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Brutal & Worst Since 1987, Exit Polls Suggest Labour 239, Tories 316
The BBC released the results of exit polling in the British General Election. Cautionary note, there has been much talk of how difficult it is to correctly conduct exit polling in such a variegated ...
ItsSimpleSimon 05/07/2015 17 6 - -
Missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 - Press Conference Updates (Guardian.UK)
Pluto on Saturday put together an excellent diary detailing what was known, and, more critically several issues that were still undetermined. Mysteries, seven of them at last count ( last diary ...
ItsSimpleSimon 03/09/2014 25 13 - -
The Late Great J.J. Cale - A Singer's Songwriter Passes On
You know this man's music, you've heard his songs played many times, perhaps not knowing that he was the writer. And that, he says was his goal - to be the writer, not the star. An Okie from ...
ItsSimpleSimon 07/27/2013 45 109 2 -
Boehner To Get A 2014 Democratic Challenger, Andrew Hounshell, - OH-8
In 2010 Boehner faced a democratic challenger in the candidacy of Justin Coussoule, an honorable man. The results were not pretty. Justin ended up not even getting to debate the man destined to be ...
ItsSimpleSimon 03/25/2013 10 20 - -
Galloping Away from Gallup - USA Today
Gallup has been associated with a number of names in the media over the years. One by one these collaborative polls have been set aside. Perhaps this merely means that Gallup will continue to pursue ...
ItsSimpleSimon 01/19/2013 4 10 - -
Husted, OH Early Voting - The Obama Campaign Responds
Short diary (at least for the moment). You may recall that John Husted chose to ignore the plain meaning of the court's reinstatement of early voting in Ohio. Today the Obama for America campaign ...
ItsSimpleSimon 09/05/2012 29 39 - 303
In Which Brad DeLong Shows Martin Feldstein is Math Challenged
Delicious take-downs are always a treat. From my perspective they rarely get better than when one professional accurately describes the deficencies in a peer's writing, the glaring flaws in their ...
ItsSimpleSimon 08/30/2012 5 11 - 89
Elizabeth Warren forms Senate Exploratory Committee
Just a quick note and a hussah! Elizabeth Warren, she who could not be nominated, has formed an exploratory committee for a campaign to gain the Senate seat in Massachusetts. Paperwork was filed ...
ItsSimpleSimon 08/18/2011 4 4 - 23
Let There be (Colored) Light - for July 4th
It is the weekend for our great national holiday. Time for folks around the country to (safely I hope) light off some pyrotechnics, perhaps sit back in a chair or recline on a blanket and view some ...
ItsSimpleSimon 07/04/2011 14 16 - 99
Michael Moore - Tells it Like It is "Enough" - On Maddow - Video
Ever wondered what it might look like if someone got in front of a camera and told the truth about what is going on in this country? Wonder no more. On Maddow, last night, a visibly angry Michael ...
ItsSimpleSimon 03/10/2011 18 38 5 199
Obama's Nobel is Unconstitutional! (or so sayeth WashPo's Guest Columnists)
Seriously, how weird and twisted can the commentariat get over Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize? The latest piece of idiocy, that Peace Prize of Obama's - it's Unconstitutional! Well - at least ...
ItsSimpleSimon 10/15/2009 114 24 - 98
Governor Perry of Texas raises 10th Amendment Objections to Public Plan
Man, talk about doing the full pre-emptive crazy. Governor Rick Perry of Texas was on a talk-radio show in Dallas (with conservative host - naturally - Mark Davis) and the subject of, cue scary music,
ItsSimpleSimon 07/24/2009 35 8 - 88
[LIVEBLOG] Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings Day 4, Child 9
DO NOT recommend this diary PLEASE RECOMMEND ...
ItsSimpleSimon 07/16/2009 235 6 - 29
Minor Update: AP - Fair Use and Shepard Fairey
The Associated Press (AP) is going after Shepard Fairey - the artist who gave us the iconic Obama "Hope" Poster - on grounds of copyright infringement. While this is the first time Fairey has been ...
ItsSimpleSimon 02/04/2009 46 16 1 43
Marc Thiessen's Interview on BBC World Radio - AKA -
How Marc Learned to Stop Thinking and Love Waterboarding. We all recall that on January 22nd, in the ...
ItsSimpleSimon 01/24/2009 13 5 - 19
Big Blue (Overall) in the Black
This dairy is prompted by a response to diary by BigDog04. His diary was called " Candidates That Don't Pay Their Bills ... "
ItsSimpleSimon 01/05/2009 4 3 - 3
Neil Young's Detroit Prescription - And How We Can Take It Very Seriously
Everyone it seems has an opinion on the viability of a bailout for Detroit these days. Me, you (well I'm guessing you, as you're reading this - perhaps your merely intrigued, but, I digress). ...
ItsSimpleSimon 11/19/2008 21 30 3 21
You're either on the Bus or You're Off The Bus
Strange stuff brewing these days - over at GQ Draper fills in some interesting tidbits about the continuing Palindrama. Here is the original piece -
ItsSimpleSimon 10/28/2008 35 10 - 219
Palin Mooned By Paraguay
Things are bad in politics when you get no respect. Recently we've seen Palin get dunned by the press in a huge and negative manner. Even her recent UN visit has reportedly yielded ...
ItsSimpleSimon 09/27/2008 10 26 1 16
Bill Clinton is Killing on The Daily Show
I am sacrificing this diary to let folks know Clinton (Bill) is killing on the Daily Show.
ItsSimpleSimon 09/23/2008 164 13 1 26
Good God - $5 a Gallon!!
My apologies if this seems short.
ItsSimpleSimon 09/11/2008 35 4 - 2
Running on Empty? The Pickens Plan by The Numbers
I was considering making this my first diary here - but a little something about Chavez keeping the home fires in New Hampshire burning caught my attention instead. Still the subject of Pickens Plan ...
ItsSimpleSimon 07/28/2008 37 14 6 295
Chavez to Keep New Hampshire Warm
In a turnabout from it's previous stance two years ago New Hampshire will now embrace the offer of heating oil assistance this winter from Citizens Energy. In the Press -
ItsSimpleSimon 07/19/2008 24 11 1 3
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