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"The First Duty of a Patriot": Reaching Out to Conservatives to Unite Against the Plutocracy
In March, I ...
AndySchmookler 05/03/2015 5
Is One Candidate for IN-GOV Not Pwned by Koch/ALEC Too Much to Ask?
It's a measure of the failure of Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana that he is suddenly vulnerable to defeat in the 2016 elections. People from outside the state have this idea of Indiana as an ...
ManfromMiddletown 05/02/2015 7
The War on Drugs: Voter Suppression by Another Name
By Anthony Papa, Drug Policy ...
Drug Policy Alliance 04/29/2015 7
Red State Welfare . . . and Rick Perry . . . "Texas Should Secede From The Union"
In a discussion held during Perry's bid for the 2012 Republican nomination he openly mentioned that Texas had, during his administration, readied legislation calling for Texas to secede from the ...
Jerry Anderson 04/29/2015 21
Civil Unrest
Sad day for America and Baltimore; when the people that run the country Alec are involved in every aspect of government decision making. I feel that the police training policy is in preparation for ...
brown7228 04/29/2015 6
Peeling my skin in America - getting down to the root
Thoughts are swirling like Fall leaves on a windy day. But it's Spring in America. A time of rebirth, renewal, of May's green rush after a long winter. Even so, too much of our country remains ...
Onomastic 04/27/2015 43
Beware of Family Foundations that may be "Up to No Good"
Expect to hear a LOT about Family Foundations that were started by some Politicians named Clinton. DON'T expect to hear a lot about Family Foundations that are operated by Libertarian Billionaires ...
jamess 04/26/2015 33
I am so pissed
What in name of God is wrong with some of these nut jobs wearing all this RED paint? If they aren't trying to BUY elections ; they're trying to STEAL them. Between the treason of people like the ...
jdraider 04/22/2015 5
#EarthDay: Mother Jones Validates Koch Industries Connected Outlet
Despite a longstanding criticism of the Koch Brothers for their largely successful attempts to thwart policies to deal with climate change, progressive magazine Mother Jones validated a publication ...
DSWright 04/22/2015 1

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