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If the power grid goes down, blame utilities' war on solar
A large number of electric utilities across the country are famously engaged in a war against customer-owned solar . Using policy barriers, “standby” charges and other tactics, utilities from ...
Ivy Main 05/20/2015 5 36 1 -
In reversal, Virginia AG says localities may ban fracking
Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued an official advisory opinion on May 5 holding that Virginia localities have the right to prohibit hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) as part of ...
Ivy Main 05/08/2015 7 21 - -
McAuliffe touts gas and nuclear, says it’s not his job to worry about risks
Guess he'd better plan on it, since the adults don't seem to be up to the job. Photo courtesy of Glen Besa, Virginia Sierra Club. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe knows climate change is happening ...
Ivy Main 04/25/2015 38 12 - -
Dominion’s gamble on gas looks risky for Virginia ratepayers
Dominion Resources and its regulated subsidiary, Dominion Virginia Power, are gambling big on natural gas. But while the utility giant will be a winner if gas prices stay low over the next 20 years, ...
Ivy Main 04/17/2015 4 14 - -
As sea level rise accelerates, buying shorefront property becomes a game of musical chairs
Thank God for climate change deniers. They may eventually be the only buyers for shorefront real estate. Sea level rise may not cause widespread flooding until later in this century or into the ...
Ivy Main 04/11/2015 20 32 1 -
Who’s afraid of the Carbon Rule?
When I was a law student working at the U.S. EPA in the ‘80s, we sued a company that had been polluting a Maine river for years. Back then, EPA calculated penalties based on the amount of money a ...
Ivy Main 05/30/2014 9 14 1 -
Dominion Power buys California solar, and Virginians ask, "Why not us?"
The news broke on April Fools’ Day, making Virginians feel we were the victims of a bad joke: Dominion Power announced it had bought six California solar projects, for a total capacity of 139 ...
Ivy Main 04/18/2014 2 12 - -
Can carbon sequestration save Virginia's coalfields?
Many elected officials who care about the stark challenges confronting America’s coal-producing regions today are pinning their hopes on carbon capture and sequestration. This technology takes ...
Ivy Main 01/10/2014 5 6 - -
Why standby charges are bogus
Photo credit: NREL Rooftop solar energy makes up a tiny fraction of the total electricity produced in America, but already utilities worry about a day when large numbers of their customers won’t ...
Ivy Main 11/22/2013 7 6 - -
From Massachusetts to New York, offshore wind energy now ready to deliver
The long-awaited Cape Wind offshore wind farm will finally begin construction off the coast of Massachusetts in 2014. So, too, will the much smaller Block Island Wind Farm off Rhode Island. When ...
Ivy Main 11/01/2013 5 16 - -
Dominion wins Virginia offshore wind lease: well, duh
And the winner is . . . Dominion Power! Okay, you knew that. Dominion had the deck so stacked in its favor for Wednesday’s Virginia offshore wind lease auction that the question everyone was ...
Ivy Main 09/06/2013 11 6 - -
Dominion's giant concrete paperweight
The State Corporation Commission has approved Dominion Virginia Power's proposal for a new gas-fired power plant in Brunswick County, rejecting arguments from the Sierra Club and others that ...
Ivy Main 09/03/2013 4 9 - -
Nuclear energy: Lessons from Japan (and Murphy)
Dominion Virginia Power said Monday that it intends to move forward with plans for a third reactor at its North Anna Power Station as the international nuclear energy industry reels from the ...
Ivy Main 08/27/2013 5 6 - -
Non-profits can go solar, save money under new Virginia law
Faith communities, colleges, schools, local governments and non-profits will find it easier to “go solar” under a law that takes effect in Virginia on July 1. Eligible customers will be able to ...
Ivy Main 05/01/2013 8 13 3 -
Virginia doesn't need another gas plant
On April 24, Virginia’s State Corporation Commission (SCC) will consider a proposal from Dominion Virginia Power to build a new natural gas-fueled generating plant, the second of three it wants to ...
Ivy Main 04/19/2013 4 3 - -
The Keystone XL Pipeline: “Game Over”?
NASA scientist James Hansen famously warned that if the Keystone XL pipeline gets built, it’s “game over” for the climate. That dire warning lit a fire under the feet of activists, who rightly ...
Ivy Main 03/21/2013 21 33 - -
Tom Farrell's nuclear fantasy
Tom Farrell doesn’t get it. Dominion Power, the utility of which he is CEO, has been all about building natural gas plants for the past couple of years, as it rushes to take advantage of cheap ...
Ivy Main 03/11/2013 6 4 - -
Renewable energy makes small gains in Virginia’s 2013 legislative session
The Virginia General Assembly will soon wrap up its work on the 2013 legislative session. Renewable energy advocates began the session with high hopes for a series of bills that promised to reform ...
Ivy Main 02/19/2013 1 2 - -
For electric power generation, the end of fossil fuel is in sight
The rap on renewable energy is that it’s too variable to meet society’s demand for a constant supply of electricity. The answer to the problem turns out to be: More renewables.
Ivy Main 02/04/2013 215 225 9 -
The trouble with natural gas
Natural gas was supposed to be the answer to all our energy dreams. It’s produced in America, cheap, plentiful, and guilt-free, like the fuel version of Diet Coke. In the dream, it is a lifeline ...
Ivy Main 01/11/2013 5 7 - -
Greenwashing Virginia’s renewable energy law, part 3: you can’t clean ugly
If you’ve been following the woeful tale of Virginia’s renewable portfolio standard, by now you know it hasn’t produced a single electron of wind or solar power in the commonwealth, nor is it ...
Ivy Main 12/23/2012 10 4 - -
Greenwashing Virginia’s renewable energy law, part 2: Check, please!
In our last column, we looked at Virginia’s renewable energy standard, trying to grab hold of its 15% goal as it shrank three sizes in the greenwash. At the end of that discussion, you may have ...
Ivy Main 12/12/2012 1 - - -
Greenwashing Virginia’s renewable energy law: Honey, I shrank the goals!
Criticism of Dominion Virginia Power has been steadily mounting over the $76 million dollars the company has been awarded as a “bonus” for complying with Virginia’s voluntary renewable energy ...
Ivy Main 12/05/2012 6 6 - -
Offshore oil drilling for Virginia: undead and ugly
Drilling for oil off Virginia’s coast is once again a possibility, popping up like a zombie when we thought it was dead (again). As the New York Times reported , “Efforts are focusing on ...
Ivy Main 11/19/2012 10 11 - -
Mother Nature to be sued for copyright infringement
To: Mother Nature, d/b/a “Hurricane Sandy” Re: Copyright infringement Dear Ms. Nature, It has come to our attention that you and/or your agents have made unauthorized use of certain ...
Ivy Main 11/05/2012 1 3 - -
Coal and the big lie
Hurricane Sandy swept into town this week, reminding Americans that climate change may be the Issue That Cannot Be Talked About, but that doesn’t mean it has gone away. Suddenly the fact that the ...
Ivy Main 11/03/2012 8 12 - -
RPS Wars: The Empire Nips Back
For much of the past year, critics have been assailing Dominion Power for its “$76 million rip-off”: a bonus the company claimed for meeting Virginia’s renewable energy goals using old dams, ...
Ivy Main 10/17/2012 1 1 - -
Virginia, Energy Suburb
Today marks the start of the third Governor’s Conference on Energy in Virginia, which means it is the third year of the Governor’s Confusion of Virginia with some other state, because he is once ...
Ivy Main 10/02/2012 2 2 - 17
Is the EPA killing coal?
Coal industry executives, their friends at Fox News, and politicians trolling for votes in coal country are up in arms about what they are calling “the war on coal.” The “war” consists of ...
Ivy Main 09/25/2012 10 20 - 104
The case for diversity
Natural gas is cheap. It’s so cheap right now that some producers are losing money with every cubic foot they pump out of the ground. So what better time to be a buyer, right? That’s the ...
Ivy Main 09/18/2012 1 2 - 11
Is offshore wind in Virginia's future?
The past couple of years have been tough ones for the offshore wind industry, which is still struggling to launch. The recession has made states reluctant to invest, even when the payoff looks huge. ...
Ivy Main 09/10/2012 5 5 - 44
For Virginia-made wind and solar, reform the RPS
This spring brought a double blow to Virginians who want to see the commonwealth develop its considerable renewable energy resources. First, Spanish wind giant Gamesa canceled plans to install a ...
Ivy Main 08/28/2012 2 7 - 43
Why Virginia lags on solar
Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Solar PV installations grew 109% in 2011, and the industry now employs over 100,000 Americans. Yet it is almost invisible in ...
Ivy Main 08/20/2012 8 10 - 47
Dominion’s Solar Purchase Program: Undervaluing solar, overcharging green power customers
This spring Dominion Virginia Power unveiled a proposal to buy 3 megawatts (MW) worth of power from its customers who have solar panels, and resell the electricity to its Green Power Program through ...
Ivy Main 08/13/2012 19 13 1 106
Dominion Power and the (completely legal) $76 million scam
Perhaps you remember the Dominion Power print ads that ran last year. Big, glossy spreads showing seagrass bending in the breeze, with a picture of a wind turbine and the words, “Natural. Abundant.
Ivy Main 01/17/2012 3 9 1 86
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