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A backlash in Indiana but not in Wisconsin?
This is a tough thread to publish but I have questions to raise and if there is "blowback" so be it. From the Huffington Post: A new "religious freedom" law in Indiana touched off a firestorm ...
Jamesleo 03/28/2015 10 7 - -
Boycott Wisconsin and a General Strike
Where are the leaders in the Badger State? I/m not there but from the outside they appear somewhat "wimpy" What about those Union Household that gave 30% of their vote to Walker? Are they expressing ...
Jamesleo 03/01/2015 25 7 1 -
Why should You vote? (because they do)
Jamesleo 02/19/2015 7 2 - -
Bill Maher Reedmed Himself : The Free Market Did not Create the Middle Class
I have been negative with Bill Maher on religion and fanatical atheism but he has redeemed himself. This was the most powerful statement I have heard in a while He has thrown the gauntlet and every ...
Jamesleo 02/02/2015 27 7 - -
I take issue with Bill Maher
Jamesleo 01/19/2015 39 1 - -
Two Unanswered Questions about the 2014 Midterms
This doesn't constitute a diary but I' m doing it anyway. I've been going over all of the information about the Midterms: Which demographic voted, which groups didn't vote and, two questions remain.
Jamesleo 11/11/2014 9 - - -
A "Color of Change"model for dealing with Negative Adds
I don't know if this will work but it might. We know that in every election cycle, especially in the "Battleground States" or "Swing States, the mass media gets flooded with adds. Most people don't ...
Jamesleo 11/08/2014 15 4 - -
Another reason for the loss?
I am getting to like Al Jazeera American more than MSNBC (though former Nation Editor Chris Hayes does some great reporting - Yes reporting) This is a piece from Al Jazeera America published ...
Jamesleo 11/07/2014 15 1 - -
Before everybody totally freaks out , please read this All right, there is no way to put a "positive spin" on the results from Tuesday's elections. But ...
Jamesleo 11/05/2014 36 15 - -
If we lose, lets go down fighting
So far we have ,in spite of the polls, some positive news Nate Cohn reported a change in Colorado where the incoming ballots are favoring Democrats. Will it be enough / I don't know There is a ...
Jamesleo 11/03/2014 1 8 - -
Ernst and the Iowa Paradox
OK : The Des Moines Register is giving Ernst a 7 point lead. No, I am not freaking out and this is not some kind of "troll" as some call it diary. There is something else I find more confusing and ...
Jamesleo 11/02/2014 42 1 - -
Whats going on in Colorado?
Is this normal
Jamesleo 11/01/2014 49 5 - -
Please save me(us) from these Progressive Wimps
This are two Facebook Groups I belong to: Democrats Only , the other Republicans Suck. This post really got to me! I dont' know how many people this person represents but its why we lose. Its ...
Jamesleo 11/01/2014 18 9 - -
Huffington Post just changed their forecast
Yesterday, it was "doom and gloom" Now its "Too close to call" Either a lot can happen in 24 hours or, Ariana Huffington is not the journalist I thought she is. The Huffington Post use to be good. ...
Jamesleo 11/01/2014 47 31 2 -
Nate Cohn, Early Turnout possible good news
Apologize: I originally printed Nate Silver when I menat Nate Cohn: We all agree that Nate Cohn dots his "I" and crosses his "t" He is not perfect but, he is usually quite accrate This appears in ...
Jamesleo 10/31/2014 19 15 2 -
Huffington Post :GOP Set to Sieze the Senate
I don't know how many Huffing ton Post Readers there are? But the front page is this GOP SET TO SEIZE THEA SENATE
Jamesleo 10/17/2014 37 1 - -
President Obama: Listen to the Nurses
From an article in Democracy Now This excepts are from "Democracy Now" Not a Right Wing Rag . Amy Good and Juan Gonzalez practice good journalism Even their critics acknowledge ...
Jamesleo 10/16/2014 36 20 - -
No Way-Cory Gardner ahead among Latinos
I have seen some "strange polls" showing Garndner ahead among Latinos. I dont' believe it and there is no evidence anwhere showing the Latino Community supporting a GOP Candidate. Even the Cubans ...
Jamesleo 10/15/2014 30 1 - -
President Obama Call back Congress now Restore the CDC cuts
The United States Constitution Article II, Section3 states He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures ...
Jamesleo 10/13/2014 14 8 - -
GOP cut funding for E-Bola Vaccine: Why aren't we hitting them over the head with this
One of my favorite shows newsroom- in his famous speech "America is not the greatest country in the world" There is a part in that speech when he faces one person and says "You know why everyone ...
Jamesleo 10/13/2014 52 35 - -
Finally- Some good Midterm News
http://Washington (CNN) -- Five weeks before the November midterm elections, voters give Democrats an edge over Republicans, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday. But the poll also ...
Jamesleo 09/30/2014 9 6 - -
If we lose the Senate - worst case scenario
The latest set of polls are not good What is especially disturbing is the time they are coming. This is the end of September , the time when people are starting to focus on the elections and they ...
Jamesleo 09/28/2014 41 4 - -
President Obama: Please call out the Republicans and bring them back
So President Obama took the initative and started the bombings. Yes, I have issues,most of have issues. I opposed the Iraq War. My freinds in and Code Pink are furious at me. Yes, I know ...
Jamesleo 09/24/2014 7 1 - -
Why is the ACA still unpopular
We've heard a ton of good news: successful sign-ups, decreasing uninsured, premium rates decreasing or holding steady. Yet The Affordable Care Act remains unpopular! What is going on.
Jamesleo 08/01/2014 63 5 - -
Did Louis Gohmert call for a "Crime Against Humanity"? And why are we silent?
First let me start by defining Crimes Against Humanity: Crimes against humanity, as defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, "are particularly odious ...
Jamesleo 07/16/2014 24 3 - -
Elizabeth Warren shows her MOJO (maybe)
I stand in awe of this women. I can't believe she went ot West Virginia. This is a fantastic test of her ability to be a "game changer"
Jamesleo 07/15/2014 272 138 2 -
Another Reason Why Eric Cantor Lost
This is from a Huffington Post Article. Its crazy, silly but maybe it happened!! Fact: The primaries in Virginia are "Open". That means Democrats can vote in a GOP Primary so; in theory this could ...
Jamesleo 06/11/2014 10 2 - -
Revive the American Dream: Why aren't the Progressive Democrats running with this
I am confused. Do I live is a different universe. This poll just handed us the agenda for the next decade or too and it falls on dead ears!!
Jamesleo 06/07/2014 14 8 - -
Huge Strike in China (and not a word from anyone) From the Guardian: A strike at a Chinese factory that manufactures shoes ...
Jamesleo 04/27/2014 95 210 6 -
Expanded Medicaid: Fighting back in the Red States
I assume most of you say Nate Silvers 538 piece and its not good. Its alos not hopeless. We are not going to hold the Senate by running away from the ACA and simply “debunking” Koch Brothers ...
Jamesleo 03/24/2014 7 12 - -
Nate Silver's Grim Forcast (with questions) Remember, we are talking about Nate Silver and I (you should) take him seriously. This is the man/outlet that predicted an Obama ...
Jamesleo 03/23/2014 69 27 - -
The Great Demographic -Political Lag
I am writing this as a theory to partly explain what is happening or happening fast enough. I am not sure what the solution is but you cannot offer workable solutions until you can define and ...
Jamesleo 03/23/2014 12 - - -
Great Article in LA Times about the Democrats Mid-Term Problems,0,1105886.story#axzz2wi6zVwug The Democrats/Progressives do not have a problem registering voters. We have ...
Jamesleo 03/22/2014 27 5 - -
Is showing the way to win?
Watch this development and the outcome as it may give progressives and Democrats a key to a winning strategy. has been displaying billboards in Louisiana calling Governor Bobby Jindal out:
Jamesleo 03/19/2014 21 17 - -
Is Hillary Clinton throwing Obama and the Democratic Senate "Under The Bus"
For the past months, we have been reading that Hillary Clinton appears invincible! I am not , as I usuallydo, cite articles stating she would "rool over any GOP candidate and flip some congressional ...
Jamesleo 03/17/2014 48 2 - -
Why isn't The DNC promoting these ACA stories
OK So we bitch and whine about the Koch Brothers adds and we bitch and whine, bitch and whine. In the meantime polls are starting to turn and stories like these go ignored
Jamesleo 03/14/2014 12 5 - -
Did the Earth Move ? Karl Rove made sense I feel like I am about to go into Cardiac Arrest.Karl Rove is making sense. Maybe after that ...
Jamesleo 03/13/2014 13 2 - -
Florida - 13 Lessons Learned
OK so it was a loss! Maybe a big loss or was it? My question is what can we learn and apply to other elections.
Jamesleo 03/12/2014 20 1 - -
The ACA Healthcare Obama Paradox
Something very strange is going and can someone explain this to me.,0,55174.story#...
Jamesleo 03/11/2014 18 1 - -
Alex Sink and the DNC
I just received this e - mail from the Democratic ...
Jamesleo 03/08/2014 16 5 - -
THE ACA - Where are the success stories
So far, we have heard about more and more people signing for the Affordable Care Act. In California, enrollment has exceeded expectations. As people begin to enroll and enter the system, many ...
Jamesleo 02/23/2014 11 5 - -
Another ACA problem (just what we need)
when is it going to stop? No sooner do we fix one problem and another emerges. What is going on?
Jamesleo 12/05/2013 86 2 - -
The ACA - Fix those falling through the Cracks
There is another problem with the ACA: Its not the Website, that's being fixed as we speak.
Jamesleo 11/23/2013 12 3 - -
A quick Obama Care Fix
Look this is getting scary Its time for damage control: THE ACA didn't work and it could be disastrous in 2014 it seemed that everyone forgot the GOP shut down the govt and wasted over 24 Billion ...
Jamesleo 11/15/2013 12 - - -
Huffington Post: Obama's Health Care Woes May Have Staying Power
I am not saying we should be "panicking " just yet, but I believe this is some cause for concern! Is this just a technical issue with the healthcare web site and how can soon can be reminded and we ...
Jamesleo 10/26/2013 45 1 - -
Alex Chilton (The Boxtops) and The Affordable Care Act
What does the late Alex Chilton (lead singer of The Box Tops) have to do with The Affordable Care Act? Please read ...
Jamesleo 10/04/2013 13 10 - -
Benghazi: Next Steps for Obama and Clinton
So its obviously the GOP is going to run with this. Using the altered emails they are going to make a case against President Obama and Hillary Clinton What should they ...
Jamesleo 05/11/2013 24 1 - -
Benghazi What is going on (new)
Can someone please explain the Benghazi hearings to me.I thought this was resolved months ago.
Jamesleo 05/10/2013 32 2 - -
I am totally disappointed with Obama Heres why More than 250,000 people (myself included)signed a petition asking President Obama not to sign ...
Jamesleo 03/27/2013 25 3 - -
Latino and Native American Politics Is there a missed opportunity
Let me start by with a Tom Russell Song The Crosses of San Carlos
Jamesleo 03/10/2013 4 - - -
Alex Jones really pissed me off
I can tolerate the paranoia: Guns, endless govt conspiracy about "they are comming to take your freedoms. but Alex Jones really hit a nerve on this ...
Jamesleo 01/20/2013 15 4 - -
Alex Jones Unhinged (Whats the consensus)
Is everyone aware of this man? My son listens to him. Personally, I am concerned that folks like AlexJones are allowed to have guns!
Jamesleo 01/08/2013 54 10 1 -
Cenk Speaks TYT is independent
I find this clip ...
Jamesleo 01/05/2013 19 9 - -
So what happens to The Young Turks
This upsets me deeply. I enjoyed their show, the entertainment quality and the prospective of Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and Jayar Jackson and, Micheal "Epic Politics Man" Shure.
Jamesleo 01/03/2013 20 - - -
David Brooks Please read a history book
Just when I thought David Brooks reached the basement of misinformation, he lowers it again. Mr. Brooks how low can you go. How is he able to get away with this?
Jamesleo 11/09/2012 14 11 1 -
Are we not all "People of Color" after Election Day
Its not the Obama and Senatorial victories that has consumed me. Its the reaction that is so dispocable and I have found a way to give them all a ...
Jamesleo 11/08/2012 12 - - -
Is Governer Christie being framed as the "Fall Guy" for Romney's Defeat
I don't want to sound overly optimistic but based upon the current polls and Nate Silver's prediction Obama will win! Of course anything can happen and those involved in phone banks,knocking on ...
Jamesleo 11/03/2012 24 10 - -
Latino Turnout: The best news ever!
If this article is true: all bets are off: If I were Romney, I would be nervous right now ...
Jamesleo 10/29/2012 13 19 - -
I thnk I see the problem with Gallup
There has been a lot of talk about Gallup (Romney is currently ahead 5 it was 6 and even 7 before) but there is a bigger issue that I am confused (assume this thread allows me to post the ...
Jamesleo 10/27/2012 12 4 - -
AP: Poll Race VS Generation There has been a lot of buzz about the AP Poll about racial attitudes I noticed a great ...
Jamesleo 10/27/2012 9 - - -
Lawrence Wilkerson: Somebody told the truth
Hot Damn: To quote the late John Cephas "Somebody told the truth" I love the opportunity to mix music and politics and this piece "calls out for a witness Retired Colone Lawrence Wilkerson called ...
Jamesleo 10/27/2012 9 - - -
New Polls not good news
I hope this is not a trend. I am hoping these polls were not take before the Murdugh Rape debacle and the recent economic news published today.If they are, we are in trouble http://www....
Jamesleo 10/26/2012 100 - - -
Lydia Mendoza the Queen of Tejano Music
I love Lydia Mendoza I love the 12 string guitar. I love what she does with her.instrument, the way she accompanies her voice While Ms Mendoza is not known as a political activist, her comments says ...
Jamesleo 10/26/2012 9 6 - -
MICAH COHEN: Why Arizona Isn’t a Battleground State (and Why It May Be Soon)
Nate Silver telling us not what we want to hear today but maybe tomorrow. Here's the link
Jamesleo 10/23/2012 52 15 - -
Nate Silver: "Gender Gap Near Historic High"and the questions it raises I am going to leave the analysis to Nate Silver who is better at that than I can ever hope to. But this article ...
Jamesleo 10/22/2012 49 16 1 -
Employees of Romney Family's Secret Bank Tied to Fraud, Money Laundering and Drug Cartels
Can anyone else verify this Does the Ronney family have ties to organized crime and drug cartels We need to know and get this out to as many as possible if its false, I will delete it. I admit my ...
Jamesleo 10/21/2012 18 6 1 -
Did Darrel Issa just commit Treason
This is shocking! Where is the outrage Maybe Treason is too strong a word but he acted inappropriately and he just put several Libyans working for the US in danger and compromised ...
Jamesleo 10/19/2012 50 34 - -
David Brooks: Its Al Gore's Fault (Global Warmng Deniers)
This is rich: David Brooks never ceases to amaze me! He believes in Global Warming but claims the reason for the denying is Al Gore himself Again this is rich.
Jamesleo 10/19/2012 26 15 - -
How do I respond to my "Green" and Occupy Friends
I would appreciate some assistance.I go to Occupy Movements in the Hudson Valley and when the subject of Obama comes up, I get some comments that border in tone from frustration to outright anger!
Jamesleo 10/17/2012 93 9 1 -
The Sleaze of Dinesh D'Souza
I hate this man: Why is he referred to as a "Scholar" Real Scholars conduct real research and publish in Peer Reviewed Journals I am not aware work produced by D'Souza that meets that standard ...
Jamesleo 10/17/2012 10 4 - -
Benghazi Obama was prepared
Jamesleo 10/16/2012 9 - - -
Benghazi How to respond
It is becoming evident that Romney and the GOP are trying to exploit the situation for political gain. How should Obama respond . I believe he needs to respond quickly as the GOP spin machine works ...
Jamesleo 10/14/2012 27 2 1 -
Obama's Daunting Task
Let's face it: The current trend does not look good. I am not saying the sky is falling but Obama has a problem and in my experience you cannot solve a problem unless you acknowledge one exists and ...
Jamesleo 10/13/2012 20 2 - -
Border Crossings The Real Story of Arizona
I realize that my musical diaries are more fluent and better received than my political. Hopefully,this one is both Though the late Malviana Reynolds said "All Music is Political" Here is a series ...
Jamesleo 10/11/2012 3 3 1 -
Music Monday - Texas Music - 12 String Guitar
I love the sound of the 12 string guitar It has a full sound that works well for both Blues and Spanish (Tejano music) The state of Texas has both. Texas, like Mississippi, is one of those states ...
Jamesleo 10/07/2012 18 5 1 82
Detective John Luther and Barak Obama a Contrast
OK you all think I am "out of it" comparing our president with a fictional BBC character but please hear me out!
Jamesleo 10/07/2012 28 - - 141
Speaking of Nate Silver
I have the deepest respect for Nate Silver and this 538 piece is incredible! Wednesday, we all thought the ...
Jamesleo 10/06/2012 16 18 - 572
Real Texas Blues
This is the real Blues the deep blues of Texas Texas and Mississippi have produced some of our greatest most memorable music and our most shamful ugliest politics The first song I learned to play ...
Jamesleo 09/25/2012 3 1 - 47
Lets Talk Texas (Tejas)
Can somebody explain this dilemma about the Lone Star State politics: Why it is and what can be done to change it.
Jamesleo 09/09/2012 23 5 - 140
Occupy the Language: How the 1% manipulates our language to stifile debate
I am in the process of getting this published in an Occupy Journal The manipulation of language is serious and prevents us from engaging in serious dialogue. In 1946 George Orwell wrote Most ...
Jamesleo 01/11/2012 17 9 - 168
Has David Brooks finally crossed the line of decency
For the past several years, NY Times writer David Brooks has always tinkers on the edge of extremism Today's article clearly shows, he has crossed the line of decency and needs to be classified as ...
Jamesleo 01/06/2012 54 11 - 379
Where is Governor Brown on OWS Oakland
I don't live in California but I remember Jerry Brown from his former Governor's days, his anti war activities, his relationship with Linda Rondstadt. He had a history of social activism. Now, why ...
Jamesleo 11/11/2011 6 - - 63
An Open Request to Jesse LaGreca and Keith Olberman
Gentlemen: I am sending a plea as both of you have access to media and can call attention the "human face" of voter ...
Jamesleo 10/11/2011 6 15 - 211
Stop the Presses: Koch Industries traded with Iran
This was from a Bloomberg link that was front page on the Huffington Post If the allegations are true, this could become very serious!
Jamesleo 10/02/2011 30 24 - 236
Minnesota Polls - Post Shutdown
This is not a diary but more a question. But its an important ...
Jamesleo 07/02/2011 12 - - 162
Condelezza Rice The Downing Street Memo Its Nancy Pelosi's Fault
I just said a mouthful but I see this scenario getting repeated over and over again Goebbels paraphrased "Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and people will begin to believe ...
Jamesleo 05/06/2011 19 2 - 186
How do we censure Senator John Kyle
This ticks me off to no end! This man lies it goes into the Conressional Record and he suffers no consequences!
Jamesleo 04/09/2011 6 - - 42
We need an alternative media A mesage to Markos Moulitsas
The Departure or termination of Keith Olberman highlights a problem with mainstream media. There is little space for alternative voices. Does anyone the rapid departure of Phil Donahue several years ...
Jamesleo 01/22/2011 22 8 1 52
Keith Oberman Does he still post
Folks just a quick question about ...
Jamesleo 11/07/2010 24 - - 32
A Musical response to Immigrant Bashing
I previoiusly published this under a differnt title and was amazed at the lack of response. In reaction to the Tea Party rally in Arizona. I could not notice the Immigrant bashing and how to ...
Jamesleo 03/29/2010 3 1 - 30
Notes from the Hudson Valley Coffee Party
Yesterday, I attended my first Coffee Party in New Paltz. Actually there were several parties going on that day. Here is the notes. I see potential in this movement.
Jamesleo 03/28/2010 20 7 - 27
Total Hypocrisy – Many Tea baggers collecting Unemployment
Does anybody know the comedian Lewis Black? This former Daily Show comic puts the phrase "Cant' make this shit up!" when he gives his commentary. Well here is the total "Cant' make ...
Jamesleo 03/27/2010 32 22 - 93
Capture Bin Laden and change the game
Ok, most of you don't know what the hell I am talking about. I beg your indulgence and I will explain:
Jamesleo 02/21/2010 51 2 - 31
Spoke to Senator Sanders (and he agrees)
This is a follow-up to a previous thread I ...
Jamesleo 02/05/2010 3 2 - 10
A Progressive Encounter with Obama
Folks, I have been thinking. Since Obama in the Lion's Den (no disrespect to large felines) we saw how the GOP's ideas were laid to waste. Now suppose we had the cameras and news crews but this time,
Jamesleo 01/31/2010 8 5 - 16
Immigration Reform YES!!
This is the time before the 2010 elections to establish a base. Even if we loose in 2010, we will win in 2012 and 2014 and so on.
Jamesleo 01/30/2010 34 1 - 17
I don't have the stamina for reform
My apologies to everyone. On this day where we remember the infinite resolve and conviction of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, I am acknowledging my own ...
Jamesleo 01/18/2010 19 1 - 14
Mass Senate M. Coakley phone bank feedback
I want to participate tomorrow but I have a basic question for those who have already ...
Jamesleo 01/17/2010 34 7 - 10
I am so depressed, please help
Folks, I don't know what to do. I feel betrayed, fooled by some delusion that has finally wearing off and the "ugliness" of our country is peeling through. Why is this happening? Right now I want to ...
Jamesleo 01/15/2010 200 8 - 24
Changeing Demographics in Red State South
This article is suppose to be about education but if you read deeper, it paints an interesting future of many of the so called "Red States"
Jamesleo 01/08/2010 12 11 - 12
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