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Rick Scott's Medicaid Debacle: "Like King Midas In Reverse"
Rick Scott has taken his years-long fight to keep people from getting access to health care to monumental levels of absurdity recently in Florida, and if it weren't for the fact that people are ...
Inkberries 04/18/2015 14 45 - -
Will Rick Scott Now Block Florida's FEMA Funds As He Did With Medicaid?
Rick Scott's climate change denial problem is about to get a whole lot worse , not just for Floridians, but for Rick Scott's political career: The Federal Emergency Management Agency is making it ...
Inkberries 03/18/2015 10 15 - -
Speaking Of Climate Change Earns FL State Employee A Mental Health Evaluation
Last week, news broke that Rick Scott's Administration had  ordered his agencies to refrain from using the terms "global warming, climate change, and sustainability."   Later, on an edition of "...
Inkberries 03/18/2015 5 12 - -
Speaking Of Climate Change Earns FL State Employee A Mental Health Evaluation
Last week, news broke that Rick Scott's Administration had  ordered his agencies to refrain from using the terms "global warming, climate change, and sustainability."   Later, on an edition of "...
Inkberries 03/18/2015 6 9 - -
Not Like Ike: Today's Divide And Conquer GOP
People will recall President Eisenhower's farewell speech for his warning about the dangers of an emerging military-industrial complex. It far overshadowed another powerful message in  Eisenhower's 
Inkberries 03/15/2015 5 2 - -
Florida GOP Pushing To Add Dodging Bullets To School Curriculum
The Florida House GOP just took a brief break from using Florida school students as political footballs to focus on the teachers and pass a bill that would allow them to carry guns : The proposal (...
Inkberries 03/11/2015 11 14 - -
Rick Scott's "Florida Exceptionalism" - Where Dreams Go To Die
When Rick Scott speaks in public, no one expects coherence. No one expects facts.  Those expectations certainly weren't dashed in Scott's State of the State speech for this year. Scott kicked off ...
Inkberries 03/05/2015 3 14 - -
If SCOTUS Blows Up "Obamacare," The Impact In Florida Will Be Devastating For Everyone
Conservatives love to paint the Affordable Care Act subsidies as "free stuff," and if you're unlucky enough to get into a conversation with them over it, they're happy to dismiss you by laughably ...
Inkberries 03/04/2015 4 12 - -
If Over A Million More Floridians Lose Health Insurance, Rick Scott Says That's Not His Problem
Before the November election last year I wrote that the first four years of Rick Scott's arrogance and incompetence would pale in comparison to another four years under a two-term governor with ...
Inkberries 03/02/2015 7 9 - -
Rick Scott Hits The Fan
The second debate between Rick Scott and Charlie Crist just ended, and the most that anyone will remember is the empty podium beside Crist, after Rick Scott said he refused to participate in the ...
Inkberries 10/15/2014 26 44 - -
Florida Legislature: $1.2 Billion Surplus For Pet Projects, Cost To Save Lives With Medicaid: $0
As this year's legislative session draws to a close, the second in a row that ignores Medicaid expansion, lawmakers are patting themselves on the backs while they celebrate a $1.2 billion budget ...
Inkberries 04/30/2014 2 14 - -
Bilirakis Bill: Cites Koch Affiliated Think Tank "Report" For Nonexistent ACA Security Breaches
Despite the fact that there have been no security breaches on the Affordable Care Act's website, that hasn't stopped Republicans from trying to scare the public away from enrolling by claiming there ...
Inkberries 01/08/2014 1 3 - -
Republicans Roll Out Attack On Nan Rich And Florida Women
In spite of boasting to the contrary, is the Republican Party of Florida not so sure they have a winning incumbent in Rick Scott? After all, common sense would say yes, given his record-breaking ...
Inkberries 06/04/2013 1 3 1 -
Marco Rubio: Freedom At Gunpoint
Last week,  President Obama gave another emotional speech asking lawmakers to pass sensible gun legislation in the wake of the Newtown shootings . The same day,  Connecticut's State Prosecutor ...
Inkberries 04/05/2013 5 7 - -
Former Republican Man Of The Year And Committeeman Charged With Child Pornography
Here we go again... The entire Republican Party of Florida recently breathed a sigh of relief, not to mention Marco Rubio, after their former chairman Jim Greer pled guilty to grand theft and money ...
Inkberries 04/02/2013 6 13 - -
House Speaker's Family Relied On Medicaid, Which He's Now Denying Floridians
There are at least three things that you can count on today's Republicans for being consistent on: Pushing tax cuts for the wealthy, obstruction, and stunning hypocrisy. Some more recent examples, ...
Inkberries 03/06/2013 9 25 - -
Rick Scott And Republicans Are Killing Florida
If you live in Florida, you already know much of the story published in this month's Mother Jones:� What's It Like to Wake Up From a Tea Party Binge? Just Ask Florida ! The horrors of reality for ...
Inkberries 02/21/2013 12 31 - -
They'll Protect Bunnies, But Protecting Children From Guns Is A Bridge Too Far?
Last year, despite a 50-year ban on dyeing bunnies and chicks in festive Easter colors, the Florida Legislature repealed the ban. Never mind that this practice is a form of animal cruelty and ...
Inkberries 02/08/2013 8 5 - -
It's Time To Stop Pretending John McCain Is A "Hero"
I've taken heat for saying this before and I probably will again. Yes, I know, John McCain was shot down, captured, held as a prisoner of war and tortured. For that he's been held out as a hero and ...
Inkberries 01/23/2013 280 350 2 -
Rick Scott Outsourcing Job Of Branding Organization That Brings Jobs To Florida
Cruel irony alert. Rick Scott, "The Jobs Governor" has just outsourced the job of branding Florida's public/private organization devoted to statewide economic development to a market research firm in.
Inkberries 10/18/2012 3 6 - -
Medicare Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Bain Company In Tampa During RNC
On the same day that Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan was lying to the RNC about the cuts that President Obama made to Medicare , which actually cut fraud and abuse, a company owned by Bain ...
Inkberries 08/31/2012 7 30 3 216
GOP Poised To Lose Florida
With the upcoming Republican National Convention being held in Tampa, the party is dreaming of turning the state back to red as far as the Presidential election is concerned. In 2008 Florida went ...
Inkberries 08/12/2012 21 29 - 332
GOP Official: "Bigger Fish To Fry" Than Actually Prosecuting In "Preventive" Florida Voter Purge
From the Department of Phantom Voter Fraud, Republicans in Florida have made sure that the Florida Division of Elections is hard at work enforcing their new election laws that restrict voters from ...
Inkberries 05/10/2012 53 126 1 856
Why Are We Giving The "Game Changers" A Free Pass?
I read a few reviews of the HBO movie "Game Change" before it aired, and I wasn't sure I cared to watch it. So many said that it was geared towards making Sarah Palin a sympathetic character and a ...
Inkberries 03/14/2012 14 8 - 169
FL Senate Race: If You Live In A Glass House, You Shouldn't Throw Boulders
As the current race for the U.S. Senate gets underway in Florida, the only adult in the room is the current office holder: Democrat Bill Nelson. Former GOP Sen. Stand-In George LeMieux, who was a ...
Inkberries 02/23/2012 1 7 - 61
Another Instance Of Voter Fraud....By The GOP
Funny how, while Republicans all over the country hurriedly pass new election laws to combat all that "phantom" liberal voter fraud, when someone is actually caught and convicted of ...
Inkberries 02/04/2012 14 17 - 170
Will Florida's Titanic Endorse The SS Romney?
As we watch the Republican party slug it out amongst themselves to choose the nominee who will drive their clown car into a ditch this coming November, Florida has high stakes in the game with ...
Inkberries 01/14/2012 4 4 - 55
Where Marco Rubio Has A Tantrum, And Sinks In The Polls
Poor Marco Rubio. When he won his Senate race in 2010 the Republicans proclaimed that he would be their shining star. He was their new golden boy, there was even talk of a run for the VP slot, ...
Inkberries 12/14/2011 9 22 - 180
Scott Overreach: Court "Unjustified In Blocking The Will Of The People's Elected Representative"
Remember when Gov. Rick Scott unveiled those severe budget cuts last February? To justify those deep cuts, 
Inkberries 11/03/2011 118 278 3 1883
Hackers Access Florida Voting Database
How much faith do you have in election integrity in Florida?  Problems with voting in Florida are nothing new. The state of Florida, after all, brought terms like "hanging chad" and "pregnant chad"
Inkberries 07/04/2011 7 21 - 206
Rick Scott "Honors" Florida Homeless Veterans By Cutting Their Benefits
On Friday, just one day after signing the Florida budget in which he cut and vetoed $615 million, Republican Governor Rick Scott put out a Memorial Day message. Below is part of that message, taken ...
Inkberries 05/31/2011 8 28 1 144
FL Gov. Rick Scott Claims "Supreme Executive Power" Over Rule Blocking Blind Woman's Food Stamps
On March 28 by Rosalie Whiley of Opa Locka filed a petition in the Florida Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of one of Rick Scott's first actions when he became Governor, freezing all ...
Inkberries 05/13/2011 11 34 1 274
Rick Scott Burns Yet Another Rail Bridge With The GOP?
Everyone knows, as Jim Croce wrote: "you don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, and you don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger." Nor would it make sense to appear to ...
Inkberries 03/12/2011 28 30 - 309
Gov. Scott: You Just Turned Down High-Speed Rail, What Are You Going To Do Next?
President Obama weighed in on high-speed rail projects today in an address to the nation's governors at the White House. In his address, he reiterated that the nation can't afford not to make ...
Inkberries 02/28/2011 134 85 - 789
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