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A Tale of Two Nurtures, or How We Destroyed Iraq
I've been sitting around most of today, reading the news online and watching it on MSNBC. I had no agenda when I started this morning, there was nothing in particular I wanted to write about. Rather,
JCWilmore 07/01/2014 4 - - -
What if we've been looking at the Puckett scandal backwards?
What if we've been looking at the Phil Puckett scandal backwards? From the moment that Virginia State Senator Phil Puckett resigned on June 9, 2014, many commentators--myself among them--have ...
JCWilmore 06/22/2014 11 19 - -
Meet Jack Trammell, candidate for Congress
A few days ago I posted a video I shot at Eric Cantor's "victory party" showing a shocked Cantor delivering his concession speech after losing his primary to Tea Partier David Brat. Brat will face ...
JCWilmore 06/20/2014 11 30 - -
More Cantor footage: The CASA de Virginia protest
Last night I posted a diary entitled "Behind the scenes video from Eric Cantor's 'Victory' Party" which focused on the reactions of Cantor's supporters to the news of his loss and Cantor's ...
JCWilmore 06/11/2014 5 7 - -
Behind the scenes video from Eric Cantor's "Victory" Party
Last night I was tipped off that an immigrant advocate organization was planning on protesting at Eric Cantor's victory party for today's Republican primary in Virginia's 7th Congressional District.
JCWilmore 06/10/2014 161 191 2 -
The Republican Party blunders on an epic scale
The Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has decided to force a shutdown of the government of the United States of America. It's hard to imagine a greater political blunder. It'...
JCWilmore 09/28/2013 23 14 - -
Ken Cuccinelli's special session blunder
On Monday, August 5, 2013, Virginia's Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli took the extraordinary step of calling on embattled Governor Bob McDonnell to call a special session of the Virginia General ...
JCWilmore 08/10/2013 59 230 1 -
Boycott Florida (with poll)
So here's the thing. In Florida, if someone doesn't like the way you look, they can stalk you, provoke a fight with you, and then shoot you. All perfectly legal in Florida. So here's the question: ...
JCWilmore 07/14/2013 24 26 - -
A White House Petition: Dismiss Lt General Craig A. Franklin
Some of you may have heard about this case on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight :The epidemic of rape in the military may have finally reached a turning point with the case of Lt. ...
JCWilmore 03/12/2013 6 25 - -
Is Ken Cuccinelli's campaign driver being paid by Virginia taxpayers?
Last week the Richmond Times Dispatch breathlessly reported how Ken Cuccinelli helped a trucker who wasn't aware her rig had caught fire . In their eagerness to do a puff piece on Cuccinelli, the ...
JCWilmore 01/31/2013 3 9 1 -
Mitt Romney's comical Bill's Barbecue ad is another lie
I nearly did a spit take at work today when I glanced at the Richmond Times Dispatch at lunch. I had to wait until I got home to write about what I'd read. Mitt Romney has an internet ad up ...
JCWilmore 11/01/2012 10 13 - -
Romney campaign lied in response to Ryan insider trading story
I am J.C. Wilmore, and I am the Richmonder . When I posted early Saturday afternoon about the possibility that Paul Ryan may have traded on insider information on September 18, 2008, the day key ...
JCWilmore 08/15/2012 140 517 13 2660
Watch Wayne Powell take on Eric Cantor!
JCWilmore 07/19/2012 16 26 1 162
Redistricting leads to shakeups in Central Virginia Congressional Races
The recent dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the GOP-led redistricting of Virginia's congressional seats has Democrats in Central Virginia scrambling to adjust their campaigns to the new boundaries.
JCWilmore 03/05/2012 2 5 - 89
Video: "Bob McDonnell's Virginia" (with poll)
Hi everyone, my name is J.C. Wilmore. I'm a Democratic activist and a member of the Richmond City Democratic Committee ("RCDC"). I live in the heart of Richmond, Virginia, at the foot of Virginia'...
JCWilmore 03/04/2012 4 7 - 53
Video: Peaceful protesters arrested on steps of Virginia's Capitol
The Virginia Capitol Police and Virginia State Police deployed massive forces against peaceful demonstrators protesting against the Republican War on Women today. Basically the entire Capitol ...
JCWilmore 03/03/2012 4 13 - 59
Video of the Candlelight Vigil Bob McDonnell deployed a SWAT team against
There have only been a handful of times since I started blogging six years ago that I've covered a story that made me really, deeply, viscerally angry. Monday, February 27, 2012 was one of those ...
JCWilmore 03/01/2012 10 23 - 167
"HB9: A Threat to Virginia's Voters"
I visited the Virginia General Assembly yesterday and attended the meeting of the Elections Subcommittee of the Privileges and Elections Committee of the House of Delegates. The room where the ...
JCWilmore 01/18/2012 2 4 - 32
The lies Republicans tell
The Republican Party isn't so much an association of like minded people devoted to promoting a certain political ideological point of view so much as a complex and surprisingly elaborate spider web ...
JCWilmore 12/30/2011 10 5 - 95
E. Wayne Powell has a great week!
JCWilmore 10/20/2011 3 10 - 44
Convicted criminal spotted in OWS crowd
JCWilmore 10/10/2011 10 7 - 135
Eric Cantor's Staggering Hypocrisy
JCWilmore 09/27/2011 7 21 1 164
"Eric Cantor's War on American Jobs" by E. Wayne Powell
JCWilmore 09/19/2011 6 11 - 67
Join us for "An American Intervention: Jon Huntsman, Jr."
JCWilmore 09/07/2011 17 2 - 116
Me, Myself, and (Hurricane) Irene
Okay, downtown Richmond, Virginia lost power at about 5:13PM EST. It was far too early to go to bed, so I went out to find an establishment that served refreshing beverages and had wi-fi access. I'm ...
JCWilmore 08/27/2011 6 11 - 68
Help Wayne Powell challenge Eric Cantor
JCWilmore 08/23/2011 6 17 - 79
Eric Cantor has a challenger: Meet E. Wayne Powell
JCWilmore 08/22/2011 54 195 6 1104
Medicare, and why Democrats fail (Poll)
Like most of you, I was very pleased and excited by the results of the special election in New York's 26th Congressional District. I think we can all agree that Democrat Kathy Hochul's victory in ...
JCWilmore 05/26/2011 1 1 - 50
Send a message: No more Trump! Boycott NBC
I just saw a clip of Donald Trump on the Today show--I was staggered by the lies Trump was peddling. I can no longer tolerate NBC giving this Glenn Beck-wannabe a platform. I'm boycotting NBC. I'll ...
JCWilmore 04/07/2011 10 1 - 42
There's no way I will ever admit that Donald Trump was born in America (poll)
Donald Trump has been traveling around for the last week trumpeting the Birthers talking points and trying to cast doubt on whether President Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and whether he is an ...
JCWilmore 03/28/2011 47 12 1 162
Remember the Greensboro Massacre
By now we are all aware of the threats made by right wing activist Scott Oskay . The template for a ...
JCWilmore 08/07/2009 12 11 - 4
The Problem of Terror by Proxy
This diary was prompted by a couple of different things I've seen online in the past couple of days. The first is the really very poor and amateurish forgery of Barack Obama's alleged Kenyan birth ...
JCWilmore 08/03/2009 20 5 - 1
Why Virginia Democrats are likely to lose in 2009 (poll)
I am a Virginian. Virginia is unusual in that in three out of every four years we have a statewide election. In the fourth year we have General Assembly elections, and the outcomes of those ...
JCWilmore 07/30/2009 58 5 - 8
Must Read: "Our Jobless Recovery" (with poll)
There was a must read article in the July 13, 2009 issue of The Nation magazine. " Our Jobless Recovery " by Leo Hindery Jr. and Leo ...
JCWilmore 07/21/2009 15 8 1 12
Homeless and Jobless Americans urge Obama to be patient
Homeless and jobless Americans have a new reason to worry tonight: it is beginning to look like President Barack Obama might be slightly defensive over the results of his stimulus package. On ...
JCWilmore 07/12/2009 63 13 1 55
Obama's first big mistake
Yesterday the consequences of Barack Obama's first big mistake became obvious: depending on which set of numbers you use unemployment has risen to something like 9.5 to 16.5%. What was Obama's ...
JCWilmore 07/03/2009 78 14 1 29
The Republican brand crumbles (with poll)
Blogging against the Republican Party is becoming too easy. After utterly blowing the first 100 days of the Obama administration the Republicans have launched an attempt to re-brand themselves that ...
JCWilmore 05/01/2009 40 12 - 32
Daniel Knight Hayden: The new face of the Republican Party
The Tea Bag movement has proven to be a disaster for the already badly damaged Republican Party. The Republican Party couldn't resist the temptation to associate itself with this movement, and ...
JCWilmore 04/25/2009 13 14 - 28
PR disaster for the GOP: Republicans bet against the United States and lose
Earlier today we found out that the standoff with Somalian pirates had come to a happy end for American Captain Richard Phillips. Patriotic Americans have good reason to rejoice this Easter Sunday: ...
JCWilmore 04/12/2009 743 1444 29 1281
Meet McAuliffe supporter Ed Rogers (with poll)
Some will no doubt accuse me of "guilt by association," but sometimes the old adage is true: "We are known by the company we keep." Ed Rogers is a supporter and "friend" of Terry McAuliffe. He ...
JCWilmore 04/06/2009 16 4 - 2
A letter from a militia man (with poll)
Today I received a disturbing comment on my home blog, The Richmond Democrat , and I'd like to share it with you. The comment was a response to my ...
JCWilmore 03/24/2009 70 21 2 121
Republican member of Congress commits sedition (with poll)
The Republican Party stands on the edge of a cliff. It has been brought to this moment of supreme hazard by the complete failure of its leadership, at both the national and state levels. On this ...
JCWilmore 03/23/2009 65 19 - 91
Controversial endorsement sparks inevitable blog war in Virginia Leftysphere
Earlier today, a controversial endorsement by a prominent Virginia Democratic blogger has served as the spark for the more or less inevitable blog war in Virginia's Leftysphere. While regrettable ...
JCWilmore 03/16/2009 8 2 - -
Virginia Governor's Race: RK alums' bizarre flip flip on Big Coal
I must confess that for the first time in a long time I am confused by something I saw in Virginia's lefty blogosphere. Yesterday it was announced that three key Raising Kaine alumni who were ...
JCWilmore 03/13/2009 23 6 1 29
Mr. Nolove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Eric Cantor
I've always suspected that Representative Eric Cantor would seriously damage the Republican Party. I am happy to see that my predictions have come true. Cantor is the Republican Whip for the ...
JCWilmore 02/18/2009 5 1 - -
Barack Obama is not slighting progressive Democrats
A few days ago I wrote a diary pointing out that Barack Obama's failed attempt to reach out to Republicans for bi-partisan support was not the end of the world. Obama obviously had a "plan B" that ...
JCWilmore 02/12/2009 55 10 1 21
Obama springs his trap on the GOP (now with poll)
Many of the liberals and progressives who helped Obama get elected have been frustrated in the first three weeks of his administration. They saw Obama's opening move of soliciting bi-partisan ...
JCWilmore 02/09/2009 587 891 21 124
Imagine for a moment that I have a time machine
Imagine, if you will, that I have a time machine. Not any old time machine, mind you, but a very special time machine targeted to a specific moment in time with a specific mission in mind. What if ...
JCWilmore 02/08/2009 14 1 - -
Palin's future in-law arrested, charged with six felony drug counts
Via :Sherry L. Johnston, Bristol Palin’s future mother-in-law, was arrested Thursday night on drug ...
JCWilmore 12/19/2008 121 32 - 36
Some brilliant Republican satire (with poll)
Dear fellow Kossacks: The following video is a bit of brilliant Republican satire that is simply too good not to share. We can laugh along with the joke in this case because it is "Republican on ...
JCWilmore 11/25/2008 11 13 - 29
Shocking news! McCain surging ahead to victory!
In a shocking development, John McCain has surged from behind according to pollster John Zogby. It now appears that McCain has turned his troubled campaign 180 degrees and is now headed for ...
JCWilmore 11/01/2008 41 1 - -
There is still time to volunteer in Virginia! With poll!
The election will be over in nine days, and it is beginning to look as though Virginians have made their choices in the statewide races. Now it is just a matter of Getting Out the Vote ("GOTV"). ...
JCWilmore 10/26/2008 5 3 1 1
Michelle Malkin: McCain volunteer's "mutilation" may be a hoax
Yeah, I'm linking to Michelle Malkin . Throughout my career, I’...
JCWilmore 10/23/2008 80 21 2 21
Finally, a bailout plan that will really work!
My fellow Kossacks, I think I may have stumbled onto the solution of the worldwide economic crisis that besets us. When I heard about this story, the solution sprang into mind miraculously. I ...
JCWilmore 10/08/2008 7 1 - 13
House Republicans knife McCain in the back (with poll!)
If I've said it once this political season, I've said it a dozen times: Democrats are not the divided party--it is Republicans who are profoundly divided by contrary goals and mixed loyalties. This ...
JCWilmore 09/29/2008 8 11 1 -
The REAL reason McCain is trying to back out of this week's debate
Sometimes, when a sports team is down and it isn't really clear what to do, a desparate coach will call for a trick play. If that trick play pays off, then the coach may be tempted to go back to ...
JCWilmore 09/24/2008 76 31 1 25
McCain is planning to politicize Hurricane Gustav (with poll)
A giant storm is bearing down on the United States, about to strike an area devastated just three years ago. A million Americans are fleeing for their lives. Experts estimate that the damage from ...
JCWilmore 08/31/2008 91 20 - 46
Is Sarah Palin another Monica Goodling? With Poll
When John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP pick yesterday, two things quickly became apparent: 1) Palin was a purely political choice, an attempt to pander to certain constituencies; and 2) ...
JCWilmore 08/30/2008 18 7 2 12
John McCain has another disastrous week
All disasters are different. Some are sudden catastrophes: a bridge collapse, an earthquake, or the capsizing of a ferryboat. One moment everything is fine, the next, disaster. Other disasters seem ...
JCWilmore 08/16/2008 30 17 1 17
Violent rhetoric and the problem of Republican terrorism
Republican terror suspect Jim Adkisson has been charged in connection with two politically ...
JCWilmore 08/02/2008 4 4 - 5
Why we can't drill our way out of higher prices for gasoline
We cannot drill our way out of the current crisis of higher gasoline prices. Why? It is a simple matter of supply and demand. While the supply of oil is finite, the demand for oil is ever ...
JCWilmore 06/19/2008 19 6 - 17
Be patient and vigilant with Hillary supporters
Barack Obama is now the presumptive Democratic candidate for the President of the United States in 2008. After a close, and at times acrimonious race, it has become clear that Hillary Clinton will ...
JCWilmore 05/09/2008 34 6 - 4
Clinton wins PA but falls short (with poll)
Yesterday was Hillary Clinton's last best chance to catch up to Barack Obama, and she fell short. Depending on who you ask ( ...
JCWilmore 04/23/2008 31 2 - 10
Bill Clinton tied to company in China's Tibet crackdown
I did not see another diary on this subject in the rec'd or recent diary lists and thought it was important enough to call attention to. I apologize if it has been previously diaried. The purpose ...
JCWilmore 04/14/2008 24 14 - 19
Obama is in league with Lucifer!
Think about it: if he isn't the candidate of the DLC and he won't accept money from federal lobbyists, who is this guy working with? It's obvious: Lucifer ! How does he ...
JCWilmore 03/17/2008 20 1 - -
Hillary is for real!  Yes we will!
I've seen a lot of criticism of Hillary Clinton on this website and I just want ed to say: Hillary is for real! I mean listen to this original and motivational campaign slogan she's come up with.
JCWilmore 02/20/2008 73 19 2 6
Hillary Clinton plagiarizes Kerry Healey
"Projection" is a psychological phenomenon where an individual accuses another individual of engaging in behavior that the first individual is, in fact, engaged in. Take Hillary Clinton, for ...
JCWilmore 02/18/2008 52 33 - 14
Let's drop another money bomb on Friday!
I'm confident that Barack Obama's supporters will set a new fundraising record today, raising more than $6 million since the polls closed yesterday. But we can do better. This Friday is payday. It'
JCWilmore 02/06/2008 16 9 - -
Hillary's Florida gambit demonstrates just how unfit she is to be President
The only thing Hillary Clinton has to offer the Democratic Party and our nation is dishonesty and divisiveness. One of the most common criticisms leveled at Hillary Rodham Clinton is her ...
JCWilmore 01/31/2008 95 14 1 9
An invitation from Virginia State Senator Donald McEachin
JCWilmore 01/07/2008 3 1 - 2
To the supporters of John Edwards and Barack Obama
I suppose I could have addressed this to the supporters of other Democratic candidates as well, but they don't seem to be the ones causing problems--and supporters of Hillary Clinton were always ...
JCWilmore 01/05/2008 21 23 - 11
Barack Obama wins big in Iowa and then kicks the extra point
By now you know that Barack Obama has won the Iowa Democratic Caucus by more than 7.5% over his nearest rival. Tonight's win was huge for Obama for many reasons. It revealed the raw power of ...
JCWilmore 01/03/2008 19 27 - 2
Some things to remember as we begin the caucus and primary process
This post grew from a comment I started to write on a post that accused Barack Obama of not "fighting" for Democratic values the way John Edwards has. Pro-Edwards bloggers are certainly entitled to ...
JCWilmore 01/01/2008 7 4 - -
Is Hillary Clinton "Kilgoring" herself? (poll)
to Kilgore: /kɪl'goʊr/ - verb To self-destruct as the result of overusing negative advertising. To wantonly destroy one's own political campaign as the result of negative ...
JCWilmore 12/17/2007 8 6 - 4
Can't you see Barack Obama is in league with Lucifer? (poll)
Think about it: if he isn't the candidate of the DLC and he won't accept money from federal lobbyists, who is this guy working with? It's obvious: Lucifer ! How is it he ...
JCWilmore 12/09/2007 103 10 - 1
Why do Republicans hate veterans? Ask Dr. David S.C. Chu
It seems that no one is faster to wrap themselves in the flag these days than the Republicans who started it but refuse to fight it. Yet, even as they refuse to volunteer to serve in the military, ...
JCWilmore 11/23/2007 9 14 - 11
Jim Webb on television tonight to discuss Iran War funding
Senator Jim Webb will be on television tonight to discuss the Bush administration's escalating rhetoric and unilateral sanctions against Iran. Senator Webb will underscore the need for his Iran bill,
JCWilmore 10/25/2007 23 29 - 8
Help take down Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis: a corrupt Republican legislator!
This is exciting news: Chap Petersen--Democratic candidate for the Virginia State Senate--has a new television ad up! It's a devastating example of the right way to use negative advertising. It's ...
JCWilmore 10/23/2007 6 9 - 7
Rush Limbaugh's "Macaca" moment
I think we can officially call Rush Limbaugh's devastating gaffe-- calling all soldiers (and marines) who ...
JCWilmore 10/04/2007 19 13 1 -
Harry Reid should subpoena Rush Limbaugh
Congress is preparing to consider a funding bill for nearly $200 billion for Bush's War in Iraq. Some of that money may go to fund Rush Limbaugh's radio show on Armed Services Radio. Should ...
JCWilmore 10/02/2007 6 3 - -
Republican stands by his attacks on fallen soldiers
The following is an open letter to Republican Dave Rye. Mr. Rye is the former Republican state legislator that attacked the two fallen authors of the soldiers' letter to the editor of The New York ...
JCWilmore 09/16/2007 10 18 - 6
Dallas Young Democrats announce Greenpeace benefit!
JCWilmore 09/14/2007 4 2 - -
Delete my account
Please remove me from this site. Delete my account. Ha! You know the old saying about only one chance to make a first impression? Well, I suppose there's only one chance to make a last impression ...
JCWilmore 08/10/2007 257 12 - 21
Webb's FISA vote was necessary and proper
Jim Webb's decision to vote for a temporary six-month extension of the FISA program was the right decision to make at this moment and I support him one-hundred percent. Here is Webb's statement ...
JCWilmore 08/05/2007 267 29 2 78
Bush authorizes massive arms sale to Iran!
In a surprise move the Bush administration has announced the planned sale of $20 billion in advanced arms to Iran. The weapons included the proposed arms sale include 500- and 2000 pound satellite-...
JCWilmore 07/29/2007 10 8 1 -
Baghdad, away from the "dog and pony shows"
On Sunday morning, on Meet the Press , the following exchange took place between Senator Jim Webb (D-Va) and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC):
JCWilmore 07/17/2007 2 8 - 2
The legacy of "Macaca"  is alive and well
An anniversary of sorts passed last weekend without any special notice being taken: last Tuesday marked ten months since the "Macaca" story broke in the Virginia blogosphere. Not that we needed ...
JCWilmore 06/18/2007 7 4 - -
Bush's Pyrrhic victory on Iraq funding: Part II - What did Bush really win?
I won't beat around the bush: we lost a big fight this week. We wanted something very badly, but we weren't able to get it: an end to our involvement in Iraq's civil war. George W. Bush won a ...
JCWilmore 05/27/2007 55 10 2 -
Bush's Pyrrhic victory on Iraq funding: Part I - The meltdown
I wish I'd been able to get around to the post sooner, to react in a more timely way to this week's passge of the Iraq War funding bill and the web blog kerfluffle that ensued. As so often happens ...
JCWilmore 05/26/2007 84 21 1 -
John Edwards makes his move
When the Democratic leadership of Congress decided to back off from their demand for a timetable of withdrawal in the latest draft of the Iraq funding bill they created a problem for two of the ...
JCWilmore 05/23/2007 43 8 - 6
Was the would-be Clinton assassin a College Republican?
The Associated Press reports the following: A Louisiana State University student told another student he was planning a violent attack against U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, police said.
JCWilmore 05/06/2007 33 15 - 6
Violent rhetoric and the Secret Service (with poll)
It's not always possible or practical for a blogger to do original reporting. Most of us have day jobs which make it hard to get away and attend press conferences. A lot of the "value added" that ...
JCWilmore 05/04/2007 14 3 - -
Ladies and Gentlemen, Neal Boortz
Please help us take on Neal Boortz. Boortz is the right-wing shock jock who recently attacked the victims of the massacre at Virginia Tech less than 24 hours after their deaths! Boortz needs to ...
JCWilmore 05/02/2007 14 15 - 18
VT Killer used 33-round assault magazines: other questions still remain
Last week's tragedy at Virginia Tech funtioned as a kind of Rorshach test for Virginia's political bloggers. Some attempted to politicize the event within hours, if not minutes, after it occurred. ...
JCWilmore 04/23/2007 114 10 - 28
Why does Fred Thompson blame the Virginia Tech victims?
To me, the most fatal mis-step Thompson has made during his brief pseudo-campaign was his decision to politicize the 4/16 shootings at Virginia Tech and, by implication, attack the victims of the ...
JCWilmore 04/22/2007 77 13 - 29
Some sunlight for Phillip F. Thompson
There has been a great deal of misinformation put out about the case of Phillip F. Thompson, aide to ...
JCWilmore 03/28/2007 4 3 - 2
The biggest story in four years! Don't miss it!
Remember on Seinfeld when George Costanza was caught in an embarrassing situation and he had no clue what to do about it? Remember what he said? "I got nothing. I got nothing Jerry." That's ...
JCWilmore 03/27/2007 15 15 - 1
Chuck Hagel: Reading between the lines
If you look at Chuck Hagel's official portrait , taken July 17, 2006, you will see a deeply troubled ...
JCWilmore 03/13/2007 25 2 - 4
New Developments in the Virginia Blogosphere
There are a couple of new developments in Virginia's blogosphere I wanted to call your attention to. The first relates to an opportunity to support a great Democrat and two great Democratic bloggers.
JCWilmore 03/04/2007 1 3 - 3
The mother of all poll freeping opportunities
Every now and then I like to pull off a little practical joke at the expense of the Right Wingers here in Virginia. Some of you may remember when we Freeped the poll at George Allen's website--...
JCWilmore 01/29/2007 7 7 - 4
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