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Bring Back the Firing Squads
Contradictory as it seems, I'm against the death penalty, but I'm all for making the firing squad the means of execution everywhere the death penalty is allowed. My thoughts come from a fairly rare ...
Idaho07 03/26/2015 14 5 - -
3 Daves and a Mike on World Water Day
Most folks who know me here know I play the 5-string banjo. I live in Idaho, a dry state where water has always been very important. To my farming and ranching family, any water has always been ...
Idaho07 03/24/2015 10 14 - -
My response to a call to contribute from Kos' crew
As an occasional diary contributor to Daily Kos, I recently got an email urging me to post some more. It said in part: "With the election over, there’s a lot to talk about where Democrats must go—
Idaho07 11/24/2014 210 338 5 -
Reflections of a Fountain Pen Addict
When I was in the 9th grade, back in the early 60s, I had an English teacher who insisted everyone in her class was to use only a fountain pen for all the writing we did. Back then, a student grade ...
Idaho07 10/16/2014 44 43 8 -
Idaho's Butch Otter Tries to Stop Same Sex Marriage Again
Idaho's governor Butch Otter is running for an unprecedented 3rd term, and is worried. His opponent, A.J. Balukoff, a Boise businessman and a longtime member of his local school board, is punching ...
Idaho07 10/09/2014 61 45 - -
Gotta love Idaho crazy.
Idaho has always been mostly conservative. It's the nature of the state, and part of the reason why our liberals are so liberal. For a long time, Idahoans liked to keep things in rough balance, ...
Idaho07 08/17/2014 18 23 1 -
Pete Seeger died today. I was one of his musical children.
I have two musical fathers, and they are both gone now. One taught me there were no limits on my chosen instrument, and the other taught me the spiritual power my instrument has with all Americans.
Idaho07 01/28/2014 34 66 - -
Idaho's Republican Civil War
Idaho is one of the states that manages its political parties by a central committee system. Both Republican and Democratic parties have county central committees whose job is to coordinate party ...
Idaho07 06/16/2013 11 34 1 -
A Practical Way To Limit Combat Weapons
I'm an Idahoan. I learned how to shoot around age 10, and was a hunter in my youth for years. I'm familiar with firearms, comfortable around them, and know very well what they are capable of doing; I'
Idaho07 12/23/2012 18 20 - -
We are all Republicans now Part III
Early this week I posted a diary describing Idaho Democrat's quandary- I had to declare as a Republican to do my part in voting against the Republican extremists who have taken over Bonneville County'
Idaho07 05/17/2012 9 23 - 212
We are all Republicans now, part II
A few days ago, I posted a diary titled "We are all Republicans now." It discussed Idaho's far right attempts to restrict the Idaho primary in furtherance of their agenda, and it was very troubling ...
Idaho07 05/16/2012 13 21 - 264
We're All Republicans Now
Here in Idaho, the primary will be held next Tuesday. For about half of us, our only option is to register as a Republican if we want to make our votes count.
Idaho07 05/13/2012 37 53 - 657
Idaho House Kills Intrusive Abortion Bill!
Even in Idaho, where the wingnuts are running the moderates out of the totally dominant Republican party, the Representatives know when the jig is up, and a wrong vote could cost them their job. A ...
Idaho07 03/22/2012 20 52 - 201
Sarah Palin goes after Mitt... possibly.
I've been working on imitating Sarah Palin's- uh- unique manner of speech, but every time I think I have it down, she one-ups me once again. I snagged this from Real Clear Politics this morning. ...
Idaho07 01/13/2012 5 1 - 60
A Nation of Blackhearts?
I participated in a topic discussion recently on Warren Jeffs, the convicted leader of the Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saints Church. Jeffs was recently given a life sentence for two counts of ...
Idaho07 09/02/2011 2 - - 39
They are coming to take away my Gibson!
You may have heard about the Customs Department's raid a week ago on the Gibson Guitar factories in Nashville and Memphis. Armed agents wearing SWAT gear went into the factories during working hours,
Idaho07 08/30/2011 54 31 1 302
The Real Deal Cowboy
I recently posted some comments on a Butch Otter thread about what a real cowboy wears. Butch is far from the real deal- he likes to rope, but it's just a hobby for him. His real job is ruining of ...
Idaho07 05/01/2011 12 2 - 52
Another poignant story with banjo connections
I wrote a diary last year about banjo players, my own playing, and the strange connections that came from a group of fellow banjoists and I to the 9/11 plane crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It ...
Idaho07 04/23/2011 1 - - 6
Shanksville, Pennsylvania
The roll call of the dead at Ground Zero was read again today. It's fitting and proper that these people be remembered, but on every anniversary of the attacks, I remember the folks who died just ...
Idaho07 09/11/2010 13 28 - 241
Update on Idaho's Wack Republicans
I posted a diary on the Idaho Republican's extreme convention planks the other day. it didn't take very long for the dissention to begin...
Idaho07 07/10/2010 7 7 - 34
Idaho Repubs in Trouble?
How could such a thing be? Isn't Idaho the reddest state in the nation? Maybe not as red as you think. Signs and portents are in the air in the Big Potato.
Idaho07 07/03/2010 12 26 - 38
Unique Idaho
No matter what you think about Idaho and it's politics, you are probably wrong unless you have lived here for a while.
Idaho07 05/26/2010 15 7 - 40
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