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Anyone know how is PA doing?
Honestly, I live in Pittsburgh and I seriously cant read this state. There was definite energy for Obama in '08, with signs, stickers everywhere. You felt this was going to be Obama country, no doubt.
Inameli 11/05/2012 26 2 - -
ZOMG, fell in love with Romney tonight
Settle down, I meant Miles Romney! My cynical heart sometimes forget there are things more important than politics. And one of the cutest thing was on display tonight on stage. Wonder what kind ...
Inameli 10/22/2012 59 15 - -
Letter from Iowa lady at Paul Ryan rally needs to go viral (updated)
Apologies for the short diary but I'm on my Ipad and couldn't contain myself when reading this article. I quicky searched if there was a diary about this but didn't find it ( if I missed it, I ll ...
Inameli 08/15/2012 140 499 13 4009
"The Democrats don’t appear to be afraid of the Republicans anymore"
I know there have been lots of diaries about the Repubs freakout over a rather modest "yay, us !" Obama ad but seriously, I can't get over the fact that our side, FOR ONCE, has them on the run, on ...
Inameli 05/01/2012 28 47 2 385
The Road we've traveled - A case for Reelection
I didn't see another diary about this so thought to start one up. This is ground we know, we've lived through it and a 17 min video could not possibly do justice to the insanity of the past 4 years.
Inameli 03/16/2012 6 14 2 67
Thank you Sign in Benghazi
Via ThinkProgress, a giant THANK YOU Sign to ...
Inameli 08/22/2011 6 12 1 102
The Kenyan Socialist vs The Tea Partier
Sometimes, things are just so absurd , you can't help but laugh... Not much of a diary, but again, sometimes, there just aren't words... Apparently, a tea partier very "concerned" about "civility" ...
Inameli 08/16/2011 12 13 - 85
Progressive intelligentsia vs Democratic Presidents
My title was going to be "Progressive Intelligentsia vs Obama" then I remembered that the last 3 Democratic Presidents had the same run ins with the progressive intellectuals to the point where one ...
Inameli 08/13/2011 430 97 2 702
These people are just awful.
Alright. I know that we're supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt. Just because they criticize the President doesnt mean they are racists. Fair enough. Just because they believe he is a ...
Inameli 04/23/2011 7 6 - 186
This is not a reality based community ( Part 2)
So I got flamed into oblivion for my last diary ( check if you like) that said that this community is really not reality based. Granted, it was more of a rant than a carefully constructed essay but ...
Inameli 12/13/2010 163 28 1 55
This is not a reality based community.
I'm not going to make it very long. Just as some of you "omg painfully realized" that Obama was "weak" , " sellout" , "capitulator" , I also came to realize most of ppl here do not live in reality. ...
Inameli 12/04/2010 190 21 - 45
Obama : I don't think about Sarah Palin. ( Happy Thanksgiving! )
This is really not a diary. I just read that somewhere and thought " Could finally the media realize that the emperor has no clothes?"
Inameli 11/25/2010 25 4 - 63
CEOs slam Obama or when Obama is in bed with Corporations...
Sometimes, I feel like I'm in the twilight zone- I don't really want to start a pie fight. I mean, not really. Actually, I don't even think this constitutes a diary of some sort- Just ...
Inameli 08/26/2010 63 9 3 90
David Plouffe: How Democrats can limit the damage in 2010
David Plouffe writes a few key points for Democrats to consider if they do not want a bloodbath in November. More after the jump...
Inameli 01/23/2010 5 7 2 14
For those wishing Obama was LBJ
Guess what? He ALMOST IS! Obama won 96.7% of Congress votes last year for positions he wanted. That's 4 ...
Inameli 01/12/2010 42 3 - 9
Heartbreaking article on Native American reservation life
Sometimes, I like to read international websites and newspapers. They usually do a MUCH better job than our own media in detailing and covering U.S issues. Maybe it's because they rarely have an ...
Inameli 01/10/2010 23 34 1 110
" A few years back, that man would have been getting us coffee"
Wow. Just wow. It's politico after all, I probably believe maybe 45% of what they write...Why would this one be true? But then again, they did report another statement from Reid who ...
Inameli 01/10/2010 24 7 - 13
I'm just so tired of Obama bashing...
I really am. There was a FAILED terrorist attempt on U.S soil and everyone and their momma is acting like Obama himself had the stupid bomb strapped in his underpants. The man can't catch a ...
Inameli 12/29/2009 139 30 2 92
Again, how is this bill good?
I know I know...It stops insurers from dropping you due to pre-existing conditions. Fantastic! What else? Both bills call for the creation of insurance exchanges that help people buy coverage. ...
Inameli 12/25/2009 1 - - 64
Senator Inhofe..Inhoffe? I'm with Stupid
LMAO !!! I cannot stop laughing at this little-covered news nugget about how climate change denier, Evolution basher and all around good 'ol teabagger batshit crazy, Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma '
Inameli 12/19/2009 6 1 - 151
The left is insane! or what reality based?
Are you guys serious?? Kill the bill?? Hissy fit? Really? Shame on dailykos!!
Inameli 12/17/2009 41 5 - 93
Oh Pliz Kos, spare us!
A shitty bill? No time for a long diary but I swear, am sick of Kos sometimes! Can people wait until we see what's going on with this thing before calling the admin and all democrats all sorts ...
Inameli 12/09/2009 10 3 - 105
Gallup: Obama poll lowest since Truman......
Well, apparently, Gallup has Obama approval among the lowest since Truman at this stage of his presidency.... Just curious as your thoughts on that... Is he doing too much? Too little? Pissed off ...
Inameli 12/08/2009 105 5 - 193
It's hard being progressive...
This little analysis from first Read on ( )explains why I get frustrated with progressives/liberals sometimes...
Inameli 12/04/2009 95 5 - 144
So the honeymoon is definately over uh?
The media has been breathlessly and anxiously reporting how the honeymoon was over for this President since before the poor man's inauguration. Well, I guess from the mood around here, it's over ...
Inameli 11/25/2009 1 1 - 98
Can we really take 8 more years of this?!
Is it just me or does the current President have to work 3 times as much as his modern predecessors to get any type of recognition? Any win is either not good enough or the result of some other ...
Inameli 11/19/2009 7 1 - 267
So, is Obama a wimp?
So says the front page of Politico..... Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother following politics. It's freakin exhausting!! The extreme hot and cold temps would be fascinating if I didn't get dizzy.
Inameli 09/13/2009 58 3 - 50
Finally the base is fired up!! where were you??
Do you think the obama adminstration has, intentionally or not, given the left something to be passionate and LOUD about? If there is something we've learned this summer, heck, since Obama was ...
Inameli 08/18/2009 9 6 - 3
I just don't get it....
Either I am not as progressive as I thought or most people here have a tendency for melodrama, hysterics and/or hyperventilation... I just came from a wonderful vacation in France..Mon Dieu, but the ...
Inameli 08/10/2009 9 7 - 54
So if the right is bashing Obama and the left is bashing Obama...
Does that mean that "they" won? They could be: - Cheney and Co - GOP -Rush -The terrorists I'm sorry, I've never been able to watch Fox News but now I can't seem to be able to watch Rachel ...
Inameli 05/21/2009 111 12 1 111
So what was the point of this whole European tour?
Alright, Europe loves the Obamas. No surprise there. We got that. What else? First stop was the G20 summit, which by most expert opinions never brings about any concrete measures that solve ...
Inameli 04/04/2009 78 1 - 26
Why are liberals just never happy?
Honest question. I was never really interested in politics and was kinda soured with the whole process but after maturing in the Bush Era, who can blame me really? So after an exciting election,
Inameli 03/21/2009 69 12 - 20
Random thoughts from your Average 20-something girl who flunked Economics.
I never realized how much I disliked Republicans until this past week. I call myself a liberal because of social issues ( we luv the gays, the women, the minorities, the athiests, the everything ...
Inameli 02/07/2009 26 11 - 18
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