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America's oldest war criminal
Today millions of Americans will pause from their barbecues and family gatherings to remember the American heroes who fought and died in the service of their country. This is altogether fitting, for ...
JackMcCullough 05/27/2013 18 34 - -
Tom Harkin Leaving the Senate
You've probably heard that Tom Harkin has announced that he will not be running for reelection to the Senate in 2014. You may think of him as a reliably liberal and pro-union voice in the Senate, ...
JackMcCullough 01/27/2013 7 2 - -
This is what . . .
The wrong side of history looks like. It's been a couple of days, and I continue to think that President Obama's second inauguration speech was as inspirational as the first, although in different ...
JackMcCullough 01/23/2013 3 14 1 -
Don't sign the petition
In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre and their threat to picket the funerals there's a petition on the White House site to have the Westboro Baptist Church "legally recognize[d] as a hate group" .
JackMcCullough 12/17/2012 25 6 - -
is it astroturf season on Facebook?
You really can't believe everything you read? Even on Facebook? So I was going through some of my nightly Facebook reading Tuesday night and I see that one of my friends has "liked" a group on ...
JackMcCullough 11/14/2012 6 16 - -
A personal note
I've spent my entire legal career as a Legal Aid lawyer. After I graduated from law school in 1979 I worked at Legal Aid of Western Michigan for four years, and I've been working at Vermont Legal ...
JackMcCullough 11/01/2012 8 40 1 -
No difference?
As we remember George McGovern, I am struck by a quote from his book What It Means To Be a Democrat . As quoted in the Times, McGovern says:
JackMcCullough 10/21/2012 3 4 - -
George McGovern is near death
There is sad news tonight. Former Senator George S. McGovern, who ran as an antiwar candidate against Richard Nixon in 1972, is near death. His family reports that he was admitted to hospice a few ...
JackMcCullough 10/17/2012 17 29 - -
Bigotry and Intolerance in Franklin, Vermont
Cross posted from Rational Resistance : We've written about this before: a local resident, Marilyn Hackett, successfully sued the town of Franklin and this year won an injunction preventing the ...
JackMcCullough 10/13/2012 16 11 - -
BREAKING: Obamacare Works
Many regular readers know that I work for a small nonprofit up here in Vermont, and we made a decision a long time ago that even if we had to make sacrifices in salary to support the important work ...
JackMcCullough 10/11/2012 45 242 5 -
Apology? He's got to be kidding.
Cross posted from Rational Resistance . Okay, this will probably be my last post about the NFL referee lockout. It should be obvious: I'm for labor, against the bosses. Also against the scabs. ...
JackMcCullough 09/27/2012 9 6 - 108
Do they need a mirror?
Cross posted from Rational Resistance . Just a few thoughts about the embassy violence this week. It appears that the reason that some Islamic extremists are mad at the United States is this ...
JackMcCullough 09/13/2012 4 4 - 47
Casualties of the War on Drugs
Over my legal career one of the cases I am most proud of involved a federal drug forfeiture case I worked on. The victims of the forfeiture were a husband and wife and their four children. The ...
JackMcCullough 09/12/2012 5 16 - 70
Farewell, Barney Frank
Cross posted at Rational Resistance. I first heard of Barney Frank when I was a relatively new Legal Services lawyer back in 1981. It was the first year of Reagan's presidency, and also the first ...
JackMcCullough 11/28/2011 3 8 - 54
The University of California needs to hear from you
You may have ...
JackMcCullough 11/20/2011 4 12 - 71
Who's the victim here?
The classic definition of chutzpah is of a defendant who murders his parents and then asks the judge to have mercy on him because he's an orphan. We have a new contender. According to today's Times:
JackMcCullough 07/26/2011 1 4 - 49
Thank you, John Boehner!
It was just Thursday night and yesterday morning that I was resigned to another sellout by President Obama . Once again, ...
JackMcCullough 07/23/2011 3 1 - 105
Prosecutorial Misconduct in Casey Anthony trial
I didn't watch the coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. At all. I just wasn't interested, so I really have no opinion about whether the jury did the right thing, or whether she actually killed her ...
JackMcCullough 07/19/2011 23 12 - 267
Remember the American Dream?
It's not just a dream for individuals. We grow up in the United States with the idea, hope, or plan to own our own home. Not everyone expects to do it, but it's definitely part of the American idea,,
JackMcCullough 03/12/2011 4 6 - 40
A voice from inside
Just a short post tonight. I came across a blog you may find interesting, written by an activist involved in the occupation of the Wisconsin State House.
JackMcCullough 03/03/2011 1 - - 23
What's good for the Westboro Baptist Church is good for . . .
You, me, and every other political dissident. Let's be clear about this: Fred Phelps and his whole family are scum. They should get cancer and die. The Westboro ...
JackMcCullough 03/02/2011 9 7 - 97
Reagan at 100/30
Tomorrow Is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, and we just passed the thirtieth anniversary of his inauguration as president, so we have already been subjected to hagiographic ...
JackMcCullough 02/05/2011 9 8 2 92
Egypt: What happens next?
Or Mubarak = Pahlavi? I have the feeling I've seen this movie before. A dictator who is largely friendly to the United States and its foreign policy goals is in trouble, shaken by massive street ...
JackMcCullough 01/29/2011 27 5 - 155
The Associated Press: Running Scared?
It's been just a week, and we've gone from an outcry against the violent rhetoric of the extreme right to an equally rapid ...
JackMcCullough 01/16/2011 13 19 1 78
Vermont Yankee--Entergy rolls out its strategy for relicensing
Entergy takes another step in its campaign to win the trust of Vermonters. Here's the sequence of events, as reported in today's Brattleboro Reformer.
JackMcCullough 01/08/2011 13 9 - 58
Class mobility in America
David Sirota has a great piece on the American media's use of the case of Ted Williams to congratulate the United ...
JackMcCullough 01/06/2011 6 5 - 61
B- B- but, we're the Party of Lincoln™!
If you had to say something nice about the Republicans, I guess it would be that they at least have the decency to to recognize how vile and shameful their constant appeals to racism are. Of course, ...
JackMcCullough 12/24/2010 12 5 - 55
It's about damn time.
WASHINGTON – The House may vote next week on a measure that could damage U.S. relations with critical ally ...
JackMcCullough 12/18/2010 29 5 - 35
The ADL gets it right
Cross posted at Rational Resistance . Over the years I've criticized the Anti-Defamation League. In fact, I could have sworn I'd excoriated them ...
JackMcCullough 12/14/2010 9 5 - 33
What went wrong? And what do we do about it?
We're still dealing with the aftermath of the deal Obama cut with Mitch McConnell the other day, even though it's really too early to tell if we're in the aftermath yet. There's been quite a range ...
JackMcCullough 12/12/2010 28 4 - 54
Time for some prosecutions
At last! Thanks to the Supreme Court we now have a tool to prosecute people in the United States who are financing terrorism in the Middle East. You may have heard of the Supreme Court's recent ...
JackMcCullough 07/08/2010 84 1 - 25
About Last Night
You've probably never heard me say this before, and I really don't like saying it at all, so I'm only going to say it once: Bud Selig was right. You know what I'm talking about. It's the same thing ...
JackMcCullough 06/03/2010 8 4 1 37
Weapons Grade Stupidity
I did a quick search here and couldn't find this, so apologies if it's redundant. Did you see this from the Oath Keepers?
JackMcCullough 05/17/2010 25 5 - 14
They don't get what youth sports are about.
The story was in today's Burlington Free Press.It's about a ten-year-old kid whose mother missed, by four days, the registration deadline for a 9-10 year old instructional Little League program.
JackMcCullough 05/02/2010 11 13 1 40
Apple? Again? Really?
What is it with these guys? And what is it with Apple's fans? If you're a fan maybe you can fill me in, but I don't think I'm going to be sold. After all,
JackMcCullough 04/27/2010 88 10 - 42
What the hell do we do now?
As a lobbyist I'm often in the position of trying to figure out an answer to this question: should we fight, and hold our for what we want, or should we take what we think is the best we can ...
JackMcCullough 12/20/2009 42 8 - 58
Who's blocking peace in the Middle East? More evidence.
Here's a story that hasn't been in the Times yet, probably because it's a New England centered story. It could be read as just one more petty story of intra-diplomatic intrigue, but it seems to be ...
JackMcCullough 08/10/2009 14 15 1 21
Can we be as supportive of a free press as Kim Jong-Il?
Great news from yesterday in the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Like many Americans, I watched live as their plane landed in L.A. and they got off the plane to be reunited with their families. ...
JackMcCullough 08/05/2009 18 1 - 3
Realism and the Great Hunger
Charles Trevelyan, the civil servant with most direct responsibility for the government's handling of the famine, ...
JackMcCullough 07/31/2009 3 4 - 5
"You're under arrest."
"But it's my house." "You're under arrest anyway." America's newest crime: being in a house while black.
JackMcCullough 07/20/2009 160 31 - 27
Supreme Court says coal company can't buy judge. Scalia, Thomas, Alito disagree.
Say you own a big coal company that's been sued for fraud, and hit with a judgment for $50 million. Not small change, right? Of course you have to appeal. This is "bet the company" litigation, and ...
JackMcCullough 06/08/2009 11 29 3 115
Remind me again what we were working for?
He taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. He said he would end torture, and then he did it. He said he would close the prison camp at Guantanamo.
JackMcCullough 05/21/2009 24 13 - 49
Today's Bible Lesson
Where does this quotation come from: Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his face continually. 1 Chron 16:11. A. Pope Benedict's blessing on the inauguration of Barack Obama. B. Jerry Falwell's ...
JackMcCullough 05/17/2009 4 6 - 2
Judge to parents: I won't let you kill your kid
Good news for Daniel Hauser: a judge in Minnesota has ruled that his parents may not refuse him treatment for his cancer, even though he allegedly also wanted to refuse treatment.
JackMcCullough 05/15/2009 68 8 1 33
What should we think about Roxana Saberi?
What if the journalist really was a spy?
JackMcCullough 05/13/2009 65 6 - 19
Creationist goes to court to silence critic
A new story from Pharyngula sets forth a new attack by religious fundamentalists against science education. The fundamentalists win Round One. Cross posted ...
JackMcCullough 05/04/2009 572 319 8 54
It's a good thing he knows what's important
Joe Barton: scientist, Congressman, standup comedian. What more could we possibly ask for? Cross posted from Rational ...
JackMcCullough 05/02/2009 2 6 - 25
Free David Duke!
Q: What do a vile, racist, former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and a dissident Iranian-American journalist have in common? A: They're both in prison for thought crimes. And if you want Iran to ...
JackMcCullough 04/25/2009 96 6 1 29
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