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AP: Kathleen Sebelius Resigning
Not much out yet about this except for this: WASHINGTON (AP) — AP source: HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resigning after rocky health care law rollout.
Heavy Mettle 04/10/2014 2 - - -
Don't Call Out Republican Racism, Or You Might Get Fired
It doesn't matter that it's true. Call out Republican racism, and not only will you get fired but your employer will apologize profusely to the offended Republicans. Chairman Priebus recently ...
Heavy Mettle 01/30/2014 73 97 2 -
Pong-Gate: Gov. Christie Defeats 13yo Boy in Table Tennis Challenge
As part of Super Bowl Media Frenzy Week ™, Gov. Christie along with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell toured a newly renovated Boys and Girls Club in Newark, NJ (Cory Booker's old stomping grounds as ...
Heavy Mettle 01/27/2014 6 4 - -
No, GOP, ER Is Not Healthcare - 30 Yr Old Man Dies After 8 Hr Wait for Rash Treatment
Remember during the Presidential campaign Mitt Romney (and other GOP candidates) refuted the claim that Americans do not have unequal opportunities for health care - the Emergency Room is there for ...
Heavy Mettle 01/26/2014 29 16 - -
Gov. Christie Quietly Fires Biggest Sandy (politically connected) Contractor
Did you know that Hammerman and Gainer, a contractor doing the bulk of the Hurricane Sandy reconstruction work, was quietly fired by Gov. Chris Christie, back in December? Me neither! Turns out an ...
Heavy Mettle 01/23/2014 126 281 5 -
How Christie Used the Port Authority as His Political Cash Cow
Seems Chris Christie used the Port Authority funds to pay for transportation projects in New Jersey. The NJ state transportation fund is notoriously depleted and in a state which refuses to raise ...
Heavy Mettle 01/17/2014 10 22 1 -
Meet The Press Reportedly in Jeopardy as NBC News Eyes Cuts
As the entire news division at NBC is under scrutiny, the newly hired news boss Deborah Turness, brought in to shake up the moribund news division, is eyeing cutbacks in the DC bureau, which ...
Heavy Mettle 12/22/2013 63 36 1 -
OMG! Thank You To My Anonymous DKos Gifter
Oh my goodness! I just noticed that I am a subscriber! I have no idea how long that has been there because I don't check my profile or emails often - not even sure if you get a notice or not. I hope ...
Heavy Mettle 12/20/2013 9 19 - -
UPDATE: Blind Man & Guide Dog Survive Fall Onto Subway Tracks, Needs a Home - Or Help
I continue to be amazed by the loyalty of dogs. Here is a case of a blind man's guide dog, who went right after the man after he got too close to the edge of the subway platform and fell onto the ...
Heavy Mettle 12/18/2013 25 118 - -
Lara Logan Returning To 60 Minutes!
Well that was a short-lived, slap on the wrist, time out! Leave of absence my eye! It's the new nopology, the noleave of abscence. Logan and her discredited Benghaaaaaazi producer are already ...
Heavy Mettle 12/16/2013 120 184 2 -
Dan Rather on The Difference Between Him and Lara Logan: My Story Was True
After the roughshod treatment of Dan Rather by CBS including them leaving him out of any of their special reporting on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination, despite his integral part in ...
Heavy Mettle 12/10/2013 178 412 4 -
Who Pays For Obamacare?
About two thirds, or one trillion dollars over the next decade, is money out of the government treasury. The rest is from major sources of revenue and program cuts. From TNR:
Heavy Mettle 12/10/2013 7 4 - -
Sorry, Mitch McConnell, Elections Have Consequences
History was made today when the Senate voted to confirm Patricia Millett to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Patricia Ann Millett became the newest judge on the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of ...
Heavy Mettle 12/10/2013 47 127 - -
Mary Matalin On ABC: As The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer? How Does That Work?
Finally the subject of income inequality has "trickled" into the national conversation, and we're hearing some robust pundit talk about it post-President Obama's speech this week. While this is not ...
Heavy Mettle 12/08/2013 104 90 1 -
de Blasio's Commissioner Bratton Would Have Crushed Occupy Movement Immediately
Lots of controversy already over New York City Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio's choice of Police Commissioner, Bill Bratton. He is the originator of the stop and frisk policy which decBlasio denounced ...
Heavy Mettle 12/06/2013 19 18 1 -
Unarmed Man Charged With Wounding the Bystanders That Were Shot By Police
Back in September an emotionally disturbed man walked out into Times Square traffic causing a disturbance by throwing himself in front of cars. The police responded by trying to shoot him (because ...
Heavy Mettle 12/06/2013 125 155 1 -
White male college students refuse to learn about racism, get teacher disciplined
I don't know if there is anything more ironic than white males objecting to being forced to confront the realities of their privileged position in society and in return getting the messenger ...
Heavy Mettle 12/03/2013 130 29 - -
4 People Dead In Metro North Train Derailment
A New York City bound Metro North train derailed early this morning, ruining the holiday weekend for 68 passengers. Four cars derailed off the trains and barreled down hundreds of feet of an ...
Heavy Mettle 12/01/2013 8 13 1 -
Mike Huckabee Shocked That "Hero Journalist" Lara Logan Dismissed by CBS
As everyone knows by now, Lara Logan was asked to take a 'leave of abscence' (koff,koff) for the disastrous debacle of 'reporting' on Benghazi. The rightwing and MSM just kept digging and digging at ...
Heavy Mettle 11/28/2013 23 19 1 -
Halperin Treads into Palin Territory: Death Panels Built Into ACA
Sarah Palin, by way of Betsey McCaughey, popularized the 'death panel' meme leading to the 2010 Republican takeover of the House. Ok, Sarah Palin is an Alaskan halfterm, halfwit governor with an ...
Heavy Mettle 11/26/2013 15 12 - -
OFA Mobilizes Aggressive Campaign Style Effort Promoting ACA
For those who lament the Obama administration's lack of marketing of legislation and policy, and poor communication strategy bungling their successes, it should come as a welcome change to hear ...
Heavy Mettle 11/26/2013 6 14 - -
Dining Family Says They Did Tip Gay ex-Marine Waitress in NJ Restaurant
When I first read of this story I was about to do a diary and something held me back, not the least of which was that the incident occurred in Bridgewater NJ, a locality from my experience that is ...
Heavy Mettle 11/26/2013 60 19 - -
GPS Crossroads' Karl Rove Spent More On Politics Than Reported to IRS
Remember all the wailing about the supposed harassment by the IRS of right-leaning 501c3's? Darrell Issa having a field day in hearings? Looks like maybe they need to scrutinize them more , not less.
Heavy Mettle 11/25/2013 8 17 1 -
So, This Is A Bad Thing, How Exactly?
The Daily Caller, everyone's 'favorite' rightwing screechsheet, is reporting that "Top US Hospitals To Lay Off Staff Due to Obamacare", trying desperately to make the ACA look as bad as possible and ...
Heavy Mettle 11/25/2013 21 21 - -
Tallyho Filibuster! Hello Second Term Agenda Achievements
Tally-ho is also used as another way of saying " goodbye ". Yes it's horrible to bid the filibuster adieu says Dana Milbank in the Washington Post in this "naked power grab". Even though he ...
Heavy Mettle 11/22/2013 17 10 - -
Ornstein: Extremists and Anti-insitutionalist Republicans Forced Reid's Hand
Norman Ornstein has tried to come up with a rationale for why the Republicans would have forced Harry Reid to 'go nuclear' with the filibuster on judicial nominations. The only thing he could come ...
Heavy Mettle 11/21/2013 10 14 - -
Maryland Actress in Koch-Funded Ad Attacks Sen. Begich (D-AK) For Not Listening to Her
WASHINGTON – In a tough new advertisement from the Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity, an unnamed woman looks directly into the camera and upbraids Senator Mark Begich, Democrat of ...
Heavy Mettle 11/21/2013 10 12 - -
How George Zimmerman Strategically Used 911 Calls to Lay Groundwork for His Defense(s)
George Zimmerman is a thug with anger management issues but he is smart enough to have manipulated the 911 emergency system to lay the groundwork for his defense first in the Trayvon Martin ...
Heavy Mettle 11/20/2013 112 139 2 -
Republicans Release ACA Report That Shows Their Obstruction Is Working
After cyber security experts testified in Congress yesterday, Republicans have released a report that was prepared in March of this year for the White House warning about Technical problems and ...
Heavy Mettle 11/20/2013 6 13 - -
Reports of Obamacare's Death Greatly Exaggerated - Enrollments Surge
(For the literary purists in the audience, I know it's a misquotation ). In what should be no surprise to anyone, states that are using their own systems to sign up Obamacare enrollees are meeting ...
Heavy Mettle 11/19/2013 114 176 3 -
"An Obamacare 'Loser' Speaks Out...About Not Being an Entitled Douche"
I came across this reader letter on TPM, where occasionally Josh Marshall shares readers' contributions in full because they are so worthwhile. (The last time I recall was in reference to Mitt Romney'
Heavy Mettle 11/16/2013 178 216 2 -
Oakland Residents Hire Private Police Force
Blaming the recession and decreased tax receipts, residents of Oakland have hired their own police force. The Oakland Police Department has lost more than 200 police officers. Overall, robberies ...
Heavy Mettle 11/15/2013 31 12 - -
Republican Schadenfreude "About To Blow Up In Their Faces"
Or, so says Business Insider, not exactly a paragon of liberal thinking. For the last few weeks, Republicans have been full of schadenfreude over President Obama's broken "If you like your plan, ...
Heavy Mettle 11/13/2013 12 34 - -
The "Face of Obamacare" Tearful Cyberbullied Adriana Speaks Out
The woman whose photo was used to launch the Affordable Care Act and was subsequently taken down in the "face" of mocking and derision spoke out on ABC about the ...
Heavy Mettle 11/13/2013 22 37 - -
UPDATE:Mob of Armed Gun Advocates Issues "Challenge" To Moms, If They Can Handle It
A group of 40 gun advocates gathered and waited outside a restaurant where they knew a gun safety advocay "group" was holding a meeting. Pulling up in the parking lot, they took out their weapons ...
Heavy Mettle 11/10/2013 886 499 4 -
Ex-60 Minutes Producer: "Discredited Story Aimed at Obsessed Benghazi Conservatives"
CBS was trashed and people lost their jobs over the George W. Bush National Guard story and conservatives still use this incident to prove the supposed liberal media bias, even though Bush's record ...
Heavy Mettle 11/09/2013 110 213 1 -
Obama Apologizes For People Losing Coverage, Promises to Fix Problems
The media has focused a laser on the 3% of the population who are individual policy holders and are losing their junk insurance because it barely provides the minimum in coverage to qualify as "...
Heavy Mettle 11/07/2013 56 18 2 -
The CIA is Paying AT&T More Than $10M per Year For Call Data
There is something very, seriously wrong with this picture : WASHINGTON — The C.I.A. is paying AT&T more than $10 million a year to assist with overseas counterterrorism investigations by ...
Heavy Mettle 11/07/2013 17 12 - -
Guns & Ammo Editor Fired For Publishing Editorial Calling For Gun Control
Guns & Ammo has fired a contributing editor who dared to speak out for rational gun control measures. Guns and Ammo Magazine, the “world’s most widely read firearms magazine,” has fired ...
Heavy Mettle 11/07/2013 39 24 - -
Which One is Ok, Which One is Not? Per Instagram
Both the following pictures were posted to ...
Heavy Mettle 11/06/2013 6 5 - -
Republican Calls New NYC Mayor "Commander in Chief" of "Armed Forces"
In an article on Bill de Blasio winning the election for mayor of New York City, a New York Daily News columnist waxes philosophically about the 'problems' a liberal Democratic mayor will face with ...
Heavy Mettle 11/05/2013 28 89 - -
US News & World Report Columnist on Republican Payroll
Hmmm. U.S. News & World Report will start disclosing that columnist Brian Walsh, a former National Republican Senatorial Committee communications director, is still on the NRSC payroll, following ...
Heavy Mettle 11/05/2013 14 27 - -
Boo Effing Hoo Wall St Journal! 1%'er Obamacare "Victim's" Insurance Cancelled
In an Op-Ed yesterday, the Wall Street Journal posted Edy Sudby's version of her Obamacare "horror story". She is a gallbladder cancer patient and has been counting on her doctors and hospitals to ...
Heavy Mettle 11/05/2013 26 29 - -
Object to War on Drugs? "You Might Be a Criminal and We Will Work On Finding You"
After the Columbia SC's police department arrested a man with possession of $40,000 worth of marijuana he posted about it on the department's Facebook page . In response a commenter suggested the ...
Heavy Mettle 11/04/2013 37 77 1 -
90 Year Old Legendary Speaker of the House Jim Wright Denied Texas Voter ID Card
A 90 year old man who just happens to be the former Speaker of the US House was denied a voter ID according to Texas's new voter ID requirements. FORT WORTH — Former House Speaker Jim Wright was ...
Heavy Mettle 11/03/2013 188 644 11 -
HA HA HA HA! Sometimes the 99% Wins
Heavy Mettle 11/02/2013 88 31 1 -
Wow! Fox Corrects CBS News Obamacare Insurance Plan Loss "Horror Story"
You know how all these people are losing their beloved low-priced insurance plans because Obamacare took them away even though the President said "if you like your insurance plan you can keep it"? ...
Heavy Mettle 10/29/2013 213 344 5 -
Democrats Show How To Deal With A Government Rollout Disaster
This is how Republicans deal with a problematic website rollout during a Democratic administration: Congressional hearings to find a 'bad guy' and a fall guy, maybe take somone's scalp. Definitely ...
Heavy Mettle 10/28/2013 3 7 - -
New CBO Score: Raising Medicare Age Saves Less Than the Shutdown Cost
Paul Ryan is back on the warpath looking to get your Social Security and Medicare . But a new score from the CBO shows that raising the Medicare eligibility age would save so little money as to ...
Heavy Mettle 10/25/2013 6 10 - -
I Cannot Even Stand To Look At Pete Sessions
I mean - just look at him:
Heavy Mettle 10/24/2013 9 13 - -
Shopping While Black - Arrested For Buying a $350 Belt UPDATE: Boycott Petition
Nineteen year old Christian Trayon is suing Barney's, an upscale Manhattan men's clothing store for having him arrested after he purchased a $350 belt with his debit card. Trayon Christian, a 19-...
Heavy Mettle 10/23/2013 406 439 3 -
New RW Crazymeme: Obama and Jarrett Planned The Shutdown Trap For GOP
You may have been wondering where Valerie Jarrett has been hiding during this second term of President Obama's. Well the RWNJ have it all figured out: she has been scheming with the President ...
Heavy Mettle 10/17/2013 181 142 2 -
Republicans Double Down on Losing Strategy, Ensure 2016 Defeat
Republicans seem to have learned absolutely nothing from their stinging debacle of a loss yesterday. Internal party conflicts are raging, with finger pointing rampant, and polls have tanked for them.
Heavy Mettle 10/17/2013 13 8 - -
Houston Chronicle Yanks Ted Cruz Endorsement
If anyone still harbored thoughts that Ted Cruz had any hopes of a 2016 Presidential run, this should put them to rest : “Does anyone else miss Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison?,” The Houston Chronicle�
Heavy Mettle 10/16/2013 21 39 - -
Republicans Flame Out - Walking Away With Nothing
Republicans demanded a king-size ransom and are poised to walk away with virtually nothing . The majority House GOP has flamed out, unable to settle on any proposal to lift the debt ceiling and ...
Heavy Mettle 10/16/2013 13 12 - -
Homeless Man Learning to Code Arrested by NYPD, Will Appear On Today Show as Scheduled
Leo, a homeless New York City man, who is learning to code, was arrested by New York City Police overnight for trespassing. Patrick McConlogue, a 23 year old self-described entrepeneur is teaching ...
Heavy Mettle 10/15/2013 5 29 - -
White House Rebel Yeller Texan Michael Ashmore Identified
Michael Ashmore of Hooks, TX just propelled himself to infamy: If you want to curdle the blood of an African American and send a message of menace without resorting to burning a cross on the lawn ...
Heavy Mettle 10/15/2013 155 178 2 -
Red States Discover The Pain of Paying Their Own Way
Yes, yes the Federal government is a horrible intrusion into all our lives and if only it could keep its nose out of the states' business! Right? Everyone knows that national monuments are just ...
Heavy Mettle 10/12/2013 211 543 6 -
Ted Cruz's Favorability Tanks
And not because he's Canadian. So maybe the shutdown over trying to undo Obamacare wasn't such a great idea, like some of your Republican colleagues tried to warn you.
Heavy Mettle 10/11/2013 23 12 1 -
What's That Sound? Republican Party Shattering As Business Loses Influence
The traditional Republican Party has made a deal with the devil in associating with the Tea Party. It sounds like all out war is about to break out within the Republican Party: the traditional ...
Heavy Mettle 10/10/2013 12 12 - -
While GOP Accuses Admin of Trying to Panic Markets, Bloomberg Warns of Unprecedented Catastrophe
Seems the GOP's new line is that not raising the debt limit would be 'no big deal' and that Democrats are trying to use the possibility as a scare tactic. Which makes no sense of course because if ...
Heavy Mettle 10/07/2013 91 146 3 -
Debt Limit - Boehner's Chief of Staff Outdoes Himself on Teh Stupid
President Obama announced today, via Jay Carney, that as long as he is President, there will be no negotiation on the debt limit. White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday that lifting the debt ...
Heavy Mettle 10/07/2013 6 6 - -
CBS Host To GOP: You Can't Shut Down The Gov't Every Time You Don't Get Your Way
In a measure of just how far beyond the pale the GOP has gotten themselves into with the government shutdown fiasco (not the least of the results being dissension among their ranks and indecision ...
Heavy Mettle 10/07/2013 181 399 7 -
Republicans Worried About One Sick Child Not Getting Treatment? What About the Other 7 Million?
Republicans do not care about sick uninsured children not getting treatment and dying. So this latest kerfuffle between CNN's Dana Bash and Majority Leader Harry Reid is ironic in the extreme (where ...
Heavy Mettle 10/02/2013 10 7 - -
Firefighter Revives Tiny Lifeless Kitten
Unbelievable story captured on video will melt your heart. A helmet cam on a firefighter responding to an emergency call in Fresno CA caught this scene:
Heavy Mettle 10/02/2013 9 21 1 -
Eric Cantor Vows To Leave No Stone Unturned in Denying Healthcare To Americans
October 1st is the target date for implementation of Obamacare and its healthcare exchanges and the GOP, despite voting to undo and unfund it over and over, sees the day barrelling down on them like ...
Heavy Mettle 09/20/2013 18 5 - -
ABC News Panel Laughs Out Loud When GOP Rep Says Obamacare Delay is "A Favor" to Obama
When you've lost the panel on a corporate-owned GOP talking point Sunday morning 'news' show, you know you've lost. An ABC News panel on Sunday could not contain their laughter at a Republican ...
Heavy Mettle 09/16/2013 22 33 - -
"Unbelievably Small"
As President Barack Obama kicks off an all-out push for attacking the persistent unemployment rate, underemployment rate, stagnant wages and income inequality, and the creation of millions of jobs, ...
Heavy Mettle 09/09/2013 4 3 - -
Michael Mann Can Sue Right Wing Blogs For Calling Him "Jerry Sandusky of Climate Science"
A judge has ruled last week that well-known climate scientist Michael Mann may proceed with his libel suit of two right-wing blogs who compared him to Penn State's convicted child molester Jerry ...
Heavy Mettle 09/08/2013 13 24 - -
Andy Borowitz Nails Syria Even Better
AUGUST 29, 2013 OBAMA PROMISES SYRIA STRIKE WILL HAVE NO OBJECTIVE POSTED BY ANDY BOROWITZ WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Attempting to quell criticism of his proposal for a limited military ...
Heavy Mettle 08/30/2013 120 113 - -
Assault Rifle Wielding SWAT Team Storms CT Commuter Train ISO Bank Robber
This happened during the homebound rush hour on the Connecticut bound train of Metro North on Thursday evening:
Heavy Mettle 08/30/2013 10 22 - -
Central Park Zoo's Beloved Polar Bear Gus Is Dead At 27
Gus the Polar Bear who lived at New York City's Central Park Zoo was euthanized today due to an inoperable tumor discovered yesterday. He was 27, outliving the average age of 20,7 years of zoo-kept ...
Heavy Mettle 08/28/2013 9 11 - -
Over One Third of Richest CEO's Were Subsidized By American Taxpayers
Everyone knows that America's CEO's are underperforming, overpaid capitalist tools. But IPS has now issued a report showing how they are blatantly overpaid on the backs of American taxpayers.
Heavy Mettle 08/28/2013 4 16 - -
Ex-US Attorney Calls James O'Keefe A Nasty Little Cowardly Spud
I think that about sums it up rather succinctly . Apparently the nasty little spud is retaliating against the former prosecutor who brought charges against him and his pals against their phone ...
Heavy Mettle 08/27/2013 17 13 - -
Zimmerman Attorney Will Ask State To Pay $200-$300K in Legal Bills
Calling it adding insult to 'injury' doesn't barely begin to cover it. George Zimmerman legally got away with murder, now he will ask to have his legal bills paid by Florida. Because Zimmerman was ...
Heavy Mettle 08/27/2013 138 23 1 -
NBC: US Still Does Not Know What Snowden Took
(This story comes from NBC's 'Investigative Reporting' Division. Who knew?) According to intelligence community sources says NBC, the United States two months later still does not know the extent ...
Heavy Mettle 08/21/2013 32 31 - -
GOP Rep: "Give Me Something To Impeach President Obama For"
A few Republicans are actually holding Town Halls in their districts this summer. Rep. Kerry Bentivolio of Michigan was asked by one of his constituents "who was gong to do something, draw something ...
Heavy Mettle 08/20/2013 16 11 - -
Obama Admin Petitions Supreme Court To Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable ...
Heavy Mettle 08/20/2013 302 149 3 -
GOP: "Blatant Attempt by Obama to Provide Hi Speed Internet Has Founding Fathers Turning in Graves"
Another day, another laugh out loud headline, courtesy of today's Republican Party. Call it The Revenge of The Toobz . Of all the things for Republicans to pick on this is a really pretty weird one.
Heavy Mettle 08/18/2013 158 228 5 -
911 Responder Suing the Family of a Man He Shot and Killed on Emergency Call
Harris County Sherrif's office member takes blood sample from handcuffs used to restrain the dead man Are you having trouble making sense of the headline? A family called 911 for help, emergency ...
Heavy Mettle 08/17/2013 111 126 1 -
Town Hall Attendees Tell GOP Rep. to "Stop Lying About Obamacare"
Republicans just can't convince Americans of the horribleness of Obamacare it seems. At a Town Hall in Winter Haven FL, Daniel Webster was called out by his constituents for his multiple votes to ...
Heavy Mettle 08/16/2013 77 297 8 -
Rep. Amash: Intelligence Committee Withheld Key Document Before Critical NSA Vote
How can there be oversight of the NSA if Congress is not allowed to see critical documents concerning NSA surveillance? Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) says that the House Intelligence Committee withheld a ...
Heavy Mettle 08/13/2013 128 110 1 -
Snowden's Father, Family Lawyer, Demolish Talking Points on ABC This Week
Edward Snowden's father Lon, and the family lawyer Bruce Fein appeared with George Stephanopoulos on ABC"s This Week. In the course of a short interview they made short work of the talking points ...
Heavy Mettle 08/12/2013 407 315 9 -
It's On! "Republicans Are Not Preventing People From Getting Healthcare!"
You know what they say - "when you're explaining you're losing". It's taken three long years of bitter and acrimonious insults by Republicans, and devastating House losses to the GOP in 2010, but ...
Heavy Mettle 08/11/2013 53 157 2 -
Witnesses: Police Cheer and Hi-Five Each Other After Tasering 18yo Graffiti Artist to Death
From JPMassar's diary about the death of an 18 year old artist who was tasered to death by police in Miami MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Miami Beach police say an 18-year-old died after being shocked ...
Heavy Mettle 08/09/2013 27 42 - -
Three Cheers for the Small Town Cop Who Refused to Call Child-on-Child Shooting Accidental
How many times have we heard of a tragic, but 'accidental' shooting? There is even an 'accidental shooting' tumblr site keeping track. 2.8 million hits come up in a Google search for the phrase.
Heavy Mettle 08/08/2013 265 408 3 -
CNN Boss' 15 Year Old Son "Quits" Job at Cory Booker Tech Startup
"Some say" Cory Booker was buying influence with the powerful by giving powerful people's children jobs. Youth and inexperience are virtues in tech, where a high school dropout can quickly whip ...
Heavy Mettle 08/08/2013 6 19 - -
GOP Rep Tries To Reason With Irrational Tea Party Constituent Over Obamacare
This is what GOP reps are facing at the Town Halls they're having during their August recess. Their numbers may have decreased since 2010 but members of the Tea Party are sticking to their 'guns' ...
Heavy Mettle 08/06/2013 40 28 - -
GOP Lawmakers Discover, To Their Chagrin, Women Are Underrepresented In Their Party
Shocking, I know When the House Judiciary Committee passed a late-term abortion ban in June, Republican leaders scrambled to find a female, media-savvy lawmaker to bring the legislation to the ...
Heavy Mettle 08/06/2013 14 11 1 -
New Study Finds Vast Online Marketplace for Guns Without Background Checks
The Washington Post reports A new study by Third Way , a centrist think tank with close ties to the Obama administration, found that thousands of guns, including so-called assault weapons, are for ...
Heavy Mettle 08/05/2013 59 13 - -
Saxby Chambliss: NSA Spying Uncovered Current Terrorist Threats
The National Security Apparatus issued a terrorist alert requiring Middle East embassies to close today. In a very public fashion this was broadcast all over today's talk shows as well as other ...
Heavy Mettle 08/04/2013 25 20 - -
Greenwald on ABC: No One Can See Secret FISA Opinion Ruling that Gov't Spying is Unconstitutional
Glenn Greenwald was on ABC This Week again talking about NSA surveillance and pushing back on the notion that there is 'robust oversight' of the NSA's activities. He said that members of Congress ...
Heavy Mettle 08/04/2013 370 350 14 -
Bear Steals Entire Dumpster From Restaurant Alleyway VIDEO
This video went viral a day ago but I don't see it here, so I thought I'd post. The restaurant had been vandalized in the past so they installed a video security system and caught a thief stealing ...
Heavy Mettle 08/03/2013 142 138 2 -
Economist "Cannot recall in postwar times fiscal policy so at odds with needs of the economy"
The sequester is starting to show its negative effects on the economy - not just shortened hours resulting in loss of pay, but looming job cuts. Contributing to the hangover from the worst ...
Heavy Mettle 08/03/2013 17 28 - -
Pastafarian Given Permission to Wear Sieve on Head in Official Identity Card Pic
This is a win for religious freedom! But The Mail doesn't seem to be buying it. A man who wears a sieve on his head for religious reasons has been allowed to wear his bizarre headgear on his ...
Heavy Mettle 08/02/2013 27 11 - -
Scientists: Current Projected Levels of Climate Change Will Lead To Increased Violence
Among all the other, perhaps more obvious, results of climate change is the prediction that it will lead to more global violence. Even this article from LiveScience listing Top Ten Surprising ...
Heavy Mettle 08/02/2013 19 14 - -
Admit it - You've Googled "Pressure Cooker Bombs"
Admit it. Who among us hasn't googled 'pressure cooker bomb'? I know I have. Maybe not 'backpack', but I know I sure was curious how the hell you make a bomb using a pressure cooker after the Boston ...
Heavy Mettle 08/02/2013 39 2 - -
"Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove It Mr. President" Chattanooga Op Ed Writer Fired
I was looking around the internet on Wednesday after President Obama's visit to Amazon's facility in Chattanooga TN, for more information on his 'grand bargain' tax proposal and happened upon this ...
Heavy Mettle 08/01/2013 49 71 1 -
Oh Noes! Obama Was Rude and Dismissive in Hill Meeting!
President Obama met with Democrats on the Hill today, and besides his praise of Larry Summers, this is what came out of the meeting : Washington (CNN) – During a question and answer session ...
Heavy Mettle 07/31/2013 54 11 1 -
AP: Emails Reveal Influential GOP Donor's Charter School Grade Raised from "C" to "A"
From Christel House, an Indiana charter shool's website : The Academy is recognized by the Indiana Department of Education as an Exemplary "A" school. The AP has ...
Heavy Mettle 07/30/2013 116 231 3 -
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