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MI-06 Who is the “New” Fred Upton? Debates with Mike O’Brien Reveal Much in MI 6th District
US Rep Fred Upton (R- St Joseph), the current Republican Chair of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee is facing the first serious challenge in 13 terms by a relative new comer, Mike O’...
Hector Solon 10/26/2012 5 8 1 -
MI-06 Mike O'Brien Shreds Fred Upton in first debate: Polls show Michigan Congressional Race Closing
As the national presidential debates come to a close, it is time to return to local debates and races where Democratic challengers are gaining ground, one of those is the Mike O’Brien for Congress ...
Hector Solon 10/23/2012 4 13 - -
Hightower on ALEC in Michigan: Dictatorial Coup of Emergency Managers (PA4) (Koch, Snyder, Mackinac)
Jim Hightower outlines in a well-researched piece the dictatorial nature of the Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder's Emergency Manager Law (PA 4) to be challenged on the 2012 Michigan Ballot ...
Hector Solon 09/28/2012 19 50 6 178
Michigan Needs American Legislative Exchange Council Accountability Act NOW (Bonus: Dick McLellan)
Michigan needs the “ALEC Accountability Act” NOW or yesterday or actually over a decade ago. Since it should be abundantly clear by now that the Michigan State Legislature, like dozens of other ...
Hector Solon 08/17/2012 6 9 1 67
ALEC: Walmart Wants 'Out', Michigan Goes ‘All In’ - Will Detroit 3 (GM, Ford & Chrysler) Follow?
The mega-retailer Wal-Mart announced yesterday their “suspension” of their corporate membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), they were also joined by Medtronics ...
Hector Solon 06/01/2012 7 31 2 204
Occupy Detroit Preemptive Play: Bank of America 'Human Monopoly' Flash Mob (VIDEO)
Occupy Detroit , teaming up with the Michigan Coalition Project, “The 99% Spring” and local students, temporarily shut down Bank of America downtown Detroit main branch yesterday, May 8, 2012, ...
Hector Solon 05/09/2012 6 12 - 75
MediaMatters on Michigan Media: Passing of ALEC Asbestos Bill Should Matter, But Doesn't
This just out from with the title " No Oxygen: Michigan Media Silent As State Passes ALEC Bill Limiting Compensation For Asbestos Victims ": "Last week, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R)
Hector Solon 04/18/2012 6 11 2 72
Is the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Serious Trouble? Look at their website.
Remember this one... This is a website screen shot of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) April 13, 2012. The day they all , the Koch Brothers and their mega-wealthy cabal, greedy CEOs,
Hector Solon 04/13/2012 100 278 11 2426
NRA/Florida ALEC Gun Model Most Closely Matches Michigan Bill & More OMG Gun Stuff
A new report shows that Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in the middle of the Trayvon Martin tragedy was written by the NRA and pushed in multiple State Legislatures by ALEC finds that a ...
Hector Solon 03/30/2012 77 6 - 305
Rick Snyder’s Michigan Data: Reversing Engler Mistakes by Reviving Them (Slash, Burn, Repeat…)
On the eve of Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s second year 2012 Michigan State Budget announcements, this ANALYSIS, in simple pictures, looks back at what historical data says. Facts ...
Hector Solon 02/08/2012 19 38 1 294
Colbert: SuperPAC Top 22 List includes 2 Michigan GOP Top Funders
The Colbert Report is making a bunch of noise since yesterday when Steven ...
Hector Solon 02/03/2012 6 14 - 173
Mackinac Center to Michigan Gov Snyder: Strike Colors, Hove To... Recieve Boarders on Right to Work
In one of the boldest, brashest moves seen in Michigan in quite some time, Ken Braun the recently 'former' Managing Editor of CapCon at ...
Hector Solon 01/26/2012 14 27 - 180
One Merry Year in Michigan: Twas the Nerd Who Stole Christmas Version
The State of Michigan goes through a long year into a Holiday Season in which Governor Rick Snyder and Michigan Republicans do their very best attempting steal away as much joy for themselves and ...
Hector Solon 12/25/2011 12 10 - 121
Hightower: Sneaking the Plutocratic Agenda Into (Michigan) State Law
In his recent op-ed Jim Hightower connects all the dots in the corporate takeover of the State of Michigan by the Heritage / Mackinac Center and the Heritage/Council for National Policy/State Policy ...
Hector Solon 06/10/2011 9 25 - 122
Signs of the Times: HUNDREDS of Protest Signs of Rick Snyder & GOP Policies in Michigan
Signs of the Times from Michigan. A couple members of Solon Street started out taking a few pictures of signs at various protests in Michigan, and the collection has grown into the ...
Hector Solon 05/27/2011 4 20 - 153
A Revealing Stroll at the Michigan Americans for Prosperity’s Tax / Tea Party Day…
This is a brief stroll through this year’s annual Tax Day Rally called “Keep 'Em Honest” in Lansing April 14, 2011 , organized ...
Hector Solon 04/15/2011 13 36 1 308
Maddow on Michigan’s Mackinac Center McCarthyism & New Cronon Info on ALEC/FOIA (Tea Party Twist)
New developments in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) investigations. Now able to link (with multiple documents) associations of ALEC directly to AFP, State Level Think Tanks and Tea ...
Hector Solon 04/08/2011 5 18 - 140
UPDATED: American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Releases FULL Donor and Membership Lists
In a stunning press release “Embracing Our Jeffersonian Principles and Transparency… we are disclosing donor and membership lists and legislation models”… well, not quite. This ANALYSIS is ...
Hector Solon 04/01/2011 53 71 23 742
UPDATE Michigan State Representative Tom McMillin Denies ALEC Membership at Townhall
The fact that corporations are writing America’s laws through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is starting to alarm many, including ALEC members who are passing the ALEC content-...
Hector Solon 03/30/2011 22 42 2 333
Mother Jones: Michigan’s Mackinac Center/Heritage/ALEC Behind EFM Law (Stories and More)
Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s new Emergency Financial Manager or Management (EFM) Law and massive cuts to education and services to the poor to fund an 86% business tax cut are ...
Hector Solon 03/25/2011 17 26 1 171
Michael Moore: "My Fellow Michiganders..." (Call to Show up Wednesday)
This letter from Michael Moore just came out calling for rally in Lansing on Wednesday Mach 16, 2011 “ ...
Hector Solon 03/14/2011 15 21 1 165
From Grandmas to Grungers: More Protests Planned in MICH and ALEC Story Makes Maddow
Uh-oh… ALEC and Snyder’s Michigan EFM stories go National. Using GOP national strategy generated state budget crisis across the US, Rick Snyder plans statewide take over ...
Hector Solon 03/11/2011 11 13 1 145
Gov Rick Snyder Sellout? Prefabricated Corporate Michigan (Government) Courtesy of Koch & ALEC Excl.
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Snyder Team/Policy are about to become the first totally irrelevant 'Republican' Administration in Michigan history . Armed ...
Hector Solon 03/08/2011 35 57 20 654
Is Wisconsin Style GOP Corruption in Michigan Budget Related Legislation?
Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the Snyder Budget Proposal are now under the spotlight, particularly as Snyder seeks to avoid protests like in Wisconsin, here in Michigan’s Capital Lansing. The ...
Hector Solon 02/23/2011 5 9 - 97
Michigan Gov Rick Snyder: Milliken Model in Leadership? (PART 3 Nerd-Centric Politics SERIES)
INTRO & PART 2 explored Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s Administration and Agenda for Michigan by the Snyder Team and ideas on “ Reinventing Michigan ”. In Part 3 and 4 ...
Hector Solon 01/28/2011 14 5 1 131
Michigan Gov Rick Snyder's Nerd-Centric Politics 101 - An Introduction (SERIES)
Michigan’s Governor, or newly hired CEO, Rick Snyder State of the State Speech on the Snyder Administration Agenda appeared to be difficult for most people to understand. This is primarily ...
Hector Solon 01/22/2011 19 7 - 128
Michigan Policy BINGO for WONKS Gov Rick Snyder: State of the State and Policy Speech Tonight
UPDATES and NEW SERIES SEE LINKS BELOW New elected Governor or newly hired CEO Rick Snyder State of the State Speech is tonight, where Rick Snyder will ...
Hector Solon 01/19/2011 28 6 - 210
Michigan's CEO Elect Rick Snyder's Appointments Unabridged Profiles
Rick Snyder has named two APPOINTMENTS to his new Snyder Administration, Dick Posthumus as Special Adviser & Liaison to Michigan Legislature and Andy Dillon as ...
Hector Solon 11/09/2010 8 4 1 153
Michigan's CEO Rick Snyder: Transition Hits Snag and Will Snyder Toe-the-Line?
Inside the Snyder Transition Team...
Hector Solon 11/08/2010 21 8 1 196
Michigan's CEO Elect Rick Snyder: Glimpses of Nerd Guy and Co.
Rick Snyder won the election and is starting to shape his team, but challenges, mostly from his own Party, will be significant. Fact is the MI GOP is divided, and his team (
Hector Solon 11/06/2010 18 13 - 158
Michigan's SoMICH Corp. CEO Elect Rick Snyder's Transition Team Profiles
Venture Capitalist and former CEO of Gateway computers takes the Governorship of the State of Michigan. Snyder’s new ‘portfolio company’ is now call “State of Michigan ...
Hector Solon 11/05/2010 10 3 - 153
Michigan’s Washout Round - Good News, Bad News...
Venture Capitalist and former CEO of Gateway computers, Rick Snyder, takes the Governorship Chairman & CEO of the State of Michigan. Snyder’s new ‘portfolio company&...
Hector Solon 11/03/2010 8 7 - 36
Michigan GOP Robo Call associates Democrats with KKK
Every once in awhile something emerges from the political ether that really shows the true colors of ...
Hector Solon 11/02/2010 5 6 1 189
MI-Gov Primary Focus: Republican Mike Cox has (Marine) Corps Values?
Michigan Republican Attorney General Michael Cox is running in the Michigan GOP primary for Governor. What’s his storyline? “I’m a Marine.” The fact ...
Hector Solon 07/24/2010 18 4 - 226
On Lives Interrupted... A Memorial Day Message
Note: This speech was delivered to a small crowd several years ago now, during the height of increasing violence in Iraq, and continued conflicting politics here at home. The instruction from ...
Hector Solon 05/31/2010 17 10 - 38
Deal on Big 3 Rescue Loans to Avoid "Depression" - Levin: "Very, Very Important Moment..."
During a press conference a bi-partisan group of Senators including Michigan’s Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow outlined an agreement just reached to enable government loans to General Motors, ...
Hector Solon 11/20/2008 33 11 - 9
Invasion of 'Dr Doubt-Free' (James Dobson) in Michigan & Elsewhere
Hector Solon 11/02/2006 13 5 1 78
(MI-GOV) Betsy DeVos' Role as 'Co-Governor' Out of the Bag
Hector Solon 11/01/2006 8 9 - 28
(MI-GOV) The DeVos Family: Civic Covenant Breakers
Hector Solon 10/27/2006 11 12 - 13
Et tu Google?
Hector Solon 10/24/2006 14 - - 6
(MI-GOV) Doctrine of Dick DeVos: Tithes that Buy the Christian Right
Hector Solon 10/20/2006 10 15 1 190
(MI-Gov) Doctrine of Dick DeVos: Wife Betsy DeVos Deliberately Gagged
Hector Solon 10/06/2006 10 13 1 417
(MI-Gov) MetroTimes on Dick DeVos' Hidden Agenda / National Aspirations
Hector Solon 10/04/2006 26 28 2 22
(MI - Gov) DeVos Doctrine: Mission ala D. James Kennedy (Series)
Hector Solon 08/11/2006 33 36 1 260
(MI - Gov) Doctrine of Dick DeVos (R Candidate)
Hector Solon 08/04/2006 44 44 3 117
Hoekstra the Hypocrite Blows-off NSA Whistleblower
Hector Solon 05/16/2006 11 12 - 30
Side Ring Event: Hoekstra Vs. McGovern May 10 in Michigan
Hector Solon 05/02/2006 2 4 - 8
Energy Sec Bogyman: Price of Oil will get us... "eventually"
Hector Solon 04/11/2006 6 4 1 9
Coulter the Uncouth Comes to Michigan: Not Funny
Hector Solon 02/22/2006 3 1 - 3
U.S. Fails Crisis Exercise called "Oil Shockwave"
Hector Solon 01/31/2006 4 7 - 20
(Gov-MI 2006) Dick DeVos Gaff Praising MO's Massive Cutting of Medicaid
Hector Solon 01/30/2006 13 8 - 2
New Interview: Iraqi Expert "We didn't have WMDs anymore"
Hector Solon 11/23/2005 - 4 1 -
But Seriously Folks, Where the Hell is Dick Cheney?
Hector Solon 09/03/2005 30 6 - -
Able Danger - Calls for Re-look at 911 Panel
Hector Solon 08/12/2005 2 6 - 7
`Able Danger' Sign of Clinton 9/11 Failures... Not so fast
Hector Solon 08/11/2005 22 19 1 61
IRAQ: DoD Report Disappointing, Data `Unknown'
Hector Solon 08/05/2005 3 8 - 27
Its not Mars or Mecca stupid, its Marathon - Oil Must Go
Hector Solon 08/04/2005 - 1 - 3
Shaken, but not stirred on Herb's Beach and Beyond
Hector Solon 07/25/2005 - - - 27
SoJo Joins Fray about Calvin Protest - Righties Frantic
Hector Solon 05/27/2005 10 14 - 6
Christians of Conscience Stage Insurrection at Calvin College
Hector Solon 05/25/2005 5 22 - 33
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