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It's Over: I won't waste another vote on Obama
In 2008 I supported Barack Obama in the primaries because I thought he was the best of the major candidates. Hillary Clinton supported the Iraq War, making her unfit for the presidency, as did Joe ...
Jelperman 09/05/2011 139 18 1 595
Mediaite Concern Troll Smears Mike Stark
Professional concern-troll Tommy Christopher of Mediaite tried to get ...
Jelperman 06/04/2011 19 8 - 366
Oliver Stone gets the Breitbart treatment
One week after the Breitbart Hoax caused Shirley Sherrod to be fired from her job and right-wingers are at it again. For those who were asleep for the last ten days, let's recap: A known con ...
Jelperman 07/26/2010 172 6 - 68
Mediaite Uses Doctored Video From Racist Site To Smear Ed Schultz
Before I get started, let me say up front that while I agree with much of what Ed Schultz says on his radio and TV shows I often find him annoying, self-centered and petty towards other liberal ...
Jelperman 07/24/2010 16 25 - 61
MSNBC: Markos is not welcome, but racist crackpot Pamela Geller is.
This morning on MSNBC, they had a news story about the proposed building of a mosque near the site of what used to be the World Trade Center. It was a typical example of the false "even-handedness" ...
Jelperman 07/14/2010 241 357 5 59
Polanski walks, just like Cheney, Yoo, Bybee, et al
I see the Swiss justice system, in its infinite wisdom, has decided not to hand over fugitive convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. While it's a shame when any child molester doesn't get ...
Jelperman 07/12/2010 75 9 2 236
Goldstone Slimed By Usual Suspects
In his latest column, M.J. Rosenberg of Media Matters and Huffington Post shows how ...
Jelperman 05/08/2010 144 4 - 49
Pat Buchanan's Latest "Revisionism"
Pat Buchanan has a long and ugly track record of historical "revisionism". Whether it's claiming that Jews were never gassed to death at Treblinka, or that Europe would have been better off if ...
Jelperman 03/31/2010 21 14 - 20
Teabaggers and Red Shirts: Peas In A Pod
Watching Glenn Beck and the other mountebanks who incite and egg on the cowardly racist thugs known as the Teabaggers is like watching a "re-imagining" of another group of charlatans who fomented a ...
Jelperman 03/25/2010 8 5 - 17
Cheney’s Act Is Older Than I Am
I see Walpurgisnacht has come early this year. The ghastly daughter of confessed war criminal Dick and Lynne Cheney has, ...
Jelperman 03/06/2010 4 - - 103
Town Hall of Shame Promotes Birthers
Yesterday morning I had the misfortune to listen to KSKY 660 AM, a local D-list right-wing radio station in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. The host, one Mike Smolter (er, "Gallagher") coughed up the ...
Jelperman 02/18/2010 3 3 - 30
Good thing Eric Holder's DOJ isn't handling the Joshua Tabor case!
For those who don't know, one Joshua Tabor is charged by authorities in Washington for using water torture on his four-year-old daughter because she couldn't recite the alphabet.
Jelperman 02/10/2010 6 2 - 23
A Dry White Season In Guantanamo
About a week ago, I saw A Dry White Season on HBO. The movie, released in 1989, is about a white South African, (Ben Du Toit, played by Donald Sutherland) from an upper middle-class ...
Jelperman 01/23/2010 2 3 - 26
Rip Van Romney
The total sellout by the Senate and the White House is shameful, but it did get me thinking...
Jelperman 12/16/2009 16 - 1 49
The Teabagging of Van Jones: Cass Sunstein Is Next!
Once again, Barack Obama chickens out in the face of right-wing pressure.
Jelperman 09/06/2009 41 8 - 19
Thanks for nothing, Mr. President.
It should come as no surprise that Obama and his underlings are now letting it be known that the ...
Jelperman 08/16/2009 46 4 - 7
Cindy Sheehan vs Teabaggers -Why the double standard?
Cindy Sheehan was cuffed and dragged out of Congress for wearing a T-shirt with the number of Americans killed in Iraq (including her son) on it. Andrew Meyer is manhandled and tasered for hogging ...
Jelperman 08/06/2009 97 16 - 22
Howard Kurtz Lies To Cover For O’Reilly
CNN’s Howard Kurtz is always reliable as a smarmy, dishonest shill for the Right. Case in point: Just this morning on his show, Reliable Sources, he discussed how Falafel O’ Bill was ...
Jelperman 06/07/2009 13 11 - 33
UK Bans Nazi Wiener
The British government made up a list of troublemakers and decided to ban them from entering the country. Among those who have been told they are not welcome are Muslim fanatics preaching jihad, ...
Jelperman 05/07/2009 22 3 - 26
McCain's New Ad: Obamandingo The Uppity Negro Werewolf!
I thought Dungeon Master McCain had scraped the bottom of the sewer yesterday when he ran an ad that tried to make Obama look like a pedophile.
Jelperman 09/10/2008 30 2 - 5
I’ll See Your Bill Ayers And Raise You A Michael Goldfarb
Memo to the Republitards: If you want to play Guilt By Association: The Deluxe Home Edition and try to smear Barack Obama because he served on an educational board while Bill Ayers was on ...
Jelperman 08/29/2008 3 - - 3
But... but I was a POW!
Like most of you, I'm fed up with McCain ducking every questions with "But... but I was a POW!". This plangent whining is not only shameless, it has nothing whatsoever to do with foreign or ...
Jelperman 08/24/2008 8 2 1 1
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