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A Reminder in Light of Libya: Eisenhower's Chance for Peace Speech
I don't have much time to get down my thoughts on the military actions being taken against Libya. (Let me just say that we would have much more legitimacy to do this if we were not already engaged ...
Jasont3h 03/19/2011 4 5 - 32
Education: Between Humanism and Capitalism
This diary is a response to and commentary on Stanley Fish's new article online at the New York Times:
Jasont3h 06/08/2010 19 3 - 41
On the Legality of Israel's Boarding of Humanitarian Ships According to the San Remo Manual
Here is a link to the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea:
Jasont3h 06/05/2010 88 15 1 41
Drudge's "Redistribution" tape - why he and the GOP are wrong.
Drudge has a new headline up: 2001 OBAMA: 'TRAGEDY' THAT 'REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH' NOT PURSUED Which links to this ...
Jasont3h 10/26/2008 71 27 1 99
A small reminder of McCain's radical abortion record.
CQ Politics has a great new online tool that shows side-by-side not just the stances of the candidates but also their "votes" and "...
Jasont3h 10/23/2008 18 3 - -
Today I had a talk with my mom about Palin and McCain
I’m doing a diary about this conversation only to show that Palin and McCain have so many negatives that even the most staunchly Republican people can be persuaded to reconsider McCain's ...
Jasont3h 09/08/2008 25 39 3 18
The AP takes on DKos directly - "Edwards' Wife Blasted by Democrats"
I don't know what the protocol on linking to AP stories is, but this one is so ridiculous that you must read it for yourself:
Jasont3h 08/26/2008 260 251 3 34
Roger Ebert, Blackface, and Tropic Thunder
I read Roger Ebert's review of the film Tropic Thunder today, and I was disappointed that he glides so easily over the question of Robert Downey Jr. in blackface. I'm a big fan of ...
Jasont3h 08/13/2008 216 4 - 28
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