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Help a Wellstone progressive get a seat on the DC Council
On April 26th, voters in the District of Columbia will have the opportunity to fill a seat on the District's council. With your help, we can get a true progressive elected to this seat. His name ...
IMGoph 03/09/2011 49 18 - 153
action alert: jekyll island bill in georgia house
seaturtles has a running series on the ongoing saga of the attempt to keep overdevelopment away from jekyll island, georgia. my parents live on ...
IMGoph 04/02/2008 2 7 - 4
VA House of Delegates closer to Dem. control
In the last election, Democrats won control of the Senate in Virginia, and gained seats in the lower house. Yesterday, Democrats increased their numbers to 45 (out of 100) in the House of Delegates.
IMGoph 02/20/2008 6 7 - 20
how much is the clintons' DC home worth?
i'll keep this short and sweet. hillary clinton is not my first choice for president of the current crop of candidates, but if she is the nominee, i will support her. with that out of the way, i ...
IMGoph 01/22/2008 28 - - 1
is anyone else having a login problem?
ok, this is going to be short and sweet. i read dailykos from my home computer and the computer at my desk in my office. the last few days, when i fire up my browser and bring up, i ...
IMGoph 12/20/2007 16 8 1 -
OH-05: brownsox, kos, and RandySF didn't push GOTV enough
after seeing this diary by RandySF this morning, i set out to figure out exactly where the 5th district was in ohio, so i went to ...
IMGoph 12/03/2007 42 4 1 11
fulfilling a request for david78209 about the WaPo ombudsman
yesterday, i posted a diary about tom toles' cartoon in the washington post that took the paper to task for writing a front page ...
IMGoph 12/01/2007 2 1 - 3
WaPo's own cartoonist slams paper for Obama "rumors" (updated)
This is going to be short, and if someone else has already posted about this, please let me know and I'll take it down. Tom Toles, the Washington Post's editorial cartoonist, gives a body slam to ...
IMGoph 11/30/2007 209 343 11 50
why bill richardson just fell down a notch
i haven't made up my mind who i'd like to support for president in 2008 yet, but this article in ...
IMGoph 10/11/2007 36 13 1 23
hate group on michigan state campus rides again
this diary by kossack sidwood highlighted a group on the michigan state university ...
IMGoph 09/13/2007 8 1 1 17
Evidence of war with Iran buried in Answer Man's WaPo column?
If you're an avid reader of local news in the Washington Post, like I am, you're familiar with John Kelly, the Answer Man, and his column in the Style section. John is leaving for a ...
IMGoph 07/24/2007 6 4 - 8
Josh Bolten tells DC Mayor Fenty to shut up...
....about DC voting rights. Now, I'm a citizen of DC, and most of you here are aware of the fact that the District does not have full voting representation in Congress. If you've been following ...
IMGoph 04/11/2007 38 24 1 14
petition to save internet radio
ok, the good folks at radio paradise and other internet radio stations have gotten together and decided to put up a petition and begin an informational ...
IMGoph 03/06/2007 3 3 - 9
save our internet radio
this is a post taken from my personal blog, bloomingdale (for now) . i believe this is a relevant political issue that this community can really rally ...
IMGoph 03/05/2007 6 3 - -
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