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The HuffPost Sellout Is Almost Complete
I'm not talking baout Arianna Huffington's selling Huffpost to AOL, I'm talking about AOL's selling out everything we thought HuffPost was about. In addition to the new comment disclaimer: "Due to ...
ImaJoeBob 08/26/2013 17 6 - -
Two Words Scare The Sh*t Out Of Boehner
Nope, it's not "President Obama." It's not "Speaker Pelosi.' Heck, it's not even "Speaker Cantor." The scariest two words in the English language to John Boehner are "I Object." Pretty innocuous, ...
ImaJoeBob 12/22/2011 7 13 - 184
Weighing-In on Christie's Girth
Yeah, that's a lame headline, but I gotta hook you, don't I? Better news is that this is short, and to the point. Is it fair to consider Chris Christie's weight/girth/fat when assessing his ...
ImaJoeBob 10/03/2011 70 - - 288
Crooked Timber's Crooked Ethos
I got blocked today by Crooked Timber, one of the leading Academic/PoliticalPoliSci blogs on the Internet. Yup, I got blocked by a bastion of "academic freedom," better known for compelling ...
ImaJoeBob 07/19/2011 10 1 - 91
Bill Maher: Think with your big head & lose Coulter
Whether he means it, or it's just an act, Bill Maher's jokes about possibly getting laid by Ann Coulter aren't worth giving her his valuable air time. And really Bill, it's not attractive to see ...
ImaJoeBob 07/15/2011 37 21 1 283
Where Have You Gone, Joe Biden?
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. (Woo hoo hoo?) If Joe Biden wants to make his mark on history, now is the time. He can be considered the most valiant man to ever hold the office of Vice ...
ImaJoeBob 07/08/2011 7 2 - 67
Stupid is as Democrats Does
Ever wonder just how inept, naive, or just downright dumb the Congressional Democrats are? You got a definitive answer to that today with the House budget vote. Given the chance to cripple the ...
ImaJoeBob 04/14/2011 13 - - 46
WI Senate Dems: STAY AWAY!!!
IT'S A TRAP!!! Stay in Illinois! The Republicans BROKE THE LAW with this latest attempt to destroy workers' rights, and it won't stand in court.
ImaJoeBob 03/09/2011 75 125 2 927
Nancy Pelosi: Large and In Charge??
In all the perversities of Washington gamesmanship, one seems to finally be falling the Democrats' way. But will they actually be savvy, smart, and tough enough to use it? The Democrats ...
ImaJoeBob 12/15/2010 8 6 - 59
Olbermann "email bomb"
Like most readers on DKos, I'm unhappy with the way MSNBC is treating Keith Olbermann. Maybe not as unhappy as many, but still unhappy. (BTW, is there anyone out there who still thinks Politico is ...
ImaJoeBob 11/05/2010 21 3 - 71
Can a Dream defeat fear and loathing in DC?
Like every decent human being, I have been disgusted and nauseated by Glen Beck's Crying Circus coming to Washington this weekend in a blatant display of disrespect for one of the greatest moments ...
ImaJoeBob 08/27/2010 3 2 - 36
Bill Clinton's Big FU to SEIU
Bill Clinton finally got to screw the SEIU for endorsing Barack Obama in 2008. Yesterday's Arkansas primary wasn't as much a victory for Blanche Lincoln than it was payback for the Clintons. ...
ImaJoeBob 06/09/2010 74 28 1 57
An Open Letter To Michael Moore
It's been reported Michael Moore has called for a boycott of Connecticut and its businesses in an effort to pressure Joe Lieberman to end his opposition to a public health insurance option and ...
ImaJoeBob 12/17/2009 19 3 - 39
Iraq & Afghanistan - in 4 min 19 sec
Have you ever longed for a simple, elegant solution to explaining how we got where we are in Iraq and Afghanistan (and even Iran) to right wing friends with questionable acumen? Well, thanks to Mr. ...
ImaJoeBob 11/23/2009 2 3 - 236
John Boehner: STILL beating your wife?
I saw on the Internets that the group Americans for Responsible Patriotism to Save Our Seniors and Your Third Amendment Rights™ ( says Congressman John ...
ImaJoeBob 08/04/2009 22 6 - 180
An Inadvertent Truth? (by Huffpost)
As I was reading Huffpost today, the teaser box on the right caught my eye...
ImaJoeBob 11/08/2008 13 5 - 6
Are The Polls Slanted (for McCain!)?
I was listening to a(nother) talking head on NPR (or are those talking ears?), and I was struck by the thought that there may be a very serious flaw in current polling methodology. I ...
ImaJoeBob 10/31/2008 31 6 - 9
USSR - United Socialist States of Republicans?
I'm sure glad we have John McCain and Sarah Palin protecting us from that evil socialist, Barack Obama. Coming from Connecticut, consistently one of the three states with the highest incomes, I ...
ImaJoeBob 10/22/2008 3 3 - 18
3 Words: John * W * McCain
Three simple words we have yet to hear at the Convention. Three little words that are worth tens of millions of dollars in advertising. Three words that communicate the real, red-meat message that ...
ImaJoeBob 08/26/2008 4 2 - 5
Hillary loses BECAUSE of "White voters"
Hillary Clinton, in her cynical, increasingly desperate attempt to steal the Democratic nomination from Barack Obama, claims her strength with "White, working class voters" makes her eminently more ...
ImaJoeBob 05/10/2008 17 6 - 6
Stewart Rains On Snow's Parade!
This probably breaks rules on length, but I think it's important: Watch the Tony Snow Interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central). Once again Jon Stewart proves he is the ...
ImaJoeBob 10/15/2007 28 9 - 6
Democrats Stop Blackwater Funding! (not)
The courageous Harry Reid led a Senate revolt against the $190B "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008." Thanks to Harry and the rest of these bold Democrats Bush got a piddling $...
ImaJoeBob 10/03/2007 2 3 - 5
One Confused Liberal
This probably violates rules for being too brief but... I don't support the death penalty. I don't support unjustified preemptory wars. I don't support rendition. I've never even struck anyone (...
ImaJoeBob 09/25/2007 4 2 - 6
Kim Il-Bush? (George W-Jong?)
Meteor Blade's concise post on Bush's contempt for the global Global Warming Treaty (sorry, I couldn't resist the redundancy) got me ...
ImaJoeBob 09/24/2007 4 3 1 6
Fox CENSORS anti-war comment at Emmys
In a jarring cut-away from the end of her speech, Fox TV didn't just bleep Sally Field's use of a profanity, but cut her entire anti-war message. Piecing it together from a few live blogs, Field ...
ImaJoeBob 09/16/2007 285 223 4 37
Is The Colbert Report Ripping Off Veterans?
Okay, that's hyperbole, but someone connected with Colbert is profiteering off an injured veterans' charity. Most of us are aware of Colbert's WristStrong bracelet campaign. Comedy ...
ImaJoeBob 08/23/2007 24 2 2 16
Full-Tilt Republican Lie Machine About TWO Wars
Within minutes of Bush's insult (lying about his supporting the soldiers, and continuing to lie about his military "service") to the VFW, the Republican propagandists are lying every ...
ImaJoeBob 08/22/2007 1 4 - 3
'nuff said
Our Democratic ...
ImaJoeBob 05/26/2007 4 1 - 4
Republican Math in Connecticut
Connecticut Governor M. Jodi (Bugsy) Rell, facing a dire budget surplus , and failing to get any traction on her proposals to eliminate the property tax on cars - saving tens of ...
ImaJoeBob 04/30/2007 3 6 - 6
Dr. Dick?  Tell BYU this makes you ill! (now with handy link)
A last minute announcement from Brigham Young University disclosed that not only is Dick Cheney the commencement keynote speaker, he is also scheduled to receive an honorary doctorate for "Public ...
ImaJoeBob 04/26/2007 7 2 - 3
What Do You Care About?
By care, I mean what do you actually care enough about to do something ? You participate regularly . You're an activist. You call, write, lobby, harrangue someone (diaries don't count).
ImaJoeBob 04/23/2007 78 5 - 14
A Quick Survey On email Acumen
After revealing that 4 years ( years! ) of Karl Rove's email has been erased (purged?), Rove claims that he believed all email was saved, even if he deleted it. Let's take a sample of dKos ...
ImaJoeBob 04/13/2007 7 - - 6
Al Sharpton: Media Whore Extraordinaire
Hey Al! You just burned up your fifteen minutes. Thanks to your uncontrollable Imus hysteria, you're once again the race-baiting, loud-mouth, defamatory, rabble inciting media whore that made you a ...
ImaJoeBob 04/11/2007 114 - - 18
Nature Abhors Tucker Carlson's Head
Today (Mar 28), on his 6 PM show, the vacuous Carlson claimed that if Bush decided to destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities (he may have used the verb "nuke"), Americans would applaud him and the ...
ImaJoeBob 03/28/2007 29 23 1 10
Dennis "The Whore" Miller
Wow. How the mighty (well scripted) has fallen. I just had the misfortune of seeing Dennis Miller on The Daily Show . His idea of clever humor has degenerated into attacking Nancy Pelosi's ...
ImaJoeBob 03/27/2007 116 30 - 4
Half-Glass-Full - the poetry of Dick Cheney
With a big tip of the hat to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Everyone is invited to post their favorite passages from ...
ImaJoeBob 01/31/2007 9 2 - 1
I Got Your Alternate Plan Right Here!
Surge George W. Bush has joined the chorus of "don't criticize me without proposing alternatives." So, as a service to my country, and in hopes of assisting the most inept person to hold the ...
ImaJoeBob 01/26/2007 2 - - 2
CNN: End The BIGOT Glen Beck Show NOW!!!
ImaJoeBob 11/16/2006 34 29 1 13
Stick It To 'Em. And Then Do It Again. And Again.
ImaJoeBob 10/27/2006 8 7 - 9
Why I'm FOR Impeachment
ImaJoeBob 10/19/2006 32 10 2 8
ImaJoeBob 09/27/2006 47 18 1 8
Snow Ties Prez to Al Qaeda, bin Laden
ImaJoeBob 09/13/2006 4 9 - 1
Dear Secretary Rumsfeld, THIS IS FASCISM:
ImaJoeBob 08/31/2006 1 - - 4
A call for a vote of CONFIDENCE in Rummy!!
ImaJoeBob 08/26/2006 4 - - 1
Lieberman Openly ENCOURAGES "The AL-QAEDA Types."
ImaJoeBob 08/20/2006 2 3 - 14
ImaJoeBob 08/03/2006 14 4 1 5
Colin McEnroe is a Genius
ImaJoeBob 07/31/2006 3 6 - 3
A Man With A Plan
ImaJoeBob 07/27/2006 1 4 - -
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