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John Metz~Denny's~Retaliation Tactic
Nothing against Denny's but John Metz, in particular, needs a lesson. I believe it could be quite simple actually.
HoosierDebsOleMan 11/24/2012 30 8 - -
Watching FOX is Bad for Your Eyes
I was looking for another Monty Python skit yesterday and stumbled across this one. After all these years it reminded me of a typical right winger watching the "fair and balanced" FOX. Seems ...
HoosierDebsOleMan 02/13/2012 2 5 - 70
Working with the right...When You Lean Left.
With the size and scope of Daily Kos I'm sure this has been covered about 80 gazilion times. So what's one more? I work for a small business owner. He's done very well having opened up his first "...
HoosierDebsOleMan 01/15/2012 17 5 - 137
Comparing Hockey to Politics
Howdy folks. This is my first foray on Daily Kos. I'm an avid (well perhaps fanatic) hockey fan and politically consider myself pretty much a moderate. It changes at times. Those that follow hockey ...
HoosierDebsOleMan 01/09/2012 49 13 - 214
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