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Pootie Diaries present: Downton Andy Season 1
Shhhhhh! It's starting...
Horsefeathers 10/02/2013 270 238 17 -
In case this speaks for you, please sign the petition at REPUBLICAN CAUCUS: We want our money back We, the undersigned – each an American citizen, voter, and taxpayer – demand a ...
Horsefeathers 08/01/2013 110 120 1 -
From the pootie diary archives: The Vetdollie Debacle
It started out innocently enough... just a casual aside in a pootie diary... Then came this shocking revelation from StateOfGrace:
Horsefeathers 12/27/2012 219 199 3 -
Better watch out!
Horsefeathers 12/24/2012 109 111 1 -
On Patience and Fortitude this Thanksgiving
Well, the holidays are upon us, and chances are good that at some point -- at an office party or family gathering -- you'll find yourself seated next to a Republican. Going on the way they do...
Horsefeathers 11/22/2012 47 68 2 -
Debate? Let'er rip!
Horsefeathers 10/11/2012 56 62 - -
Tails of NN12 (with Andy the cat)
This year triciawyse (aka the Pootie Queen) went to Netroots Nation. Everyone was thrilled for her, of course, but it meant that she would be absent from the pootie diaries for several days. Andy ...
Horsefeathers 06/16/2012 119 159 6 576
Help a homeless woozle? (by helping a terrific shelter!) - UPDATE
Last Friday I was frantically running errands, and just as I got in my car to zoom off to the next stop on my list, I saw a homeless woman who had two dogs with her, a Rottweiler and a smaller dog ...
Horsefeathers 12/29/2011 66 93 2 368
Did you get your hair cut or something?
Horsefeathers 12/13/2011 99 175 1 986
Pootie & Woozle Diaries: A Message From The Big Cheese
Horsefeathers 04/01/2011 174 206 3 1033
How to Trim the Deficit
Republicans are proclaiming a great holy war against the federal deficit. It’s all fake because nobody in our history has inflicted more deficit damage than the Republicans under Bush; and ...
Horsefeathers 11/20/2010 12 12 2 40
Friday Pooties & Woozles: What Could Go Wrong?
Horsefeathers 10/29/2010 182 83 2 113
A Dunce Cap for Senator Shelby
Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama has raised the ante in the race for the dumbest senator in the room. He’s stolen the march on such towering monuments to dimwittedness as Senators Inhofe, ...
Horsefeathers 10/26/2010 18 16 - 101
Friday Pooties & Woozles: Help for your Nerves
Horsefeathers 09/17/2010 208 116 4 263
Wednesday Pooties & Woozles:  New Muybridge Locomotion Studies!
Horsefeathers 08/18/2010 205 131 4 222
Tuesday Pooties & Woozles: Impossible Dream Edition
Horsefeathers 07/06/2010 359 154 3 163
Don't Stick Your Neck Out
Some of us just don’t fit in. I’m faceless on FaceBook, tweetless on Twitter, and snugged up in coffee houses while tea parties rage in the streets. Before that, I got left behind in ...
Horsefeathers 07/03/2010 54 18 - 38
Needed Now – a Gulf States Bailout
To save our south coast — and his own presidency — what Barack Obama should be launching right now is a regional WPA project, Roosevelt style.
Horsefeathers 06/02/2010 12 10 - 34
Thursday Pooties and Woozles
SPECIAL FORTUNE-TELLING EDITION! Hello and welcome to Thursday’s pootie and woozle diary. We are thrilled to be joined today by a psychic of world renown who will ...
Horsefeathers 04/08/2010 248 72 1 41
April Fools - Tea Party Pooties and Woozles
Tea Party Poopers Pee on Pedigrees Thousands or at least hundreds or maybe dozens of Tea Party pet owners this week traded accusations of bogus pedigrees and fraudulent ...
Horsefeathers 04/01/2010 111 337 8 242
Take your foreclosure and shove it!
It’s like a page out of Kafka, so let’s borrow one of his characters– the persecuted protagonist from The Trial . Josef K. could have qualified for a good, low cost fixed-
Horsefeathers 09/27/2009 63 47 3 60
Freedom of Screech
I checked the First Amendment and others in the Bill of Rights. There is no constitutional guarantee for Freedom of Screech. Freedom of Speech is definitely protected, especially from Congress, ...
Horsefeathers 08/13/2009 2 4 - 16
The Bank Dicks
I called one of my banks the other day – the one without a coin slot in the top – to help them ...
Horsefeathers 07/17/2009 37 30 3 193
Yesterday morning I turned on CNBC to see if anything dramatic was about to happen to the Dow or the dollar or unemployment or GM, Citigroup, Bank of America, or any other zombie escapees from ...
Horsefeathers 05/16/2009 24 15 2 19
Truth and Reconciliation
Not to waterboard a dead horse, but here’s one last vote for calling Bush administration criminals to account for their illegal, un-American acts. We published a post on this subject ...
Horsefeathers 01/15/2009 37 10 - 5
A Pardon for George Bush?
After snarling and spitting at Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Addington, etc. for eight years, some of us have entirely forgotten the respiratory hydraulics of the deep sigh – but we ...
Horsefeathers 01/12/2009 59 10 - 2
Overnight News Digest: Bootleg Edition
I am extremely confused to be bringing you this evening's edition of Overnight News Digest, a daily round-up of the day's top stories that is published each evening at approximately midnight Eastern ...
Horsefeathers 12/18/2008 120 32 - 28
No, Let’s Not Be Reasonable
In Sunday night’s interview with the Obamas on 60 Minutes, the president-elect was asked if he would push for more financial regulation. Yes, he said. It’s a top priority. “And ...
Horsefeathers 11/17/2008 58 23 - 20
The Bush Presidential Liberry
We would love to give ...
Horsefeathers 10/17/2008 59 25 2 14
Crimes of Upholstery
Financial chaos is upon us, and its perpetrators are busy concocting their alibis – what Stanford law professor Joseph Grundfest has called “crimes of upholstery.” The big cover-...
Horsefeathers 10/13/2008 28 16 1 3
Look Who's Screaming for Socialism!
The free market is good! Government is bad! Regulation is terrible! Let’s get the FDR ...
Horsefeathers 09/19/2008 61 13 - 1
A Clear-Eyed View from the Right
The following is from a venture capitalist and stalwart Republican in New Jersey. His nephew – a financial advisor friend of ours – had asked in an e-mail if his uncle was nervous ...
Horsefeathers 09/15/2008 37 35 6 34
Figures Don't Lie, But Liars Figure
Ever since midway through the primaries, I've been on a one-man, losing campaign to get Josh Marshall to stop publishing, with banner headlines, every political poll press release that crosses the ...
Horsefeathers 09/10/2008 18 5 - 2
McCain's Cabal of Scummy Chums
My image of John McCain keeps metamorphosing – from Fred Mertz to Elmer Fudd, and now to that of a semi-somnolent bullfrog on a lily pad – this latter incarnation nourished by the fact ...
Horsefeathers 08/31/2008 18 6 - 7
Social Insecurity
Remember privatization? It was George Bush’s number one priority for his second term—privatization of Social Security. Like the number one priority of his first term – ...
Horsefeathers 08/05/2008 51 16 - 1
Detain McCain!
Full disclosure: I am not a lawyer or a judge. I don’t own a black robe—or a white one with a hood, for that matter. Thus you can be reasonably well assured that I haven’t been ...
Horsefeathers 07/28/2008 57 3 - 1
The McCain Cover
Next up at The New Yorker...
Horsefeathers 07/16/2008 96 12 - 2
Armageddon Sick of This
Out of the reptilian brain of Karl Rove, beneath the spleen, through unimpeded airspace, ear to ear, of George W. B. and on to the Pentagoing, going, gone, to polished brass at Vandalbird AFB, ...
Horsefeathers 07/08/2008 22 6 - 11
Love-sick journalists cover (up) McCain
Once on a charter fishing boat off Miami, I noticed a discreet sign on the topdeck: Marriages performed by the Captain are valid only for the duration of the voyage . ...
Horsefeathers 07/03/2008 33 19 - 28
The Sunny Side of Global Warming
I’m sure your family heard some version of this story back in the days of the first oil shocks of the 1970s. In Pittsburgh, the bad news was that UFOs had landed on Grant Street (where all ...
Horsefeathers 06/02/2008 69 2 - 2
I was just reading a review by John Cassidy of the book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness , by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. (New York Review, June 12) ...
Horsefeathers 06/01/2008 30 11 2 2
Russian Roulette: Big Bank Edition
Let’s play Russian Roulette. My rules. I’m betting $1,000 the chamber will be empty. You hold the gun to your head and pull the trigger. Click. You owe me $1,000. Next round, same ...
Horsefeathers 05/09/2008 17 6 - 3
Space Whiskers & Brown Mustard on Mars
Since you’re busy and I’m not, I try to survey the arcane world of bleeding-edge research and abstract the few key findings worth your attention. The following are sourced from ...
Horsefeathers 05/03/2008 23 11 - 8
The Mysterious PA Polls ... When a Number is Not News
I am a huge fan of Talking Points Memo and, in particular, TPM Election Central , so the ...
Horsefeathers 04/30/2008 16 9 - 10
UPDATED!: Lost in a Sea of Numbers (and I won't mention Rev. Wright)
I am a huge fan of Talking Points Memo and, in particular, TPM Election Central , so the ...
Horsefeathers 04/29/2008 7 1 - -
The Thing That Wouldn't Leave
Anyone with some high school math realizes that the race for the Democratic nomination has been over for about six weeks at this point. Obama continues to run a fairly classy, non-negative ...
Horsefeathers 04/28/2008 18 9 - -
Wealth Gap Goes Exponential
In the 1960s the CEO of an average Fortune 100 company made about 60 times as much money as his average employee. His pre-evasion income tax rate was 91% until 1964, when it was reduced to 77%. ...
Horsefeathers 04/20/2008 39 23 3 28
Who Stole My Whereabouts?
It’s a good thing the Heart Association decided to stop recommending mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and just to urge people to do chest pushes on someone suffering a heart attack. I think I’
Horsefeathers 04/08/2008 39 11 - 8
Look Who Hates Entitlements
Now I know how Gregor Samsa must have felt. It’s a terrible thing, waking up in the morning to realize that overnight you have metamorphosed into a conservative. How do you face your family?
Horsefeathers 04/07/2008 18 10 - -
The Vanishing Gap In Superdelegates
Politico maintains a page marvelous in its simplicity and high-grade information: a log of ...
Horsefeathers 04/06/2008 27 16 - 11
It's Time for a B/C Scrub
FREE! BILLION DOLLAR MARKETING IDEAS! For Orkin pest control — introduce the B/C Scrub. For $200 ($300 for large-format flat panel TVs), you treat the customer’s ...
Horsefeathers 04/04/2008 8 4 - -
So Why Hold Primaries?
We hold these truths to be self-evident: Pigs like the smell of pigs. E Coli are determined to take over the digestive tract. And insiders think insiders should run everything. Insider and one-...
Horsefeathers 02/25/2008 44 5 - -
The Yuckonomic Stimulus Package
A Republican’s version of economic stimulus is to take a fat wad of bills out of the right-hand pants pocket and shove it into the left-hand pants pocket while drooling. (If you recognize ...
Horsefeathers 01/25/2008 31 6 1 -
Is Conservatism a Genetic Defect?
Ornithologists have discovered that bird brains have a closely integrated complex of two billion motor neurons controlling the bird’s left wing in steering, gliding, and maneuvering. The ...
Horsefeathers 01/19/2008 48 12 - -
The Wages of Sinners
Some notes on the News and what lies beneath &
Horsefeathers 01/16/2008 28 10 - -
Deadbeat Bankers
CNBC has some bright and interesting people; but, with a couple of exceptions, they and their typical guests are prisoners of the Wall Street ethos. They are like railroad firemen reflexively ...
Horsefeathers 01/12/2008 32 14 - -
The Times is Out of Joint
I’m beginning to have second thoughts about my longtime allegiance to the New York Times . Two weeks ago I complained about their headline writers, one of whom managed to make it ...
Horsefeathers 01/04/2008 44 6 - 1
What Do Conservatives Conserve?
If you’re one of the three million highest-income Americans, congratulations. You’re assured of three square meals a day and money left over to do something significant. How about ...
Horsefeathers 12/28/2007 47 16 1 2
Horsefeather's Energy Plan
Congress is showboating again, pretending to address U.S. energy dependency. They just passed new fuel efficiency standards – which they also did in the 1970s, and fuel efficiency of cars is ...
Horsefeathers 12/27/2007 10 4 - -
Cool Science
Some days you get science. Some days you get fiction. On a good day, the science is more fun than the fiction – especially for us non-scientists who can play with the ideas and not have to ...
Horsefeathers 12/02/2007 44 17 - 5
The Lord Is My Lawyer: I Shall Not Cop a Plea
Last night God told me not to send a contribution to Oral Roberts University to help them out of their financial jam. I was so disappointed.
Horsefeathers 11/30/2007 21 9 - 17
Lululemonism & Anti-Terrorism
At the very mention of Lululemon, my spell-check had a myocardial (which is better than urocardial) infarction. It refers, in case you missed your last Yoga class, to the Canadian company ...
Horsefeathers 11/16/2007 42 11 - -
Kicking veterans out of Veterans Day
We’re not often at a loss for words around here, but there are days. Organizers of the Long Beach Veterans Day parade ruled that veterans who oppose the Iraq ...
Horsefeathers 11/11/2007 6 12 1 56
Cut Out the Middleman: Bill the Wars to Big Oil
Why don’t we cut out the middleman and just have Big Oil pay for our Mideast military adventures? The math is something like this: - The US consumes about 22MM barrels of light sweet ...
Horsefeathers 10/24/2007 44 20 - 16
Scalia. It Rhymes with Sharia
Cross posted from The Horse You Rode In On Under the Wahhabi Islamists who hold sway in Saudi Arabia, the Koran doubles as the Saudi ...
Horsefeathers 10/19/2007 17 7 1 -
Laura's Turn?
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Could Laura Bush be furtively grooming herself? Not that there’s anything ...
Horsefeathers 10/17/2007 41 4 - -
Rooting for Rather
Cross posted from The Horse You Rode In On I guess he’s rich, but poor Dan Rather. Demoted, shoved aside, reviled by a ...
Horsefeathers 10/09/2007 28 19 - 2
Things are starting to boil over
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Take a minute to read ...
Horsefeathers 10/05/2007 16 17 - -
Big Number Bingo
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Alright, so you don’t have the biggest house or the biggest car on the block. ...
Horsefeathers 09/24/2007 19 3 - -
Betray-Us? Blame the Betrayer-in-Chief
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Following is an e-mail exchange with two conservative friends, both proud ex-military ...
Horsefeathers 09/14/2007 12 6 - -
Rob from the poor, Give to the rich
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On From 2001 to 2006 the average taxpayer got tax cuts totaling $3,593 (you got less) ...
Horsefeathers 09/09/2007 7 7 - -
The Greedy Bastard Theory of Economics
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Disclosure: I love capitalism. It’s the great engine of wealth-creation and ...
Horsefeathers 09/06/2007 31 20 1 6
Gullible's Travels
“I came. I saw. I concurred.” That, give or take a Caesarian section, is what many congresspersons have to report when they return from their two-day escorted junkets to Baghdad. ...
Horsefeathers 09/04/2007 16 12 - 8
After Gonzales---Free Idea for George Bush
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Replacing Gonzales won’t be easy. Few rats volunteer to come onboard a sinking ship. ...
Horsefeathers 08/27/2007 9 1 - -
Cue the Zombies
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On There are some news stories that always remind me of Big Daddy in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin ...
Horsefeathers 08/19/2007 8 9 - -
Discount Window? What Discount Window?
Cross-posted from The Horse You Rode In On Can anyone help me find the Fed’s discount window? They’re giving out loans ...
Horsefeathers 08/18/2007 34 7 - -
Science Update
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On I wish I had better news to report, but – as usual – the latest dispatches ...
Horsefeathers 08/10/2007 21 5 1 -
Blame the Victim, Shame the Victim
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On This chirpy little Republican marching song answers to the tune of “Love and ...
Horsefeathers 07/28/2007 49 7 1 13
A Big Swinging Dick Cheney Sing-Along
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Sing to the tune of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze," and then feel free to add a few ...
Horsefeathers 07/24/2007 44 11 - 15
Justices Fiddle While Robes Burn
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Like the deranged administration that created it, the right wing majority on the Supreme ...
Horsefeathers 07/11/2007 7 3 1 -
Rats in the Pantry
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On The rats in our national pantry are proving very hard to eradicate. We ignorant ...
Horsefeathers 07/09/2007 12 3 - -
The Five Stooges
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On In 2000, what we used to call the Supreme Court found the Republicans’ Partial ...
Horsefeathers 07/02/2007 7 3 - -
Can Bush Approval Ratings Go to Zero?
Talking Points Memo reported new figures from the American Research Group ...
Horsefeathers 06/24/2007 54 12 - 2
The Nuts in Charge of the Asylum
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Insanity and dementia are very serious issues. You should never make light of them —
Horsefeathers 06/21/2007 14 2 - -
Deleted Emails May Rise From The Dead
Cross-posted from And the horse you rode in on It’s really hard to kill email. Before we erupt with righteous outrage over the White ...
Horsefeathers 06/20/2007 308 320 5 74
The Halliburton School of Estimating
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On An ancient, still relevant parable on government contracting just returned on the e-mail ...
Horsefeathers 06/18/2007 4 4 - -
Don’t Buy the Numbers
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Had Albert Einstein grown up in the hills around Kittanning, he might not have had to ...
Horsefeathers 06/16/2007 25 5 - 26
Candy-Stripers for Jesus
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On When John Ashcroft covered the bare breasts of the statuary framing his press conferences,
Horsefeathers 06/14/2007 16 5 - -
Quantum Entanglements
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On It was surreal. Friday night the whole country was watching Paris Hilton being ...
Horsefeathers 06/09/2007 24 8 - -
Periodic Table of the Criminal Elements (II)
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On (UPDATED from the original posted on 5/29) What Mendeleyev did for the elements we&...
Horsefeathers 06/06/2007 15 14 2 24
Global Dominion for Dummies
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On It’s a mystifying – and dangerous – combination: ignorance and ...
Horsefeathers 05/31/2007 11 3 - -
Periodic Table of the Criminal Elements
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On What Mendeleyev did for the elements we’ve now done for the toxic miscreants. ...
Horsefeathers 05/30/2007 34 8 1 -
Why Not Charge Bureaucrats with Murder?
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On So you misplaced your tax records. Then you lost your return. The IRS sent you a letter, ...
Horsefeathers 05/22/2007 3 4 - -
Don't Drive Sunday !
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On I want to suggest something I don’t know how to organize. Maybe somebody out there does.
Horsefeathers 05/21/2007 34 4 - -
They've Got Your Number
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On One reason politicians and corporations find it easy to screw the rest of us is that ...
Horsefeathers 05/17/2007 3 1 - -
Guilty Secrets
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Prior to the Bush administration, politics was often complex and confusing. Today, it’...
Horsefeathers 05/16/2007 9 2 - -
Billion Dollar Babies
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On If you made over a billion dollars in 2006 (or if you hate numbers), skip to the last ...
Horsefeathers 05/15/2007 4 2 - -
Check the Oil
Cross-posted from And the Horse You Rode In On (From Richard Sheridan in Arizona, who attributes this analysis to Penny McElveen in ...
Horsefeathers 05/13/2007 6 5 - -
How Politicians Confess
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On Prior to the Bush administration, politics was often complex and confusing. Today, it’...
Horsefeathers 05/12/2007 - 3 1 -
Let's Play Benchmarks!
Cross-posted from And The Horse You Rode In On If you’re playing doubles in tennis and somebody hits a ball that you should ...
Horsefeathers 05/11/2007 1 - - -
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