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Why I Argue With You About God: An Atheist's Perspective
While this diary is inspired by the recent meta-conversation occurring in the wider community, I have felt that there is a disconnect between the way some atheists like myself feel and what ...
HumeanSkeptic 09/02/2014 31 15 1 -
Michigan GOP Sabotages Minimum Wage Increase
Here in Michigan a group of citizens under the "Raise Michigan" banner have been circulating a petition to put on the ballot a proposal to modify the state's minimum wage law to raise the wage to $10.
HumeanSkeptic 05/15/2014 11 9 - -
Union Donations: How to?
So I have a question for the cognoscenti here at Daily Kos? How exactly does a union do political donations. Obviously they can't directly donate to candidates, but does anyone know what the laws ...
HumeanSkeptic 04/19/2014 7 1 - -
How can we overturn Michigan's new "rape insurance" law?
This is a serious question. I am a newly settled Michigander, helped make the 10 point blowout for Obama last year, and am looking forward to installing Mark Schauer in the governor's mansion, and ...
HumeanSkeptic 12/14/2013 29 14 - -
You have 25 dollars: Elizabeth Warren or Oxfam International
As my name implies, I like to consider myself in some sense a philosopher. I even have a degree in it! But I don't think that is necessary to consider what is, to me, a rather deep ethical question. ...
HumeanSkeptic 02/03/2013 22 13 - -
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