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I am not a scientist; I am a chicken
Time for someone talented to make a song with the words "I am not a scientist, I am a chicken" repeated over and over. Get the phrase into everyone's consciousness. That way, the next time a Repub ...
ItsYourMoney 10/31/2014 7 5 - -
Rich vs Poor in San Francisco
This is a video showing why some folks are annoyed with all the Silicon Valley money flowing into San Francisco and its residents. Somehow the guys with the money didn't think about the community ...
ItsYourMoney 10/19/2014 4 3 1 -
Obama should commission a study on dikes - and get Repubs on the other side
Look, in 50-100 years there will be a crisis, when seas raise to a point that cannot be ignored in some major cities. At that point, the electorate will turn to one of the political parties to get ...
ItsYourMoney 05/14/2014 9 1 - -
I don't like the word Fascism, but...
70 years ago, Vice President Henry Wallace predicted the future, oh so accurately: American fascism will not be really dangerous until there is a purposeful coalition among the cartelists, the ...
ItsYourMoney 04/11/2014 11 10 1 -
5th Amendment and Marijuana
Back in 1857, part of the Dred Scott decision claimed that slaves could be taken into all the Territories (slave or free) due to the 5th amendment's provision that private property could not be ...
ItsYourMoney 12/30/2013 13 6 - -
A gun is like a hand grenade
Do I want to be around someone with a gun? (e.g. Starbucks scenario) What if a guy with a live hand grenade in a box sits down next to you, and starts shaking the box? Do you want to be sitting ...
ItsYourMoney 09/30/2013 38 6 - -
Lose your 6-year-old daughter, keep your guns?
At TPM, a 4-year-old shoots and kills his 6-year-old sister. My question: Will the dad get rid of his guns, or will he be immune to the loss of his daughter?
ItsYourMoney 07/01/2013 26 7 - -
President Obama endorses my "code red" plan
I recently suggested that every person insist that all the institutions he/she is a member of have a "code red" plan. It seems that number 19 of the President's executive orders is exactly that: 1 ...
ItsYourMoney 01/16/2013 7 - - -
Does your group have a code red plan?
The high school that my kids went to has several drills for emergencies. The one for a gun on campus is called "code red". In it, all students go into classrooms, the doors are locked, lights off, ...
ItsYourMoney 01/14/2013 8 2 - -
OFA to Obamacare
Summary: Use Obama for America (OFA) to help folks enroll in Obamacare. From HuffPost Experts view the success of the exchanges as central to the effectiveness of Obamacare in helping those who ...
ItsYourMoney 11/26/2012 13 3 - -
What can be gerrymandered
I was just thinking about the fact that Repubs have been gaining control of state legislatures and gerrymandering districts to their advantage. But there are certain offices they can't gerrymander:
ItsYourMoney 11/07/2012 3 - - -
The party of demonic possession
Maybe that's the Repubs problem - they are possessed by their own demons, like white supremacy, male supremacy, I've-got-mine obsession, let's keep (name a group here) down so I can feel better ...
ItsYourMoney 11/05/2012 2 - - -
There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama
Saw this video on Brad deLong's site, had to share it...
ItsYourMoney 10/27/2012 12 6 - -
Let's protest like the 60's
Instead of hoping that the newest generation will fix our problems, let's us baby boomers do it like we did before. I was talking with a boomer friend about Jefferey Sachs' book The Price of ...
ItsYourMoney 05/22/2012 32 3 - 124
Orders of Magnitude of Disparity
I was taking a walk, looking at an expensive house that was sold. The sellers were "Moving up", according to the realtor. Next door there were some gardeners working. It occurred to me: The ...
ItsYourMoney 04/07/2012 5 1 - 47
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