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Obama Opposes Tax Cuts for Rich
Reuters , ...
Idgie Threadgoode 11/12/2010 19 2 - 21
Tell Levin and McCain not to strip DADT from S.3454
Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ) are in talks to remove all potentially controversial provisions from S.3454, the Defense Authorization Bill for FY 2011. One of those provisions is ...
Idgie Threadgoode 11/09/2010 25 17 - 37
My letter to Senators Levin, Feingold, and Kohl
In today's Midday Open Thread, there was a brief item about a company in Michigan which makes military rifle scopes with Biblical references stamped next to the part numbers. Rachel Maddow also had ...
Idgie Threadgoode 01/18/2010 51 3 - 14
Auschwitz Sign Stolen
What the hell is wrong with people? Who even thinks about doing this kind of crap? Honestly.
Idgie Threadgoode 12/18/2009 21 1 - 21
900 Greyhounds Need Homes: Update
Last Friday, I published a diary about 900 greyhounds that need to be adopted from the soon-to-be-closed Dairyland dog racing track in Kenosha, WI. The original info I posted was not completely ...
Idgie Threadgoode 11/16/2009 29 36 - 168
900 Greyhounds Need Homes
The Dairyland Greyhound Racetrack in Kenosha, WI is closing. They need to adopt out their greyhounds by Christmas. Any dogs not adopted by then will be euthanized.
Idgie Threadgoode 11/13/2009 33 21 1 302
Hitler. Was. Not. Vegetarian.
It is a persistent myth, and in nearly every diary or front-page story I see here that mentions Hitler, someone will post a comment about Hitler's supposed vegetarianism. I have posted comments in ...
Idgie Threadgoode 09/29/2009 154 18 - 84
Help Save the Mint Farm!
Crossposted at La Vida Locavore and DocuDharma The Crosby Mint Farm in St. Johns, Michigan is the oldest working mint farm in the country. The owners are facing foreclosure on Friday, 8/14/09, ...
Idgie Threadgoode 08/08/2009 9 2 - 1
Reid Must Be Replaced. Now.
Harry Reid has been crying, "Uncle!" to the Republicans every time they so much as narrow their eyes at him ever since he was named Senate Majority Leader. He falls to the ground and offers up his (...
Idgie Threadgoode 07/29/2009 70 12 - 18
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