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Social Security Activism Call
This is an iPhone diary so it will be short. I'm interested in working with other activists on pushing SS increases, not cuts, into the forefront. I have computer access for an hour a day M-F ...
I love OCD 11/08/2013 6 7 - -
Why I Love OCD, Pt II Voting Edition
Today is voting day in Texas, a difficult one for a lot of people who may not have matching names on their documents - especially women. I have matching names because I'm OCD enough to ALWAYS fill ...
I love OCD 11/05/2013 11 26 - -
Thank You, President Obama
So I threatened to write this, and then decided I needed to follow through. I'm pretty involved in political minutia most of the day. NPR on my car radio, an obscenely bloated e-mail inbox with ...
I love OCD 09/11/2013 29 22 - -
Pity, Some of My Best Ideas are Sexist
Or reverse sexist, whatever language you prefer. That's because most of them come into being around Republicans and their New! Improved!!! Whiter Than White!!!! abortion and rape laws. I have ...
I love OCD 05/05/2013 167 80 1 -
OMG It's The Worst Thing Ever!!!!!
Bear With me, my dad was a preacher. I tend to lean toward parables. I play the organ at a Catholic Church in small town Central Texas. I'm not Catholic - you'd have guessed that from the whole ...
I love OCD 02/06/2013 119 209 3 -
First Christmas
I couldn't write this in the midst of it all, the first Christmas without a living parent. The First Christmas as the matriarch in fact, not de facto. It's not really about Christmas, either. It'...
I love OCD 01/12/2013 21 13 - -
Seriously, Could We Just Win And Love It?
I really didn't want to rant this week, I just wanted to bask and reflect and feel to my toes how different this this election feels. I wanted to laugh, mock, invite CU to kiss my big white one. I ...
I love OCD 11/11/2012 11 10 - -
Dear Mr. Romney
I'm not going to insult you by pimping you with some nonsense about how you lost my vote when..... You lost my vote when you reached adulthood and remained a Republican. I'm not going to tell ...
I love OCD 09/19/2012 9 19 - 65
Mitt and the Harding Error
Almost every diary I've read here in the last some months has someone, or several someones, asking how Mitt got this far? He's wooden, he's unlikeable except to his peers, he has no record of ...
I love OCD 09/01/2012 7 14 - 122
NOT BREAKING!! LW Preacher calls Isaac a message from God!
Oh, there aren't any LW Fundamentalist preachers? No wonder this isn't breaking news. I was all set to get into arguments about how it's really uncivil to call Paul Ryan the Antichrist just ...
I love OCD 08/25/2012 22 8 - 144
Maybe Republican Voters Aren't Stupid! (Update)
I've been in several threads today (Wednesday) where there is much lamenting of the idiocy of people who continually vote against their own best interests. I'm going to expand on a comment I made ...
I love OCD 08/22/2012 326 542 28 3699
What If The Minimum Wage Was $20?
Oh I know, I know, it would kill small businesses! No one would manufacture anything in this country ever again! All our businesses would immediately relocate to Burma/Thailand/anywhere they can ...
I love OCD 07/27/2012 61 11 - 180
A Vision For Our Future
As most of you may have guessed, I'm a strong supporter of President Obama. I wear my "bot" slurs proudly. I rarely find it necessary to say "Of course I don't agree with all the things he does..."
I love OCD 07/06/2012 8 18 - 73
I Get Sick To My Stomach But I Do It
I used to be a wuss. I grew up in a family and a culture that wanted me to be quiet, well-behaved, and obedient. I lucked out when my parents started breaking those rules in the '70's, and ...
I love OCD 06/30/2012 14 33 2 188
What does "Progressive" Mean?
This may turn into a rant rather than a question. I've wandered into some diaries lately that make me wonder how many tea partiests we have posting here, doing the usual Republican dirty work of ...
I love OCD 06/23/2012 49 17 - 217
My Role Models Were June Cleaver and Janis Joplin
A PERSONAL VAGINA MONOLOGUE I was still in my teens during the beginning of the second wave of the Women's Movement, and a young wife and mother when I attended my ...
I love OCD 06/19/2012 17 12 1 75
Things I'd Love To Discuss Openly (update and apology)
I've mostly given up reading posts - diaries or comments - from people who have made it clear that there's no difference in their minds between President Obama and Mr. Romney. Sometimes I find ...
I love OCD 05/23/2012 72 42 2 300
I Cannot Be Thinking This! (a kick in the attitudes)
So last week my doctor told me I needed to get medical testing to find out why I have such extreme pain in my legs. I went in for a referral to a physical therapist, my back is so wretched I was ...
I love OCD 05/17/2012 19 17 - 141
A Joyous Sendoff! (Update and apologia)
I haven't written much about my mom this last year. I wrote a diary when we realized she no longer knew us as anything more than people who were kind to her, The Hardest Death To Watch (There was ...
I love OCD 04/25/2012 27 34 2 124
Dear TN Lege: MORE Gateway Sexual Activities Revealed!
Bravo to you, TN Legislators, for taking a firm (though somewhat belated) stand against the holding of hands. I remember vividly my first experience with handholding as a gateway sexual activity. ...
I love OCD 04/16/2012 24 14 - 136
Thank You Dante For Broadening The Scope of the Conversation
Rush's insane and reality-challenged rush off the cliff caught the attention of many of us, and the fact that he focused on sluttishness and too much sex for naughty women made it easy to focus on ...
I love OCD 03/11/2012 9 21 - 143
Dear Mr. Limbaugh (w 2 Updates, Thx elwior)
Where to begin? If I was the kind of woman who sent flowers to men your office gals would be staggering under the weight of the vases. Let me start with heartfelt gratitude for creating an ...
I love OCD 03/02/2012 249 343 8 1692
I Support Mandatory Drug Testing.....
.....For Everyone Who Receives Government Benefits. Oh yes I do! Here's Why The Republican noise machine has done a splendid job of creating low-low-low information voters for the last 40 years, ...
I love OCD 02/15/2012 14 6 - 88
Dear Mr. Matthews:
I'll make a deal with you. As soon as you let me spend 12 hours pulling a soccer ball through your penis (while encouraging you to breathe through the pain) I'll promise to try really hard to care ...
I love OCD 02/09/2012 264 504 2 2428
I'm Okay With You S(ing)TFU, & Maybe You Shouldn't Vote Either
Because, based on your smug dismissal of people who disagree with you, I'm guessing you'll jump on the craziest third-party candidate who runs in order to "punish" the President for not being ...
I love OCD 01/26/2012 145 22 - 375
Ending The War On Women
Just a little background information as we start: I'm a raging feminist, an aging hippie, and a passionate Pragmatic. You've been warned, now let's go........ I've been in the midst of various ...
I love OCD 01/19/2012 106 65 - 425
Fear. Love. Changing the World.
After many years of trying to understand life I've come to the conclusion there are two states we can exist in, the state of fear or the state of love. I'm not talking soppy romantic love, although ...
I love OCD 01/11/2012 9 8 1 45
Why Republicans Control Our Country
It's a sad reality that the Republican Party and it's Corporate Sponsors have had far more impact on America than Democrats have had, especially over the last 45 years. They really have nothing ...
I love OCD 12/08/2011 14 13 - 119
What I Learned About My Mom
Right now she's pretty far gone, farther than the woman who now cares for her can believe. We've watched and grieved this deterioration for 7 years now, 3 of them without dad protecting us/her from ...
I love OCD 08/31/2011 87 83 1 419
Rly? Srsly? President Obama is a Failure?
Wow. Mediocre. Weak. No leadership. Not tough enough to fight the right. It's fucking surreal to drop in here from time to time, especially since I spend a fair amount of time on blogs that ...
I love OCD 06/27/2011 826 386 14 2413
(RePost) He Was 58 When He Jumped Off The Bridge
My brother-in-law committed suicide on Dec. 24, 2006. He jumped off the Franklin Ave. Bridge sometime around midnight and died of blunt-force trauma injuries. He had a severe depressive illness ...
I love OCD 03/14/2011 17 20 - 155
Being the President of the Whole Country
I recommended a very good diary yesterday by TomP Obama Orders DOJ NOT to Defend DOMA but had to ...
I love OCD 02/24/2011 51 21 - 160
It's About Us (We the People and Inherent Human Rights)
I can't believe I'm the only person who hangs out here who has a corporate horror story to tell, or that I'm alone in being absolutely unable to live a cubicle life for more than 2 years. My horror ...
I love OCD 02/23/2011 12 8 - 53
The Hardest Death to Watch
I thought watching my youngest sister die of breast cancer was the worst. It was long, and slow, and for almost 4 months the sisters and two infants shared a tiny apartment with her wonderful ...
I love OCD 02/22/2011 149 202 3 998
Inherent Human Rights - Why?
Inherent human rights - inherent means something rather profound - existing in someone or something as a natural and inseparable quality, characteristic, or right; innate; basic; inborn.
I love OCD 02/20/2011 16 20 - 89
Texas Can't Generate Enough Power - Rolling Blackouts(Updates)
We lost power for 10 minutes on the coldest day Central Texas has seen in quite some time. Pedernales Electric Coop site Here reports that rolling ...
I love OCD 02/02/2011 604 296 3 339
Supreme Court Rejects Appeal over DC Gay Marriage Law (Stick a Spork in it.....)
If the Supreme Court, in it's current configuration, won't assist the homophobes on the right, I'm wildly optimistic. They refused to hear Bishop Harry Jackson's appeal of the District of Columbia'...
I love OCD 01/18/2011 56 26 - 134
What Can We Do?
I'm a solutions person, the oldest of seven children, a woman who can't stand things to be disorderly and chaotic. It's not enough to be angry about assassinations. I lived through the ...
I love OCD 01/10/2011 7 5 - 38
I'm Quitting "Progressive"!
Back in the olden days I was a liberal, a dyed-in-the-wool Democratic-Farmer-Labor worker bee with a history of hippieness and a natural flair for raging feminism. It's never been easy to be a ...
I love OCD 12/07/2010 78 29 1 44
A Sunday Night Moment
When I was in my early teens I found and read my mom's copy of "Mrs. Miniver" and it became a favorite, a book I reread often. I owned a VHS copy of the movie for years, watched it from time to time.
I love OCD 09/27/2010 10 9 - 16
I Have Seen The Light. or something.
My local paper ran a Kathleen Parker commentary on Michelle Obama's vacation in Spain this morning. My first thought was dismal - OMG, here's a woman who has exhibited symptoms of Obama Derangement ...
I love OCD 08/11/2010 45 44 1 57
Rly?  Srsly?  (What's Wrong With This Site {Meta}!!!!1!!1!)
It's Friday. It rains every 30 minutes and I can't hang the laundry on the line so I'm needing something to do. Let's fight!
I love OCD 07/23/2010 72 51 - 40
She Doesn't Know Us Anymore (Updated)
I've written about my mom in comments, but never a diary about caregiving for an aging and disabled parent. This is personal, of course, but affects many people of my generation and perhaps our ...
I love OCD 05/15/2010 191 176 6 86
Healing Prayers for I love OCD
This message is to anyone who reads the Diary entries of 'I love OCD'.
I love OCD 04/21/2010 157 439 - 35
Sorry, The Sarah Palin Argument is Enough For Me (UPDATED x 2)
I frequently find myself wondering, lately, how crazy Progressives have to get before we implode completely. How far are we from the Teabaggers, really? There was great rejoicing here just a few ...
I love OCD 04/11/2010 1202 663 3 243
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) - Outsmarting the Addict
Hi and welcome to the Friday AM Gus Diary. If you're new: GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, ...
I love OCD 02/19/2010 55 11 - 9
The Insidiousness of RW Talking Points and LW Memes
Although this is not across the board, I'm blown away by the pervasiveness of many Kossak's acceptance of the latest RW talking points and LW irrationalities. Maybe it's my age, maybe it's ...
I love OCD 02/04/2010 35 7 - 11
Okay, I'll Play!
It's Meta Day at DKos! I love Meta Day. The hostility flies, threads are in flames, those who love to fight click feverishly from diary to diary, looking for an enemy to destroy with a ...
I love OCD 01/26/2010 50 8 - 9
I Live in a Soul-sucking Fascist Paranoid Country (and I'm not happy about it)
I'm spending a couple of weeks proving I'm not a terrorist, an illegal alien, a non-citizen with dastardly plans of some sort. (That's where the paranoid part comes into play.) I need a copy of my ...
I love OCD 01/11/2010 50 16 1 36
GUS - Gave Up Smoking Open Thread - Thurs AM
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, ...
I love OCD 01/07/2010 96 11 1 11
GBCW - Unwilling Edition (Update)
I came to DKos a little more than a year ago and found a wonderful world full of dynamic people doing important things. I'm oldish, and this was my first blogging experience. (I had to keep going ...
I love OCD 11/06/2009 264 272 - 153
Being Restored To Sanity
My dad loved words, all kinds of words. He learned Latin and Greek when studying to become a minister, and he taught us the roots of many words. The one I loved the most was "disaster", from the ...
I love OCD 10/18/2009 61 50 5 291
Focus Your Rage (where it belongs)
In the last few months I've engaged in a number of pointless but occasionally satisfying flame wars with posters who are blaming President Obama for everything from TARP (Bush) to Guantanamo (Bush), ...
I love OCD 09/28/2009 24 38 2 249
The He** of Government Run Healthcare?: Our Story
Last week 3 really important things happened to our family. A new doctor at our family practice clinic told us we should not be allowing them to treat our mother's dementia, and he gave us the name ...
I love OCD 08/28/2009 23 46 1 164
A Single-payer Plan That Could Change the Discussion
I'm the fortunate recipient of single-payer government-run healthcare, because I'm on Social Security Disability. Although I've had trouble locating a psychiatrist who accepts Medicare patients (...
I love OCD 08/07/2009 14 12 1 4
Angry Squid, Pat Buchanan, and 20 Years After Humans Disappear
No, there is nothing that ties these things together. I read the news today (oh boy) , and was fascinated by a ...
I love OCD 07/19/2009 58 9 1 35
Obama is Teh Antichrist - Rlly, Srsly w/UPDATE
OBAMA MEETS WITH POPE BENEDICT The Pope, a known abortion rights antagonist and leader of a religious movement that promulgates ...
I love OCD 07/11/2009 129 35 - 26
UPDATE: Health Care? I need to be suicidal?
I'm on SSD for a psychiatric disability, and thus on Medicare. Since last June I've been relying on my psychiatrist from Minneapolis to write my prescriptions while I've tried to find a doctor in ...
I love OCD 07/07/2009 77 35 - 32
The Greatest Generation - A Caregiver's Story
My mom and dad served in the Navy during WWII, dad in the Pacific and mom in San Francisco. Mom was the fastest typist I've ever seen - that was her Wave duty, and she did it exceptionally well. ...
I love OCD 07/03/2009 23 23 1 200
You, yes YOU, are really pi**ing me off UPDATED
I have never in my life, a long and varied existence, seen so many victims gathered in one place, determined to believe they're being further victimized. Y'all have managed to equal the RW asshats ...
I love OCD 05/22/2009 1092 573 11 36
Breaking - Testimony to Senate: Cheney Requested Waterboarding of Iraqi - Search for Al Qaeda/Saddam
MSNBC is reporting that 2 people testified today that former VP Dick Cheney made a request to have an Iraqi prisoner waterboarded in an effort to to create a link between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.
I love OCD 05/14/2009 274 294 3 55
Oh Noes!!!!! Obama is/isn't (fill in the blank)
If you listen to our president, you'll hear his vision for the future. He wants to take action against global climate change. He wants to revamp our financial system. He wants a new health care ...
I love OCD 05/08/2009 17 13 - 47
Can Open.....Worms Everywhere
I've tried to avoid writing this, but feel compelled to do so today, given the number of diaries that are venting fury at the Obama administration's unwillingness to investigate and prosecute the ...
I love OCD 04/19/2009 48 39 1 25
Why I Love OCD
I'm the person in your office who squares things off on desks, puts 5 reams of paper in both drawers of the copy machine (because why do something half-assed if you have to do it at all), and buys ...
I love OCD 02/26/2009 188 54 3 27
Random Musings
It was a saddish sort of moment for me, realizing that I might be using the last large picture of George W. Bush to line the bottom of Pudgie's cage. Cage cleaning is boring, so I've amused myself ...
I love OCD 01/30/2009 6 1 - 5
He was 58 When He Jumped off the Bridge (updated)
This is a diary I originally wrote in December of 2008, in a moment of grief and fury. I'm republishing it because Paul was, in my opinion, a victim of the Republican Party's passion ...
I love OCD 12/29/2008 374 395 12 81
Breaking!!!! Life Isn't Fair!!!!!!
Okay, I've gone and used up my entire quota of exclamation points in the damn title, so I'll have to depend on you to read the diary without clues about what's important to focus on. I'm writing ...
I love OCD 11/19/2008 27 5 1 2
Oh Noes..My October Surprise Diary
I am writing as a public service to the Daily Kos community, because there is not enough realism here about the October Surprise phenomenon. Therefore, it is my solemn duty to fully delineate the ...
I love OCD 10/26/2008 22 3 2 13
Attn Republicans: How To Lose A Voter
I live in Wimberley Texas, and some of the down-down-ticket races are very important to me. Hays County is growing rapidly, but Wimberley has managed to stave off Mall*Wartification. We have a ...
I love OCD 10/20/2008 9 11 - 7
Fear and Love
I have come to believe that there are two stances people can take in life. We can live in a state of fear or a state of love. They're incompatible, you have to choose one or the other. When I'm ...
I love OCD 10/12/2008 11 5 1 1
My Dad Died Last Week
I realize that this is an intense week, but I want to honor him here. He was 86 years old when he died, married 60 years and 3 weeks. My mom has dementia (they call it happy dementia - she's very ...
I love OCD 10/10/2008 51 27 - 22
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