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Mike Brown is a n*****
To me, a nigger is someone who has been gunned down while being black. Personally, I have recently applied this word to a couple non-black persons who have suffered from what appears to have been a ...
Hauser Aspen 10/07/2014 49 - - -
Unread Tea Leaves: Eric Cantor
There are a few tea leaves I noticed going unread after Tuesday's loss. And you can't really blame people for over looking them, there are a lot of tea leaves to read after a loss like that! Cantor'
Hauser Aspen 06/12/2014 4 2 - -
Dying for the 2nd Amendment
They are wrong. People will not die to fight for the 2nd. People have not lost their lives for the 2nd. They are losing their lives in the present. Someone did die for the 2nd. The gun ...
Hauser Aspen 06/10/2014 4 5 - -
Capitalism's thin red line
It is my plan to evolve this thought, but the basis is that capitalism destroys a company when the principal motive of the company goes from making money from selling a product or service to selling ...
Hauser Aspen 01/16/2014 4 1 - -
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