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Will Scott Walker be our next opponent?
New Republic has an article today outlining Scott Walker's strengths as the next Republican nominee for President. It's a convincing argument, and he certainly gives every indication he's up for ...
J Orygun 12/02/2013 36 4 2 -
I do not like you, Mister Cruz
I do not like you, Mister Cruz. I do not like your die-hard views. I do not like the means you use To keep your kisser in the news. I do not like the way you choose To desecrate dear Doctor Seuss.
J Orygun 09/27/2013 9 13 - -
I let my cat die
Six years ago, I looked out the sliding door to the deck, and there was a little black kitten there, looking forlorn and hungry. I gave it milk. That was the start of a strange relationship.
J Orygun 04/01/2013 145 189 1 -
George Will calls for an end to judicial constraint
George Will finally comes clean: he's calling for an end to democracy. In his latest column Unleash the High Court , he calls on conservatives to end respect for judicial constraint and ...
J Orygun 06/19/2012 10 15 1 200
O'Keefe goes West?
The Oregon Tea Party has just announced that serial fraudster James O'Keefe spent two days with the Oregon Bus Project, a non-profit does voter reg and that gets kids involved with politics. ...
J Orygun 04/18/2012 11 7 - 113
Bank of America has a seat in the Oregon Legislature
Oregon is about to suffer the most blatant example of bought and paid for government I have seen in a long time. It will take extraordinary action to block this affront to democracy. There is not ...
J Orygun 02/22/2012 19 35 1 154
The Black Bloc
Occupy Portland is fortunate to have a really well done journal called " The Portland Occupier ". They have recently run a series of articles about the "black bloc" - the people who are intent on ...
J Orygun 02/18/2012 72 6 - 172
Portland City Council votes to end Corporate Personhood
The Portland City Council yesterday passed a resolution to Establish as a position of the Portland City Council that corporations should not have the constitutional rights that natural ...
J Orygun 01/13/2012 10 25 - 110
More Victims of the Iraq War
CNN : Washington's Mount Rainier National Park is expected to remain closed Tuesday as authorities continue ...
J Orygun 01/03/2012 4 6 - 51
Another Look at Wyden-Ryan
In a shocking move, Ron Wyden (D-OR) joined forces with Paul Ryan (R-WI) last week to propose a reorganization of Medicare. Democrats - especially Oregon Democrats - have gone ballistic: he's ...
J Orygun 12/18/2011 16 2 - 79
Randall Terry for Prez?
Yes, folks, he's running — the guy who led the congressional intrusion into the death of the poor brain-dead woman a few year ago is back and is bff with James Dobson. Well, he doesn't really ...
J Orygun 11/13/2011 24 5 1 121
This land is your land
Today there was a beautiful event in Portland's living room, Pioneer Courthouse Square in support of Occupy Portland. As usual, I am all charged up but an unreliable reporter of facts. Oh well.
J Orygun 10/28/2011 10 8 2 81
Can you be a capitalist and a patriot at the same time?
I will concede the Republicans a point: government jobs cannot resurrect a flaccid economy. They provide essential services, and it is dumb to just eliminate them, but by themselves, they cannot ...
J Orygun 10/20/2011 6 3 - 36
Forbes article contrasts OWS and Tea Party
Psychologist Todd Essig has posted an interesting article on Forbes contrasting the OWS and Tea Party movements.
J Orygun 10/16/2011 9 8 - 153
Occupy Portland 10/15
Big day in Portland. You could march to "Banks Got Bailed Out; We Got Sold Out", or to "Peace Now", or to "Free Tibet". It was all kind of going on at once. Sure kept the police nimble today!
J Orygun 10/15/2011 7 8 - 68
A call for more facts, less distortion, on healthcare
Edward Riley, a doctor who teaches at Stanford University and has strong Oregon connections, has written ...
J Orygun 09/09/2011 1 1 - 23
Constitutional amendment introduced restoring campaign finance regulation
Oregon's representative Kurt Schrader has introduced a Constitutional amendment to give Congress and the states the power to regulate campaign contributions, reversing the effect of Citizens United.
J Orygun 07/14/2011 7 13 1 96
Responsibility Returns?
AP reports that in a new twist, the FDA is starting to hold health ...
J Orygun 05/31/2011 5 5 - 49
What are teachers worth?
The Oregonian today published opposing guest editorials on "The fight over labor". (Not on line yet, but should show up ...
J Orygun 03/06/2011 4 3 - 39
AOL acquires Huffington Post
Signed during the Superbowl. Arianna to take over all AOL news content. As part of the transaction, Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post's co-founder and editor-in-chief, will be ...
J Orygun 02/06/2011 36 7 - 132
So what's up with the Medicare headlines?
Has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, the press is full of stories about the imminent failure of Medicare, now that the baby-boomers are starting to retire? A story on ABC news yesterday ...
J Orygun 01/01/2011 11 11 - 69
The Numbers Are In: 38 million
Outside groups enabled by the Citizens United decision spent $38 million on ads attacking Democrats, and won 23 of 34 races they targeted, according ...
J Orygun 11/04/2010 252 320 6 739
Maddow: Democratic accomplishments
Rachel Maddow's show tonight had an absolutely brilliant segment on all that's been accomplished in the last 21 months. I have never seen it put together so clearly and succinctly. Blackwaterdog ...
J Orygun 11/01/2010 10 8 - 75
Dirty Uncle Sam
Got me an email today from one Bruce Ray Riggs, a candidate for US Senate from Florida. How I got on his list is certainly a mystery to me. Mr. Riggs has an interesting theory: the 14th ...
J Orygun 08/02/2010 5 2 - 41
Why weren't we prepared for this?
One thing we know now: BP wasn't prepared for a massive spill, but neither was the Federal Government. The BP disaster in the gulf is a battle with three fronts: plug the hole; protect the ...
J Orygun 06/10/2010 6 8 - 43
We Need A Dept of Cleaning Up
The gulf oil crisis raises several distinct problems. There's clearly a problem with regulating the drilling, that the government has to solve before another well gets drilled. There's clearly a ...
J Orygun 05/28/2010 12 7 - 29
Why don't Default Swaps replace Ratings?
I suppose a diary shouldn't just ask a question, but I can't get this out of my head, I'm too old to know any college kids to ask, and too shy to ask Paul Krugman. I don't understand why anyone ...
J Orygun 05/22/2010 23 1 - 28
Internet goes international; Freepers terrified
NewsMax, the other Fair and Balanced white meat, has published an article by Bradley Blakeman, an ex-GWB staffer, telling us that "
J Orygun 02/02/2010 29 26 - 36
Intrusive Paternalism
David Brooks published a column today that addresses Haiti's abject poverty. Sometimes I like Brooks, and sometimes I think he'...
J Orygun 01/16/2010 12 - - 72
Rein in the Senators
The august members of the U.S. Senate have created rules that give each and every one of them the power to bring the Senate to a halt. The Constitution provides no such authority. I believe these ...
J Orygun 12/21/2009 4 1 - 15
Can public and private insurance co-exist?
I keep trying to measure all the health care reforms against what seems right to me, and I find most of it falling short. Neither the single-payer, everything-is-free approach nor the no-hell-no ...
J Orygun 08/09/2009 8 1 - 85
What's "the economy"?
Larry Summers on Friday 7/17: To a questioner who spoke of global fears among investors in China and elsewhere about the ballooning United States debt, Mr. Summers countered that the ...
J Orygun 07/18/2009 15 1 - 11
Controlling Health Care Costs
A few days ago I submitted a diary suggesting that single-payer was not the key issue in health reform, and got a bit beat up. I have got up, brushed myself off and am going to have another go at ...
J Orygun 07/17/2009 18 4 - 15
Single payer isn't the problem
Everyone who doesn’t work for an insurance or pharmaceutical company knows the health care system we have is an abomination. But there is so much money involved that there are a lot of ...
J Orygun 07/10/2009 19 6 - 24
Proud Inciter
Hal Turner is a radio commentator long-associated with Sean Hannity. (I originally associated him with the Turner Diaries, which is wrong.) Mr Turner is still hard at work, helping people get ...
J Orygun 05/02/2009 6 2 - 27
Climate for a Revolution?
We are in a crisis. Big changes come out of crises. Are we in danger of a right-wing revolution? The last few days I've been reading and hearing comments filled with incredible anger and ...
J Orygun 02/22/2009 46 8 1 23
More important than the war on terror! It's...
J Orygun 06/05/2006 3 1 - -
Progressive Talk Radio a Failure??
J Orygun 05/07/2006 117 9 2 39
Science: You Get What You Pay For
J Orygun 02/07/2006 9 9 - 1
3 Simple Things...
J Orygun 09/02/2005 3 1 - 8
Mother Nature Gets Her Way
J Orygun 08/31/2005 2 2 - 3
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