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10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Support Military Kids
April is the Month of the Military Child. I know that there are lots of people out there who want to support soldiers and their families but don't know how to show their support. Here are ten ...
IndieArmyWife 04/13/2011 18 44 4 242
Dear Congress: We Deserve Better
Soldiers and military families deserve better than this from our elected officials. We give our lives in service to our country, not to be used as bargaining chips by politicians to further their ...
IndieArmyWife 04/08/2011 38 34 - 201
Thanks but No Thanks America - You'll Have to Get Your Altruism Porn Somewhere Else
Shows like TLC's upcoming "Homecoming" fetishize the military family experience without providing any real insight or help. Military families don't need TV shows like this, they need real help from ...
IndieArmyWife 01/15/2011 347 681 10 464
Marginalized in an Already Marginalized Community
Less than 1% of the population serves in the military on active duty. The spouses of those 1% are a much more diverse group than is portrayed in the media, which means that the problems, issues, and ...
IndieArmyWife 12/27/2010 99 120 1 81
Why Films Like RESTREPO Matter, and Why You Need to See It
The Best Documentary Winner at Sundance, the Afghanistan war documentary Restrepo, will be hitting theaters soon. It's a small film, and it needs public support in order to convince theaters to run ...
IndieArmyWife 06/18/2010 13 35 3 203
Fort Campbell Commitment to Soldiers FAIL
Once again Fort Campbell had the chance to do something that would have provided a lot of help to soldiers and their families and chose not to. Military brass say they are "befuddled" at the high ...
IndieArmyWife 04/23/2010 11 23 - 247
Welcome Home Soldier
I wrote this just over a year ago for my husband as he came home from his first Afghanistan deployment. On the anniversary of the Iraq war and in light of all the negativity surrounding the military ...
IndieArmyWife 03/20/2010 9 6 - 18
A Life Like No Other
The day to day reality of military life is something that most people who are not affiliated with the military can really understand. Hopefully this is a glimpse into the struggles military families ...
IndieArmyWife 03/16/2010 19 24 - 176
Pre-Deployment Journal: The Pressure of Making it Count
As my husband gets ready for his second deployment, barely a year after his first, I am trying to find a way to not let the knowledge that he's leaving overshadow the time we have left. It's not an ...
IndieArmyWife 02/14/2010 8 22 - 193
A Blue Star Tribute for Veterans and Families
Today we honor all Veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much in service to this country. You are truly the embodiment of what public service means and we appreciate everything that you ...
IndieArmyWife 11/11/2009 3 9 - 98
Remember the Injured As Well as the Fallen This Veteran's Day
Tens of thousands of soldiers have come home seriously injured, missing limbs, or with severe Traumatic Brain Injury from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This Veteran's Day in addition to ...
IndieArmyWife 11/10/2009 13 32 - 331
How to Help Survivors and Families of Victims at Fort Hood
Some practical ways you can help the survivors and the families of those killed in the Fort Hood massacre yesterday.
IndieArmyWife 11/06/2009 4 16 - 158
Obama Declares November Military Family Month
President Obama has declared November to be "Military Family Month", a time to raise awareness of the struggles and sacrifices of military families and to help bridge the gap between military ...
IndieArmyWife 11/05/2009 13 11 - 77
Send a Card of Support to a Military Family
I've been overwhelmed at the outpouring of support for military families by Kossacks. Many of you have asked for specifics on how you can show your support and how you can help. Blue Star Families ...
IndieArmyWife 10/20/2009 20 18 - 64
Things You Should Say to a Military Spouse
There are many lists running around of stupid things that you shouldn't say to the spouse of a deployed soldier, but not too much guidance on what you can say to a military spouse without sounding ...
IndieArmyWife 10/19/2009 228 243 5 185
An Open Letter to The American Public from a Military Wife
Military families are being ripped apart at the seams by nearly a decade of war. Multiple deployments, lack of mental health care and support for soldiers and their families has caused huge ...
IndieArmyWife 09/28/2009 189 465 22 188
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