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RIP Science: 300 B.C. -June 30, 2014
Washington, DC... Science passed away today after a ruling by the Supreme Court stating birth control equals abortion. The death follows a major illness. Justice Alito hastened Science's demise. "...
JAM11 06/30/2014 21 17 - -
Vatican Says Okey Dokey to Pedophilia
In a ruling cheered by pedophiles every where, the Vatican today offered its approval of adult-child sex as long as it's not against civil laws. Snark or not? You be the judge. The Chicago ...
JAM11 09/13/2012 26 27 1 287
He's Black
Well duh, most people know our president is African American. But to some, it matters a great deal. I live in Chicago so I’m somewhat insulated from anti-Obama sentiments. This is true blue ...
JAM11 08/22/2012 16 12 1 124
UPDATED--Church Chastity Presentation Fails to Excite
My 17 year old son came home from school yesterday with his hair on fire. His Catholic high school hired a chastity expert (who knew they even existed??) to give a presentation to the entire school��
JAM11 03/14/2012 310 403 3 2390
How Can We Allow This?
Sam and Daniel were homeless. I interviewed them today for a report I’m writing for my day job. They are now in a program that provides temporary housing along with supportive services to help ...
JAM11 03/07/2012 17 18 - 90
Now I’m a Farm Animal??
As a woman, I've had the sneaking suspicion lately that some segment of the population views me as less than human. Yesterday, the cat jumped out of that bag when the Illinois House Agricultural ...
JAM11 02/23/2012 268 402 3 1997
Sex: The Catholic Church’s Forbidden Fruit
I’ve tried to ignore it. Who wants to think their Church has a one-track mind? But here’s the uncomfortable truth. From gay marriage to birth control, the morning after pill and abortion, ...
JAM11 02/12/2012 116 111 4 736
D*mnit, the Church is Making Me Donate to Obama Again
In 2008, my son was being confirmed in the Catholic Church. As a consequence, we clocked a lot of pew time for various reasons—special services, required Mass attendance—you name it and we were ...
JAM11 02/10/2012 134 415 2 1396
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