7 - -
Doña Ana County Clerk Issuing Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples
They've been talking a lot about it in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, but Las Cruces took action. Doña County Clerk, Lynn Ellins, said: he has been considering issuing licenses since last June, when New ...
HappyinNM 08/21/2013 20 21 - -
Sharpton Interviews Zimmerman's Lawyer
HappyinNM 05/31/2013 6 8 - -
President Obama's Speech in Myanmar
I had the pleasure of being awake in the wee hours this morning and heard this live. CNN broadcast the whole thing without interruption. I wanted you to enjoy it as well. It's 34 minutes, but ...
HappyinNM 11/19/2012 4 2 - -
What Rice Actually Said
The RW has been looking for something, anything, to make President Obama look bad. When this nonsense about Ambassador Rice's proclamation about the Benghazi attack began, I kept thinking that they ...
HappyinNM 11/15/2012 19 19 1 -
What Happens If They Raise the Age for Medicare?
It seems to me it depends on how the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (hereafter referred to as Obamacare) works out. If low income people are able to access medical care via subsidies or ...
HappyinNM 11/13/2012 56 3 - -
The Work Starts Now--Seriously
Senator Obama told us over and over in 2008 that he needed our help. That we were in this together. That there was much to do and he couldn't do it all himself. And we worked hard, canvassing, ...
HappyinNM 11/12/2012 16 14 - -
Romney Wasn't Shellshocked
Just like everything else that touched that campaign, it is a lie. He's not an idiot. Nor are the people who worked on his campaign. As has been pointed out many, many times in various ways, the ...
HappyinNM 11/10/2012 60 15 - -
Gallup, NM School Won! Thank You!
Last week I posted this diary asking people to vote in a Glidden Paint contest to earn a school 200 gallons of paint and the labor to upgrade their school. You all jumped in a did a wonderful job. ...
HappyinNM 10/31/2012 7 10 - -
LOL - Funny
If this was posted before, let me know, and I'll take it down. I think I saw it as a comment.
HappyinNM 10/24/2012 20 34 1 -
Help Needed--Not $--Just Clicks
There is an elementary school in Gallup, NM that is in need of a good paint job. And coincidently, Glidden Paints is donating 200 gallons of paint to the school that receives the most votes in their ...
HappyinNM 10/22/2012 21 22 - -
This is the Problem
They told us we were getting this: But it turns out we're getting this:
HappyinNM 10/12/2012 4 5 - -
We're Just Envious of Their Success
Since the hidden videos of Mitt's fundraiser were released, there have been many on this site feeling the need to justify their reason for being in a position to not pay taxes. While I'm one of ...
HappyinNM 09/19/2012 4 5 1 29
Clint Eastwood Said Some Things
It's interesting to me how a meme gets started, and everyone joins in. I was out for awhile last night, and missed Eastwood's performance in realtime. I got home just in time to hear the MSNBC hosts ...
HappyinNM 08/31/2012 20 1 - 158
Rape is Violence
I commented last night that I was done reading diaries about Todd Akin's stupidity. But it bothers me so much, I can't get away from it until I put in my two cents. We have amazing bodies. ...
HappyinNM 08/20/2012 6 16 - 88
Time for a hahahahahaha Moment
Jimmy Kimmel presents crying "Boehner Baby." For those not able to view video: Three little girls enjoying a ...
HappyinNM 07/14/2012 1 4 1 84
Romney Releases His Birth Certificate
With Donald Trump his new BFF, Romney decided this would be the opportune time to release his birth certificate. His certificate indicates what we've known for some time. His father, George Romney, ...
HappyinNM 05/29/2012 27 9 - 307
Romney "right for the nation"
Romney has another problem. He's Mormon, you know. Crazy evangelicals have a problem with that. They think the Mormon faith is a cult. So, while he has spent much of his life and fortune in ...
HappyinNM 05/12/2012 4 - - 71
Please Educate Me About Gay Marriage
I'm not gay, and no one close to me is gay. I know one gay couple, and one lesbian couple. I don't know either couple well. When the push for gay marriage began, I literally sat down and had a short ...
HappyinNM 05/08/2012 94 7 - 359
The Rich Romneys
Why can't the Romneys stop talking about their wealth? Somehow I missed the part about how we know that Ann Romney was wearing a $990 T-shirt. How do we know it was silk? How do we know who the ...
HappyinNM 05/04/2012 26 4 - 146
Tree Climbers - The Revelation
She was 14. We both knew that we both knew. We just hadn't talked about it yet. It was just the two of us, but we rarely spoke about anything of substance. I had asked her about it several years ...
HappyinNM 04/23/2012 37 40 - 232
No Human Being is Illegal - UPDATED
In 2007, New Mexico State University's Speakers Series welcomed Maria Hinojosa. Ms Hinojosa hosts PBS's show One on One . I didn't attend her lecture, but I saw the video of it on the NMSU TV channel.
HappyinNM 04/20/2012 166 42 2 571
I Know a Lot About Welfare Mothers
When I was going through my divorce, my daughter and I went to LA for my mother's 70th birthday celebration. While we were gone, my husband closed our business. The office had been emptied of ...
HappyinNM 04/16/2012 63 213 5 773
Passover and Martin Luther King, Jr.
In 1966 my family moved to Los Angeles. My father had gotten a promotion which necessitated the move. My mother was thrilled, as she had many relatives there. Most importantly, her only sibling, my ...
HappyinNM 04/07/2012 20 22 1 143
GOP Lies and the Media That Repeats Them
Remember when the Romney people put out an ad in which it showed President Obama saying "if we keep talking about the economy, we're going to lose?" Then it came out that the statement was taken out ...
HappyinNM 04/05/2012 11 1 - 67
Frightened Woman Needs Help
I posted this diary on Friday that described what was a life-changing experience for me. I was reminded of it by the horrific murder of Trayvon Martin. It was just my story. It wasn't a tirade about ...
HappyinNM 03/25/2012 96 7 1 486
Marcia Was 17 When She Was Shot and Killed
My family moved a lot when I was growing up. We lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Missouri, but mostly in California. We lived the longest in San Diego. We lived there twice. When I was ...
HappyinNM 03/23/2012 111 187 2 1056
Finally, I Understand Why They're Attacking Women
Okay. So I'm slow. Since the attacks started, I knew it was political, but I couldn't understand why it was so stupid. Why introduce ultrasounds, and doctors lying to patients, and personhood, and ...
HappyinNM 03/17/2012 24 30 - 485
Eleanor Smeal Rocks!
This morning Eleanor Smeal, President of Feminist Majority Foundation, appeared on one of the segments of Washington Journal. It was a most impressive interview. Clearly speaking, without emotion, ...
HappyinNM 02/22/2012 2 6 - 62
Santorum is Nuts!!
When I think back to Santorum in the Senate, I remember this angry, sleazy, smarmy creature. He never smiled. He was always angry. Much of his anger, like now, was made up garbage. When I think back ...
HappyinNM 02/20/2012 13 14 - 117
I Had an Abortion
I was lucky. It was a good time to have an abortion. It was 1972, pre-Roe v Wade. California passed an abortion law in 1967. Many doctors were still afraid to do them. However, Drs Edward Titcher ...
HappyinNM 02/14/2012 219 192 1 1038
Absolutely Overwhelmed!! Thank you.
I cry a lot at movies, and TV shows, and diaries, and Hallmark commercials. I cry a lot. What occurred to me is that, in addition to really sad circumstances, I cry when someone shows kindness to ...
HappyinNM 12/31/2011 11 13 - 67
ACTION - Troy Davis Execution Set
I just got another email from the ACLU saying that Troy Davis' execution is set for September 21st. I've been following his case for a few years. All the information I've read indicates that Troy ...
HappyinNM 09/13/2011 15 11 1 72
"I want to speak with someone in the US"
We need as many jobs in the US as possible---even if they're just phone centers or technical support centers. So, every time I call somewhere, if the person sounds foreign, I ask to speak with ...
HappyinNM 08/24/2011 37 5 - 216
Fun Word Game
AMAZING WORD GAME Did you know that, the words "race car" spelled backwards still spells "race car"? And that "eat" is the only word that, if you take the first letter and move it to the last, ...
HappyinNM 08/10/2011 2 1 - 20
Call Delta Airlines - ACTION
There was a press conference awhile ago with Senators Rockefeller, Boxer, Schumer, and Reid, as well as Rep. Hoyer. They all said that the holdup on the FAA reauthorization bill was Delta Airlines.
HappyinNM 08/03/2011 10 14 - 84
Need Help with dKos In's & Out's
How do you alert someone that a diary needs to be deleted? I woke up very early this morning and immediately went about reading dKos. I came upon a diary that was so vile it literally made me sick ...
HappyinNM 08/02/2011 15 2 - 123
The Proposal on the FP Says "tax increases"
Please just reread what it says. It's in the third bullet point. The formation of a special Congressional committee to recommend further deficit reduction of up to $1.6 trillion (whatever it takes ...
HappyinNM 07/31/2011 10 - - 110
Mitt's daddy was born in Mexico
From the Washington Post , due to problems in the US in ...
HappyinNM 07/25/2011 22 10 - 190
Help with Medicare premiums, etc.
If Social Security is your sole source of income, you may be eligible for programs designed to help you pay for Medicare. They are QMB (sometimes called Quimby), SLMB (usually called Slimby), QI (...
HappyinNM 07/21/2011 12 20 6 157
ACTION - We have to do something
My congressman, Steve Pearce (R-Braindead), held a town hall 2 weeks ago. It was complete with charts, and fast talking, and lots of lies. There were just a few of us, and whole bunch of them. ...
HappyinNM 07/15/2011 7 7 - 77
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