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Did Clarence Thomas just harm Right-to-Work movement?
Now I don't know squat about labor law or how to successfully interpret x vs y in a dispassionate manner (just ask This Kossack ; heh + sorry sir). But here is an article noting that Thomas' ...
JVolvo 12/11/2014 58 11 - -
Holy Crap: LE sent copy of Rice/elevator tape to NFL in April
Dang. Scooped by 8 minutes by Front Pager Laura Clawson :o) Breaking from AP: LE official confirming he sent a copy of the elevator security tape to NFL executive back on April 8 or 9. There ...
JVolvo 09/10/2014 18 23 - -
Breaking: MSNBC - No incident report for shooting at all (Ferguson PD)
Live on msnbc right now - St Louis (Co ?) prosecutors very recently told him there is no incident report from LEO Wilson or Ferguson PD re Wilson shooting Michael Brown. No incident report ...
JVolvo 08/21/2014 409 296 4 -
Broken: Meet The Press. Gregory out.
With much more important news going on - wonderful peace and calm in Ferguson MO - I'm not surprised that this blip of Beltway checkers has escaped notice. Good News : Karl Rove's favorite dancing ...
JVolvo 08/14/2014 61 46 3 -
Mary Burke's new ad: Walker's Jobs Fail (WI-Gov)
While WI Dems and activists have been appreciating Mary Burke's steady campaign and near-tied polling against Gov Scott Walker, the feistier among us have wished she was hitting him harder. Mr. ...
JVolvo 07/30/2014 7 26 - -
Sen Manchin defends Koch brothers
Really? Really? Gosh, thanks, Joe. Those poor, put-upon billionaires need someone to speak out on their behalf. What with mean old Harry and that obviously emotional Rachel hurting innocent ...
JVolvo 04/10/2014 10 9 - -
Don't Question Ed Schultz! (KXL) Liberals need to...
...face reality. Wow. Big Ed fully supports the KXL pipeline and Does. Not. Like. being challenged . He had 2 guests from the anti-KXL side (2nd is Josh Fox, producer of Gasland movies ). Josh ...
JVolvo 02/05/2014 450 178 1 -
Road Rage + Gun + SmartPhone Video = GunFAIL + Arrested
Road Rage is bad news. Assumptions. Ego. Anger. Emotion-fueled reactions that aren't awesome. Hey, for more danger, let's do it at Interstate speeds! What could be more effing stupid? Um......
JVolvo 10/03/2013 34 35 - -
WI RALLY Sat 03/10- One Year Later in FitzWalkerStan
Hey WI kossacks! Here's a quick invite/reminder of the events happening tonight and tomorrow re Walker's Putsch last year. Tonight : Candlelight vigils across the state to remember the late-night ...
JVolvo 03/09/2012 18 24 - 125
Breakeded Walker: WI Sec of State La Follette considering run for Gov!
Mr Walker? Meet your political doom: a La Follette* running against you to restore civility and fairness in our great state! heh Not much detail yet, news broke earlier ...
JVolvo 12/22/2011 115 156 2 1079
Walker is going down! 300K signatures gathered! (WI-Gov RECALL)
Oh how sweet it is! From my email inbox: United Wisconsin You collected over 300,000 recall signatures in the first 12 days! Dear JVolvo, This number will be ...
JVolvo 11/28/2011 91 159 1 1066
Kloppenburg = Winner + WI Kossack Troopers
In a KloJo diary yesterday, someone posted an enthusiastic 'w00t, Kloppenburg Won!' "and she never would have done it without the dedication and hard work of her Kossack friends!"
JVolvo 04/07/2011 21 32 2 231
Holy Shiznit - the Eagles traded McNabb to 'Skins!
I always chuckled at the thought of Eagles fans wanting to get rid of Donovan McNabb. I know Philly fans are tough, however "What have you done for me lately?" seemed so foolish whenever I looked ...
JVolvo 04/04/2010 97 4 1 10
Bonsoir, mon freres a la Paris (vacation)
Oh.My.God. dkos WITHDRAWAL! I've been in Paris (hey, where's Jerome?) since Sunday 15 June with just a smidgen of internet time. Not only did I think of all you beloved rabid lambs when I ...
JVolvo 06/18/2008 15 4 - 2
Smart kossacks: please help me smack ReThug spam
You guys and gals are the smartest group of folks I know - please help! A good friend of mine got this 'junk' email re Dems, taxes and Social Security. From family . Ugh.
JVolvo 04/06/2008 29 3 1 5
Talk about lack of class...
Wow. Lots of endzone dancing, declarations of Primary certainty and "ha ha ha" going on here in the last few hours. Ouch. Rather immature and embarrassing. Ready for the bottom line numbers on ...
JVolvo 01/03/2008 123 4 - 13
"Holy" Crap - kos this Cafferty/CNN survey!!
Jack Cafferty (Wolf's foil on Situation Room) gave scary stats on recent survey re Religion in US. We've got some seriously UN informed people in this country - YIKES! 50-some%
JVolvo 09/12/2007 38 12 1 30
Tee Hee - Romney's "No Obama" card holding on CNN right now!
Well, well Mr. Mitt. Some people didn't take your advice to just "slightly lighten up". I only caught a glimpse of Wolf, Donna Brazil and JC Watts talking with Mitt'...
JVolvo 07/23/2007 31 4 - -
STOP the Iraq Supplemental in the Senate: Urge Sen Feingold to Filibuster!
You're pissed that the Dems caved on the funding bill, right? We Want Out of Iraq, right? We Freakin' Voted these Dems in to Stop The War, right? Well, either I read this idea in comments late-...
JVolvo 05/24/2007 6 3 - 1
Help KOS (freep) Lou Dobbs Church/Taxation poll!
Lou wants to know what we think about churches that engage in political activity. Let er rip!!
JVolvo 05/08/2007 33 6 - 1
I'm gonna puke - We're losing our Air America station in Madison WI
JVolvo 11/11/2006 45 5 - 3
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