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GUS - The Truth About Books
Hey all! Welcome to Thursday evening's GUS Diary. Tonight I want to talk about boasting about books and telling the truth about books, but before we get down to the main part of the diary, I want ...
James Earl 10/03/2013 62 9 - -
GUS - Take Me to School
Hey all! Welcome to Thursday evening's GUS Diary. I am sorry to be getting this up late, particularly for GUS friends in the eastern time zones. I saw a doctor this afternoon and, more important, ...
James Earl 09/26/2013 22 8 - -
GUS - Summer's End
Hey all! Welcome to Thursday evening's GUS Diary. Hosting will be uneven because I have some errands to run. But I will be back later. I know I'm a couple days early, but if you are in the ...
James Earl 09/19/2013 35 9 - -
GUS - Everything is an argument!
Hey all! Welcome to Thursday evening's GUS Diary - hosted by your humble narrator. And I am especially humbled by the fact that this diary does not look as good as the one put up by anodnhajo ...
James Earl 09/12/2013 27 9 - -
GUS - Ars Longa
Hey all! Another week without cigarettes. According to the QuitKeeper app, it's been 45 days, 1142 cigarettes. Cravings are fading in both frequency and intensity. That's the good news, but it's ...
James Earl 09/05/2013 24 9 - -
GUS - Mea Culpa & The Near Occasion of Sin
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a self-sustaining community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are appreciated. If ...
James Earl 08/29/2013 66 9 - -
GUS - The Divine Intoxication
Seemed like there was a gap in producing a GUS diary, so I thought I'd put one up. I am, after all, not doing anything right now. I hope I can finish it and get it up in a timely fashion so that I ...
James Earl 08/16/2013 25 8 - -
A Continuing Resolution
I didn't realize that I signed on for a continuing diary gig. But from reading today's morning diary from nokkonwud, it appears I did. I am ten days into this and feel like I have a decent chance ...
James Earl 08/01/2013 13 5 - -
GUS - Smoking is the perfect metaphor for life in the consumer culture
Cigarettes are in so many ways the perfect product in the consumer capitalist culture. The value of the product is entirely in the mind - the personal characteristics that have been bound up with ...
James Earl 07/25/2013 16 9 - -
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