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And the Message Is: We Have No Message
The Bannock Street Project? That was going to save the Democrats? Like the Republicans were going to get fooled two elections in a row? Like they weren't going to get their best and brightest out to ...
Hoomai29 11/04/2014 8 7 - -
Democrats--58 Million Private Jobs, Republicans--25.5 Million Private Jobs--Since 1943
Two political and economic analysts say that a review of 75 years of economic data reveals that the Democrats created more than twice as many private sector jobs as the Republicans--and create those ...
Hoomai29 11/04/2014 3 11 - -
VOTE REPUBLICAN! (Snark and Twitter Bomb.)
Shall we Twitter? Your play, my friend....
Hoomai29 11/03/2014 3 12 - -
Facebook Bomb! One Meme to Rule Them All
We can't match the Kochs' millions, but we can still dominate the internet. And, even with all the Republican, Fox, Koch round-the-clock negative branding of the Democratic Party--ISIS, Ebola, ...
Hoomai29 10/31/2014 3 13 2 -
October is ALWAYS Terror Month--Google Trends
So I was idly comparing different searches on Google Trends and followed the advice of a friend of mine, a former advertising executive, who told me that advertisers always want to focus advertising ...
Hoomai29 10/12/2014 11 1 - -
Outrageous!! ABC News Pushes Debunked Michael Brown Thug Story
As of last night ABC News is pushing the debunked story about Michael Brown stealing cigars in it's story, " A Different Look at Ferguson's Michael Brown Just Days Before His Death. " Besides being ...
Hoomai29 08/22/2014 16 2 - -
Breaking Poll! 74% of Montanans Support Medicaid Expansion
The Bozeman, Montana Chronicle is running a poll right now asking Montanans whether they support proposed Montana Initiative I-170 to provide Medicaid for the 70,000 Montanans who currently fall ...
Hoomai29 04/24/2014 13 12 - -
US Rep. Rush Holt Geeks Out for US Senate!!
Rush Holt's running for US Senate in New Jersey. He's also a rocket scientist/nuclear physicist and world class progressive. Rush Holt for Senate His Geek Out event is on right now and is a ...
Hoomai29 07/30/2013 9 12 - -
Bill Clinton's Amazing Meme--Democrats 42 Million Jobs, Republicans 24 Million.
Democrats Always Create More Jobs!! If you had ten words to talk the final undecided voters off the cliff, what would they be? Final polls ...
Hoomai29 11/05/2012 5 3 1 -
Incredible Song, One Term More--2012 Les Miserables Election Edition--At the Barricades of Freedom!!
(To the tune of One Day More). Every movement needs an anthem; every worker needs her song. So to spur his reelection, I must pass Barack's call along..... Sometimes the smallest moment ...
Hoomai29 10/20/2012 17 13 - -
Poll: Time's Readers Know Romney is Lying
The Time Magazine blog Swampland has a poll that asks which candidate is being more truthful. The answer, not surprisingly, is Barack Obama, by 71% to 28%. It is only surprising that the vote is so ...
Hoomai29 10/15/2012 15 11 - -
$75 Billion September U.S. Surplus!! Democrats, As Usual, Better at Deficit Reduction
The climb out of Bush's almost impossibly deep hole is getting easier--not easy, but easier. Beyond the wonderful news that the 2012 deficit was $207 Billion less than projected as admirably covered ...
Hoomai29 10/06/2012 63 200 7 1329
Excellent Benghazi Analysis--Nobel Laureate: Tragedy Can't Undo Obama's Middle East Successes
The link below takes you to the excellent analysis of current Middle Eastern violence by 1996 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jose Ramos Horta, the former president of East Timor. "It has been more than ...
Hoomai29 09/15/2012 6 12 1 109
Breaking! -- Earth's Biggest Battery Eats Carbon Dioxide for Profit!
The problem, repeatedly stated, with the renewable energy revolution is that energy production from wind and solar does not meet the demand curves of the energy grid. The corollary to that is that ...
Hoomai29 08/24/2012 77 287 44 2126
RMoney's Lies! Crowd Source!
On the One Mitt, But On the Other Mitt Mitt Romney (R-Money) presents a problem. The problem with trying to define the vast savanna of Mitt Romney's lies is that there are so many of them. RMoney'...
Hoomai29 06/12/2012 1 - - 21
Breaking!--22 States & DC Support Montana's Citizens United Challenge
The AP just reported five minutes ago that 22 states and the District of Columbia have joined Montana's challenge to Citizens United. 22 States and DC Join Montana's Challenge to Citizens United ...
Hoomai29 05/20/2012 57 215 1 1160
Is This How Rasmussen Distorts Its Poll Results?
I'm from Montana. As you all know, Montana has minimal population. It's the fourth largest state by size, but only this year, after 123 years of statehood, did its population hit a million. That ...
Hoomai29 04/08/2012 32 61 1 1262
Geologist's Journal from Tokyo
This is a very brief intro. What follows, with permission to use, are the running emails from Peter Ness, a geologist living in Tokyo, who holds Masters in Finance, Business and Science. Peter is a ...
Hoomai29 03/13/2011 5 27 2 106
GOP and Debt: Like Putin "Worrying" About Democracy
This is a metaphor contest. Since the Republicans have created $9.1 Trillion in U.S. Debt in twenty years of rule since 1980, what is the best metaphor to describe their egregious conceit that ...
Hoomai29 11/05/2010 6 5 - 90
The Horrific, Terrible, Gotta' Do Something Now, U.S. Government Debt Quiz
Republicans 0 for 20 (0%) on U.S. Debt Reduction Since 1978 The Democrats have reduced the U.S. Debt 38% of the time during their terms in office--5 of 13 years. U.S. Debt: Democrats $2.1 Trillion,
Hoomai29 10/29/2010 18 14 1 153
The GOP's Created over 80% of All U.S. Gov Debt Since 1978
Let’s keep it simple. The sucess of supply side economics is a lie, brought to you by Fox News and bankers everywhere, and here’s how you prove it to even the most unwilling listener.
Hoomai29 09/22/2010 22 19 2 109
Organizing for Emanuel, er, America
This was the letter I just posted on Organizing for America. Emanuel's reprehensible comments--like anyone couldn't figure out who the anonymous White house figure was--on unions after Blanche ...
Hoomai29 06/09/2010 27 12 - 40
AOL Polling NOW on Obama Speech It needs your votes... Go for it! This is a chance to affect the immediate response the pundits are going to be reporting. The few ...
Hoomai29 09/09/2009 10 11 - 2
StarTribune: 171 Vote Projected Franken Lead!
While the counting of challenged ballots continues and there is still the issue of the inappropriately uncounted absentee ballots to be resolved by the Minnesota Supreme Court, it is VERY ...
Hoomai29 12/16/2008 195 216 - 29
Franken Leads Coleman by 4,108 Votes!!
That's right. With 91.13% of the vote recounted, Al Franken leads Norm Coleman by 4,108 votes! That's 1,105,030 for Franken and 1,100,922 for Norm Coleman. Wow, let's just stop here. That's close ...
Hoomai29 12/01/2008 65 26 1 40
Sarah "Sarracuda" Palin
Definition: Sarracuda , n., alternate sp. - Sarahcuda. -- A political hire chosen to inflict massive damage in the most appealing manner possible. A Sarracuda ...
Hoomai29 09/04/2008 2 - - 1
Easiest Way to Ensure Obama's Election
During the primary, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton got 2.5 million new voters to register to vote Democratic--and another 1 million registered to vote Republican. Sounds pretty impressive doesn't ...
Hoomai29 08/13/2008 9 15 - 5
Monday Rasmussen-Obama Up 50% to 44%
Surprise, surprise! As soon as the spotlight shifts to John McCain, Obama's favorables and electability go up. With coverage of McCain dropping his first wife like a hot rock ( http://www.dailykos....
Hoomai29 06/09/2008 21 18 - 32
Poll: Big Obama Lead in Montana over Clinton
Barack Obama leads Hillary Clinton 52% to 35% in the Mason-Dixon poll released today by Montana's Lee Newspapers. Obama leads Clinton in every category except the much smaller pool of Eastern ...
Hoomai29 05/25/2008 93 35 3 24
A Bloodied Thumbs Up for Hillary's Warriors
I'm a male, and an Obama supporter, I used to be an Edwards supporter, and would have been a Jan Schakowsky supporter if she had run, simply because I felt that each of them represents the best ...
Hoomai29 05/21/2008 3 - 1 8
50-State Strategy IS THE ONLY 17-State Strategy!
In an article in, entititled, “How will Barack Obama get to 270?” Democratic Pollster Paul Maslin continues the tired, ineffective seventeen-state argument that the only way ...
Hoomai29 05/19/2008 19 16 1 42
John McCain: IT'S THE ECONOMY, (and he's) STUPID
Given that Mitt Romney just spent $36 million dollars of his own money to net just 294 Republican Convention delegates, his play book needs to be looked at with the arched eyebrow Romney seems to be ...
Hoomai29 02/09/2008 1 1 - 3
TIME - Obama 48, McCain 41 and McCain 46, Clinton 46
Since it will be so much fun to listen to all the frothing, spinning and wheedling, here's yet another poll that shows just how much more electable Obama is than Hillary. The Time mag poll released ...
Hoomai29 02/07/2008 425 233 6 36
Edwards Surges +9% in SC on 5 Straight Debate Wins
John Edwards’s SC debate success has him surging rapidly in the South Carolina race and continuing to accelerate according to Survey USA’s final 1/25/2008 data. This is confirmed by Zogby&
Hoomai29 01/25/2008 28 40 - 19
Rasmussen! Edwards Up 9% in US Since 12/29
Barack Obama is soaring in New Hampshire, no doubt, but John Edwards is the one getting all the national bounce (up 9% in 8 days) according to the Rasmussen Reports polls released over the past week.
Hoomai29 01/06/2008 21 27 - 10
Surprise!! Edwards Up 6% (to 20%) Nationally Since Dec. 29
According to the latest Rasmussen Reports numbers, the anticipated Obama national bounce seems, instead, to be pointing John Edwards's way. The latest Rasmussen Daily Democratic Presidential ...
Hoomai29 01/05/2008 27 24 - 6
Time's Halperin: Edwards Well Positioned to Win Iowa
Veteran Time Magazine and ABC Political Correspondent Mark Halperin says he wouldn't be surprised to see John Edwards win Iowa . In an article published today in the blog, The ...
Hoomai29 12/21/2007 35 34 - 1
Jesse Jackson: Only Edwards Speaks to Blacks' Needs
In Today's Chicago Sun-Times Jesse Jackson points out that most of the Democratic candidates are ignoring Black voters and the issues that are important to them. Jesse Jackson says that the only ...
Hoomai29 11/27/2007 18 10 - 16
"John Edwards: 'We Need Paper Ballots'
Once again John Edwards is the most direct and on-point--this time with America's profound need to return to paper ballots so that elections can be verified and recounts can accurately reflect voters'
Hoomai29 11/15/2007 43 40 1 13
Edwards, Montana and the New Demo/Farm/Labor Coaltion
John Edwards made the kind of speech in Missoula, Montana on Tuesday that can put Montana back on the list of possible Democratic pick-ups for the 2008 US Presidential Race. As a native born ...
Hoomai29 09/06/2007 15 45 2 24
MYDD: "on dailykos"..."Hillary is winning bloggers like crazy!! "
Over at MYDD tonight they are claiming that Hillary's winning boggers like crazy at Daily Kos! Hm-m-m-m.... Since Hillary "surged" to 9% support in the July straw poll, that claim seems highly ...
Hoomai29 08/06/2007 23 3 - -
Ohio Democratic Races Decimated by Shocking US District Court Ruling ??
Hoomai29 10/31/2006 24 44 1 16
Over 1/2 MILLION Ohioans Purged Since 2000: Bob Fitrakis
Hoomai29 10/21/2006 20 11 - 1
I was in Columbus, OH for the 2004 Election
Hoomai29 10/20/2006 13 10 2 3
Future US Senator Jon Tester on Thom Hartmann today at 1:30 PM ET
Hoomai29 03/29/2006 - - - -
Durbin Tells Paper Filibuster of Alito Possible!
Hoomai29 01/21/2006 10 10 - 9
Montana Senate Race One of Dems' Most Likely Pickups?
Hoomai29 01/17/2006 4 - - -
Arguments Against CO2-Based Global Warming are the Straw Men
Hoomai29 06/10/2005 2 3 - -
Arguments Against CO2-Based Global Warming are the Straw Men
Hoomai29 06/10/2005 1 1 - -
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