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JGibson's groups.

Group Last Diary
ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement
(THE WORKING CLASS OCCUPY MOVEMENT HAS MOVED BEYOND JUST WALL STREET)! Our group was Co founded by METEOR BLADES and DEMOCRATS RAMSHIELD. Meet our blog editors which are some of your favorate writers: teacherken,slinkerwink,X,Laurence Lewis,boatsie,LaFeminista,Eclectablog, MinistryOfTruth,xxdr zombiexx,Barbara Morrill,JekyllnHyde,Jake McIntyre, Eclectablog,Ojibwa,icebergslim,BruinKid,CityLightsLover,Mentatmark to name but a few. As members of the MOST PROLIFIC AND LARGEST GROUP AT THE DAILY KOS...
Knowledge Democrats
A group for Democrats and progressives who are interested in promoting a constructive dialogue and promoting progressives candidates who discuss the issues, make effective arguments and not the talking points. We cover races for U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Governor, etc. Our coverage doesn't always indicate endorsement of candidates but we support certain candidates.
Land of Lincoln Kos
This group is for the discussion of Illinois issues.
Madison County, Illinois Kossacks
This group discusses issues regarding Madison County, Illinois.
Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter
We advocate for social justice and equal library access for all. We support your local libraries and literacy programs. We also invite you to publish your diaries here that offer library news and support, book reviews, reviews of articles, as well as reviews of video games and other electronic media in our tech talk diaries. We ask for and offer reader guidance for the love of reading, for the love of books and for the love of everything which is your library experience. We also publish diaries...

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