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Civil Rights Issue we can change: states can vote to legalize marijuana
A key reason that Marijuana legalization passed in WA State was the support of communities of minorities, such as LGBTs, Hispanics and African Americans. These communities are sick of police ...
JEnviro 11/13/2012 13 8 - -
Don't let lobbyists keep E. Warren from Banking Committee seat
The permanent unelected government of Tax Expenditure Welfare Lobbyists and their cousins, cush job seeking Senate $taffers are said to be plotting to keep Elizabeth Warren from being able to ask ...
JEnviro 11/09/2012 8 13 - -
Smoke in WA State to celebrate
Weed is gonna win. So Barry, respect the will of the folks, and your classmates at Punaho. Fired Up and peaceful. WA grown!
JEnviro 11/06/2012 17 - - -
Disasters can be defanged by new money creation by Federal Reserve
We can get our FEMA for free. We regular folks have this Federal Emergency Management Agency, and banks have their emergency backup – The Federal Reserve. Why should we use tax revenues for ...
JEnviro 10/30/2012 12 3 - -
More failure - Ryan wears cheap tablecloth as tie
Ryan's red and white checkerboard tie worse than Mitt's speech and Clint's acid trip: Silly tie Even worse, Huff Post gave him good advice, but when has this radical ever listened: Conservatives ...
JEnviro 08/30/2012 4 - - 179
Curse of George W. haunts Walkers Texas Rangers
How can a pennant winning baseball team like Texas give up 45 free trips to first base in only 7 games? The Curse of Walker Bush, that’s how. Recall that W. also stands for Worst (President Ever).
JEnviro 10/28/2011 16 12 - 149
Federal Reserve should create new money and pay for disaster relief
The Federal Budget is the wrong place to pay for the destruction of assets (worth money) by natural disasters. The nation’s central bank exists to prevent the destruction of money, and so it ...
JEnviro 09/08/2011 1 - - 20
Take print out, go to local retailer, ask for LED lightbulbs.
Previously I wrote asking Kossacks for help finding a national retailer that would sell us LED lightbulbs that fit ...
JEnviro 02/11/2009 40 17 - 44
Finding reasonably priced LED home lights?
Every reader of this site would gladly buy the most energy efficient lights -- if only a manufacturer would sell them. We read about Hollywood types having an entire home full of LED lights ...
JEnviro 02/08/2009 94 19 2 43
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