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Firearms Law and Policy
To advocate effectively for repeal or passage of firearms legislation we must first know and understand current law and policy, and how both are implemented, where we live. There is enormous variability across the country; the relative utility/relative risk of firearms is different on a 500 acre ranch in Montana than for a 1000 square foot apartment in New York. State and local laws reflect that diversity. We will discuss firearms law and policy with an emphasis on the many historical ethics an...
Liberal G Club
A place for the discussion of mutual interests in the shooting sports
Maryland Kos
A community for Maryland Kossacks to discuss progressive politics, policy and issues in MD.
Tell the Story
This is a place for us to share the personal stories that, for us, tell the progressive and/or liberal side of what is happening around us. This is about people and the experiences we share. It is issue oriented but from a personal perspective.

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