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Attn: Gwen Ifill: the Examination of Sarah Palin
One of the primary drivers moving McCain's numbers southward is the continuing implosion of Sarah Palin juxtaposed alongside the increasingly serious economic mess (and scandal). With early voting ...
IamtheReason 09/30/2008 49 7 - 2
Gas Prices Surging Across the South
They're blaming it on Hurricanes Ike & Gustav. Gas prices are exploding across the South. Prices in Southeast Alabama are approaching SIX DOLLARS per gallon! Several states have just declared ...
IamtheReason 09/13/2008 11 7 - 6
9.26.08 Whaddya do? Pick a Fight
The McCain strategy is now clear: use Palin as a distraction and stay on the offensive all the way to the election to avoid any meaningful debate on the issues. The Obama camp is responding very ...
IamtheReason 09/10/2008 5 1 - -
the Convention's the thing
With the GOP FINALLY getting the onslaught of ridicule they so rightly deserve, it's time to turn our attention toward the convention. Because in many ways, Obama is a transformative candidate, I ...
IamtheReason 08/22/2008 1 - - 2
BUSTED: McCain's AL Chair in Gay Sex Scandal
Apologies for the very short diary, but I have to run out and haven't seen this story anywhere: Troy King, University of Alabama graduate and McCain campaign chair for the state has been caught in ...
IamtheReason 07/12/2008 48 18 - 40
Four Tactics for Obama
Despite the fact that Barack Obama represents a formidable challenge for John McCain, I believe there are four basic tactics that Obama can adopt, in addition to telling the truth and massive voter ...
IamtheReason 05/11/2008 19 5 - 3
Live Vote on MSNBC
Freep Link: Drudge also holding his own poll. Now, Barack is winning both, 59%-26% on MSNBC and 62%-38% on sludge. Looks like most everyone is seeing ...
IamtheReason 04/16/2008 17 7 1 2
Dean tactics for Obama victory in PA
I suspect that many Kossacks out there are also Deaniacs from way back in 2004 (sigh). One of the hallmarks of Howard Dean's revolutionary campaign was writing personal letters to voters in Iowa ...
IamtheReason 03/27/2008 10 14 - 1
March on the DNC for Obama in Denver
Mark your calendars, everyone. This year, the Democratic National Convention is August 25-28, 2008 in the great City of Denver, CO. Link to official site: Though I'm not ...
IamtheReason 03/08/2008 63 11 1 11
Wyoming: Obama up 59%-41% with 26% in
Sorry for the short diary, but I don't see this news on dailykos yet. Link: Woo hoo! And lo, the narrative changes back to sanity! Post today's win and Tuesday's...along with ...
IamtheReason 03/08/2008 120 31 3 8
We are One Million strong & We can end this.
It's a snowy weekend here in Tennessee, so I'm thankfully afforded some time to reflect on the events of the week. Obama wins Vermont & Texas (delegate win). Clinton takes Ohio & Rhode Island. ...
IamtheReason 03/07/2008 33 13 - 1
Dems win! Let the Demoralization Begin
The most glaring story coming out of Iowa tonight is that we've got mojo and the Republicans do not. With Democrats doubling Republican turnout, and with new candidates thumping old ones, the press ...
IamtheReason 01/04/2008 6 3 - -
How Edwards can close the deal.
Of all the highly qualified candidates in the Democratic Party, John Edwards has the strongest bona fides when it comes to economic populism. The fact that there are at least two economic Americas ...
IamtheReason 11/20/2007 40 12 - 22
"We are the Kingmakers"
Forever our hero, Mr. Howard Dean: Mother Jones : If there's a revolution in politics online, what part of the political establishment will be toppled and what part will still be ...
IamtheReason 06/21/2007 - - - 3
Bold Moves at Ford...NOT!
The American auto industry simply cannot let go of the past. See the latest example below-a mass e-mail to all Nashville area Ford Motor Credit employees asking them to call on their ...
IamtheReason 06/14/2007 8 3 - 3
Action Call: Extend Tax Credits for Hybrid Cars
In 2005, Congress and the IRS enacted significant tax credits for the purchase of fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. Due to the formulation put into place by the GOP Congress, these credits begin to ...
IamtheReason 02/18/2007 3 5 - 1
Frameshop: Iraq
IamtheReason 11/03/2006 5 - - 3
TN-Sen Mehlman SMACKDOWN: Retort to RNC's "Call me"
IamtheReason 10/31/2006 14 6 - 8
TN-Sen: Clark to endorse Harold Ford, Jr. in Clarksville on 11-1
IamtheReason 10/30/2006 39 16 - 8
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