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Help: Evicted with an Ill Disabled Brother
I wrote yesterday of my problems with the landlords. We may be able to get the car out tomorrow. Today however we got a 30 day eviction notice. Reid is still in the hospital and ill. We don't have ...
michelewln 04/17/2015 54 66 2 -
This is what activism can accomplish: Look at the drop in NYC stop-and-frisks
Stop-and-frisk in New York City is down 90 percent. People protested. People marched . A good cop who blew the whistle ended ...
Ian Reifowitz 09/20/2014 108 216 3 -
Forward this next time right-wingers lie about prominent Muslims not condemning ISIS violence
Muslims never condemn jihadi terrorism, right? Wrong. Among many other lies, the right wing loves to claim that Muslims don't speak out against violence committed by jihadi terrorists like ISIS. ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/21/2014 84 99 8 1
Jesus drove usurers from temple. We allow 500-percent interest payday loans. Where are Christians?
I'd love to have this Jesus in Congress. First, let's start with the good (if you can really call it that) news : A trail ...
Ian Reifowitz 08/12/2014 110 88 1 2
Netroot Nation Scholarship Contest
It is time to vote for your choice to be voted into a scholarship to attend Netroots Nation in Detriot this year. The list of applicants is here:
Horace Boothroyd III 05/07/2014 11 13 1 -
Indians 101: Christian Missionaries in Oregon Country
The European invasion of the Oregon Country began in the late eighteenth century and intensified in the early nineteenth century. In 1818, the United States and the United Kingdom, ignoring any ...
Ojibwa 05/06/2014 15 32 - -
On Invasive Questions
Janet Mock was recently on Fusion TV's Am Tonight , where she flipped roles with host Alicia Menendez. At the end of the AM Tonight interview, Menendez remarked that, even though she had helped ...
rserven 05/04/2014 12 30 1 -
Indians 201: Huckleberries
The most important berry crop for most of the Plateau people of Washington, Idaho, and Montana was the huckleberry (Vaccinium membranaceum), a type of blueberry. These berries were collected in ...
Ojibwa 04/29/2014 45 74 1 -
Don’t let the religious right whitewash their history of anti-gay oppression
crossposted on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters The anti-gay group Concerned Women for America is furious at the National Women’s History Museum Project. According to Right Wing Watch , the ...
The Author 04/28/2014 6 20 1 -
Minneapolis renames Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day
A recently enacted policy by the Minneapolis city council changes Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day. Last week, Indigenous Peoples Day supporter and Lakota activist Bill Means told Minnesota ...
Simul Iustus et Peccator 04/28/2014 13 9 - -
Oklahoma Gov's daughter Performs Fake War Dance and Calls Natives "Sheep"
Traditional Navajo people (Diné) herd sheep, but they are NOT sheep. Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry , a group of Native parents and their allies from across the country were alerted to ...
bahesmama 04/28/2014 150 385 5 -
Education for transpeople
In yesterday's column by Turkana Laurence Lewis on Affirmative Action , I made a comment about what had just popped into my mind at the time: There is no affirmative action for... ...transpeople, ...
rserven 04/27/2014 19 38 - -
Justice Sonia Sotomayor reads her scathing dissent from the bench in affirmative action ruling
Justice Sonia Sotomayor: Affirmative Action ‘Opened Doors in My Life,’ ...
HoundDog 04/24/2014 305 144 4 -
Indians 101: The Theft of the Cherokee Outlet
In 1836, under the terms of the Treaty of New Echota, the Cherokee were given a narrow strip of land some 225 miles long and 60 miles wide in what would later become Oklahoma. This strip of land, ...
Ojibwa 04/24/2014 7 41 - -
Indians 101: Marriage Among the Southern Plains Tribes
Marriage is an almost universal human institution. However, the concept of marriage varies greatly among different cultures. In some cultures, marriage is seen as a primarily economic institution; ...
Ojibwa 04/22/2014 7 46 2 -
Indians 101: Imposing Law on Sovereign Nations
While the Constitution of the United States and the Supreme Court recognize Indian tribes as sovereign nations, this has been frequently ignored by Indian agents. Ignoring the fact that Indian ...
Ojibwa 04/08/2014 5 31 - -
Wow. Just wow. A kossak I totally respected has just gob-smacked me
I won't link to the diary which triggered this one. That would turn this into a rules-violating call-out. But I couldn't leave what I read unchallenged and I actually started this as a comment there.
davidincleveland 03/30/2014 161 246 2 -
Was eight-year-old VA girl kicked out of Christian school for boyish looks the victim of bullying?
Yesterday, I mentioned the story of Sunnie Kahle , an eight-year-old girl from Lynchburg, Virginia who was essentially drummed out of Timberlake Christian School near Lynchburg because she looks too ...
Christian Dem in NC 03/29/2014 12 23 - -
Policing Gender
Sunnie Kahle, 8, prefers to have short hair and dress comfortably (t-shirts, jeans and sneakers). Officials at the school she has attended, Timberlake Christian School near Lynchburg, VA, decided ...
rserven 03/28/2014 35 48 - -
The Contested Legacy of Cesar Chavez
On March 31, Eleven states will hold holidays celebrating labor and Latino Leader Cesar Chavez. A new film Cesar Chavez: An American Hero , starring Michael Peña as Cesar Chavez and ...
dcampbell 03/26/2014 5 12 - -
Out of Arkansas
I've shared before that I was teaching at a university in Arkansas when I transitioned. The University of Central Arkansas is located in Conway, about 35 miles north of Little Rock on I-40. I can'
rserven 03/21/2014 21 32 - -
Indians 101: Hopi Katsinas
The Hopi are a group living in independent villages (Pueblos) located in northern Arizona where they have been engaged in dry farming for over a thousand years. Hopi is a contraction of Hopi-tuh ...
Ojibwa 03/20/2014 13 69 1 -
Indians 101: Rainbow Bridge
Tucked away among the isolated canyons at the base of Navajo Mountain is a geological feature known as the Rainbow Bridge (shown above in a National Park ...
Ojibwa 03/18/2014 36 101 1 -
BREAKING: Marriage Equality begins for Tennessee
Federal Judge Aleta Trauger issued a preliminary injunction requiring the state to recognize the out-of-state marriages of three Tennessee couples. The ruling is limited to the plaintiffs, but Judge ...
fiddler crabby 03/14/2014 29 78 1 -
McDonald's wage theft is a feature of, not a bug in, the cutthroat, low-wage fast-food industry
I'm assuming most of you already know that workers in three different states have filed a lawsuit charging that the McDonald's corporation and their ...
Ian Reifowitz 03/14/2014 50 70 5 -
New York City DOE publishes new guidelines for transgender students
The New York City Department of Education posted new guidelines for transgender students in late February which were publicized this past week ...
rserven 03/13/2014 4 19 - -
Indians 101: Hanging Indians in 1865
Since the creation of the United States there have been conflicts with American Indian nations. The United States has generally viewed the actions of Indian in defending their traditional homelands ...
Ojibwa 03/13/2014 12 64 2 -
Trio of transwomen selected as Women of the Year by California legislators
Each year the California state legislature honors one woman from each legislator's district in a list of Women of the Year during Women's History Month. This year three transgender women were so ...
rserven 03/12/2014 6 39 - -
Photographer Alvaro Laiz documents transgender existence in little-known cultures
Alvaro Laiz is a photographer. In 2011 Laiz traveled to Mongolia to document ...
rserven 03/11/2014 5 29 - -
Indians 101: The Lame Cow War
In the 1840s a massive migration of non-Indians began in which long wagon trains would cross the Great Plains bringing new settlers into Utah, Oregon, and California. The people in the wagon trains ...
Ojibwa 03/11/2014 4 24 - -
Community Quilt for a caregiver, 2thanks
Quilt for The Packhorse and irishwitch -- read irishwitch's diary about it here ! Many of you know 2thanks from the beautiful quilt messages he has ...
Sara R 03/08/2014 78 51 - -
Maryland set to protect transgender people from discrimination
On Tuesday the Maryland Senate approved the Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2014 which would expand Maryland's anti-discrimination laws to add transgender people to the list of classes of people ...
rserven 03/07/2014 17 42 - -
Indians 101: Indians and Cancer
In general, American Indians and Alaska Natives appear to have lower rates of cancer than other American groups. However, the death rates among those who have cancer tend to be higher. Among Native ...
Ojibwa 03/06/2014 6 35 1 -
Transgender student sexually assaulted in California high school boys' room UPDATE: Fabricated hoax
Hercules High School in the northern reaches of San Francisco's Bay Area has been in the news recently for all of the reasons that a school doesn't want to be in the news. Bullying by students, ...
rserven 03/04/2014 39 50 - -
Indians 201: Indian Rebellions at the California Missions
While it is not uncommon for some textbooks to give the impression that the California Native Americans passively accepted the missions, Spanish domination, and conversion to Christianity, this was ...
Ojibwa 03/04/2014 12 39 - -
Transgender Arkansas Episcopal Priest Severed from her Church
Grace Episcopal Church in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has had its priest dismissed for revealing her gender identity. Gwen Fry ...
rserven 03/02/2014 104 40 1 -
Native Americans Protest 'The Lone Ranger' Oscar Nomination for Redface
Portland, Oregon – Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry , a group of Native parents from across the country are protesting the nomination of 'The Lone Ranger' for an Academy Award in makeup, ...
bahesmama 02/28/2014 106 112 - -
Indians 101: Marriage Among Northwest Coast Indians
The family is a social institution that appears to be universal among humans, though the actual form of the family can vary greatly. One of the foundational aspects of family is marriage which ...
Ojibwa 02/27/2014 14 48 1 -
Indians 101: The Iroquoian Language Family
The Iroquoian language family, found in the Eastern Woodlands Culture Area, includes the languages of the League of Five Nations (Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk, Seneca, and Cayuga), Nottoway, Tuscarora, ...
Ojibwa 02/25/2014 19 51 2 -
Hate Crime on Campus
A transgender woman was the victim of a hate crime at the University of North Florida on February 6. University police say it is the first reported hate crime on the campus. The victim apparently ...
rserven 02/22/2014 30 31 - -
Indians 101: Spanish Missionaries in Texas
A frontier is a transition zone between two regions, between two areas with different cultures. For the European invaders in North America, the frontier represented the transition between ...
Ojibwa 02/20/2014 5 45 - -
Living in a "post-racial" world
As in, we most certainly are NOT . I saw a disturbing headline from TPM about a recent defacement of a statue in Missisippi - the statue of James Meredith, the first ...
GreyHawk 02/19/2014 24 22 1 -
Transgender, Schlumpy and Human
Jennifer Finney Boylan had a review of the new Amazon series Transparent in Sunday's New York Times. Boylan is a professor at Colby College and author ...
rserven 02/18/2014 18 33 - -
Indians 101: 1714
Three centuries ago, in 1714, the United States had not yet emerged as a country and the English colonies were continuing their land-hungry push inland from the Atlantic seaboard. Indians were, of ...
Ojibwa 02/18/2014 5 32 - -
And Now It Begins (A Coming Out Diary)
My brother Reid, the man I am caregiver for, told me the other day that he was gay. I have known it for a long, long time. He tried coming out once before but experienced so much pressure from the ...
michelewln 02/15/2014 7 31 - -
Talking to us and about us
The Philadelphia police have a new policy intended to eliminate the divide between the the city's transgender citizens and the people sworn to protect them. Historically police the world over have ...
rserven 02/14/2014 17 30 - -
TX-Gov: Wendy Davis (D) Comes Out In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage & Medical Marijuana
poopdogcomedy 02/13/2014 24 33 1 -
Texas Court rules transgender marriage legal
The 13th District Court of Appeals in Corpus Christi ruled today that Houston widow Nikki Araguz's 2008 marriage to Texas fireman Thomas Araguz III, who was killed in the line of duty in 2010, was ...
rserven 02/13/2014 31 74 - -
Transgender Homecoming King - in North Carolina
[ Yup]. CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 17-year-old East Meck High School student has become the first transgender teen ...
Wee Mama 02/11/2014 11 22 - -
Indians 101: Preparing the Cherokee for Removal
Since its founding, the United States, and particularly the states that compose it, has been uncomfortable with having Indians nations within its boundaries. Motivated by a combination of greed, ...
Ojibwa 02/11/2014 8 45 - -
Black Man in Jasper, Texas Found With Cut Throat And Missing Ear - Ruled ‘Accidental Overdose`.
Alfred Wright was a 28-year-old physical therapist, a “man of great faith,” and father of three sons. He grew up in Jasper, Texas along with four siblings, and a father who was both the town’s ...
Ole Texan 02/10/2014 279 498 5 -
Black History: The American-Filipino War
In 1866 Congress authorized the first African-American army units: four black infantry regiments and two black cavalry regiments. In 1869, the four infantry regiments were combined into the Twenty-...
Ojibwa 02/10/2014 14 49 1 -
Giving Warm for Valentine's Day Okiciyap (we help)
Cindy Taylor reported on February 3rd that the price of one gallon of propane heating fuel was up to $5.00 on the reservation. Please be assured that even a donation of just $5.00 will help. ...
weck 02/09/2014 48 62 1 -
BREAKING: Holder to announce expanded federal benefits for same-sex couples
Eric Holder is due to speak at the Human Rights Campaign's gala in New York City tonight. According to multiple sources, he plans to announce an expanded package of federal benefits for same-sex ...
Christian Dem in NC 02/08/2014 40 66 - -
How many more Trayvon Martins?
Crossposted at Of Means and Ends A day after what would have been Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday , a hearing began in Florida in another case of a young black man killed in a tragic shooting. The ...
Of Means and Ends 02/06/2014 45 31 - -
Indians 101: An Indian Artist
American Indian art is a broad, complex, and difficult topic. Art has always been an integral part of American Indian cultures, even though none of the more than 500 indigenous languages has a word ...
Ojibwa 02/06/2014 9 39 1 -
Add the Words, Idaho
Sen. Nicole LeFavour at the door of the Idaho State Senate chamber on February 3 shortly before she was arrested ( Idaho Statesman ) Living in Idaho is a challenge for ...
esessis 02/05/2014 17 47 - -
Amnesty International report: The State Decides Who I Am
Amnesty International has a new report , published on Tuesday: The State Decides Who I Am: ...
rserven 02/05/2014 12 27 - -
Rule of Law vs The U.S. Constitution: Majorities Cannot Decide the Rights of Minorities
Recently, I listened to an Oklahoma news-person give his opinion concerning Virginia's state attorney general, Mark R. Herring decision not to defend that state's ban on same-sex marriage. His ...
fidlerten 02/04/2014 12 10 - -
Indians 101: Redskins
In 1722, Samuel Shuttle, the governor of Massachusetts, declared total war on the Abenaki. Part of the concern of the English colonists was the presence of Jesuits among the Abenaki. The colonial ...
Ojibwa 02/04/2014 20 157 4 -
I Can't Solve A Problem I Can Not See PIT Homeless Count in DC
National City Christian Church Washington DC When I signed up as a volunteer in this years "Point-in-Time" (PIT) count of homeless persons in Washington DC, I didn't know anything about the survey. ...
mimi 02/02/2014 22 37 2 -
Philadelphia District Attorney refuses to tell all about a transgender woman's murder. Why?
Two days after a courtesy ride by Philadelphia police on December 22, 2002 transgender woman Nizah Morris died at a Philadelphia hospital of a subdural hematoma, the result traumatic blows to her ...
kellibusey 02/01/2014 7 18 - -
Indians 101: The Third Anglo-Powhatan War
The third Anglo-Powhatan war (1644 to 1646) started with a large, coordinated strike by Powhatan warriors against the Virginia colonists. Several outlying settlements were struck with the Powhatan ...
Ojibwa 01/30/2014 6 39 - -
Frigid Winter Endangers Lakota Elders - Okiciyap!
Standing Rock Reservation, January 2009 If you've been shivering through this winter and ...
betson08 01/28/2014 57 45 1 -
Indians 101: Place Names on the Flathead Reservation
At the beginning of the European invasion, Indian people had lived in the Americas for thousands of years and had given names to the rivers, mountains, lakes, and geographic features around them. ...
Ojibwa 01/28/2014 15 41 - -
Shocker... Bigotry might win again in the South.... Please Help!
Not long ago, in Chattanooga, TN, the city council voted to extend benefits to partners of same sex city workers ... Yay! Great day for Chattanooga. After all, this proud city was standing for ...
Tommy in TennyC 01/26/2014 6 13 - -
Christie vetoes transgender rights bill
Lost in the turmoil of corruption surrounding Governor Chris Christie is a day which some feel should live in infamy. In mid-January Christie exercised the "pocket veto" on 44 bills passed by the ...
rserven 01/25/2014 26 53 1 -
Bisexuality: What We Have Here is Failure to Communicate
I seem to have kicked up controversy among a few gay men due to my remarks about Andrew Sullivan’s biphobia . I am pleased to respond and take no offense to the criticism. Queer men of a ...
cabaretic 01/23/2014 77 24 2 -
Indians 101: The Second Anglo-Powhatan War
The years after the 1614 Treaty between the English and the Chickahominy were relatively peaceful. During this time the English colonists in Jamestown expanded their tobacco raising enterprises, ...
Ojibwa 01/23/2014 5 36 - -
Gay Protestor Detained during Torch Relay
I hate to post and run, but this confirms our expectations. From the Associated press via A gay Russian protester was detained on Saturday for unfurling a rainbow flag during the Olympic ...
Dave in Northridge 01/18/2014 21 31 - -
Paul Ryan Doesn't Understand the Difference Between DoD and Military.
Paul Ryan is having a bit of a nightmare. Because of the Bi-partisan Budget Act passed in December, he is catching hell from retired military and military families, especially those on the right who ...
angelajean 01/17/2014 140 205 1 -
Indians 101: The First Anglo-Powhatan War
Indian people tend to be very patient. After three years of dealing with English arrogance and bullying, the Indian people of Virginia had had enough. The Powhatan felt that the advantages of ...
Ojibwa 01/16/2014 7 37 2 -
Indians 101: Cherokee Treaty Claims
By 1830, the American government had decided that American Indians had no place in the United States and passed legislation calling for their removal to lands west of the Mississippi River. As a ...
Ojibwa 01/14/2014 5 35 - -
Facing Double Eviction
This is the rant of the working poor--the thousands of us who are trying to survive this recession and the war on workers. We're tired. We're tired and broken and worn down and sick of the ...
homogenius 01/12/2014 14 48 - -
All My Relation
Glooscape Heritage Centre (GHC), - which is also called Mikmaq Museum – is one of best native museum in Maritime Canada. They are located in Truro, Nova Scotia. I was volunteering overthere during ...
budimanibnu 01/11/2014 5 7 - -
RIP Reverend BobbieJean Baker
Reverend BobbieJean Baker, 49, of City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco and Oakland had officiated at a New Year's Eve Watch Night worship service in Oakland, along with Bishop ...
rserven 01/11/2014 12 31 - -
A Memorial Diary for Rev. Robert Nugent, who Ministered to Gay Catholics
As I was looking at the front page of the New York Times , I found another obituary which I think deserves the attention of the community. Robert Nugent died from the effects of lung cancer on New ...
Dave in Northridge 01/10/2014 18 25 - -
To Talk Or Not To Talk: On Genitals, Being Transgender, and The Curiosity of Others
In the past few days, the furies have been unleashed on Katie Couric (and the general public at large, Couric being seen as a poster child for the ignorance, bigotry, etc., of the non-trans community)
julimyers 01/10/2014 26 42 1 -
The New York Times remembers Carter Camp
Yesterday, in fact. In case you didn't see it, it's here - Carter Camp, American Indian Leader, Dies at 72. It's a fair representation from a writer who didn't know him.
Dave in Northridge 01/09/2014 9 38 - -
Indians 101: Reservations in 1914
One hundred years ago, in 1914, Indians were supposed to have totally assimilated into the great American melting pot like other immigrants and yet Indian people and their tribes continued to exist. ...
Ojibwa 01/09/2014 2 32 - -
Indians 101: Joseph Brant in Canada
During the Revolutionary War , many Indians allied themselves with their old trading partners, the British. For the six tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy, the divided loyalties led to the ritual ...
Ojibwa 01/07/2014 4 35 - -
Here's What Bisexuality Really Is, Andrew
I’ll be perfectly frank. It annoys me that I feel the need to write a new variation on a theme every year or two. This is what I mean. Gay conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan has in the past ...
cabaretic 01/06/2014 41 36 1 -
Black History: Gabriel's Rebellion
For European slave-owners and their descendents in the American south, slavery was a good thing, but for the slaves it was not. The fact that slavery was not considered pleasant by the slaves can be ...
Ojibwa 01/06/2014 10 50 1 -
Satanic Circus Geeks
The haters have been losing on same-sex marriage, so they've decided to direct their hate at transgender people. Some right-wing idiot (Vic Eliason of Voice of Christian Youth) decided that he ...
rserven 01/05/2014 14 30 - -
History 101: The Zoot Suit Riots
It is not uncommon for young people to want to make fashion statements which make a clear distinction between their generation and older generations. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, the Mexican ...
Ojibwa 01/03/2014 53 101 2 -
Indians 101: 1914
One hundred years ago, in 1914, Indians were supposed to have totally assimilated into the great American melting pot like other immigrants and yet Indian people and their tribes continued to exist. ...
Ojibwa 01/02/2014 4 48 2 -
Indians 101: Fur Trade in the Rockies, 1800 to 1805
The fur trade was an important part of the economic history of North America and incorporated American Indian economies into a larger world economy. Furs were valuable, easily portable, and ...
Ojibwa 12/31/2013 8 38 - -
Black History: Slavery in Colonial Virginia
In seventeenth century Virginia, labor was most frequently provided by either slaves or indentured servants. Indentured servants were generally English—that is, people who were subject to English ...
Ojibwa 12/30/2013 24 86 2 -
Indians 101: The Cherokee Civil War, 1845 to 1849
Following their removal in 1839 to what would later become Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation was divided into two basic factions: the Treaty Party made up of those who had moved from their homelands in ...
Ojibwa 12/26/2013 12 56 1 -
Black History: The 1943 Detroit Race War
For three days in June, 1943, blacks and whites in Detroit fought a battle that killed 34 people, wounded 433, and destroyed more than $2 million in property. The United States has a long history of ...
Ojibwa 12/23/2013 20 46 1 -
The "American Indian" Problem - Low High School Graduation Rates and High Dropout Rates
This blog entry was written to push for further research into Native American high school graduation and dropout rates in the State of Minnesota. Upon review of data sets and statistics from the ...
scarletraven 12/19/2013 17 24 - -
Indians 101: Carolina Indians in 1700
Part of our knowledge of the Indian nations of the Carolinas during the early colonial period comes from the reports of European explorers. One of these was the British naturalist John Lawson, who ...
Ojibwa 12/19/2013 9 46 1 -
Transgender Acceptance
The United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll has found that the majority of Americans are in favor of the Employment Nondiscrimination Act even if it includes protections ...
rserven 12/17/2013 20 73 - -
Indians 101: Smallpox on the Upper Missouri in 1837
Smallpox was a European disease which devastated many American Indian tribes. Many European Christians viewed the smallpox epidemics as evidence of their god’s grace for them and felt that god was ...
Ojibwa 12/17/2013 10 39 - -
We don't come to steal or destroy gender. We are here to liberate it.
The LATimes recently ran an article by Robin Abcarian in its L.A. Now section entitled Right wing frenzied over transgender students choosing bathroom . Of course the target of all the hate is ...
rserven 12/13/2013 77 60 - -
Future Leaders
Two transgender children from British Columbia are suing for the right to be themselves . Family members of ...
rserven 12/10/2013 8 28 - -
MT-Sen: John Walsh (D) Calls On Congress To Pass The Military Justice Improvement Act
Received this e-mail today from veteran and Lt. Governor John Walsh's (D. MT) U.S. Senate campaign:
poopdogcomedy 12/10/2013 1 4 - -
Fight for $15: The New War on Poverty
“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.”-- Nelson Mandela The USA has a new War on Poverty, but this one is not ...
BobboSphere 12/09/2013 12 39 1 -
Strikes close some fast food outlets, but strikers are aiming for something bigger
Laura Clawson 12/05/2013 31 37 3 -
GOP's Race War Still Dividing the Working Class
From Richard Nixon's efforts to divide poor whites & blacks to Ronald Reagan's open "Cadillac welfare queens" race-baiting to the Romney/Ryan 47% and makers/takers, using race to divide working-...
TheGreenMiles 12/05/2013 12 12 - -
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