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House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise (R. LA.), Spoke at 2002 White Supremacist Convention
On the weekend of May 17th-18th, 2002, Steve Scalise was a 36-year-old Louisiana State Representative. Six years later, he’d become a United States Congressman. Six years after that, after only ...
Hey338Too 12/29/2014 27 22 - -
Russian Hackers Steal 1.2 Billion Passwords - From Unknown Sites
Overview According to the New York Times a group of Russian hackers named CyberVor has managed to amass a shitload of user information: A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection ...
Hey338Too 08/06/2014 13 13 - -
ISIS to Mosul Christians: Convert, Pay Us, or Die
Numerous news sources are reporting that ISIS leaders in the new Islamic State, have ordered Christians in the city of Mosul to either convert to Islam, pay a protection fee (known as a jiziya), or ...
Hey338Too 07/18/2014 24 29 1 -
eBay Hacked - Advises All Users to Change Their Passwords
eBay is reporting that it has been hacked and is requesting that all of its users change their passwords. According to CNET, hackers compromised the online giant's servers beginning in February or ...
Hey338Too 05/21/2014 68 98 - -
Department of Homeland Security: Don't Use Internet Explorer Until MSFT Can Fix It
The Department of Homeland Security Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) has issued the following advisory for users of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11. US-CERT is aware of ...
Hey338Too 04/28/2014 43 19 - -
Windows XP - Less Than One Month Remains of Microsoft Support
On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will cease full support of its Windows XP operating system. So what does this mean to you, if you are still using Windows XP? Why is this important? According to ...
Hey338Too 03/12/2014 46 19 5 -
Target Stores Hacked - Up to 40 Million Credit Cards Stolen
News outlets are reporting that US retailer Target has been hacked, allowing the credit card information for up to 40 million people to be stolen. If you have made any purchases at a Target store ...
Hey338Too 12/19/2013 48 31 1 -
Adobe Hacked: Source Code and Data for 2.9 Million Customers Stolen
With the focus on Washington D.C. over the last few days, I guess it kind of makes sense that one of the premier software companies in the world would quietly announce that they have been hacked ...
Hey338Too 10/04/2013 32 31 - -
Before you TOR
With all of the NSA related diaries on the site recently, I have seen folks mention the use of TOR (an acronym for "the onion router") as a means to do things on the web anonymously. Personally, I ...
Hey338Too 08/05/2013 99 88 8 - Hacked - 1.8 Million User's Data Stolen
A short diary to alert those in this community who are members of the website that, according to OMG! Ubuntu : ‘Every user’s local username, password, and email address [were ...
Hey338Too 07/21/2013 18 18 - -
Is Apple Developing iPootie Technology for a Future iPhone?
So, you just bought your new iPhone 9 and you're showing it off to your friends. Of course, the inevitable occurs when you try to let one of your friends handle the apple of your eye: Your state ...
Hey338Too 03/23/2013 6 3 - -
NFL changes the rules on helmet use for ball carriers and tacklers
The NFL is adding a new rule this year to try and make the sport a little safer and to increase the quality of life of its players once they leave the game. According to the Washington ...
Hey338Too 03/20/2013 48 11 - -
The Hamas Collaborators List
According to a variety of news sources, Hamas (the governing entity of the Gaza Strip) has compiled a list of people who are "collaborators" with the Israeli government. True to their "progressive" ...
Hey338Too 03/15/2013 41 6 - -
Sandy Hook Ride on Washington: The Final Day
Team 26 on their way to Washington D.C. With the destination in sight, the schedule for the final day's ride appears to be set (courtesy ...
Hey338Too 03/12/2013 72 35 - -
Oxford Students say "No!" to BDS
Oxford University (the oldest University in the English speaking world) students today voted on whether to join the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement. The motion failed by a vote of 69-10.
Hey338Too 02/27/2013 57 8 - -
Has there been a "regime change" at the Daily Kos?
Yesterday I was reading a diary written by Robert Naiman about the use of the word "apartheid" with regard to Israel and the Palestinians. While I strongly disagree with the premise of the diary, a ...
Hey338Too 02/26/2013 110 11 - -
My evening with NatGeo, Tom Hanks, Abe Lincoln and the N-word
This will be a short diary. I decided to watch "Killing Lincoln" tonight on the National Geographic channel. I missed the disclaimer prior to the start of the dramatic documentary, which says: "...
Hey338Too 02/17/2013 62 1 - -
Best Super Bowl Ads
So, they paid close to $4 million for a 30 second ad. Which was the best, which was the worst, and which was the wierdest? First Half: Budweiser Black Crown: Coronation -- watch here M&M: Love ...
Hey338Too 02/03/2013 53 5 3 -
Homeland Security - Keep Java Disabled in Browsers Despite Java Update
This is a follow-up to my diary on Friday, January 11. Over the weekend Oracle, the company that distributes and maintains Java, released a patch to fix the Java vulnerability that was reported ...
Hey338Too 01/14/2013 68 65 7 -
Computer Virus Threat - Important
This exploit is in the wild and affects Windows, Mac, and Linux based operating systems. It also appears that running anti-virus software or firewalls may not prevent this issue from affecting you.
Hey338Too 01/11/2013 178 186 14 -
My Google News - Google Android Section
Google's News feature could probably use some tweaking. I probably have 30 or more sections on my Google News page each tailored to my preferences and pulling news where possible from my preferred ...
Hey338Too 01/04/2013 4 4 - -
IBM changes 401(k) matching rules
On Wednesday, IBMers in the United States received the following notice in their email inboxes: Dear IBMer, Beginning January 1, 2013, IBM is changing the timing of the IBM match and automatic ...
Hey338Too 12/07/2012 28 15 1 -
Tumblr Hacked
I am not a Tumblr user, but some in this community may be. It appears that the Tumblr website is in the process of being hacked by a group called GNAA. The hack is being reported on Gizmodo , ...
Hey338Too 12/03/2012 7 6 - -
Paging Nancy Reagan - November 6 a "lucky" day for Republicans
So, through a series of clicks which took me from an article about a former LSU quarterback being sent to jail, to an article touting the President's advantages to reaching the electoral votes ...
Hey338Too 10/31/2012 5 2 - -
Sandy - Links to power outage maps
In the aftermath of Isaac, it was very helpful to check the power outage map provided by our local electricity supplier. I would consult the map before I traveled to any part of the city to see ...
Hey338Too 10/30/2012 13 21 - -
80 years old, grandmother, arrested, hero
While checking on my Google News feed, the following headline jumped out: WTSP 10 News Woman, 80, Arrested for Removing Obama-Hitler... I had to click the link to read more. Apparently Nancy ...
Hey338Too 10/18/2012 7 20 - -
KitchenAid apologizes for insulting the President's Grandmother
During last night's debate the President made the following comments about his grandmother: You know, my grandmother -- some of you know -- helped to raise me. My grandparents did. My grandfather ...
Hey338Too 10/04/2012 35 22 - 391
A thought... but not an excuse for the President's performance tonight.
After the debate this evening I spoke with my father. He is a true, dyed in the wool, Republican. He was rather pleased that Obama was off tonight, about as much as I was disappointed. Then he ...
Hey338Too 10/03/2012 16 20 1 188
Mitt: You better support me I'm going nuclear on you
Since I heard about Mitt's choice for running mate I have been trying to figure out what Mitt was thinking... why did he choose Paul Ryan on a Saturday? I'll be honest here, I am not a political ...
Hey338Too 08/14/2012 16 5 - 200
Petition Info regarding the girl who Tweeted her attackers names
Yesterday I posted a diary about a young lady who tweeted the names of the two boys who sexually abused her, took pictures of the attack, and distributed the pictures. The gist is: - A young ...
Hey338Too 07/22/2012 6 44 1 299
Teen may be convicted of contempt for Tweeting the names of her attackers
I haven't seen this posted here yet, I am posting this because reading the story made my blood boil. The gist is: - A young woman was sexually assaulted at a party - Pictures of the assault were ...
Hey338Too 07/21/2012 88 44 - 511
Rush is RAGING
Rush is ranting on his show today! "We are the victims of a fraud" "Roberts rewrote the law" He is mad that the NRCC is using the SCOTUS approval as a fundraising tool. He quotes from the letter:
Hey338Too 06/29/2012 87 29 - 602
Rush says the PGA Tour is fixed
I rarely listen to Rush anymore, but today in the car I decided to see what the old fart was spewing. Today he intimated that Rory Sabbatini intentionally lost the Jack Nicklaus' Memorial ...
Hey338Too 06/04/2012 66 18 - 328
Meet Stuxnet's Big Brother - It's called Flame
Some interesting reading this morning on a new "state sponsored" software virus called Flame. At present this virus appears to be targeted at Middle Eastern countries (there have been other ...
Hey338Too 05/29/2012 28 17 1 201
Note to pundits: a PAC is a Political Union
I wish that the pundits would truly call a spade a spade. They should stop using the words PAC or Super PAC and simply refer to those entities as “political unions”. The Chamber of Commerce, ...
Hey338Too 05/25/2012 17 2 - 49
CapitalOne flags "Friends of Scott Walker" as fraudulent?
An article on ProPublica indicates that a charge on MaryAnn Nellis' CapitalOne card by the "Friends of Scott Walker" was made without her knowledge. According to the article, which can be found ...
Hey338Too 05/19/2012 5 23 - 179
Did Rush jump the shark today by adding Freedomworks as an advertiser?
During the show today Rush had a caller indicate that she felt that the President "jumped the shark" by doing the slow news jam will Jimmy Fallon. What followed was a lengthy discussion of what the ...
Hey338Too 04/25/2012 8 7 - 164
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