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Democrats will have to swallow their "poison pills"
I imagine I am going to get a lot of grief on this diary. As one of those who originally proposed the idea of a public option as part of the choice offered to all Americans under a reformed ...
Helenann 11/12/2009 73 7 - 90
Guerilla Musical on the Public Option - Hysterical!
I thought since it seems that with every passing day we are closer to having a bill with a public option or perhaps Medicare Part E (Medicare for EVERYONE) that we could enjoy some humor at the ...
Helenann 10/24/2009 17 16 - 100
Breaking: Massachusetts Physicians Happy With State Reform
A study published this afternoon in the New England Journal of Medicine finds that the vast majority of physicians practicing in Massachusetts support the State's health reform law ...
Helenann 10/21/2009 19 9 - 47
How will we know a ROBUST public option when we see it?
Recently, demands from progressives regarding the public option have changed to include the rhetoric of a "robust" public option. But does anyone really know what we mean when we call for a "robust"
Helenann 09/16/2009 10 7 - 2
Update 2X/BREAKING: US Physicians Enthusiastically Support Public Option  
At 2:00 pm today, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a new report to the press (embargoed until 5 pm EST) ...
Helenann 09/14/2009 310 769 23 433
The Gender Inequity Blues: Tales from a Berkeley Professor
I am so discouraged. So disheartened. So many have come before me and written of the struggle for women in academia. It is an old story, told over and over again. But as time passes, it feels ...
Helenann 07/23/2009 136 44 1 25
Obama's KO Punch on Health Care - UPDATE WITH VIDEO
President Obama just spoke from the White House. It was not a press conference. He took no questions. What he said was this: Health care reform WILL happen this year. There will be many ...
Helenann 07/17/2009 155 53 - 19
The House Health Care Reform Bill: a great start - UPDATED 1X
The House of Representatives released their universal (97% of Americans will be covered) health care reform bill (HR 3200) yesterday and it looks pretty darn good. Of course there are some pieces ...
Helenann 07/15/2009 32 7 - 76
UPDATE 1X-The Disaster that is McCain's Health Plan
I blogged the debate for health care, and then forgot I had posted a diary yesterday and had to wait until this morning. McCain started off again this debate wishing the best to someone in the ...
Helenann 10/16/2008 18 9 - 20
Its so bad - people can't believe  Updated 1X
Health Care for America Now is out with a new ad on McCain's health care plan. I had to laugh. It basically says that people were so shocked at how bad his plan is, as it was first described in ...
Helenann 10/13/2008 49 56 1 21
Obama said HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT w/ POLL (Update 2X with Video)
"We need to see around the corners." This line in the debate last night by Barack Obama said it all. We need to look to the future. The damage done over the last 8 years has been unimaginable for ...
Helenann 10/08/2008 14 3 - 3
UPDATE: Workers and Retirees Lose under McCain Health Reform
The Obama campaign has issued three new ads on health care reform. They hit the McCain campaign hard on their health care reform proposals. (links below the fold). McCain will start taxing your ...
Helenann 10/07/2008 27 7 1 1
Shocking whispers today at the Ice Cream Social
My husband and I send our kids to private schools in our area. Our town, in all its wisdom, decided that you can't go to your neighborhood school unless you basically enrolled your child at birth. ...
Helenann 10/05/2008 122 63 - 20
Health Care Premiums Double under Bush -- Will Double again under McCain
The most recent report on employer health insurance from the Kaiser Family Foundation is full of disturbing trends that spell increasing trouble for the US health care system. "...
Helenann 09/29/2008 21 6 - 12
Obstacles for Obama in Meeting Health Care Goal
This story was posted yesterday at the NYT and appears on the front page today. It is full of errors and misinformation and speculation. I expect better from the NYT. Unfortunately, comments at ...
Helenann 07/23/2008 26 7 - -
Our Health Insurance House is Burning Down
The health care crisis is so much worse than any of us imagined. The latest statistics, as released in a new report yesterday, are staggering. 49.5 million without health insurance 25 million who ...
Helenann 06/12/2008 20 41 1 171
Mandates, Universal Coverage and Health Care as a Human Right
I know there was a short diary on Elizabeth Edward's remarks but I wanted to specifically address some things she said last night as they are deserving of much discussion. I watched Elizabeth ...
Helenann 04/10/2008 37 8 - 20
Tobacco addiction and other smoking news
The last few days have been big news day for smokers. Four big stories! 1) Three studies, funded by governments in the US and Europe, were published yesterday in the journals Nature ...
Helenann 04/03/2008 58 10 - 6
I found the BEEF - Obama's Senate Record
It has really been bothering me - the charges that Obama is all talk and no action. Those of us who support him and have reviewed his record know there is no basis to this charge, but just to make ...
Helenann 02/21/2008 196 388 125 5708
Cooper and Obama
There was an earlier diary here tonight on this topic and I wanted to provide some background. Congressman Jim Cooper was an early endorser of Barack Obama's, and has appeared as a surrogate for ...
Helenann 02/18/2008 9 9 4 8
High Hopes
I was in Vietnam over the New Year, and during the Iowa caucuses. When I learned Barack had won Iowa, I was elated. I was on a bus, driving to the Mekong Delta from Saigon, and we stopped in a ...
Helenann 02/05/2008 3 1 - -
Who Will DELIVER Health Care Reform
In his op-ed (Feb 4), Paul Krugman demonstrated that he cannot see the forest for the trees. The question is not who has better details on enforcement/mandates; Congress will decide that. The ...
Helenann 02/04/2008 42 3 - -
Health Care in CA is Dead
This story just broke. About 45 minutes ago, the California Senate Health Committee voted 10-1 not to move the bill out of committee, rendering it dead.
Helenann 01/28/2008 28 9 - 45
NARAL Response to Clinton Attacks on Obama's Pro-Choice Record
FROM NARAL PRO-CHOICE AMERICA January 24, 2008 A Message to Pro-Choice Voters Regarding the Democratic Presidential Primary Nancy Keenan is president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. This week ...
Helenann 01/25/2008 67 62 - 26
Universal Coverage and Single Payer
Boy the people over at MyDD are hysterical by the so called revelation that Obama "lied" about supporting single payer. The conversation here seems almost civil. So I thought I would revise and ...
Helenann 01/24/2008 14 9 1 20
Anniversary of Roe vs Wade
It is the 35th anniversary of the US Supreme Court's landmark decision, Roe v Wade, which recognized a women's right to privacy in making reproductive choices, including the right to an abortion. ...
Helenann 01/22/2008 4 5 1 35
Who Will Enact Universal Coverage in Their First Term?
For anyone who is truly concerned about the crisis in the US health care system and who wants the next President to vigorously pursue a policy of universal coverage for all Americans, the contrasts ...
Helenann 01/21/2008 214 9 1 7
What Does the NV Decision Mean for Latinos?
The judge just ruled in the lawsuit by filed by the Nevada Teachers Union against the NV Democratic Party. The suit has been overturned. The lawsuit argued that allowing caucus sites on the LV ...
Helenann 01/17/2008 31 11 2 2
Nevada holds its caucus on Saturday. NV has only held one caucus ever and the turnout was only 9,000 people statewide. It is anyone's guess how many people will come out this time. I have heard ...
Helenann 01/16/2008 53 15 - 3
Headed to NV
Well, I am headed to Nevada tomorrow to spend 5 days canvassing before the caucus. I have no idea what awaits me there. I am truly thankful that the Obama/Clinton truce has been called. It was ...
Helenann 01/14/2008 14 7 1 -
Comparing Clinton's and Obama's Health Plans
Confusion reigns in the public over the similarities and differences in the health care reform proposals that Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have released in their bid for the White House.
Helenann 01/10/2008 117 23 3 10
Who is Barack Obama Anyway?
Many people still do not understand who Barack Obama is and what he has done and where he has been and why he will be make the best President of the United States. I am just one voice, and do not ...
Helenann 01/09/2008 27 14 - 35
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