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I know these issues have been discussed ad nauseum here for weeks, but my goal here is simply to put the argument in a viral email-friendly format. I hope you find it useful, and you have my full permission to copy/paste without attribution.

For the DIY election thief:

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Cross-posted at GOTVegas, where my wife, sister-in-law, and I are blogging about putting our Oakland, Ca lives on hold and spending 2 weeks volunteering for Barack in Clark County, NV.

Voting began yesterday all across Nevada, and according to the early numbers, turnout is already massive and unprecedented.

First, some general statistics. Nevada has just shy of 1.5 million registered voters, more than half of which (807k) are in Clark County (where Las Vegas is). Washoe County (Reno and Sparks) is the only other county in the state with more than 100k registered voters, with 231k. Clark and Washoe Counties contain more than 2/3 of Nevada's registered voters.

Going into the 2004 election, Republicans had approximately 4,400 more registered voters than Democrats. Bush won Nevada by 21,500 votes in 2004.

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Via Atrios and Jack and Jill Politics, the Obama campaign today launched a free application for iPhone users that "makes everyone a campaign worker". Download the app now, and follow me over the jump for details.

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Progressive Wave . Net [roots]

For the last few days, PsiFigher37 has been spamming you with diaries (or here or here or here) about a project he created which has come to be known as "Progressive Wave".

Well, PsiFighter37 is tired tonight, so it's my turn. Follow me.

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I'll admit it: I don't much like talking. It's just not my thing. One of the reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to try to make a difference in a way that didn't involve verbal speech. I especially dislike talking to groups, and talking to people I don't know.

I think there are a lot of concerned citizens and potential activists like me. This is a problem, since many of the good folks asking us to help Get Out the Vote focus on things like canvassing neighborhoods and phone banking. There are many, many people who excel at knocking on doors and making phone calls, and their efforts are invaluable to campaigns. I am not one of those people, and if you aren't either, follow me over the jump.

Cross-posted at The Higher Pie

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Wed Nov 30, 2005 at 04:58 PM PST

An Actual O'Reilly Enemies List

by HigherPie

As you all know, Bill O'Reilly finally got around to publishing his "Enemies List". It was, of course, grossly incomplete. As such, I've decided to do the dirty work for Mr. O'Reilly, and put together a list of his "enemies" for him.

Are you an enemy of Bill O'Reilly?

75%67 votes
3%3 votes
21%19 votes

| 89 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Nov 03, 2004 at 03:24 AM PST

When Hope Fails, Sarcasm...

by HigherPie

Posted at my crappy, neglected blog:

Well here we are...

I saw it right there on my tee-vee: A clear mandate from the American people for President Bush.

I'd simply like to thank all of you for all the work you've done the past four years, whichever side you worked for.

It's should be a helluva ride. Republicans will retain the executive and look to be building upon their control of both the House and Senate.

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Sun Oct 17, 2004 at 01:21 AM PDT

Inappropriate Rant: Tip Your Driver!

by HigherPie

Hello Fellow Kossacks,

I have been holding this in for too long now, and I feel it is time to avail myself of the amazing pulpit that is the Daily Kos.

Friends, tip your friendly delivery driver. Please. And tip well.

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Sat Oct 09, 2004 at 03:46 PM PDT

California E-Voting Question

by HigherPie

Flipping through my voter information booklet today, I read that Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, in response to the many criticisms of computerized voting, has ordered that paper ballots be available to any voter who wants one at every polling place where black box... e-voting machines are in place. Great! Count me in, right?

But first, does anyone know if these paper ballots will be treated like provisional ballots (as in they wont ever be counted unless the race is close, which it won't be here), or will every one of these paper ballots be counted immediately election night?

Hoping and assuming it's the latter, I plan on standing outside my polling place on election day with a big sign that says something like, "Don't Throw Your Vote Away! Request a Paper Ballot!" (help on a better sign/slogan would be greatly appreciated) along with some information to hand out. Anyone want to join me on this effort? kid oakland, you there? The back of the California voter guide lists what type of voting equipment each county uses.

Thanks for the help.


What Should My Anti-Computer-Voting Sign Say?

60%3 votes
20%1 votes
20%1 votes
0%0 votes

| 5 votes | Vote | Results


Sat Jun 26, 2004 at 09:03 PM PDT

Michael Moore Used My Picture!!!

by HigherPie

Okay, well, the guy who runs Michael's website. I took a few photos outside the Grand Lake theatre yesterday when I saw the film and sent them to Michael this morning.

A little while ago, the site designer put my photo up on Michael's homepage!! Check it out:

See, one person can make a difference! :-)


Sat Jun 26, 2004 at 12:37 PM PDT

F911 Box Office Perspective

by HigherPie

Until now, the most popular documentary in American history was Moore's Bowling for Columbine. It grossed 21.5 million in DOMESTIC ticket sales. Its highest single day gross was $695,000.

Yesterday, Fahrenheit 9/11 made $8,200,000.

Daily box office figures for any film can be found at

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