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The NSA, the CIA, and the Cold War: A book review of Patriotic Betrayal by Karen M. Paget
When I was growing up in the 1960's my parents used to tell me stories about their activities in the National Student Association in the late 40's and early 50's. Liberal Democrats, they would tell ...
Jack McCullough 05/02/2015 4 6 - -
Prosecutorial Discretion
I'm sure you don't recognize this guy, because, after all, you don't live in Idaho. If you did you might recognize him as Barry McHugh, the prosecuting attorney for Kootenai County, Idaho. Old ...
Jack McCullough 01/12/2015 7 4 - -
Hell yes, prosecute them
The most bizarre reaction to come out of Tuesday's release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report has to be the calls, mostly from liberals, for Obama to pardon everyone involved. Yes,
Jack McCullough 12/10/2014 7 8 1 -
Today and tomorrow, August 8 and 9, mark the glorious fortieth anniversary of the end of the Nixon regime, so it's appropriate to look back, post some memories, and maybe think about the ...
Jack McCullough 08/08/2014 6 2 - -
This is what legalization looks like
It's started to spread across the country, especially in beer aficionado circles, but here's a news story that first started attracting chuckles here in Vermont. From the Burlington Free Press: The ...
Jack McCullough 01/26/2014 4 5 - -
The banality of evil
In her book Eichmann in Jerusalem Hannah Arendt coined the phrase " the banality of evil " to capture the sheer horror of someone like Adolf Eichmann, who carried out his executions of the Jews in ...
Jack McCullough 01/15/2014 6 13 - -
My top books of 2013
Note that I'm not saying "top ten", because I don't necessarily know how many I'll want to list. Still, I have a feeling that I won't have trouble with the dividing line between the books I would ...
Jack McCullough 01/01/2014 3 4 - -
More proof that vaccines kill
From the New York Times: Dr. Michiaki Takahashi, whose experience caring for his 3-year-old son after the boy contracted chickenpox led him to develop a vaccine for the virus that is now used all ...
Jack McCullough 12/21/2013 15 4 - -
Support Our Troops! (Some of them, anyway)
The states of Oklahoma and Texas have revived one of the beloved traditions of the Civil Rights Movement in the sunny South: the segregation academy. Back in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's many ...
Jack McCullough 11/21/2013 3 9 - -
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