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Ky. Sen. Mitch McConnell Is Going Down! No Pun Intended.
HillbillyReport 09/26/2008 8 10 1 11
Ky Senate Hillary Clinton:"I think that one of the great gifts Kentucky can give our country"
Hillary Clinton came to Kentucky yesterday to campaign for the Democratic ticket. She accompanied Bruce Lunsford in Pikeville, Kentucky and Lexington, Kentucky. I couldn't make it to the Pikeville ...
HillbillyReport 09/21/2008 33 23 1 24
Racism And Double Standards In Paducah, Kentucky?
According to WSPD Local 6 , Julie Harris, the Executive Director ...
HillbillyReport 09/10/2008 21 7 - 17
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Have Been Socialized!!!!
Yesterday Henry Paulson, United States Treasury Secretary, held a press conference at 11:00am EDT on a Sunday morning to tell us, the tax payers, we're going to take over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae ...
HillbillyReport 09/08/2008 5 4 - 35
Sarah Palin's Church: "There's some states that God considers as refuge states"
Pastor Ed Kalnins Wasilla Assembly of God "People from around the world will be coming to the state of Alaska to get something from God". "There's some states that God considered as refuge states". I'
HillbillyReport 09/04/2008 60 12 - 12
John McCain Loses His Flag Pin?
I couldn't help but notice John McCain didn't have his Flag Pin on while on stage with his new VP running mate. Rumor has it that he left it on his kitchen table and he can't remember which kitchen ...
HillbillyReport 08/29/2008 10 5 - 1
Heather Ryan Wins The Progressive Patriot Contest.
Remember Heather Ryan , the young lady fired from her job as executive director of the Maiden Alley Cinema, in Paducah, ...
HillbillyReport 08/25/2008 5 8 1 -
Excuse Me If I Vent About Mitch McConnell.
It’s tough being progressive here in Kentucky. There are times when I just don’t understand why my fellow Kentuckians continue to elect Mitch McConnell. So what’s a progressive in ...
HillbillyReport 08/16/2008 34 14 - 18
Iraq Obama????
Senator Mitch McConnell referred to Barack Obama as Iraq Obama while giving a speech at the annual Fancy Farm Picnic ...
HillbillyReport 08/05/2008 15 2 1 -
Is Barack Obama Considering Steve Beshear For Vice President?
After listening to Steve Beshear's speech at Fancy Farm , Saturday August 2, 2008 I came away with the feeling that Steve Beshear might be ...
HillbillyReport 08/03/2008 46 7 - 8
Mitch McConnell, "Not Worth A Nickel."
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report )
HillbillyReport 07/29/2008 5 11 - -
Is Mitch McConnell Full Of Shit?
(Cross Posted At Hillbilly Report ) Bruce Lunsford , ...
HillbillyReport 07/24/2008 46 12 - -
PFC James Burmeister Receives Six Months And A Bad Conduct Discharge.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) PFC James Burmeister's Court Martial was held yesterday at the Pike Hall (the Legal ...
HillbillyReport 07/17/2008 24 19 - 36
The New 21st Century Baby Mommas, Big Oil, Bankers and Farmers!
(Cross Posted At Hillbilly Report ) Have you ever been in a rural Kentucky church or restaurant and hear folks wailing ...
HillbillyReport 07/14/2008 2 3 - -
Murray, Kentucky: Bruce Lunsford Walks While Senator Mitch McConnell Sits On His Ass And Burns Gas!
Murray, Kentucky: Bruce Lunsford walks the parade route while Senator Mitch McConnell sits on his ass and burns $4.00 a gallon gasoline. Senator ...
HillbillyReport 07/06/2008 24 11 - 28
Senator Mitch McConnell Uses Bathroom Excuse To Avoid Reporters.
HillbillyReport 07/01/2008 23 21 - 31
Dumb, Dumber, Super America Ice And The Melting North Pole Ice Cap!
( Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Saturday June, 28 2008 Dumb ...
HillbillyReport 06/30/2008 3 3 - -
Senator Mitch McConnell And John McCain Hold Fund Raiser And Protesters Were There.
(Cross Posted At Hillbilly Report ) Some of Kentucky's most influential Republicans attended the $1,000 per plate event ...
HillbillyReport 06/29/2008 9 8 - 16
Bush Legacy Tour, Gives Senator Mitch McConnell Hell!! A James Pence Video And Photos.
Here in Kentucky we have a real chance to get rid of our toothless obstructionist, Senator Mitch ...
HillbillyReport 06/27/2008 19 16 1 16
The Bush Legacy Tour, A James Pence Video
( Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) The " Bush Legacy Tour " bus ...
HillbillyReport 06/25/2008 4 3 - -
Mrs. McCain I Love This Country Too! A James Pence Video
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Video transcript: Mrs. McCain I'm proud of this country to and that'
HillbillyReport 06/23/2008 9 2 - -
PFC James Burmeister Press Conference Video
( Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) A press conference was held today just outside of Fort Knox Kentucky for ...
HillbillyReport 06/21/2008 8 24 - 25
National Day Of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations. Louisville, Ky. Video And Photos.
Americans across the nation demonstrated in favor of guaranteed healthcare and in protest of AHIP — America’s Health Insurance Plans — the insurance industry lobbyists who profit ...
HillbillyReport 06/19/2008 6 10 1 3
Deacon Billy Bob's Gospel Truth Emails.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I've received emails from folks claiming Barack Obama is a Muslim, he took his oath of office on the Koran, his wife ...
HillbillyReport 06/14/2008 11 3 1 -
Scott McClellan, A James Pence Youtube Video.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Thank you Scott McClellan for your new book exposing George W. Bush, "Scooter" Libby,
HillbillyReport 05/29/2008 5 5 - -
Kentucky Democratic Senate Candidates Come Together, Pledge Unity, Videos.
Cross posted at ( Hillbilly Report ) Frankfort, May 23, 2008 —Party leaders and former candidates gathered at Kentucky Democratic ...
HillbillyReport 05/23/2008 6 8 - -
Michelle Obama Thanks Kentucky Supporters, Video And Photos.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Last night Michelle Obama thanked Barack Obama supporters in ...
HillbillyReport 05/20/2008 30 23 - 17
Democratic Congressional Candidate Heather Ryan Gives One Helluva Speech
Remember Heather Ryan , well she gave one helluva speech at the Ned Breathitt Day Dinner, In ...
HillbillyReport 05/17/2008 7 7 - 2
Greg Fischer Press Conference, Youtube Video.
Greg Fischer Kentucky Democratic Primary Senatorial Candidate in Kentucky holds press conference in response to opponents new TV ad which he, Greg Fischer, claims is negative campaigning. The video ...
HillbillyReport 05/16/2008 4 4 - -
Warning, A James Pence Youtube Video.
It you're a right wing homophobic, racist, neocon you may not want to watch this video. I don't have 3 paragraphs here, but I did put the video together.
HillbillyReport 05/15/2008 2 5 - -
Barack Obama Speaking In Louisville, Kentucky May 12, 2008. A James Pence Youtube Video.
Who would of thought, right here in Red State Kentucky people would line up for blocks to to see Barack Obama? I can tell you it occurred and and I have photos and video to prove it.
HillbillyReport 05/13/2008 44 50 3 33
Deja Vu All Over Again. Ben Chandler Endorses Barack Obama. Youtube Videos!
Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler, Sr. did the right thing in 1947 and , in my ...
HillbillyReport 04/29/2008 14 16 - 17
Does Senator Mitch McConnell Have The Toughest Job In Kentucky?
Rumor has it that Senator Mitch McConnel has the toughest Job in Kentucky, so we looked into it and busted that Rumor. We found that the tooth fairy has the toughest job in Kentucky and Senator ...
HillbillyReport 04/26/2008 3 1 - -
Annie Oakley and Barack Obama. Youtube Video.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I needed a break from the all the bullshit politics and decided to ...
HillbillyReport 04/14/2008 12 12 2 3
Is It Gonna Be A Long Hot Summer, In Kentucky?
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) The video below is a political ad made by a Democrat. Can you ...
HillbillyReport 04/14/2008 2 4 - -
Has Anybody, Except Chuck Shumer, Seen Bruce Lunsford Kentucky's Candidate For US Senator.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I've ...
HillbillyReport 04/11/2008 12 14 - 13
Obama Mania In Lexington, Kentucky!!
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Who woulda thought here in "Red State" Kentucky whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, ...
HillbillyReport 04/08/2008 15 22 1 20
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Chuck Schumer says no Democrat in Kentucky is going to raise much money. Well Chuck ...
HillbillyReport 04/04/2008 8 8 - -
Elaine Chao Show Skills Gap And Refuses 25,000 Letters.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Just another example of how Elaine Chao and her spouse, ...
HillbillyReport 03/27/2008 4 12 1 2
Be Patriotic. Go Shopping!!! 30 Sec. Video
4000 of our troops have given their all in the ill advised, ill conceived Iraq conflict that was ...
HillbillyReport 03/24/2008 4 - 1 -
5 Years Of Lies And War!!!!!!!
March 19, 2008 (Cross posted at Hillbilly Repor t) LPAC ...
HillbillyReport 03/20/2008 3 6 1 -
George W. Bush, Which Side Are You On?
Below the jump is a video I just put together concerning gasoline prices asking George W. bush which side are you on? I don’t have 3 paragraphs, but I hope the 1 minute 12 second video will ...
HillbillyReport 03/15/2008 4 - - -
Two Of Senator Mitch McConnell’s Democratic Opponents Debate In Louisville.
The Louisville Metro Democratic Democratic Club sponsored the first Democratic primary senatorial debate and invited all the candidates from the Louisville area ...
HillbillyReport 03/13/2008 1 4 - 5
If I Were A Terrorist!
A short 1 minute and 25 second video, explaing what I would do if I were a terrorist. The video is below.
HillbillyReport 03/09/2008 25 12 - 153
3:00 am In The Whitehouse!! Youtube Video
It's 3:00 am in the Whitehouse, the phone is ringing. Who will answer the phone. The 51 second video I put together is below.
HillbillyReport 03/06/2008 19 6 - 6
It's 3:00am I'm 36/24/36 And My Name Is Bambie!
OK, this is not a serious post and it doesn't have 3 paragraphs, but if you're bored and want a little chuckle watch the 33 second video below.
HillbillyReport 03/04/2008 7 2 - -
The Hillbilly Checks Out Free Market Cure Healthcare Scare Tactics. Youtube Video.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I received the following email from a friend: Jim what do you ...
HillbillyReport 03/04/2008 7 4 - -
Dr. Mike Cassaro, Greg Fischer And Bruce Lunsford Speaking In Frankfort, Ky. March 1, 2008.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report )
HillbillyReport 03/02/2008 - - - -
The Hillbilly Checks Out Gasoline Prices In Kentucky. Youtube Video
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I noticed that gasoline prices jumped up today so I took my camcorder and camera and ...
HillbillyReport 02/27/2008 27 11 - 2
The Hillbilly Checks Out The Defense Of Democracies New TV Ad. Youtube Video.
(Cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) Defense of Democracies ...
HillbillyReport 02/26/2008 2 11 - 12
Chuck Schumer Calls The Hillbilly, Youtube Video.
(cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) This is a spoof, so don't get too excited.
HillbillyReport 02/20/2008 8 3 - 9
I Love Mountains Day Rally, Frankfort, Kentucky
Despite the clear, negative environmental impact of this type of mining and the efforts of hundreds of citizen lobbyists, our Stream Saver Bill has been held up in the House Natural Resources and ...
HillbillyReport 02/18/2008 3 9 - -
I'm Gonna Pick Myself Up Dust Myself Off And Start All Over Again!!!!!
(cross posted at Hillbilly Report ) I've been all over Kentucky the last several years taking photos, shooting video of political events ...
HillbillyReport 02/16/2008 26 8 2 28
Ann Coulter, The Neocon Mouthpiece!!
Coulterism at work. Ann Coulter bashes Barack Obama and John Edwards and her right wing ( ...
HillbillyReport 02/11/2008 23 4 - -
I don't have 3 paragraphs here, but the video below should suffice.
HillbillyReport 02/10/2008 7 1 - -
Thank You Senator Mitch McConnell For Giving Us A Congressional Candidate!
Heather Ryan candidate for congress, in Kentucky's 1st Congressional District has her web site up. ...
HillbillyReport 02/07/2008 7 5 - -
Barack Obama’s Web Sever Overwhelmed The Night Before Super Tuesday. Youtube Video.
I went to Barack Obama's web-site tonight and found it to be overloaded and portions of the site down. That sounds like good ...
HillbillyReport 02/04/2008 31 4 - -
George W. Bush Just Won' t Listen To Good Advice, Youtube Video!!
Kentucky folks gave ol Georgie boy some good advice and he just didn't listen!! The video is below.
HillbillyReport 01/28/2008 1 3 - -
Heather Ryan’s Message To Senator Mitch McConnell I’m Running!!!
Remember Heather Ryan, the young lady fired from her job as executive director of the Maiden Alley Cinema , in Paducah, KY.? Read more about ...
HillbillyReport 01/27/2008 8 9 - 11
George W. Bush, Don't Come To Louisville, Kentucky. Youtube Video.
A little street theater in Louisville, Kentucky. Forgive me for not having three paragraphs here, but the video should suffice for that.
HillbillyReport 01/26/2008 3 6 - -
Heather, Heaven and Senator Mitch McConnell. Youtube Video.
Yesterday I went to Paducah, Kentucky to find out what the hell is going on with Heather Ryan. I called Mike Watt, a Western Kentucky progressive activist, better known as kilowat, to help me find ...
HillbillyReport 01/24/2008 3 10 - -
Greg Fischer, Senatorial Candidate, Speaking In Louisville, Kentucky, Youtube Video.
Last night I had the opportunity to videotape Greg Fischer speaking at an America 2000+ Meeting in Louisville, KY. Greg Fischer is one of the Democratic ...
HillbillyReport 01/23/2008 1 4 - -
It’s The Economy Stupid!!!!
The Hillbilly's 28 second Youtube video to Senator Mitch McConnell concerning the economy.
HillbillyReport 01/18/2008 1 1 - -
Senator Mitch McConnell The Godfather Of Green? Youtube Video.
The Hillbilly watches Senator Mitch McConnell's claim to be "The Godfather Of Green". The 35 sec. video is below.
HillbillyReport 01/18/2008 1 2 - -
My Ol Mao Mitch. Youtube Video.
Help Senator Mitch McConnell send your job to China. See the 26 sec. video below.
HillbillyReport 01/17/2008 5 3 - -
Sleeping At Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's State of the Commonwealth Address?
I watched Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's State of the Commonwealth address last night and couldn't help but notice some guy behind Steve appeared to be sleeping. If in fact this guy was sleeping, ...
HillbillyReport 01/14/2008 3 - - 11
Looking Ahead, In Kentucky.
A referendum on next year's ballot to allow casinos at 12 sites Kentucky, could hurt the Democratic candidates running for office. The bill ...
HillbillyReport 01/13/2008 7 - - -
Mitch McConnell’s Vision For Kentucky. Youtube Video.
I don't have three solid paragraphs here but rather a short video I put together expressing my feelings about Senator Mitch Mcconnell.
HillbillyReport 01/10/2008 - - - 1
Opinion: Hillary Clinton Wins New Hampshire Thanks To CNN Playing The Race Card! Youtube Video.
Opinion: Make no mistake about it I'm an Obama fan, but when I saw a CNN video, January 7, 2008, one day before the New Hampshire primary of Barack Obama'...
HillbillyReport 01/09/2008 22 6 - -
Congressman Ron Lewis, His Wife Kayi Lewis, Hal Rogers And Ed Whitfield Are Losers, In Iowa.
The Most Reverend Congressman Ron Lewis and his Kentucky Congressional pals Hal Rogers and Ed ...
HillbillyReport 01/04/2008 - 1 - 1
George W. Bush A Pathological Liar For God!
A Short video I put together showing George W. Bush’s indifference to contractors in Iraq.
HillbillyReport 12/21/2007 5 1 1 4
Mike Dodge Spokesman For The Most Reverend Congressman Ron Lewis Is Full Of Sh*t!!!!!!
Mike Dodge, spokesman for Congressman Ron Lewis R2 Ky., apparently attempting to rewrite history, had this to say to ...
HillbillyReport 12/07/2007 1 2 - -
George Bush Is Getting Nuttin’ For Christmas.
George Bush is getting nuttin' for Christmas cause Iran isn't making the bomb. Btw Santa lost a ho.
HillbillyReport 12/06/2007 5 - 1 -
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