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11-18-2014 12:24 EST     Several FF's have been injured working a chemical explosion call. NFI ATT     Santa Paula     CA     93060     INJURED FF
11-18-2014 12:23 EST     Hazmat has responded to a chemical explosion. Explosions still occurring     Santa Paula     CA     93060     HAZMAT INCIDENT
11-18-2014 12:20 EST     Svcs o/s w/ explosions still occurring after truck exploded this a.m.     Santa Paula     CA     93060     EXPLOSION
Evacuations have been ordered in Santa Paula, California.
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Tue Nov 18, 2014 at 05:11 AM PST

The People have Spoken

by Horace Boothroyd III

"The time will come when that sheet will be tipped off. If the federal government doesn't take it off, we'll take it off."

And that is exactly what Anonymous did. Not the NSA with their budget in the billions and access to every connected digital platform there is. They did nothing while the KKK can organize and plot the genocide of their neighbors to their hearts content. But they certainly are on top of things if there is a sit in at BofA. Obviously our government has failed us when the job of those chartered to protect don't bother to even go after KKK members with facebook pages frothing with hate. I wonder how many from the Middle East got a knock on their door for having a green border on their webpage? I watched them harass professors after 9/11 yet the same treatment is not used on those with actual intent to harm others openly declared.

The people of this Nation are tired of Racists having a megaphone unhindered.

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In my early adulthood I was told often to read hir book. Stone Butch Blues

I didn't get to it until I was well into my thirties. I had always been repelled by the title. I am far from stone but predictably that is where the differences end.

A book about a Butch Lesbian trying to make her way in the industrial cities of the East Coast. At a time when hir very existence was a criminal offense. Bravery beyond words.

If you have not read hir work I strongly suggest you do. Hir writings are strong supporters of labor unions and the freedom they represent.

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Sat Nov 15, 2014 at 03:05 PM PST

The Day Has Come: OpKKK

by Horace Boothroyd III

It is obvious to all by now, excepting the deliriously obtuse, that our Federal Government has decided that doing things like bringing out the National Guard so children can go to school without being injured for their skin color and shutting down an economic system based on kidnapping are no longer ways to promote the general welfare.

I have always been dismayed that a blatant terrorist organization like the KKK could be allowed to flourish. But as I got older and learned not only more about the racism hidden beneath the surface, but the level of corruption it has attained. So I now know there is no way the enforcement arm of the DOJ will ever go after the KKK, they can't.

But again here is Anonymous to the rescue:

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For 20 minutes Burke estimates the officers drove him around before finally releasing him in a dark and desolate section of South Dade nearly a mile from his home.

“They put me off somewhere in Goulds. There were no street lights and no houses,” he said. “It was just dark.”

CBS4′s Jim DeFede asked, “Did you tell the officers you were blind?”

“Yes I told them in the car I was blind and I couldn’t see,” Burke said.

DeFede then asked, “Did they seem to care?”

“Not that I know of,” he answered. “They put me out somewhere where they aren’t no street lights and no houses.”

Out on the edge of some vacant farm land, they made him sign an arrest form he couldn’t read.

Burke said he asked them to drop him off closer to his house, but they refused.

He had no cell phone. The police had taken it.

DeFede asked, “Were you mad or angry?”

“I was trying to get home. That’s all it was. I was just trying to find my way home,” he said.

Unsure of where to go, Burke started walking. He kept his right foot on the road and his left foot in the weeds to prevent him from wandering into the middle of the street where he might get hit by a car.

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Residents of the Belle Harbor Manor assisted living center in the city’s Rockaway Peninsula spent four months after Superstorm Sandy moving through a series of emergency shelters due to flooding at the facility.

Now, the Federal Emergency Management Agency wants at least a dozen of those disabled, elderly and mostly poor residents to return thousands of dollars in disaster aid.

The austerity craze has long lasting effects. One of those is to attempt to recoup or cut off monies from the most vulnerable. In this case obviously special needs residents that have medical expenses that go well beyond any disability scheme payments will be expected to pay FEMA back for emergency housing because they were kept in shelters. These residents do not have mobility or the means to seek housing elsewhere. That is why they were in a care facility.
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To hear prosecutors tell it, Darrien Hunt lunged at officers with a "samurai-type sword" before he was killed.
Yes the police testilied that they feared for their safety and that Darrien Hunt was an immediate threat necessitating lethal force.

But again the video below tells a different story.

A story many of the poor are familiar with. It is called

The Day the Police Came to Hunt a N-.

And it played out just like it always does

Video scene one:

Guy minding his own business. Followed by cop calmly approaching.

Still shot we are all familiar with:

Darrien Hunt #HelpMeGoViral

Darrien calmly talking to police

Video Scene two:

Man running for his life across parking lot being chased by two officers, one of which is clearly firing a pistol as he is running.

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Tue Nov 04, 2014 at 08:39 AM PST

Voting While Homeless

by Horace Boothroyd III

Obviously the normal tools will not work.


Not very encouraging is it?

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Approximately 60,000 veterans receiving payments for war wounds are also eligble for Social Security Disability and retirement from military service

Tom Cobun determined this in a study he chartered. He would now like to take away that small amount of income that helps them survive day to day in a manner befitting their sacrifice. So what some of them drag in in aggregate closer to 100K and one over 200k That amount of money is a drop in the bucket in today's economy and I'm glad to know at least some veterans are living without the terror faced by many without that income.

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As an intro. I'm doing much better. Removing constant stimuli has helped tremendously in reducing my stress levels and improving my mental state. Who would have guessed?

Well I got ahold of my mail. And after an annoying call from some supervisor some weeks ago the only response to my complaint. And in my mail was this letter from a vice president no less, apparently they are not aware of my knowledge of corporate structure and the bestowing on vice president on any PR person to quell attempts at going over their head.

Nope not buying it after they tried to blame demand after years of warning.

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Sometimes the Right Wing just needs to let it all hang out.

And there is an election on.


That is all they have.

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A second caretaker of the US Index Patient is showing Ebola symptoms. They took a flight the day before reporting symptoms. The CDC is asking all passengers on that flight to contact them.

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