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I'm a zombie: Banning users with reckless abandon and driving people away hurts progressive movement
"Take your shit elsewhere" Markos says. Yeah, that'll help us in 2014. "Go the fuck away" he says in another diary. Yeah, that'll bring people running to the Progressive movement. *People who ...
Hubbard Squash 06/17/2013 349 11 - -
"Job Creators": Greedy developer bullies women's shelter into closing.
Corporations are people in this country, huh? If so, they're the assholes of the group. From Yahoo : For more than 100 years, the Anna Louise Inn in downtown Cincinnati has been a safe, serene ...
Hubbard Squash 05/20/2013 3 14 1 -
Black Squirrels: The unofficial bushy-tailed mascot of Kent State.
There's a Black Squirrel bus route, a Black Squirrel Festival, and Black Squirrel Radio. There's Black Squirrel bumper stickers. Part of Kent's new multi-million dollar downtown rebuilding project ...
Hubbard Squash 05/11/2013 10 5 - -
Democrats and "Progressives" who voted for CISPA. Let's hold them accountable!
While America was watching Boston this week, a Satan sandwich was being passed in Washington. The House passed CISPA, which shreds the 4th Amendment and takes away your right to online privacy. This ...
Hubbard Squash 04/21/2013 16 26 - -
WV Abstinence speaker tells HS students: "If you're on birth control, your parents hate you."
I found out about this from The Troubador's diary at the top of the rec list. You should read it. From the Charleston Gazette: A student at George Washington High School asked for an injunction in ...
Hubbard Squash 04/18/2013 25 34 - -
Florida cop brings Trayvon Martin targets to firearms training, gets fired. This is exactly what it sounds like. From ABC News: A Florida police sergeant was fired for allegedly bringing Trayvon Martin shooting targets he purchased on the Internet to a ...
Hubbard Squash 04/14/2013 9 12 - -
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