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My Flight With Darrel Issa, Snake on a Plane!
I post this with humor. I know some are going to be pissed I did not take the chance... but I was tired and not in the mood for a fight. I was flying home from SXSW last Monday. I booked this ...
Ioo 03/19/2014 24 16 - -
The SCOTUS Stopped Short of Equal Protection. DOMA Still Hurting LGBT.
Yesterday was a huge victory for the LGBT community, but for many of us in the "fly over" states, yesterday's decisions was... Empty. Allow me to give you some background and explain. (Also forgive ...
Ioo 06/27/2013 20 8 1 -
Deny Quorum in Electoral College? Good Luck With That!
Dear Tea Party, There is no quorum needed at the Electoral College, stay home if you want , in fact all 24 states that went for Romney could not show, and Obama would still be re-elected. I am ...
Ioo 11/27/2012 81 27 - -
FOX Sunday only uses Real Clear Politics?
I am looking to understand. The peeps on FOX Sunday morning are going out of their way to make sure that every time the speak of a poll, it is from "Real Clear Politics" or "RCP" The RCP poll ...
Ioo 11/04/2012 18 1 - -
New Ad from Mitt. BO Will Raise Taxes by $4000!
Watching the Sunday News and there is a new add from Mitt Romney. The ad is such a lie I almost did a spit take of my coffee. The add opens by saying "WHO IS GOING TO RAISE YOUR TAXES?" it goes ...
Ioo 10/07/2012 20 5 - 176
What was the thing on Romney's flag?
The whole time I watched the debate ( you know the one, the one where they said there was a moderator, but I did not hear one) there was something on Mitt's flag lapel pin. A little black spot. Any ...
Ioo 10/03/2012 5 3 - 123
Congrats Mitt. You Now Own the Ryan Budgets!
In selecting Paul Ryan Mitt Romney now gets to own some of the most right wing hate budgets ever passed by the house.
Ioo 08/11/2012 4 2 - 17
GLBT trust in the Dems, Sorry, I am not Convinced
I want to write a diary about the democrats and the GLBT community, I am a little nervous, because this is some very raw thoughts and fears. And I pray I am wrong, and if I am, I will eat my words.
Ioo 12/07/2008 136 19 - 22
Who Has Largest Gov Run Healthcare System in the World? WE DO
This is a small diary, but I think it is worth saying. Right now, people are starting to look at the things Obama said he would try to bring to this great nation, and health care for all is one of ...
Ioo 11/12/2008 31 21 - 33
Prop 8 Needs to be taken Further - Why Stop With the Gays!!!!!!
So I was thinking about how the Mormons want the US to be all faith based, so I would recommend you call congress now and urge them to pass the The "If you are going to use faith to take ...
Ioo 11/07/2008 13 5 1 -
Prop-8 - CA Law School Profs Call Out Right Wing Lies
For a long time I never saw myself as a gay rights activiest at any level. Sure I was gay, but I was also in the military, and I am also a musician. To me, the fact that I was gay as little more ...
Ioo 10/30/2008 8 15 - 15
Elected Democrats, The Gays Need Your Help
I am going to say something that many Democrats may not want to hear, and many Democrats have been turning a blind eye to for some time. The federal level Democrats have done little for the ...
Ioo 10/12/2008 18 2 - -
Choose your words carefully, they matter now more than ever.
The democrats do not do a great job about framing the message, and we all need to work on changing that, so please read this post. We all agree that Bush is the worst thing to happen to American, ...
Ioo 10/03/2007 14 6 - 4
Hitler never broke the law, he just made the illegal, legal. Welcome to Bush's America...
You know Hitler never broke the law, he just made the illegal, legal. Welcome to Bush's America... The Bush Administration has now done what we all knew was coming, they have turned our Justice ...
Ioo 07/20/2007 110 12 - 10
Under Bush the United States now Tortures Children Today several human rights ...
Ioo 06/07/2007 5 9 - -
Alberto’s Harvard Class (’82) Places Ad in Washington Post.
Alberto's Harvard Class of 1982 paid to have an advert in the Washington post today
Ioo 05/15/2007 349 648 28 115
HELP - I hear Rumor That RNC Email System was not needed...
that Karl Rove's activities in the White House are not covered under the Hatch Act. In my three years reading this fine website I seen some amazing sleuth skills put to work. I had ...
Ioo 04/17/2007 26 8 - -
The Talking Points Are Out, Make Sure you Have a Response.
The GOP and it’s freeper followers have shown us what the Talking points are going to be, and given that Dems get killed constantly in the battle to frame the argument so I will try to help.
Ioo 03/21/2007 15 15 - 6
Osama bin Laden Turns 50 Today, Still not Dead! Still Free! As we all have learned by now, George Bush does not give a sh*t about those that perpetrated the tragic events of September 11, 2001. If he did he would have ...
Ioo 03/10/2007 13 4 - 9
To End War You Must Create More War? Neo-Con Thinking.
Cross Posted on Clearly the only think the Neo-cons know is more war. Both of these evil bastards gave almost the same reason for ...
Ioo 01/15/2007 3 2 - -
The Media has Lost Its Mind as the Republicans have Lost Control
Ioo 11/17/2006 10 8 1 -
My Ongoing Visual Tribute to the Fallen in Iraq
Ioo 10/15/2006 3 6 1 -
WV-2: Callaghan calls for Capito's resignation from Page Board
Ioo 10/03/2006 16 7 2 65
Dubai Port Deal Closes on Monday, Regardless of 45 Day Review.
Ioo 03/02/2006 5 4 - 1
Republicans "Operation Offset" AKA, "Bend Over Americans"
Ioo 09/22/2005 4 11 1 -
The New Republican Values.
Ioo 07/19/2005 4 2 - -
Action Alert: Hillsborough Co (Tampa) anti gay agenda.
Ioo 06/29/2005 1 4 - -
Bush using the Military as Backdrop to hide failures as a president
Ioo 06/27/2005 2 3 - -
Budget - Republicans Action Show they Still Hate Americans.
Ioo 06/24/2005 1 2 - -
A Vets message to Karl, you are a coward, You ran for war when you had a chance.
Ioo 06/24/2005 10 10 - -
UPDATED: 1,728 - Forget the Numbers, Take a look
Ioo 06/22/2005 6 6 - -
What 1,723 Look like, and why the number means little.
Ioo 06/20/2005 15 17 - -
Last 10 Days - 40 Dead - Bless them all
Ioo 06/18/2005 8 9 - -
What nation is going to make formal Bush's War Crimes
Ioo 06/17/2005 16 2 - -
'USA Today' Defends Lack of Coverage for Downing Street Memo
Ioo 06/08/2005 5 2 - -
ACTION ALERT: Stop the REAL ID - Voting Tuesday So Please Act
Ioo 05/09/2005 7 5 - - - How to REALLY Support the Troops
Ioo 05/04/2005 9 8 - -
New Pope Key in Sinking John Kerry's Election Bid
Ioo 04/20/2005 14 4 - -
Press Release from Disabled American Veterans (Shame on Republicans)
Ioo 04/15/2005 6 8 - -
Screw the Vets, Let them Eat Cake.
Ioo 04/13/2005 108 179 - 8
Sirius Sat Radio to lose Air America.
Ioo 04/12/2005 32 7 - -
Pray for DeLay!
Ioo 04/03/2005 11 1 - -
Smartest Christian I have Ever Heard!, Evangelical Minister get it's right!
Ioo 03/30/2005 9 1 - -
For the record, Bush and Republicans Hate Vets
Ioo 03/20/2005 2 4 - -
Why do you hate Americans? (Framing the argument)
Ioo 03/02/2005 4 1 - 18
Jeff Gannon is considering suing liberal interest groups
Ioo 02/20/2005 63 10 - -
Democrats offer bills to reform vote
Ioo 02/18/2005 19 8 - -
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