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Media silent on expose of NPR hack
So I've been waiting for our nation's leading press critics at TPM, Mediaite, the Washington Post and other outlets to weigh in on Andrew Fishman and Glenn Greenwald's devastating expose this month ...
Hoosiercrat 08/15/2014 33 28 1 -
Gosh, Greta, how is your yacht these days
Getting tired of Greta and her constant ...
Hoosiercrat 08/13/2013 15 9 - -
Dear Michelle Malkin
What's going on here?????? Clearly a fake!!!! Dear Michelle -- Have you seen the latest?? The picture of B.O. allegedly "shooting" a "shotgun" at "Camp David?" This is just Gabby Gifffords so ...
Hoosiercrat 02/04/2013 4 4 - -
Who Are These Guys?
Has anyone else noticed that the worst right wing white male blowhards aren't exactly stand up guys?
Hoosiercrat 11/15/2012 18 2 - -
Fordham College Republicans Dis-Invite Coulter
The times keep changing, for the better. A courageous group of College Republicans from Fordham University rescinded their invite to Ann Coulter after student protest and a blistering critique from ...
Hoosiercrat 11/11/2012 18 20 - -
The debate and the 47 percent
Despite a lackluster performance, Obama denied Romney inoculation on his 47 percent remarks.
Hoosiercrat 10/08/2012 1 - - 29
Thank you Sarah, Rush, Sean and Ann
They're doing more good than ...
Hoosiercrat 09/13/2012 12 3 - 194
Can We Stop with Carter comparisons?
All we do is play into the Republican's most sacred ...
Hoosiercrat 09/02/2011 66 8 - 164
"the association cannot be erased"??
In yesterday's Politico, the Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero exposes Keith Koffler's lack of faith in the American ...
Hoosiercrat 08/24/2010 5 7 - 14
Corzine Talking Point: At least he didn't quit
Commentators on all sides will do their best to turn a loss by Gov. Jon Corzine into bad news for President Obama and good news for conservatives like Palin -- even if the results in New Jersey have ...
Hoosiercrat 11/02/2009 18 5 - 64
Media Courage Award: Ron Reagan Jr.
Grayson's not the only one with ...
Hoosiercrat 10/23/2009 80 40 2 138
What Oprah Should Ask Sarah
Now that we know Sarah Palin is going on Oprah, here are some proposed questions for her to ask the former governor of Alaska. Please feel free to add yours.
Hoosiercrat 10/21/2009 48 16 - 36
We Can Do Better Than This
Yes, it was a brilliant tactical move by James, Paul, Rahm and others to position Rush Limbaugh as the voice and face of the Republican Party.
Hoosiercrat 03/08/2009 13 - - -
Goodnight to All That
With apologies to the author of the children's classic, I couldn't resist. I think it's important to remember, in total, just what the people of the United States of America finally rejected after ...
Hoosiercrat 11/05/2008 6 3 - -
Palin: Talks about Hillary one way in LA, Another in Dayton
Lot's of chatter today about how Palin mocked those oh-so revelatory "bitter" comments by Obama last spring. Said the new tribune of Small Town America: "I might add that in small ...
Hoosiercrat 09/04/2008 6 3 - 12
First really wrong note from the Obama Campaign
Instead of immediately criticizing Palin as inexperienced -- the former mayor of a town with less than 10,000 people -- the Obama campaign should have been graceful and withheld comment for a day ...
Hoosiercrat 08/29/2008 55 2 - -
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